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Short & Sweet

Amsterdam Klezmer Band "Op je hoede" (Single/Video, 2014). Seven years after the well received Remixed project,[38] the AKB presents its follow up "Blitzmash", combining their Klezmer-Balkan-style with percussion and electronica. As a prelude they released the single "Op je hoede" (On your guard) ft. Lilian Vieira. Check out the video @!

AnnaMy "Ballad Of The Crows Gold / Balladen om kråkguldet" (Single/Video, Subliminal Sounds, 2013). A haunting spell of glimmering enchanted mysteries from the depths of the wintry Swedish forest. Watch the unofficial video of AnnaMy's new single @ (Swedish version starts at 2:56).

Joseph Arthur "The Ballad of Boogie Christ Acts 1 & 2" (Do-CD, Real World Records, 2013). FolkWorld received a 4 track promo from the epic 24-song double album "The Ballad of Boogie Christ Acts 1 & 2": American singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur, discovered by Peter Gabriel in the mid-1990s, portrays on his tenth studio album a fictionalized character loosely based on his own life journey, musically stretching from bitter nu-folk to sugary pop music. Unlike anything he's done before, it's a big production featuring horns and brass and guests such as The Band's keyboard player Garth Hudson. Watch the official "I Used To Know How To Walk On Water" video @ YouTube!

At First Light (Videos, 2014). At First Light were recently featured on TG4's Geantrai na Nollaig and played some tunes from their latest CD "Idir"[46] including John's composition "The Pipers of Roguery" and Dónal's Reel "Ar Thóir an Donn". Ciara sang the great Ulster song "Aird Uí Chuain" and they were joined by Michael McCague on bouzouki and Paul Meehan on guitar.

Karim Baggili feat. Trio Joubran "Kali City" (CD, Home Records, 2013). With "Kali City" Karim Baggili, Belgian-born son of Jordanian and Yugoslavian parents, puts down acoustic and electric guitars and picks up the oud, the lute-like instrument commonly used in Middle Eastern music. With his original compositions and the three Joubran Brothers and his own Arabic Band, Karim invites us on a musical journey eastward.

Bags of Rock "Ramming Stone / Jigonometry" (Single, Own label, 2014). One part Metal, one part Electro, one part Bagpipes - the New "Double A Sided" Single featured on the forthcoming Bags of Rock[52] album. Check out footage from their 2013 European tour @!

Beat Bouet Trio (Video, 2014). On the intercept point of hip hop and traditional Breton dance music! Faya Gur (vocals), Tristan L'Berton (beat box) and Ivan Rajalu (accordion) announce with great pleasure the release of their EP in a short Youtube video.

BettySoo "Sampler" (Download, 2014). In the over-crowded, somewhat stale field of Americana, Betty Soo is the very real deal. (Houston Press) Austin-based singer-songwriter BettySoo has released half a dozen albums to critcal acclaim.[41] Download a 14 track sampler @!

BezoBratři "Desátý den trní" (CD, Indies Scope, 2014). Step by step, Moravian ethno band BezoBratři,[44] brainchild of flutist and piper Pavel Císarík, have been drifting away from pure folk music. Inspired by an anthology of poems by František Halas and Vladimír Holan called "Love and Death," BezoBratři's third album "Desátý den trní" (The Tenth Day of Thorns) features original songs or traditional ballads set to new music.

Robert Sarazin Blake "Robt Sarazin Blake" (CD, Own label, 2014). So much of the American dream lies along an open road. Woody Guthrie lived this, Jack Kerouac and John Steinbeck wrote about this, and Bellingham, WA songwriter Robert Sarazin Blake is searching for it. Check out Blake’s beatnik roots songwriting (his new album featuring Jefferson Hamer and Anaïs Mitchell[50]) @!

