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T:-)M's Night Shift

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Singer-songwriter Katie Ferrara has chosen a particular way to make a musical career. Instead of playing the pubs and clubs, she is busking on the piers and promenades.

Stories from the Street, Volume 1 »I felt like I wasn't going anywhere with my music career and needed to do something different. I used to play a lot of shows on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, where I would have to sell tickets for people to come see me. I got sick of not making any money and struggling to get people to come out. When I started playing in the street, I was immediately tipped by people passing by ...«

Katie relates her busking experiences in 14 Stories from the Street, part documentary, part short-story collection, and shares the ups and downs, the obstacles and joys, the rules and regulations, the strategies and suggestions of a proficient street performer.

»I watched a teenage girl put a dollar in my basket. She stayed for a few minutes to listen, smiled and walked away ... A couple stopped to listen. The man was holding a bouquet of flowers and had his arm around his girlfriend. About halfway through the song, he grabbed the girl and kissed her. Then he put some bills in my basket. A few songs later during my set, a little girl and her father came to listen. The girl started wiggling around and "twerking," shaking her butt like Rhianna in her music videos ...«

Katie's musical journey takes her from her favourite haunts in her native Los Angeles to the annual Ferrara Buskers Festival in the Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy. Watch out! She will be walking European streets again, and Vol. 2 of her street diary is certainly in the pipeline.

»My dream is to be able to play at busking festivals all over the world, write about my experience, and keep making a living playing music.«

Artist Video Katie Ferrara, Stories from the Street, Volume 1. Imagine Cat Music, 2017, pp110, €37,52

Katie Ferrara

Artist Video

Ferrara Buskers Festival             17 - 26 August 2018
Artist Video

Lee Child: Killing Floor »He played the guitar. You know that old expression, he could play the guitar just like ringing a bell? That's what I used to say about Blake. He would pick up that old instrument of his and the notes would just come tumbling out, faster than you could sing them. But each note was just a perfect little silver bell, floating off into the air.«

Ex-military cop Jack Reacher, born on an US Army base in West Berlin and becoming a hobo after his discharge, rather incidentally gets off a Greyhound bus and walks into a small town in Georgia to look for Blind Blake, a blues guitar player who has died 60 years ago and has been possibly murdered. Unfortunatly, the day before somebody else has been murdered and Jack Reacher gets arrested. This is just the start for much bloodshed. Killing Floor is the first book in the Jack Reacher thriller series (also hero of two not-so-noteworthy movies starring Tom Cruise). Its hero is tough, violent and remorseless, but he is also upright and likeable, and has a pronounced sense of justice. As the body count mounts, Jack Reacher uncovers a mammoth counterfeiting operation and also learns about Blind Blake's sorry fate...

Lee Child, Killing Floor. Putnam, 1997, ISBN 0-3991-4253-3 (

Artist Video Benny Turner with Bill Dahl, Survivor - The Benny Turner Story. Nola Blue, 2017, ISBN 978-1-54390-128 -3, pp238, US$30.99

Benny Turner

Artist Video Benny Turner @ FROG

Freddie King

Artist Video www.freddie

Benny Turner: My Brother's Blues
Guitarist and singer Freddie King (1934–1976) has been described as one of the Three Kings of electric blues guitar, along with Albert King and B.B. King. He had a couple of hits in the early 1960s and his distinctive guitar style, based on Texas and Chicago influences, inspired countless guitar players. Unfortunatly, Freddie King passed away at the age of 42. Now Nola Blue Records presents My Brother's Blues, with Freddie's younger half-brother and the Freddie King Band's bassist Benny Turner paying homage to his big brother, bandmate, and best friend. The 11 select blues, soul and funk tracks from Freddie King's repertoire feature Benny Turner on bass, guitar and vocals, leading an all-star ensemble (including luminaries such as the late Otis Clay and others). To put a long story short, this is a record that is both genuine and ingenious, a real gem in the midst of recent blues releases.
Artist Video

Benny Turner "My Brother's Blues", Nola Blue, 2017



Photo Credits: (1ff) Book/CD Covers, (5) Benny Turner, (6) Freddie King (7) Katie Ferrara (from website/author/publishers).

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