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Fairport Convention

Artist Video Fairport @ FROG

Tom Paxton

Artist Video Tom Paxton @ FROG

Dave Pegg (* 2 November 1947, Birmingham, England). He is the longest-serving member of British folk rock band Fairport Convention (1969, after the departure of Ashley Hutchings) and has been bassist with a number of important folk and rock groups including The Ian Campbell Folk Group and Jethro Tull. While Fairport took a break and only played their annual reunion at Cropredy, Dave Pegg and his wife tried to keep interest in Fairport alive and took over the organization of what was to become the Cropredy Festival. In 2007, a major retrospective of Pegg's career was launched, A Box of Pegg's, summarizing his work on four CDs.

Tom Paxton (* 31 October 1937, Chicago, Illinois, USA). The American folk singer-songwriter Thomas Richard Paxton has had a music career spanning more than fifty years. He is noteworthy as an advocate for folk singers to combine traditional songs with new compositions. His songs have been widely covered, including "The Last Thing on My Mind", "Bottle of Wine", and "Ramblin' Boy". In 2009, Tom Paxton received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

In the mid 19950s, Tom Paxton discovered the music of Woody Guthrie and The Weavers. He began writing songs and spent almost every weekend visiting Greenwich Village in New York City during the emerging early 1960s folk revival. Dave Van Ronk said, "the person who started the whole thing was Tom Paxton. Prior to that, the folk community was very much tied to traditional songs, so much so that songwriters would sometimes palm their own stuff off as traditional."

During the 1990s, Paxton recorded nine children's albums. He also began to give workshops in songwriting. In January 2017, Paxton released his sixty-third album, Boat In The Water. He is in "semi-retirement," though he still performs occasional shows and did a UK tour in 2017.

Eleftheria Arvanitaki

Artist Video E. Arvanitaki @ FROG

Artist Video Pierre Bensusan @ FROG

Pierre Bensusan (* 30 October 1957, ??).

Eleftheria Arvanitaki (* 16 October 1957, ??).

Artist Video Barbara Dickson @ FROG

Barbara Dickson (* 27 September 1947, ??).

Artist Video Cilla Fisher @ FROG

Cilla Fisher (* 26 September 1952, ??).

Bonga Kuenda

Artist Video Bonga Kuenda

Bonga Kuenda (* 5 September 19426, ??).

Titi Robin

Artist Video Titi Robin @ FROG

Titi Robin (* 26 August 1957, ??).

Artist Video Linda Thompson @ FROG

Linda Thompson (* 23 August 1947, ??).

Márta Sebestyén

Artist Video Márta Sebestyén

Márta Sebestyén (* 19 August 1957, ??).

Artist Video John McCutcheon @ FROG

John McCutcheon (* 14 August 1952, ??).

Maddy Prior

Artist Video Maddy Prior @ FROG

Maddy Prior (* 14 August 1947, ??).

Ian Anderson

Artist Video Jethro Tull @ FROG

Ian Anderson (* 10 August 1947, ??).

John Kirkpatrick

Artist Video John Kirkpatrick

John Kirkpatrick (* 8 August 1947, ??).

Artist Video Caetano Veloso @ FROG

Caetano Veloso (* 7 August 1942, ??).

Moya Brennan

Artist Video Moya Brennan

Moya Brennan (* 4 August 1952, ??).

Artist Video Arto Tuncboyaciyan @ FROG

Arto Tuncboyaciyan (* 4 August 1957, ??).

Artist Video Bobby Campbell @ FROG

Bobby Campbell (* 27 July 1942, ??).

Ian A. Anderson (* 26 July 1947, ??).

Luigi Lai

Artist Video Luigi Lai

Luigi Lai (* 25 July 1932, ??).

Artist Video Roger McGuinn @ FROG

Roger McGuinn (* 13 July 1942, ??).

Arlo Guthrie

Artist Video Arlo Guthrie

Arlo Guthrie (* 10 July 1947, ??).

Artist Video Peter Rowan @ FROG

Peter Rowan (* 4 July 1942, Wayland, Massachusetts, USA). In 1956 while still in high school, the bluegrass singer-guitarist formed his first band, the Cupids, a rockabilly band. In college, Peter Rowan discovered bluegrass and auditioned for Bill Monroe. From 1963 to 1967 he was hired as songwriter, rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist of Monroe's Bluegrass Boys. Internationally, he often performs as a solo singer-songwriter, while he plays with three different outfits in the US.

In 2012, Peter Rowan received the Bluegrass Star Award presented by the Bluegrass Heritage Foundation of Dallas, Texas. The award is bestowed upon bluegrass artists who do an exemplary job of advancing traditional bluegrass music and bringing it to new audiences while preserving its character and heritage.