Folk for Kidz

Sandra Boynton "Frog Trouble" (CD/Songbook, Workman, 2013); Alison Krauss "End of a Summer Storm" (Video, 2013). The American cartoonist and children's author Sandra Boynton published a CD and an illustrated songbook of her original Country songs (age range is about 1-4), the songs delivered by country stars such as Dwight Yoakam and Ryan Adams. Check out the moody short film for "End of a Summer Storm" sung by Alison Krauss @!

BraAgas "Yallah!" (CD, Indies Scope, 2014). Awarded-winning Czech world music group BraAgas[43][48] once again aimed for Sephardic songs and travels from Spain through Serbia all the way to Turkey. This time with less electronic music, but even more energy and even stronger harmonies. The new album's title characterizes the entire album: Come on! Let’s move it!

Vincent Bucher "Hometown" (CD, Continental, 2014). Heritage Blues Orchestra’s "And Still I Rise"[48] was one of the best selling traditional blues albums lately. A new album is in the pipeline but in the meantime there is a solo effort of their harp player Vincent Bucher. Heritage Blues Orchestra will be touring Europe in June and July.

Clannad "Brave Enough" (Video, 2014). Clannad have marked the beginning of their 2014 tour with the release of their new music video "Brave Enough" ft. Belfast songwriter Duke Special from their latest album, "Nádúr."[52] Check it out @!

Max García Conover "You're the Farthest I Go" (Video, 2013), "Keep Us All" (Video, 2014), "Home" (Video, 2014). Portland singer-songwriter Max García Conover has released his debut in April 2013. Off of his forthcoming first studio album, "Ellery," to be released this year, he's putting out videos of the album contenders. Check out "You're the Farthest I Go", "Keep Us All", "Home", "The Songs"!

Contradanza "El canto de la tripulación" (CD, Etnom, 2013). The Andalusian group Contradanza[43] presents their fourth album with traditional music upgraded with flamenco and jazz: contemporary reworkings of old romances from Cádiz, both Renaissance composer and poet Juan del Encina and 1980s/90s pop group Esclarecidos, and a tribute to Federico García Lorca.

English CD Review

Corde Oblique "Per le strade ripetute" (CD, The Stones Of Naples Records/Audioglobe, 2013). Corde Oblique's fifth album once again offers original progressive ethereal folk music, rooted in Campania, South Italy.[43][46] Check out the "Averno" video @, shot in the Lake of Avernus, a volcanic crater lake in Pozzuoli (near Naples).

Chrissy Crowley "Last Night's Fun" (CD, Own label, 2013). The winner of the 2013 Canadian Folk Music Award for Instrumental Solo Recording of the Year[53] is a youthful and lively fiddler from Cape Breton. Watch footage of Chrissy Crowley, Darren McMullen and Jason Roach recording the title track @!

Rachel Davis "Turns" (CD, Own label, 2013). With such high quality and quantity from a young fiddler who's still on the rise, 'Turns' is likely to be on my 2013 Top Ten list. (Alex Monaghan)[53] The second album from Nova Scotia's Rachel Davis[42] features a mix of powerful traditional and original Cape Breton fiddle music and Gaelic and English nu folk/country songs, ft. Dave Gunning,[47] Colin Grant,[48] David Francey (see below). Check out Rachel playing the "Coig Tunes" @!

Deep End of The Ford "I am the Foyle" (Video, 2014). "I am the Foyle" was composed by music collective Deep End of The Ford (ft. Lorcan Mac Mathúna)[35][47] for the Fleadh Cheoil in Derry[52] during its year as city of Culture. It was co-written by over 300 people and performed by a scratch orchestra made up of over 70. Check out the BBC's capture of the composition process @!

Peter Doran "Live in Holland" (Download, 2013). Irish folk-pop-artist Peter Doran played at Bergen Op Zoom in the Netherlands on 3rd June 2013 with Brian Murphy. Download "Live in Holland" @! A new studio album is in the pipeline!

