FolkWorld #64 11/2017

CD & DVD Reviews

  English Reviews

Black Market Tune "Drifters & Vagabonds" Austria
Mary Ann Kennedy "An Dan" Scotland
Tilly Moses "Alight and adrift" England
April Verch & Joe Newberry "Going home" Canada/USA
Moirai "Here & Now" England
Ryland Teifi "man Rhydd" Wales
Annie Moscow "Passing trains" USA
Yann-Fanch Kemener Trio "Dans" France
Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys "Pretty Peggy" England
Cabit "Unico Figlio" Italy
The Young'Uns "Strangers" England
Ljom "Stundom" Norway
Acquaragia Drom "Rebelde" Italy
Frigg "Frost on fiddles" Finland
Blazin' Fiddles "The Key" Scotland
Cocanha "I es?" France
Gilles Servat "70 ans a l‘ouest" France
Kate Rusby "Angels & Men" England
Therese McInerney "Down the Strand" Ireland
Fergus McGorman "Sweeping the Cobwebs Out of the Sky" Ireland
Noctambule "A Sweetish Tune" USA
Martin Meehan "The Fox's Lament" Ireland
Habadekuk "Mollevit" Denmark
Jeremie Mignotte "Miscellanies" France
Paul Anderson "The High Summit" Scotland
Steel Sheep "Trucker's Tan" Netherlands
Alma "Oeo" Austria
Auvergnatus "Auvergnatus" France
Bougnat Sound "Le Bon, la Brute et le Bougnat" France
Kevin Crawford, Dylan Foley & Patrick Doocey "The Drunken Gaugers" Ireland / USA
Grupo Falso Baiano "Depois" USA
Gueneau & Poutoux "Chemin de la Bergaudière" France
Lena Jonsson & Martin Coudroy "Sur le Chemin" Sweden / France
Laura Feddersen, Joel Wennerstrom & Owen Marshall "Wooden Nickels" USA
Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards "California Calling" USA
Lena Ullman & Anna Falkenau "I Can Hear You Calling" Sweden / Germany
Vi Wickham "Long Time Comin'" USA
The East Pointers "What we Leave Behind" Canada
Còig "Rove" Canada
Leveret "Inventions" England
Shillelagh "Hemels Douwe" Belgium
The Byrne Brothers "Family Tree" Ireland
I Fratelli Tarzanelli "Vivat Vivere" Belgium
Nolwenn Arzel "A Nezh Kalon" France
Karen Tweed & Timo Alakotila "Midsummer May Monday" England / Finland
Karen Tweed & Tom McElvogue "Luckpenny" England / Ireland
WÖR "Sssht" Belgium
Na Leanai "Branching Out" Northern Ireland
BackWest "The Long Walk" Ireland
JigJam "Live in Tullamore" Ireland
Pete Quinn, Karen Ryan, Andrew Mac Namara "From Camden to Tulla" England / Ireland
Sinéad Murphy "No Better Time" Ireland
Eoin Dillon "Pondelorum" Ireland
Tiarnán O Duinnchinn "Reggish Paddy" Ireland
Tommy Guihen "The Torn Jacket" Ireland
Brian Hughes "This Day 20 Years - Sure there won't be a word about it" Ireland
Kierah "Strong Bow" Canada
Roisin Mc Grory "The Brae Road" Ireland
Kyle Burghout "The Prism Within" Canada
Bernadette Nic Gabhann "Here to Play" Ireland
Danny Diamond "Elbow Room" Ireland
Liam O'Connor "The Loom" Ireland
Anders Lillebo "Departure" Norway
Liam O'Brien "The Lane" Ireland
Floriane Blancke "Kaleidoscope" France
Dan Walsh & Alistair Anderson "Right At Home - Live At Mount Hooley" England
Bellevue Rendezvous "While Rome Burns" Scotland
Emily Barker "Sweet kind of blue" Australia
Lesley Kernochan "A calm sun" USA
Steve Mednick "Root of the sun" USA
John McCutcheon "Trolling for dreams" USA
Police Dog Hogan "Wild by the side of the road" England
Quiles & Cloud "Shake me now" USA
Sound of the Sirens "For all our sins" England
Wendy Webb "Step out of line" USA
Pere Ubu "20 Years in a Montana Missile Silo" USA
Pere Ubu "Drive He Said 1994-2002" USA
Ohmslice "Conduit" USA
Arrica Rose & the …’s "Low as the Moon" USA
Gene Loves Jezebel "Dance Underwater" England
Double Naught Spy Car & Friends "Moof" USA
Shilpa Ray "Door Girl" USA
The Warp the Weft "Mapping an Absence" USA