Artist Video

Augustin Mawangu Mingiedi (1961-2017). Konono No.1 bandleader Augustin Mawangu Mingiedi died on October 16, 2017, aged 56. His father and the group's founder Mingiedi Mawangu had died two years ago. Augustin's son, Makonda, inherited his likembé (a traditional instrument similar to the thumb piano mbira) and leadership.

Konono Nº1 from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, combine electric likembé with voices, dancers and percussion instruments that are made out of items salvaged from a junkyard. The group achieved international renown in 2005, with its DIY aesthetic appealing to many fans of rock and electronic music.

"On the footsteps of his father the great Mingiedi, founder of Konono N°1, likembe virtuoso Augustin Mawangu acted as a pioneer by enhancing the instrument’s expressivity with electronic devices and new techniques, with stunning effects. His brilliant and bold playing, his stage presence, his humor, graced many projects, among which Herbie Hancock’s multi-awarded "Imagine", Björk’s Volta, a joint venture with Angolan artist Batida, and the "Congotronics vs Rockers" extravaganza, of which he was an essential element." (Producer Vincent Kenis)

Tom Paley (1928-2017). On September 30, 2017, guitarist, banjo and fiddle player Allan Thomas "Tom" Paley died in Brighton, England at the age of 89. His parents were left-wing activists, and Tom Paley grew up hearing spirituals and political songs. He began performing, both solo and with other musicians including Woody Guthrie. In 1953, Tom recorded his first album Folk Songs of the Southern Appalachian Mountains. In 1958, he formed the New Lost City Ramblers with John Cohen and Mike Seeger.

They recorded nine albums between 1958 and 1962; Tom left the band when Cohen and Seeger wanted the group to become more professional and he refused to sign statements about his political allegiances. He and his wife Claudia left the United States in 1963 and lived first in Sweden, then moved to England. After learning the fiddle, he released two albums of traditional Scandinavian music, both recorded with his son Ben (The Long Hill Ramblers, McDermott's 2 Hours).

  Oumou Sangaré to Receive WOMEX Artist Award

Womex @ FROG

Oumou Sangaré – internationally-beloved star singer from Mali – is to receive the WOMEX Artist Award at the 23rd edition this fall. Closing the most important showcase festival and conference for global music, Oumou Sangaré will not only be presented the Award but will perform live on stage in Katowice’s renowned NOSPR Concert Hall on Sunday, 29 October.

“This award is for all African women and people from all of Africa. They are the ones who have encouraged me to keep singing and writing songs. I am so glad and honoured to receive this award from WOMEX, one of the festivals that always believed in my music, and this is really the icing on the cake of my career. Thank you!” Oumou Sangaré, August 2017

Singing professionally from an early age, already providing for her family, Sangaré is not only famous for her Wassoulou pop music but for staying true to her original style in her many musical projects, including collaborations with the likes of Tony Allen and Herbie Hancock. Her presence is strong both on and off the stage. Her song lyrics address women's rights or vow against suicide, which she mirrors off stage with her work organising festivals and community projects.

To honour her dedication to activism and advocacy for the underprivileged in Mali and beyond, her exciting and innovative developments in Wassoulou music and her longevity as an internationally-beloved star, the WOMEX 17 Artist Award is presented to Oumou Sangaré. Earlier Artist Award winners include Calypso Rose (2016), Cheikh Lô, High Masekela, Mariza, Staff Benda Bilili and Totó La Momposina - see WOMEX Award Archive for a list of all winners.

Petr Dorůžka Receives 2017 Professional Excellence Award

Petr Dorůžka is a shining example of the role great journalist's play in disseminating global music. He is well-known for his world music programmes on both Prague Radio and Czech National Radio, as well as writing for many publications. His website is a much-frequented go-to pool of information among global music experts.

Through his life-long efforts to pass on not only information but the passion for this worldwide music, Petr Dorůžka has become a key journalist and a member of many important panels in world music. He’s been a part of the World Music Charts Europe almost since its inception (he got on board in 1992), has served in the fRoots Magazine’s critics’ poll since 2001, and participated several times on the jury of the Sayan Ring festival in Siberia…as well as serving as one of WOMEX’s 7 Samurai in 2007. He continues to earn himself the respect and praise of the musicians he writes about, promotes and consults as Jakub Nozicka of WOMEX 16 Showcasers Ponk points out: "Petr is not only a great journalist but also a relentless promoter of Czech music abroad. Ever since the early beginnings of Ponk band he was always willing to help – either by advice, criticism or contact. We are very thankful and grateful for his ongoing support." (Jakub Nozicka, WOMEX 16 Showcase artist)

Petr would not be Petr had he not suggested to use the attention created by the Awards, to sport a discussion on music journalism at WOMEX 17: "I am aware how many other music writers deserve this honour - and I accept the award only if we can read it as a statement: even if you live in a small country and speak a minority language, still you can have a vision. You can build bridges between yet unknown music and the adventurous audience. Let's see how this works in real life - on a panel discussion 'Heritage & Future: Reclaiming Roots' in Katowice." Petr Dorůžka, August 2017

The WOMEX Label Award

For the fourth time in a row, Glitterbeat takes home the WOMEX Label Award and will join us again in Katowice, Poland. The WOMEX Label Award is based on combined monthly chart results and the expertise of international experts including radio broadcasters and journalists. Glitterbeat is the label that has the most popular releases in the network this year.

