FolkWorld #55 11/2014

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  Deutsche Rezensionen

Astrid Hauke & Boogielicious "Swinging Christmas" Deutschland
Stoppok "Popschutz" Germany
Adam Andrews "Road to Ambo" USA
Etta Britt "Etta Does Delbert" USA
Uncle Bard & The Dirty Bastards "Get the Folk Out!" Italy
Olaf Sickmann "Whistle Man" Germany
Sarakina "Live in Studio" Poland
Megitza "Dobra Nowina" Poland
bots "was sollen wir denken..." Netherlands
bots "fallen und aufstehn" Netherlands
Kevin MacLeod "Highland Strands" Scotland
Baltic Crossing "The Tune Machine" England / Denmark / Finland
"Órla Fallon's Celtic Christmas" Ireland
Lautensang "Zeitgeister" Germany
Veras Kabinett "Ungetüm" Germany
Veras Kabinett "Ungetüm" Germany
The California Honeydrops "Like you mean it" USA
Anna Hoffmann & Romancero Sefardi "Juego de Sempre" Russia
Àra "Vuoste virdál" Sweden
Mayito Rivera "Inventate Una Historia" Cuba
Hazmat Modine "Live" USA
Kaurna Cronin "Feathers" Australia
Kaurna Cronin "Pistol Eyes" Australia
Melody Walker & Jacob Groopman "We made it Home" USA
Front Country "Sake of the Sound" USA
Arakne Mediterranea "The Legend of the Tarantella" Italy
Les Maries "Wie weit ist weit weg" Germany
Mandolinman "Old Tunes, Dusted Down" Belgium
Metissound "Trafficanti di musiche d'amor" Italy
Nilza Costa "Revolution, Rivoluzione, Revolução" Brazil / Italy
Lauren Lapointe "Superhero" Canada
Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra "Talk About the Weather" England
Erik Aliana "Just My Land" Cameroon
O Brother "...good money for singin' in a can" Germany
Vladan Vuckovic Paja "Bohemian Rhapsody" Serbia
Adjiri Odametey "Dzen" Ghana
Eryn Shewell "Eryn Shewell" USA
Ward Thomas "Footnotes" England
Joscho Stephan's "Acoustic Rhythm" Germany
Violons Barbares "Saulem ai" Bulgaria / France / Mongolia
Cynthia Nickschas "Kopfregal" Germany
Cina Samuelson "Roots & Memories" Sweden
Rupert Wates "The Rank Outsiders Ball" USA
Tim Grimm "The Turning Point" USA
Ivor Game "Dizzy Spells" England
Monsieur Doumani "Grippa Grappa" Cyprus
Moussu T e Lei Jovents "Operette" France
Mathias Kellner "Hädidadiwari" Germany
Bastian Wadepohl "Tetzlaffs Tiraden - Krisenlieder" Germany
Oquestrada "Atlantic Beat" Portugal
Pippi Dimonte & the Overcrowded Duo "Morning Session" Italy
The Coloradas "Big Empty" USA
Jason Daniels "Dashboard Visions and Rearview Reflections" USA
Brent Moyer "Tennessee Tears" USA
Various Artists "Music From the Source" Various
Kat Danser "Baptized by the Wind" Canada
Harmonious Wail "Bohemian Tango" USA
Henrik Geidt "Rien ne va plus" Germany
Jagun "Camburi" Germany
Annuluk "Malam" Germany
Annuluk "Metamorphosis" Germany
Bashavar "Balkan Café" France
Jenny Thiele "Haus" Germany
James Durst "My Country is the World" USA
Kalüün "Spöören" Germany
Cesair "Dies, Nox et Omnia" Netherlands
Aldoc "From Tallaght to Halle" Ireland
Yasmin Levy "Tango" Israel
Nadine Maria Schmidt & Frühmorgens am Meer "Lieder aus Herbst" Germany
Robby Maria "Welcome to my secret heart" Germany
Various Artists "Poem" Germany
Wiener Tschuschenkapelle "Donauinselfest 2013 - Live" Austria
Hans Theessink "65 Birthday Bash" Netherlands
Oh Susanna "Namedropper" Canada
Stefan Johansson "The door to the unknown" Germany
Sakina "Royê mi" Turkey
Kofelgschroa "Zaun" Germany
Trailerpark Idlers "Fifty Gallons of Lightning" Sweden
Los Santos "Surfing on the Rio Grande" Germany
Galina Durmashliyska "Trugnali mi sa, trugnali" Bulgaria
Glykeria "Best of Glykeria, The Voice of Greece" Greece
Manuel El Chachi & Spanish Gypsy "Gypsy Rumba Flamenco" Spain