Dry River "Prayin’ for the Rain" USA
Savoy Brown "Witchy Feeling" England
Sugarfoot "The Santa Ana" Norway
Woetmann "Nøgne Fødder" Denmark
Darden Smith "Everything" USA
Low Society "Sanctified" USA
John Forrester "The Former Me" England
Kieran Halpin "Doll" Ireland
Martha Tilston "Nomad" England
Jim Roberts and the Resonants "Beneath the Blood Moon" USA
Scocha "Moonlight Again" Scotland
Low Roar "Once in a Long, Long While…" Iceland
Twelfth Day "Cracks in the Room" Scotland
Jonah Blacksmith "Northern Trail" Denmark
Divertimento Folk "Folk & Roll" Spain
Hayseed Dixie "Free Your Mind… …and Your Grass will Follow" USA
Ezio "Daylight Moon" England
Huck Blues "Für Chopin" Germany
Jupiter & Okwess "Kin Sonic" Congo
Lynne Hanson & the Good Intentions "7 Deadly Spins" Canada
Mandol’in Progress "The Dark Side of the Mandolin" Italy
Les Ramoneurs de Menhirs "Ha Bagad Bro Kemperle" France
Tim Grimm and the Family Band "A Stranger in this Time" USA
Steven Ouma Band "Mahaba" Kenya
The O’Reillys & the Paddyhats "Sign of the Fighter" Germany
Plastic Paddy "Lucky Enough" USA
Hat Fitz & Cara "After the Rain" Australia
Michael Dietrich "Across Open Seas" Germany
Hanne Kah "Hand Full of Secrets" Germany
Mãløx "Gaza Trip" Israel
Much Better, Thank You "…Just a Dream" Germany
Greg Sover "Songs of a Renegade" USA
Citizen K "Second Thoughts" Sweden
Sweet Gum Tree "Sustain the Illusion" France
Stacy Jones "Love is Everywhere" USA
Malcolm Holcombe "Pretty Little Troubles" USA
Ricky Ferranti "One Soul" Italy
The Last Dinosaur "The Nothing" Australia
John Garner "Writing Letters" Germany
LL Goat "LL Goat" USA
June Star "June Star" USA
Russell Joslin "Hey Mathematician" England
Ghosttown Company "FolkRock" Germany
John Statz "The Fire Sermon" USA
Catherine MacLellan "If It’s Alright with You" Canada
Winter Wilson "Ashes & Dust" England
Gus McKay "Talisman" Australia
Janet Martin "Eve Sessions" USA
Michael Moravek "In Transit (is What We are)" Germany
Rami and the Whale "Rami and the Whale" Sweden
Giulia Millanta "Moonbeam Parade" USA
Robert Carl Blank "Fairground Distractions" Germany
Lost Bayou "Kalenda" USA
Barbez w/Velina Brown "For Those Who Came After" USA
Elliott Brood "Ghost Gardens" Canada
Sumie "Lost in Light" Sweden
Roman Miroshnichenko "Ascension" Russia
Roof Beams "Charon" USA
Nonah Hendryx & Gary Lucas "The World of Captain Beefheart" USA
Marc Almond "Shadows and Reflections" England
Ken Dunn "Wondrous Beauty" Canada
Aaron Nathans & Michael G. Ronstadt "Hang on for the Ride" USA
Randall Kromm "Rough and Polished Stones" USA
Folkapotamus "Middle of Nowhere" USA
The Furious Seasons "Look West" USA
Green Diesel "The Hangman’s Fee" England
Reto Burrell "Side A&B" Switzerland
Chantal Acda "Bounce Back" Belgium
Lighthouse Sweden "Silence in the City" Sweden
The Nightjar "Objects" England
Son of the Velvet Rat "Dorado" Austria
Bobbo Byrnes "Motel Americana" USA
John McDonough "Surrounding Colors" USA
Bravo Max "Bullfighter Blues" USA
The Grand Undoing "Sparks Rain Down from the Lights of Love" USA
Davey O. "A Bright Horizon Line" USA
Elijah Ford & the Bloom "As You Were" USA
Kurt Deemer Band "Gaslight" USA
Ray Goren "Ray Goren" USA
Rick Drost "Turning the World" USA
Anna Coogan "The Lonely Cry of Space & Time" USA
Craig Cassler "Find My Way" USA
Trevor Sewell "Calling Nashville – An American Adventure" USA
Johnny Oskam "In My Shadow" USA
Paul Sachs "Love is Love" USA
Sam Baker "Land of Doubt" USA
Susan Cattaneo "The Hammer & the Heart" USA
Rob Jungklas "Blackbirds" USA
The Moorings "Unbowed" France
Paul Brady "Unfinished Business" Ireland