Evarusnik "Trickling Ivory" (Video, 2014). Andrew & Miranda, aka Evarusnik,[49] just posted an unofficial live video of "Trickling Ivory," taken from their forthcoming album, "In a Poker Slash Refrain":!

The Farewell Drifters "Modern Age" (Video, 2014), "In the Modern Age" (Download, 2014). Nu folk: watch the video for "Modern Age" from their upcoming album "Tomorrow Forever" @ YouTube, or download a 3-song sampler @ NoiseTrade, ft. the first album track, a cover by Canadian indie-rockers Stars, and an acoustic song from their 2011 album!

Artist Video David Francey "So Say We All" (CD, Red House Records, 2013). Conceived, written and recorded during the course of a personally very difficult and depressing year, Canadian singer-songwriter David Francey[30][47] again offers a selection of beautiful ballads - exhibiting emotions from grief to joy. According to David, the making of the album had been a pathway up and out from under. Great he got back to us!

The Full English "The Full English" (CD, Topic Records, 2013). The Full English is an ambitious project by the English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS), creating the most comprehensive digital database of British folk songs, tunes, dances and customs from early 20th century folk arts manuscripts. Fay Hield[43] was commissioned to create new music from the collections, ft. Rob Harbron,[37] Martin Simpson,[51] Nancy Kerr,[37] Seth Lakeman,[48] ... Fay Hield introduces the project @!

Mary Gauthier "Live at Blue Rock" (Download, 2014). Way back in 2005, the Louisiana-native-turned-Nashville-resident Mary Gauthier was presented with the Americana Music Association’s New/Emerging Artist of the Year title, 2011’s "The Foundling"[43] was named the No. 3 Record of the Year by the L.A. Times. In 2012, Gauthier recorded Live at Blue Rock.[49] She is now delighted to offer up the album as free download @!

FolkWorld Xmas

The Gentle Good "Plygeiniwch!" (EP, Bubblewrap Collective, 2013). Gareth Bonello, aka The Gentle Good, has released a free Christmas EP to follow up on his recent Chinese-Welsh folk fusion album, "Y Bardd Anfarwol". The carols are rooted in the Welsh Plygain singing tradition, merged with Fahey-esque guitar instrumentals. Download it for free @!

Gondwana Dawn "Freedom Song" (Video, 2013). As the world celebrates the life of Nelson Mandela, the kids from Gondwana Dawn have released their video for "Freedom Song," inspired by the teachings of Mandela and Gandhi. Check it out @ YouTube!

Stefan Grossman / Tom Feldmann "History of Spanish Tuning" (Video, 2013); "Reminiscences of Mississippi John Hurt" (Video, 2013). To welcome 2014, Stefan Grossman[48] has uploaded two free downloads that he recorded with Tom Feldmann: "History of Spanish Tuning" (55 min) discusses how the Open G Tuning evolved in the 1830s and was used in parlor and folk music. Stefan and Tom also perform a variety of instrumentals. In "Reminiscences of Mississippi John Hurt" (20 min) Tom talks about his memories of the country blues singer and guitarist (1893-1966).

Noah Gundersen "Rocks & Valleys" (Download, 2013). His songs could be heard on TV shows like "Sons of Anarchy" and "Vampire Diaries". Check out a ten song collection of the 24 year old, Northwest Coast singer-songwriter, ft. tracks from two prior releases along with two new unreleased tracks "Cigarettes" and "Ledges" from Noah his forthcoming album "Ledges" @! Watch a live performance of "Cigarettes" @!

Gypsy Swing Quintet Liège "Sur les pas de Django" (CD, Syrius, 2013). The quintet was formed in 2009 at the initiative of Jean-Pierre Boullet who performed Baroque music on period instruments for 40 years until his passion for Gypsy swing guitarist Django Reinhardt took over.[41] 60 years after Djangos death they eventually publish an album with both originals from Jean-Pierrre Boullet and classic songs from the Hot Club de France.