Various Artists "Male Voices of Fado" Portugal
Klezmer Juice "Klezmer Juice" USA
Kamerunga "Terra Australis" Australia
Hafennacht "Tresenkönigin" Germany
Brathanki "Koledy" Poland
Gronicki & Harnasie "Koledy goralskie" Poland
Golec uOrkiestra "Koled I Pastoralek" Poland
Faun "Luna" Germany
No Blues "Kind of No Blues" Netherlands
Hubertus Rösch "Better World" Germany
Hubertus Rösch "Waiting for this train" Germany
Bauernjazz Kartell "(Buda) Zugga" Austria
Martin Spengler & die foischn Wiener "vü föd ned" Austria
Captain’s Diary "Als Munition die Illusion" Germany
Sebastian Hämer "Schattenmann" Germany
Zweckinger "Gfoid ma" Germany
Ingrimm "Henkt ihn!" Germany
IRXN "Saltatio Ignis" Germany
Paddy Mills "Race to the Bottom" USA
Cobblestones "Live on tour Vol. 1" Germany
Donauwellenreiter "Messëi" Austria
Dunkelschön "Vergehen & werden" Germany
Matze Rossi "Und jetzt Licht, bitte!!!" Germany
Cuppatea "Courage" Germany
Mirja u Minnig "Verfougixjagd" Switzerland
Machatschek "Freie Liebe / Free Love" Austria
Tom Astor "Volle Kraft voraus" Germany
Riddle & The Stars "This is happening" Australia
Titus Lang & Groschencombo "Immer Meer" Germany
Latin Quarter "Tilt" Britain
Metusa "Zahn der Zeit" Germany
Marcel Adam "Merci" Germany
The Fallen Stars "Heart like mine" USA
Folk’s Sake "Best of Live" Germany
Feuerschwanz "Auf's Leben" Germany
Jürgen Koch-Janson "Alles im Fluss" Germany
Ramsch & Rosen "Bellver" Austria
Nobody Knows "Kleinstadt Rhapsodien" Germany
Sara Lugo "Hit me with music" Germany
Cùl na Mara "Current Tales" Germany
Duncan Street "Baptized by the Blues" USA
goubran "Die Glut" Austria
Jeremy Lyons "Make it better" USA
Funny van Dannen "Geile Welt" Germany
Les Ramoneurs de Menhirs "Tan ar Bobl" France
Molden, Resetarits, Soyka & Wirth "Ho Rugg" Austria
Kurz & bündig: Äl Jawala, Barth Roemer, Jay Brannan, Moya Brennan, Georg Clementi, Richard Dobson, Dropkick Murphys, Early Autumn Break, Driss El Maloumi, Louise Gold, Yasmine Hamdan, Sofi Hellborg, Chris Kramer, Fela & Seun Kuti, Louva Marguerite, Mariachi El Bronx, Marshall Jung Ochsenbauer, Noel McLoughlin, The Moon and the Nightspirit, Pestorica, R.A.M. Kindertheater, Red Manhole, Carrie Rodriguez, Shantel, Tante Polly, Tanzwut, tempi passati, Tschaika, Vivid Curls, Windflüchter, Young Chinese Dogs, Marina Zettl, Various Artists "Global Hits Vol. 2" Various

  English Reviews

Cran "Dally and Stray" Ireland
The Voice Squad "Concerning of Three Young Men" Ireland
Runa "Current Affairs" USA
Kevin Madden "The Sugar Loaf" Britain
Martin Connolly & Maureen Glynn "The Fort of Kincora" Ireland
Aodán Coyne "If We Only Knew" Ireland
Seán Tyrrell "Moonlight on Galway Bay" Ireland
Anna Falkenau "Féileacán na Saoirse" Germany
David Power "The Eighteen Moloney" Ireland
Neansaí Ní Choisdealbha "Draíocht na Feadóige" Ireland
Goitse "Tall Tales & Misadventures" Ireland
Patsy O'Brien "The Magician's Daughter" USA
Matt Mancuso & Patsy O'Brien "Road Work" USA
Patsy O'Brien "Irish Guitar" USA
Shannon "8th" Poland
Josie Nugent & Brian Stafford "The Caves of Cong" Ireland
Andy Irvine "70th Birthday Concert at Vicar St 2012" Ireland
Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer "A Sound of Christmas Past" England
Enda Reilly "Amhráin Nua i nGaeilge - New Songs In Irish" Ireland
Stephen James Smith & Enda Reilly "Arise and Go!" Ireland
Various Artists "Dear Jean - Artists Celebrate Jean Ritchie" USA
Liguriani "Stundai" Italy
Cecilia "Blauw gras" Belgium
Elanor "Elanor" Belgium
Snaarmaarwaar "B.L.O.C.K." Belgium
Hog-Eyed Man "1" USA
Shannon Vale Céilí Band "Shannon's Lovely Vale" Ireland