Short & Sweet:

Mindi Abair, Will Ackerman, Andy & Judy, Armas, Aronde, Gochag Askarov & Pierre de Trégomain, Barcelona Bluegrass Band, Mike Barnett, Barot Battaglia Sanesi, Eddie Berman, Ingried Boussaroque, Billy Bragg, Moya Brennan, Alison Brown, Calexico, Cardo-Roxo, Andrew Chapman, Chickenbone Slim, Alana & Leigh Cline, Dagadana, Joel DaSilva, Dobranotch, Doggerland, Jerry Douglas, Ed Dupas, The Early Mays, Scott Ellison, Aaron English, Katie Ferrara, Duane Forrest, Mary Gauthier, Anne Girard Esposito, Nessi Gomes, GreenMatthews, Greenshine, The Halley DeVestern Band, Harmony Glen, John Hartford, Las Hermanas Caronni, Drew Holcomb, Steve Howell, The Hut People, I'm With Her, The Infamous Stringdusters, Inlay, Iona Fyfe Band, Jason Isbell, Paul James, Lew Jetton, The Jimmys, Johnny Ray Jones, The Jon Spear Band, Cassie Keenum & Rick Randlett, Kíla, Kings & Associates, Juha Kujanpää, Lekkujad, Georgia Lewis, London Klezmer Quartet, Karen Lovely, Lowland Hum, Rob Lutes, Elaine Mahon, Lydia Sylvia Martin, Steve Martin, Sarah McQuaid, Kirsty Merryn, Mile Twelve, Mountain Thyme, I Muvrini, Mystic Journey, Notify, Old Salt Union, Ordinary Elephant, Joan Osborne, Passerine, Matt Patershuk, Tom Petty, Pilgrims' Way, Ron Pope, Red Herring, John Reischman, David Rovics, Tom Russell, Scottie Miller Band, Ron Sexsmith, Martin Simpson, Merlin Snider, Spontus & Manu Sabaté, Christopher Paul Stelling, Stormy Mondays, Strong Water, Jim Stubblefield, Sultans of String, Sofia Talvik, Sean Taylor, Simon Taylor, Terra Guitarra, Teyr, Tone Fish, Tram des Balkans, Tsuumi Sound System, Unleashed Dreams, Mike Vass, Stephen Wade, The Waifs, Dan Walsh, Mick 'Citern' Walsh, Michael Ward, The Wardens, Webster Ave, West of Eden, Emily Mae Winters, Worry Dolls, Yantra, 9Bach, The 19th Street Band

Various Artists:

"AMERICANAFEST 2017 Mixtape", "Blue Élan Records Americana Sampler", "The Blues Foundation Presents International Blues Challenge #33", "Crazy Heart: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack", "Czech Music: At the Heart of the Bonfire", "Dualtone Summer Sampler 2017", "New West Records - An Americana Christmas", "New West Records: The First 19 Years", "The Rough Guide to the Music of West Africa", "Topic Records – The Real Sound Of Folk Music"