Ferhat Tunç @ FROG

  Ferhat Tunç Risks Jail

The artist Ferhat Tunç risks 5 years and 8 months in jail after being charged for insulting President Erdogan. Additionally he may be detained for 6 years for ”making propaganda for a terrorist organization”.

The artist Ferhat Tunç from Istanbul has shared critical statements about President Erdogan in social medias. For his actions he has been charged for insulting the president. The frame of punishment for such an act is 5 years and 8 months in prison. In the court documents Tunç has been quoted saying things like “You managed to arrest more than 5 thousand Kurds, you did not even show any mercy to 74 year old Ahmet Türk who clings to life with a pace maker in his heart. You are cruel!”. He is also accused for sharing a cartoon of the Turkish president done by the internationally acclaimed cartoonist @LatuffCartoons. I addition to this, Tunç has also been charged for making propaganda for a terror organization. Among other things, the charge quotes Tunç of having expressed ”Concerns about Ocalan who millions of people call their leader should be overcome and the isolation ended”. This case has a potential punishment of 6 years in prison. The two court cases against Ferhat Tunç will happen in December 2018 and February 2018. Ferhat Tunç is the first well known artist in Turkey to receive charges like this since the failed coup attempt last year.

Read more about the case at FREEMUSE Defending artistic freedom:

  Up and Coming

Danni Nicholls @ Tønder 2017

Tønder Festival

23 - 26 August 2018

Sharon Shannon
Artist Video

Artist Video

4 November 2017 TakeRoot Festival, Groningen, Netherlands
ft. Secret Sisters, Jason Isbell, Tift Merritt, Levi Parham, ...

16 - 19 November 2017 William Kennedy Piping Festival, Armagh, Northern Ireland

18 January - 4 February 2018 Celtic Connections Festival, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

24 - 28 January 2018 Temple Bar TradFest, Dublin, Ireland

8 - 11 February 2018 Strib Vinterfestival, Denmark

21 - 25 February 2018 The Gathering, Gleneagle Hotel, Killarney (Kerry), Ireland

22 February - 6 March 2018 Cambridge Folk Festival presents City Roots, UK
ft. Sona Jobarteh, Megson, Sam Kelly, McGoldrick McCusker Doyle, ...

25 - 18 March 2018 Kilkenny Tradfest, Kilkenny, Ireland

21 - 29 April 2018 folkBALTICA, Flensburg & Sønderjylland-Schleswig, Germany/Denmark

4 - 7 May 2018 Rhythm n Roots Festival, Kilkenny, Ireland

5 - 8 July 2018 Rudolstadt Festival, Germany
ft. Focus: Estonia

23 - 27 July 2018 Meitheal Residential Summer School, Limerick, Ireland

3 - 12 August 2018 Festival Interceltique de Lorient, France

9 - 11 August 2018 Fairport's Cropredy Convention, Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK

12 - 19 August 2018 Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann, Drogheda (Co. Louth), Ireland

17 - 19 August 2018 Folk East, Glemham Hall, Suffolk, UK

23 - 26 August 2018 Tønder Festival, Denmark
ft. Oysterband, Cóig, Ìmar, Sharon Shannon, Vishtén, The Secret Sisters,
The Chair, Skerryvore, 3HatTrio, McGoldrick McCusker Doyle, ...

24 - 28 August 2018 Shrewsbury Folk Festival, UK

Breanndán Ó Beaglaoich

Breanndán Ó Beaglaoich @ FROG

  Last but not least: Musician Boating Tragedy

Kerry poet Danny Sheehy, better-known as Domhnall Mac Síthigh, died after a naomhóg (or currach, i.e. a type of Irish boat with a wooden frame over which skins or canvas are stretched) capsized off the Iberian coast. Sheehy (66) was taken ill after he and the three crew were caught by a wave close to the Minho river estuary on the Spanish-Portuguese border.

With him were musician Liam Ó Maonlaí of the Hothouse Flowers, west Kerry musician and oarsman Breanndán Ó Beaglaoich and Co Cork boatbuilder Padraig Ua Duinnín.

The four were approaching the river mouth in the Naomh Gobnait when the incident occurred in mid June 2017. All four stayed with the upturned boat, which then swept them up on a beach. Emergency services tried to revive Sheehy, but he failed to recover. His three companions, who suffered shock, were treated in a local hospital and discharged.

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