Roy Harper "Man & Myth" (CD, Pias Coop/Bella Union, 2013). The English folk/rock singer-songwriter and guitarist has released 22 studio albums and 10 live albums since 1964, featuring his trademark excentric and epic fingerstyle playing. The 72-year old Harper is back after 13 years with a new studio album, "Man & Myth," offering 7 beautiful tracks from 4:31 to 15:24 minutes duration.

Matt & Shannon Heaton "Thailand Tour 2014" (Video, 2014). While their new album, "Tell You in Earnest," is in the pipeline, flutist/singer Shannon and guitarist Matt Heaton[44] posted some highlights of a recent tour to Thailand @!

Artist Video

IF Trio "Imaginary Folklores" (CD, Home Records, 2014). The Belgian capital Brussels brought together three musical nomades: Finnish guitarist and composer Otso Lähdeoja, French flutist Florian Guibert and Argentine cellist Mauro Sarachian (plus visual artist Alexandre Berthier as additional band member): improvisational chamber-music, jazz and rock make up real ethnic and imaginary trad music.

Sarah Jarosz "Over the Edge" (Video, 2013). »What a year it's been! It was a momentous one to say the least -- I graduated college, released my third album, and toured all over the US to top it all off! 2014 is already looking like it has some fun things in store. "Build Me Up From Bones"[52] is nominated for a Grammy Award for Best American Roots song and Best Folk Album...« (S.J.) Check out the "Over the Edge" video @!

Karol Kus "Podaj Reke Ukrainie" (Video, 2014). During the last weeks, Ukraine has witnessed the most violent acts of civil unrest in the country's post-Soviet history. Polish singer Karol Kus wrote a song in solidarity with the protesters in Kiev. On the 2nd of February, at exactly 17:15, nearly all radio stations in Poland and Ukraine played "Podaj Reke Ukrainie" (Give Ukraine a Helping Hand); when hell broke loose on Majdan place on 18th February, the song was on the everybody's lips. Check out the original song or the English version (performed by Nichol Martin)!

Laurie Lewis "One Evening in May" (CD, Own label, 2014). Fiddler, guitarist, singer-songwriter Laurie Lewis can look back on a 30-year career in American bluegrass music. Her new album has been recorded with Tom Rozum (mandolin) and Nina Gerber (guitar) one evening in May 2013 before an enthusiastic audience at The Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, California. Check out the "Here Today" video @!

The London Klezmer Quartet (Video, 2013). The new CD, "Butterfield Green, N16" has been well received.[52] Now The London Klezmer Quartet would love to come and play somewhere local to you, where our traditional sound and ability to get the crowd dancing would be in demand. Check out some videos of the band in action, so people know what to expect!

Matawa "La Jonction" (CD, Own label, 2013); Duo Lagrange Rutkowski & Friends "Cork by Night" (CD, Own label, 2013). Originally accordionist Sébastien Lagrange started to pay tribute to his father with mostly original compositions, but eventually found himself at The Junction of Québécois, Cajun, Irish and music from his native Bourgogne region in Eastern France. So he decided not to put his own name forward and focus on a group name instead, ft. Christophe Raillard (piano), Didier Gris (fiddle), David Rougeot (cajon) and Lagrange's duo partner Gaël Rutkowski (uilleann pipes, low whistles).
Rutkowski and Lagrange have been playing Irish music together for years. "Cork by Night" shows them at a memorable concert, ft. friends such as Ronan Pellen (cittern), Caoimhin Vallely (piano),[$§] Liz Knowles (fiddle), Kieran O'Hare (pipes), ...
Watch Sébastien Lagrange @!

Chance McCoy "Hey Brother" (Video, 2014). New Old Crow Medicine Show[43] fiddler Chance McCoy[49] had to find ways to be creative during his winter down time before Old Crow releases their next record and go on tour again. Check out a cover of Avicci's "Hey Brother" ft. Sharayah Spears @!

