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Grens/zland "Kersen delen" Netherlands
Shooglenifty "The untied knot" Scotland
Alyth "Homelands" Scotland
Bukahara "Strange Delight" Germany
Terje Isungset "Meditations" Norway
Hohka "Mailla Halmailla" Finland
Kirsten Bråten Berg "Tonesvarm gjennom 35 år" Norway
Mark Billingham / My Darling Clementine "The other half" England
The Changing Room "Behind the Lace" Britain
The Changing Room "A River Runs Between" Britain
The Changing Room "Splann" Britain
Sam Kelly "Spokes" Britain
Spuyten Duyvil "The social music hour Vol. I" USA
Rura "Despite the dark" Scotland
Double Tonic "Drops of Celtic Life" Germany
Niall Toner "Working on love" USA
Michelle Burke "Step into my parlour" Ireland
Sean O hEanaigh "The Tides that bind" Ireland
Alma "Transalpin" Austria
Odessa Projekt "Liza" Germany
The Urban Folk Quartet "The Escape" England
Sam Lee "The fade in time" England
Domo Emigrantes "Kolymbetra" Italy
na-mara "Navajos & Pirates" England
Marco Zappa Trio "UnaNuovaForza" Switzerland
John Jones "Never stop moving" England
Jackie Oates "The spyglass and the herringbone" England
Barluath "At Dawn of Day" Scotland
La Jose "Espiral" Spain
The Secret North "Live" Scotland / Denmark / Ireland
Klezmeyers "Emilias Lächeln" Germany
Kalakan "Elementuak" France
Short Tailed Snails "Dunkle Wolken" Germany
Harmony Glen "The Cure for everything" Netherlands
Fil Campbell & Tom McFarland "Back there" Ireland
ESG - Ensemble Sangineto "SeminisTerra" Italy
Monoswezi "Yanga" Mozambique / Norway / Sweden / Zimbabwe
Sean Keane "Never alone" Ireland
Socks in the Frying Pan "Return of the Giant Sock Monsters from Outer Space" Ireland
Andy Lamy "The New Blackthorn Stick" USA
Tríona Marshall "Between Two Ways" Ireland
Fraser & Ian Bruce "The Best of Mrs Bruce's Boys" Scotland
Gordon Gunn "Wick to Wickham" Scotland
Beppe Gambetta & Tony McManus "Round Trip" Italy / Scotland
Líadan "In Am Trátha: Well-Timed" Ireland
Buttons & Bows "The Return of Spring" Ireland
Bryan O'Leary & Colm Guilfoyle "Where the Bog Is" Ireland
Mark Lysaght "Collaborations" Ireland
Gráinne Holland "Gaelré" Ireland
The Rambling Boys "What Next" Ireland
The Gothard Sisters "Mountain Rose" USA
Deirdre Granville "Imram" Ireland
Theresa Horgan & Matt Griffin "Brightest Sky Blue" Ireland
Battlefield Band "Beg & Borrow" Scotland
Bellowhead "Pandemonium" Britain
Sonerien Du "Frankiz" France
Rose Clancy "fiddle : piano : bass" USA
Sketch "Highland Time" Scotland
Alba's Edge "Run to Fly" USA
Fourwinds "Fourwinds" Ireland
Orquesta Céltica Asturiana "Contra Viento y Marea" Spain
Sophie Cavez & Balthazar Montanaro "Le 3ème Temps" Belgium
Freya Rae & Louis Bingham "Curlicue" Britain
Griselda Sanderson "Radial" Scotland
Rhu Beag "Rhu Beag" Scotland
Spillemand "Music from Carl Nielsen's Childhood" Denmark
David Grubb "High Rise" Scotland
Marie Fielding "An Seisiún" Scotland
Claude Quintard & Michel Esbelin "La Bourrée à Régis" France
Emilie Dulieux "La Noce du Papillon" France
Le Perdrix Rouge "Vendanges Tardives" France
Philippe Frieur "Joueur de Musette" France
Wör "Back to the 1780s" Belgium
Naragonia "Myriad" Belgium
Startijenn "Skeud" France
Blackbeard's Tea Party "Reprobates" Britain