Party of Three "First Course" USA
Prego "Rewind" Britain
Andreas Tophøj & Rune Barslund "The Danish Immigrant" Denmark
Jean-Luc Thomas & David Hopkins "Translations" France
The Old Swan Band "FORTYssimo" Britain
Soig Siberil "Dek" France
Angelika Nielsen & Thomas Loefke "Norðan" Faroe / Germany
Various Artists "Our Dear Dark Mountain with the Sky Over It" Ireland
Kevin MacLeod & Friends "Highland Strands" Scotland
Threepenny Bit "Pantomime Cannon" Britain
Polkaworks "Borrowed Shoes" Britain
The Fretless "The Fretless" Canada
Duo Artense "Sur le Vif" France
Various Artists "Mélodies en Sous Sol" France
Baltic Crossing "The Tune Machine" England / Denmark / Finland
The Four Star Trio "Magnetic South" Ireland
Siobhán Kennedy "Séid" Ireland
Red June "Ancient Dreams" USA
Planet Full of Blues "Hard Landing" USA
Little Mike and The Tornadoes "All the right moves" USA
Ben & Ellen Harper "Childhood Home" USA
Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen "Cold Spell" USA
Molasses Creek "Something worth having" USA
Lowell Levinger "Down to the roots" USA
The Nighthawks "444" USA
Rebelution "Count me in" USA
Ronstadt Generations y Los Tucsonensis "Epilogue" USA
Dan Possumato "Tunes inside" USA
Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper "On down the line" USA
The Once "Departures" Canada
The Undercover Hippy "Monkey Suit" Britain
Adler & Hearne "Second Nature" USA
Arthur Migliazza "Laying it down" USA
Andy T & Nick Nixon Band "Livin‘ it up" USA
Liz Mandeville "Heart o’ Chicago" USA
John Weeks Band "John Weeks Band" USA
Lucy Billings "Carry the Water" USA
West of Eden "Songs from Twisting River" Sweden
West of Eden "Songs from Twisting River" Sweden
Beoga "live at 10" Ireland
Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll "A handful of sky" England
Megson "In a box" England
The Askew Sisters "In the Air or the Earth" England
Patsy Reid "The Brightest Path" Scotland
Ana Alcaide "Como la Luna y el Sol" Spain
Rainbow Chasers "Chimes at Midnight" England
La Bergère "étreintes" France
The Henry Girls "Louder than words" Ireland
Habadekuk "Kaffepunch" Denmark
Maeve Gilchrist "20 Chandler Street" USA
Jim Causley "Cyprus Well" England
Bon Debarras "Errance" Canada
Liz Hanley "The Ecstasy of St Cecilia" USA / Ireland
Branas Folk "Danza das Burgas" Spain
Janet M Christel "JMC3" Scotland/Germany
Saor Patrol "Outlander" Scotland
Mary Ann Casale "Running out of time" USA
Aryeh Frankfurter "The Morning Dew – Celtic Harp" USA
Luka Bloom "Head & Heart" Ireland
Janet Dowd "Sailing Away" Ireland
Tummel "Klezmerised" Sweden / Denmark
Les Chercheur d’Or "Les Chercheur d’Or" Canada
Jake Walton "Silver Muse" England
Kennedy's Kitchen "The birds upon the trees" USA / Ireland
Francesca Incudine "Iettavuci" Italy
Trolska Polska "{moss}" Denmark
Coope, Simpson, Fraser & Freya "Hark Hark" England
Songs for the Voiceless "Songs for the Voiceless" England
Deborah Henriksson "Traces" Sweden
Allan Yn Y Fan "Cool, Calm and Collected" Wales
The Albion Christmas Band "One for the Road – live in concert" England
Aquabella "Ayadooeh" Germany
Rebecca Lappa "Ode to Tennyson" Canada
Kylie Carey "North Star" USA
Nell Robinson "The Rose of No-Man’s Land" USA
Jaerv "Vol. 2" Sweden
Lynched "Cold old fire" Ireland
Celtica "Legends and Visions" Scotland / USA / Austria
Gargamas "musique traditionelle du Perigord et du Limousin" France
Feidman & Gitanes Blondes "Back to the Roots" Argentinia/Israel
Kouglof "Maistjarnen" Switzerland
Johnny Coppin "Borderland" England
Ulli Bögershausen "Summer and Fall" Germany