Jimi McRae "Last King of Pictland" (Video, 2014). Jimi the Piper[52] sets off in search of Pictland, performing a battle hymn and visiting the hill fort where the Picts made their final stand. Watch the first video from Jimi's new album "Last King of Pictland" @!

Mercy Child "Introducing Mercy Child, A Sampler" (Download, 2013). Nashville's Mercy Child is the long-time-coming collaboration of close friends Erika Chambers, Kyle Aaron and Madeline Lewis. Their Americana music sits between Nickel Creek and The Civil Wars. Watch Mercy Child's debut video, "Closer," @! Download their four-song preview sampler (debut EP scheduled for 2014) @!

Ashley Monroe "The Nashville Time Machine Sessions" (Download, 2014). Recorded through a 1940s era tape machine as part of the Nashville Time Machine series, this 4-track sampler from country singer-songwriter Ashley Monroe features songs from her latest release, "Like A Rose," including Rolling Stone’s #1 Country Song of 2013 "Two Weeks Late." Download it @, watch "Weed Instead Of Roses" @!

Elliott Morris "Shadows and Whispers" (EP, Own label, 2013). Lincolnshire singer/songwriter/guitarist Elliott Morris has just won a Danny Kyle award at 2013's Celtic Connections Festival. His new "Shadows and Whispers" EP, ft. Sam Pirt[49] and Kat Hurdley,[43] highlights two original compositions and two arrangements of traditional ballads ("Unquiet Grave", "Fare Thee Well").

Cahalen Morrison & Eli West "I'll Swing My Hammer With Both My Hands" (CD, Own label, 2014). After several albums celebrated by both fans and critics alike, Americana artists Cahalen Morrison & Eli West[46] have perfected their chemistry as a duo with their new album produced by Tim O’Brien.[51] Country, bluegrass, old-time and blues for the 21st century! Check out the video of theor original "Fiddlehead Fern" @ The Fretboard Journal!

New Mumford & Sons & Friends "Gentlemen of the Road Session" (Download, 2013). Two days in September 2013, Mumford & Sons on their Gentlemen on the Road tour settled into Troy High School Auditorium, Ohio, and recorded spontaneously with members of The Vaccines, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Rubblebucket, Old Crow Medicine Show,[43] Bear's Den, Willy Mason and Those Darlins. Marcus Mumford reportedly left the stage saying, "It's shows like these that make me want to play music all night." Listen and download only @!

Nisia "Eredità" (CD, Home Records, 2014). Eredità in Italian means legacy. Emanuela Lodato (vocals, tamburelli) and Vincent Noiret (double bass) interpret tunes that otherwise would have been lost and use them as an inspiration for their own compositions. The simplicity of the instrumentation opens a straight path to the purest emotion. Check out the teaser @!

Finn Olafsson "For Maria" (Video, 2014). Video of the Month is a unique project by Danish composer and guitarist Finn Olafsson,[47] featuring his acoustic guitar music and techniques. Check out the latest live in the studio video @ and; a DVD including all 12 videos will be released later in the year.

Lee Harvey Osmond "The Folk Sinner" (CD, Latent Recordings, 2013). Through the eyes of Tom Wilson (Junkhouse, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings), aka LeE HARVeY OsMOND,[42] who grew up in the Canadian steel town Hamilton, Ontario, we revisit North America in the sixties: the assassinations of John F Kennedys and Martin Luther King, the Vietnam War and Peace & Love, the Man on the Moon and The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. Acid Folk ft. Margot Timmins,[48] Colin Linden,[34] ...