  Deutsche Rezensionen

Dream Catcher "Vagabonds" Luxembourg
Johan Meijer "Dazumal" Netherlands
Rumi Hatt/Alexander Sennhauser/Matthias Lincke/Simone Anderswert "Yule" Switzerland
Kelpie "Schneetreiben" Germany / Scotland
Celarda "Sand" Germany
Gudrun Walther / Jürgen Treyz "duo" Germany
Ton Steine Scherben & Gymmick Akustisch "Radio für Millionen" Germany
Steve Wickham "Beekeeper" Ireland
molden resetarits soyka wirth "yeah" Austria
Drowsy Maggie "nú trad" Germany
Therese McInerney "Down the Strand" Ireland
Fergus McGorman "Sweeping the Cobwebs Out of the Sky" Ireland
Noctambule "A Sweetish Tune" USA
Martin Meehan "The Fox's Lament" Ireland
Beppe Gambetta "Short Stories" Italy
Blazin' Fiddles "The Key" Scotland
Janet M Christel "Three Ships" Scotland
Tim O'Shea & Friends "another skin too few" Ireland
Còig "Rove" Canada
Die Wandervögel "Schenket ein" Austria
Falk "Skizzen" Germany
La Manouche "Ay, Chavale!" Netherlands
Rosy Daze "Be longing" Germany
Dirty Old Town "Beauty and truth" Denmark
Venija "Venija" Germany
Veronica Fusaro "Lost in thought" Switzerland
Bittenbinder "Da sind wir" Germany
Taraf de Berne "Elvetia" Switzerland
Von Weiden "Ruf der Provinz" Germany
The Mavericks "Brand new day" USA
A Daneem "Gschichten aus dem Hinterland" Germany
Clonmac Noise "Ordinary Pub Crawl" Germany
Kimmo Pohjonen "Sensitive Skin" Finland
Mari Kalkun & Runorun "Tii ilo" Estonia / Finland
Franui "Tanz! (Franz)" Austria
Nifty's "N°3" Austria
Basta "Freizeichen" Germany
Erodoto Project "Stories" Italy
Fee Badenius "Feederleicht" Germany
Fleuves "Fleuves" France
Intakas "Uliokim, Braliukai" Lithuania
Jenny and the Mexicats "Open Sea (Mar Abierto)" Mexico
Maija Kauhanen "Raivopyöra" Finland
Masha Vahdat "A Cappella - The Sun will rise" Iran
Marjan Vahdat "Serene Hope" Iran
Napoli Mandolin Orchestra "Mandolin al Cinema" Italy
Otros Aires "Perfect Tango" Argentina
Startijenn "Parker Tour - Live" France
The Jag Leg Jug Band "Break a leg" England
Yasmine Piruz & Kurt Obermair "Alles nur das Keine nicht" Austria
Zaruk "Hagadá" Germany
Zé Boiadé "Ze Qué Casá" France
John Garner "Writing Letters" Germany
Karen Kassulat "Reise nach Korsika" Germany
Ride Lonesome "Once I had a future" Germany
MultiDelta "L'Arborescence des Sources" Belgium / France
Ambrogio Sparagna "Stories 1986 - 2016" Italy
Baraka "Gole Sangam" Russia / Lithuania
Bye Bye "Eine dir unbekannte Band" Germany
Elemotho "Beautiful World" Namibia
Indian Air "Rare Moments" Austria
Jim Keaveny "Put it together" USA
Lauren Mitchell "Desire" USA
Lisa Biales "The Beat of my Heart" USA
Maz "ID" Canada
Oluf Dimitri Røe "Thalassa" Norway
Tango Fuego "Confesión" Germany
Hot Stop Banda "Dali, Dali" Germany
Lautmaler "Hinter den Fassaden" Germany
Marc Pendzich "Selma" Germany
Neue Wiener Concert Schrammeln "Zwanzig" Austria
Aquabella "Jubilee" Germany
Lucie M. und das Tribunal des Escargots "Kreuzweise" Germany
Manfred Maurenbrecher "flüchtig" Germany
Massa Dembele "Mezana Dounia" Burkina Faso
Sarah Aroeste "Together/Endjuntos" USA
Seth Kibel "Songs of Snark & Despair" USA
Trio Tekke & Dave De Rose "Zivo" Cyprus
Bill Jackson "The Wayside Ballads Vol. 2" Australia
Cristina Branco "Menina" Portugal
Helene Blum "Dråber af Tid" Denmark
Misia "Do Primeiro Fado Ao Ultimo Tango" Portugal
Lydie Auvray "Musetteries" France
Kit und Klampfe "Kit und Klampfe" Germany
Janusz Prusinowski Kompania "Wild Music from the Heart of Poland" Poland
Frieda & Matti "Kleine Dinge" Germany
Beth Wimmer "Bookmark" USA
Marialena Fernandes & Hotel Palindrone "Tambdde Roza" Austria
Pulsar Trio "Cäthes Traum" Germany
Pastorale Gasconne De Noël "Misteri de Nadau" France
Omiri "Baile Electrónico" Portugal

Kurz & bündig:

Altan, Altered Five Blues Band, Antry, Bad Temper Joe, Bayou Side, Blitzen Trapper, Luke Brindley, Captain’s Diary, Celtic Social Club, Cesair, Che Sudaka, La Chiva Gantiva, Bruce Cockburn, Kaurna Cronin, Curse of Lono, Danceperados of Ireland, Ron Diva, Django 3000, Federspiel, Feelsaitig, Mulo Francel, Freund von Anton, Gentleman's Dub Club, The Great Malarkey, Rainald Grebe, Die Grenzgänger, Yasmine Hamdan, Huun Huur Tu, Irdorath, Iron & Wine, Gisbert zu Knyphausen, Kol Cole, Krayenzeit, Hartmut Krug, Fela Kuti, Labelle, Robin Laing, Lankum, Lucas Laufen, Mànran, Souad Massi, Maybe Canada, Michael van Merwyk, The Moonband, Brent Moyer, Music Pilgrim Trio, Poor Nameless Boy, John Primer & Bob Corritore, Prinz König, Ramsch & Rosen, The Rumour Said Fire, Saoirse Mhor, Norbert Schneider, Big Joe Shelton, Shireen, Sinatra Tribute Band, Luke Sital-Singh, Stoppok, Jacques Stotzem, Strings & Spoons, Stout, Ann Sweeten, Gordie Tentrees, Trio Picon, Unfolkkommen, Unknown Skartist, Vanilla Fudge, Vivid Curls, Wally Warning, Warsaw Village Band, Wolfsheart

Various Artists:

"Blues Characters", "Our Own Voices - Expose Yourself to Trikont Vol. 6"

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