Ulli Bögershausen "Spring Summer and Fall" Germany
Ian Anderson "Homo Erraticus" Britain
Will Z. "12 Visions" Belgium
Paul Karapiperis "One Sin in Seven Parts" Greece
Riddle & The Stars "This Is Happening" Australia / USA
SOJA "Amid the Noise and Hate" USA
Messenger "Illusory Blues" Britain
Blair Dunlop "House of Jacks" Britain
Terry Quiett Band "Taking Sides" USA
Lestat Vermon "Hillside" Germany
Stefan Johansson "The Door to the Unknown" Germany
Sue Young "Gliding" USA
Loudon Wainwright III "Haven’t Got the Blues" USA
Robyn Hitchcock "The Man Upstairs" England
Ivor Game "Dizzy Spells" England
Robbie Boyd "So Called Man" England
Tusmørke "Riset bak Speilet" Norway
Richard Thompson "Acoustic Classics" England
Tina Schlieske "One of the Boys" USA
Jonah Tolchin "Clover Lane" USA
The Kenn Morr Band "Afterimage" USA
Kina Grannis "Elements" USA
Heather Stewart "What it is" USA
John Fullbright "Songs" USA
Michael Packer "I am the Blues" USA
Alicia Bay Laurel "More Songs from Living on the Earth" USA
Polly O’Keary & the Rhythm Method "Compass" USA
Giulia Millanta "The Funambulist – Songs from the High Wire" Italy
John Zipperer "Full Circle" USA
Jacob Latham "Midnight Train" USA
Jonny Two Bags "Salvation Town" USA
Eric Congdon "Acoustic Wanderer" USA
Carrie Clark "Lonesome Lovers" USA
Merrymouth "Wenlock Hill" Britain
Steve Mednick "Never Mind the Rain" USA
The Cousin John Band "Broken Heart Tattoo" USA
Hickoids "Hairy Chafin’ Ape Suit" USA
Bonefish "Bonefish" Sweden
Mishaped Pearls "Thamesis" Britain
Jonathan Segel "Shine Out" Sweden
Reto Burrell "Lucky Charm" Switzerland
Eddie Seville "Ragged Hearts" USA
Tia McGraff "Break These Chains" Canada
Mark Ripp "Quiet Again" Canada
Trent Miller "Burnt Offerings" Britain
Scott Krokoff "Realizations & Declarations" USA
Markus Berjlund + Caroline af Ugglas "Time for Football" Sweden
Auburn "Nashville" Britain
100 Mile House "Wait with Me" Britain
Keiffer McLean "Drama in the Attic" Canada
Jim Suhler "Panther Burn" USA
Ryan Taylor Band "Where the Rust Meets the Rise" USA
Wishbone Ash "Quadruple Suite" England
David Michael Miller "Poisons Sipped" USA
Nathan Bell "Blood Like a River" USA
We Used to be Tourists "Make it Home Alive" Germany
Barrelhouse "Feels Like Home" USA
Sir Oliver Mally & Martin Gasselsberger "This is the Season" Austria
Amy Allen "Someday is Today" USA
The Weekenders "Don’t Plan On" USA
Millipond Moon "Broke in Brooklyn" USA
Jenai Huff "Grace" USA
Tim McMillan "Wolves of Stunz" Australia
Mellow Mood "Twinz" Italy
William White "Open Country" Barbados
Tom Corbett "Tonight I Ride" USA
The Flying Eyes "Leave it All Behind Sessions" USA
Ciro Hurtado "Ayahuasca Dreams" Peru
Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co. "Anti-Solipsism pt. 1 Creatures" Denmark
Sugarfoot "Big Sky Record" Norway
Alana Amram & the Rough Gems "Spring River" USA
The Dolmen "Battle of Cape Clear" Britain
Adam Cohen "We Go Home" Canada
Police Dog Hogan "Westward Ho!" Britain
Alex Hodgson "The Brig Tae Nae Where" Scotland
Berdon Kirksaether & the Twang Bar Kings "Latenighters Under a Full Moon" USA
Kati Salo "Kati Salo" Finland
Victor Camozzi "Cactus & Roses" USA
Anna Aaron "Neuro" Switzerland
Casey Black "Lay You in the Loam" USA
J.R. Shore "State Theatre" Canada
West My Friend "When the Ink Dries" Canada
Andrew Corbett "Moments of Grace" USA
Swampcandy "Midnight Creep, Noonday Stomp" USA
Mandolin’ Brothers "Far Out" USA
Linq "Disconnect" USA
Stephen Brandon "Floating on a Limb" Australia
Ange Hardy "The Lament of the Black Sheep" England
Amelia White "Old Postcard" USA