Will Pound "A Cut Above" (CD, Lulubug Records, 2013). Recognised as master of the mouth harp, the 26-year old Will Pound[43] from Warwickshire demonstrates with his solo debut album why he is A Cut Above: traditional and original material skipping between folk and, bluegrass and blues, pop and rock. Featuring Martin Simpson,[51] Kris Drever,[33] Damien O'Kane,[47] Andy Cutting,[16] and Tim Edey.[52]

The Railsplitters "The Railsplitters" (CD, Own label, 2013). From their home in the Colorado Rockies, The Railsplitters draw influences from Bill Monroe and Earl Scruggs to Uncle Earl and Crooked Still and call on country, rock'n'roll and pop to have a song for every kind of bluegrass mood. Check out The Railsplitters performing "Boarding Pass" during their Second Story Garage Session at the Boulder Daily Camera studio @!

James Tristan Redding "Walking Into Brooklyn" (Digital Album, 2013). For more than a decade, James Tristan Redding travelled the US with the alt-country group Union Pulse. These days he is living in New York City, singing all by himself and has just launched his debut solo album. Watch James Tristan Redding live in Ann Arbor @!

Janet Robin "View From Above" (Video, 2013). Southern Californian singer-songwriter Janet Robin[42] was laying low over Christmas with surgery on her vocal cord. In the meantime she had a live DVD coming out from a show she played in the Czech Republic in 2009 and her first official music video. Check it out @! Janet will hit the road in Europe for 6 weeks in May and June 2014.

Stan Rogers "The Collection" (CD/DVD Box Set, True North Records, 2014). Thirty–one years after his death, the legacy of Stan Rogers continues to live strong. His music has left an enduring impression on innumerable folk music fans, musicians and the Canadian psyche in general. For the first time ever, five original, fully re-mastered Stan Rogers albums, including "Fogarty's Cove",[47] "Turnaround",[49] "Between the Breaks… Live!",[49] "Northwest Passage"[50] and "From Fresh Water",[50] are packaged together with a bonus DVD ("One Warm Line: The Legacy of Stan Rogers") and a five–song EP of unreleased live recordings of Stan performing songs written by his contemporaries.

Salt House "Lay Your Dark Low" (CD, Make Believe Records, 2013). Imposing debut album from a new Scottish folk quartet ft. seasoned artists Siobhan Miller (vocals),[44] Ewan MacPherson (guitar, banjo), Lauren MacColl (fiddle)[49] and Euan Burton (double bass). Salt House rework old ballads such as "Katie Cruel" and traditionalize original songs from MacPherson and Burton.

She'Koyokh "Wild Goats & Unmarried Women" (CD, Riverboat, 2014). Britain’s best Klezmer & Balkan music band[41] (Songlines) takes us on an odyssey across Romania, Greece and Turkey, with a nod to Ukrainian ethnomusicologist Moshe Beregovski and manouche jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. Watch She'Koyokh perform "Limonciki" (Odessa gangster song made famous by the Soviet Jewish jazz singer Leonid Utyosov in the 1930s) @!

Martin Simpson "Vagrant Stanzas" (CD, Topic Records, 2013). This is not a record of repairs and corrections, this is what I do at a gig. It's the first time I've made a studio album which deliberately tries to capture the immediacy of a live performance. in fact it is the intimacy of playing to a friend which is at the heart of this album. Finger-style guitar maestro Martin Simpson[51] plays a mixture of original compositions alongside traditional ballads and classic songs by Dylan, Cohen, and Rosselson. The deluxe edition includes an extra CD of eight outtakes from the prolific recording sessions. Martin talks about the guitar tunings used on the album @!

Sinouj "Indica", "Ouahdub" (Videos, 2014). Spanish world-jazz-fusion band Sinouj[48] have just been chosen by the Spanish Foreign Office as one of the bands representing Spain abroad. Anticipating the release of their new album, "La Fiche," you can watch new videos of "Indica" and "Ouahdub" (ft. jazz flutist Jorge Pardo).

Slonovski Bal "Zivi Bili" (CD, Bal Bazar Productions, 2013). Once again, their 7th album to date, French quintet Slonovski Bal is renewing Balkan Brass with a cool mix of Eastern/Oriental traditions and jazz and pop music. Watch Slonovski Bal live @!