Dana Lyons "The Great Salish Sea" USA
Elliott Brood "Work and Love" Canada
Ani Difranco "Allergic to Water" USA
Danjal "Time" Faroe Islands
Vinnie’s TV "Grapes & Ghosts" USA
Lucinda Williams "Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone" USA
Marceese "A Ramblin’ and a-Howlin’" Germany
Sister Speak "Rise Up for Love" USA
Jeff Larson "Close Circle" USA
Brian Lee "Declare" USA
Paul J. Phillips "Magic" USA
The Grand Undoing "White Space Flavors and Parties on TV" USA
Brother Dege "Scorched Earth Policy" USA
Jesse Marchant "Jesse Marchant" USA
Itasca "Unmoored by the Wind" USA
Aranis "Made in Belgium II" Belgium
Gochag Askarov "Sacred World of Azerbaijani Mugham" Azerbaijan
Various Artists "Rhythms of Azerbijani Dances" Azerbaijan
Dem Ensemble "Erguvan" Turkey
Melech Mechaya "Strange People" Portugal
Lunch Noazh "Breudeur ha c’hoarezed" France
Ernie Watts Quartet "A Simple Truth" USA
User "Kurmuschels Verwandlung" Germany
Hadouk Quartet "Hadoukly Yours" France
Mattias Perez "East" Sweden
Samúel Jón Samúelsson Big Band "4 Hliðar" Iceland
Aeschbacher x solo "Welewäg" Switzerland
Organ Explosion "Organ Explosion" Germany
Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst "Endless Sky" USA
Jerry Douglas "Three Bells" USA
Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis "Our Year" USA
Osborne Jones "In the moment" USA
Jim Wurster "Raw" USA
Tom Shed "Mama’s goin out" USA
Delta Moon "Life's a Song - Live Volume 1" USA
Louvat Bros. "Contrastes" Belgium
Paolo Bonfanti & Martino Coppo "Friend of a Friend" Italy
Bo Ahlbertz "Lazy Afternoon" Sweden
Hillbenders "Can you hear me" USA
Ralph Stanley & Ralph Stanley II "Side by Side" USA
Surpluz "Laat ons drinken!" Netherlands
Orbal "Noctispora" Belgium
Barcelona Ethnic Band "A tribute to different musical cultures" Spain
Laura Moisio "Spiraali" Finland
Abaca "Abaca" Italy
Cicinatela "Tungi" Georgia
Romain Baudoin "1 primate" France
Chancha Via Circuito "Amansara" Argentina
2naFronteira "Zapatiños para Diaz Castro" Spain
Scaramanouche "Voyager 2011" Italy
Titom "Les Egares" France
Cantares do Brion "Arruidos" Spain
The Gentle Good "Y bard anfarwol" Wales
Daniel Lavoie "La licorne captive" Canada
Valeria Cimò "Terramadonna" Italy
Emilia Amper "Trollfågeln" Sweden
J Åkerlund & J Paulson "Små saker och stora ting" Sweden
Jonas Åkerlund & Alban Faust "Pipmakarns polska" Sweden
Ralsgård & Tullberg "+1" Sweden
Dwight Lamb & Jensen & Bugge "Live 2013 part two" Denmark
Valfart "På vej" Denmark
Haldanskerne "3" Denmark
Ulvsand & Hjetland "Ulvsand & Hjetland" Denmark
Short & Sweet: Afenginn, Annie Lou, The Alt, Tarun Balani, Basco, Robbie Basho, Roxanne de Bastion, Bellowhead, Sammy Brue, Jason Tyler Burton, Butchers Blind, Martin & Eliza Carthy, Corde Oblique, Cruachan, Peter Doran, Kris Drever & Éamonn Coyne, Adrian Duffy, Duo Pilartz Gielen, Farrago, Dom Flemons, Eamon Friel, Forlorn Strangers, Griff Trio, Haas Kowert Tice, Emily Hackett, Drew Holcomb, Ellie Holcomb, Humming House, I Draw Slow, Kieslowski, Lac La Belle, Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge, Didier Laloy, Laurie & Kathy, The Logues, Cassie & Maggie MacDonald, John McCutcheon, Sarah McQuaid, Melike, Native Sibling, Jeffrey Philip Nelson, Omnia, Quinteto Astor, R.A.M. Kindertheater, John Reischmann, Shireen, Moira Smiley, Söndörgő, Billy Strings & Don Julin, Tali Toké, Tara Fuki, Tom Theuns & Paul Russell, Brady Toops, Will and the Won'ts, 9Bach, Various Artists "Gaelic Scotland", "Voice + Vision", "War Child" Various

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