Jeremy Squires "When Will You Go..." (CD, Own label, 2013). North Carolina singer-songwriter Jeremy Squires is best known for personal lyrics and melancholic melodies documenting his long lasting struggle out of the gloom of depression. "When Will You Go..." is available as hardcopy or digital download @ his bandcamp page. Or download a couple of singles @ NoiseTrade!

June Tabor, Iain Ballamy, Huw Warren "Quercus" (CD, ECM Records, 2013). England's probably finest traditional interpreter, June Tabor,[35] reunited after her successful collaboration with the Oysterband[49] with jazz saxophonist Iain Ballamy and pianist Huw Warren: "Quercus" means oak in Latin and the roots of this particular tree dig deep into British folk music, while leaves and branches reach upward to embrace jazz-inspired lyrical improvising.

Will Varley "Weddings and Wars" (Video, 2014). Singer-songwriter Will Varley spent weeks programming 1990s Nintendo software. The result is a 4-minute, 8-bit History of the Universe to accompany the song "Weddings and Wars" from his second album "As The Crow Flies".[52] Watch it @!

Vinnie's TV "Grapes & Ghosts" (EP/CD, Own label, 2012). Americana meets Irish in this crossover from singer-songwriter Wade Lynch, who came all the way from New Jersey to settle in Cork, Ireland. The 4 track EP "Grapes & Ghosts" is a preview of the 10 song album of the same name. Watch the official music video of "Evangeline" @!

Ward Thomas "A Different Country" (EP, Own label, 2013), "Footnotes" (EP, Own label, 2014), "Footnotes (Happy Ending)" (Video, 2014). We're Country... just a different one... Nineteen year-old twin sisters Catherine and Lizzy Ward-Thomas from Hampshire, England, introduce their own brand of country music. View a new video for the title track @!

Alan 'Blind Owl' Wilson "Harmonica Lesson" (Download, Grass-Tops Recording, c.1964/2014). This is a complete recording of a blues harmonica lesson given by the legendary Alan 'Blind Owl' Wilson, probably recorded in 1964, before he and singer Bob Hite founded blues/boogie rock band Canned Heat.[34] Download it for free @!

Yellow Sisters "2013 Remixed" (CD, Indies Scope, 2013). The Czech a capella quartet moves across the genres of African music, soul, jazz, funk and reggae, here with 20 breakbeat and dub remixes from the albums "Singalana"[33] and "Tubab Woman".[44]

9Bach "Tincian" (CD, Real World Records, 2014). 9Bach's music is a hybrid of the Welsh folk tradition and contemporary influences. Lisa Jen from 9Bach breaks down the meaning of the band name and the title of their forthcoming album, "Tincian" (out 12th May 2014) @!

Various Artists "Arctic Paradise 2014" (CD, Music Finland, 2013). 16 track sampler presented by Music Finland, featuring both up & coming and household names of Finnish contemporary world and folk music such as Värttinä,[47] Sampo Lassila Narinkka,[52] Arto Järvelä,[47] Juuri & Juuri,[52] Ulla Pirttijärvi,[24] Frigg,[53] Maria Kalaniemi & Timo Alakotila,[23] Tsuumi Sound System,[41] Johanna Juhola,[53] Vilddas.[28] The album comes with a 66-page booklet of short articles, background info and photos.

Various Artists "Bluegrass Ramble" (Download, 2013). Every September, the International Bluegrass Music Association produces the "Bluegrass Ramble" sampler during its World of Bluegrass festival & convention in Raleigh, NC, showcasing new bands and projects from all over the world, playing all styles of bluegrass. Download 24 tracks ft. Nora Jane Struthers and the Party Line,[50] Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys,[49] Honey Dewdrops,[48] The Steel Wheels,[47] Kathy Kallick,[29] Wood & Wire,[50] The Bankesters,[53] Front Country,[52] ... @!

Various Artists "Deer Lodge: A Tribute To George Jones" (Double CD, Deer Lodge Records, 2014). George Jones (1931–2013), who achieved international fame for his long list of hit records, is credited with having the finest voice in the recorded history of country music: "If we all could sound like we wanted to, we'd all sound like George Jones" (Waylon Jennings). Portland, Oregon-based label Deer Lodge is paying homage to The Possum with a 30-track double album, featuring pop, punk, bluegrass and reggae artists from the West Coast.

Various Artists "Gaelic Ireland" (CD, ARC Music, 2012). Music journalist John O’Regan compiled this gorgeous collection, featuring 18 Gaelic songs, sung both solo and accompanied, from Irish artists such as Altan,[46] Cran,[4] Brendan Begley,[48] The Dubliners,[23] Éilís Kennedy,[22] Ger Wolfe,[46] Lasairfhíona Ní Chonaola,[24] and Katie McMahon.[49] Extensive information about the Gaelic language and the singing tradition in the booklet.

Various Artists "Indies Scope 2013" (CD, Indies Scope, 2014). Every year Czech label Indies Scope is introducing their bands and artists. The 2013 compilation is featuring rock, pop, folk and children's music and a fairytale from Čankišou,[47] Ladě,[47] Musica Folklorica,[47] Yellow Sisters,[44] ... Sample it @!

Various Artists "Looking Into You - A Tribute to Jackson Browne" (2 CDs, Music Road, 2014). The first ever tribute album honoring the Southern California singer-songwriter Jackson Browne[43] features a mix of old friends and younger admirers (Bruce Springsteen, Don Henley, Bonnie Raitt, David Lindley, Lyle Lovett, Lucinda Williams, ...) offering their interpretations of 23 titles from the songwriter's extensive catalog. Among the highlights is Jimmy LaFave’s version of "For Everyman," check out an exclusive preview @!

Various Artists "Riverboat Records: Music From The Source" (2 CDs, Riverboat Records/World Music Network, 2014). Riverboat Records celebrates both its twenty-fifth anniversary and the WOMEX Label Award for Best Independent World Music Label. Creative new music from far-flung corners of the globe, or more exactly the label's 33 favourite artists, including Kristi Stassinopoulou & Stathis Kalyviotis,[49] Monoswezi,[43] Etran Finatawa,[37] She'Koyokh,[41] ...

Various Artists "The Rough Guide To Scottish Music" (2 CDs, World Music Network, 2014). The new Scots Music Guide explores the contemporary interpreters of the Scottish music, song and dance tradition, featuring artists such as Lau,[50] The Chair,[51] Karine Polwart,[49] Kathleen MacInnes,[50] Breabach,[48] Emily Smith,[53] Joy Dunlop,[50] and newly formed All-Star band Salt House (see above). As usual, the Rough Guide comes with a bonus CD, this time from Gaelic sextet Cliar.[23]

Various Artists "Tiny Desk Concerts" (Video, 2014). Intimate video performances recorded live at the desk of NPR's "All Songs Considered" host Bob Boilen. Watch Diane Cluck, Sofia Rei,[51] Suzanne Vega, Fanfare Ciocarlia,[40] and many others.

Various Artists "Wolf" (CD, NAMA, 2014). The Native American Music Association has released a benefit album to honor and pay tribute to the Gray Wolf. The CD is donated as a fundraiser for the NY Wolf Conservation Center and other wildlife organizations who fear that a delisting of the wolf's endangerd species protection by the US Fish & Wildlife service will leave it subject to recreational hunting and trapping. Released during a full Wolf Moon (referred to because wolves could be heard howling on the clear moonlit snow-covered nights of January), "Wolf" features songs by artists such as Joanne Shenandoah[40] or Austrian group Big City Indians.[48]

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