Blackbeard’s Tea Party "Reprobates" Britain
Gráinne Brady & Tina Jordan "High Spirits" Ireland / Scotland
The Casey Sisters "Sibling Revelry" Ireland
The Lomond Ensemble "The Lass of Pettie's Mill" Scotland
Davide Salvado "Lobos" Spain
Greg Nagy "Stranded" USA
We Banjo 3 "Live in Galway" Ireland
Scott Ellison "Elevator Man" USA
Ghost Town Blues Band "Hard road to hoe" USA
Beth Hart "Better than home" USA
Gov’t Mule "Stoned side of the mule vol. 1&2" USA
Tom Russell "The Rose of Roscrea" USA
The Lucky Losers "A Winning Hand" USA
Whelan "The Story of Ike Dupree" USA
The Betty Fox Band "Slow Burn" kUSA
The Josh Garrett Band "Honey for my Queen" USA
The Mike Henderson Band "If you think it’s hot here…" USA
Jim Jones "Race with the Wind" USA
Deb Ryder "Let it rain" USA
River Drivers "River Drivers" USA
Run Boy Run "Something to Someone" USA
The Shanes "Road Worrier" Germany
Baltic Sea Child "Baltic Sea Child" Germany
Sean O’Brien & His Dirty Hands "Risk Profile" USA
Deena "Rock River" USA
The Headlocks "Most Golden Goose" USA
RXGF "Any Other Way" Britain
Lynn Jackson & Chris Boyne "The Acoustic Sessions" Canada
Jan Rørdam "Stardust in your Hands" Denmark
Various Artists "The Finest Noise — Der Sampler Vol. 31" Germany
Pi Jacobs "Hi-Rise Ranch" USA
Jonathan Edwards "Tomorrow’s Child" USA
Janne "Is it My Time to Go and other Folk Songs" Finland
Barry Kerr "Boy in a Boat" Ireland
Pekko Kappi & K:H:H:L "Sanguis Meus, Mama!" Finland
Andy Shauf "The Bearer of Bad News" Canada
Sean Taylor "The Only Good Addiction is Love" Britain
Mr. Love & Justice "News from Nowhere" Britain
Christopher Paul Stelling "Labor Against Waste" USA
Kumbia Queers "Canta y no Llores" Argentina
March to May "The Water’s Edge" USA
Svjata Vatra "Vabadus Svoboda (Freedom)" Estonia
Robbie Basho "Rainbow Thunder - Songs of the American West" USA
"Voice of the Eagle: The Enigma of Robbie Basho" USA
Marian McLaughlin "Spirit House" USA
David Celia "Double Mind" Canada
Jens Hausmann "Precious Moments" Germany
Dawa "Psithurisma" Austria
Andy Dale Petty "Frick’s Lament" USA
Blueflint "Stories from Home" Britain
Hungrytown "Further West" USA
Jim Singleton "8 O’Clock in the Afternoon" USA
Ray Goren "Save my Soul" USA
Finn Olafsson "Video of the Month 2014" Denmark
Iain Morrison "Eas" Scotland
Modou Toure & Ramon Goose "The West African Blues Project" Senegal / Britain
Mitch Mann "Blackwater Creek" USA
Faris "Mississippi to Sahara" Algeria
Anthony Gomes "Field Holler" Canada
Whitehorse "Leave No Bridge Unburned" Canada
Gilmore & Roberts "Conflict Tourism" Britain
Good Lovelies "Burn the Plan" Canada
The Spooky Men’s Chorale "The Spooky Man History" Australia
Cris Cuddy "Dear Elvis" Canada
Byron Fry "Explosive" USA
Billy Vincent "Stand On Me" Britain
The Jancee Pornick Casino "Planet Girls" Germany
Georgie Jessup "Philosopher Dogs" USA
Grand Old Grizzly "Cosmonada" USA
The Coffis Brothers & the Mountain Men "Wrong Side of the Road" USA
Erik Sitbon and the Ghost Band "Erik Sitbon and the Ghost Band" France
Wally Warning "Groove Maker" Suriname
Mäkkelä "Last of a Dying Breed" Finland
Joel Rafael "Baladista" USA
Zervas and Pepper "Abstract Heart" Wales
Millpond Moon "Time to Turn the Tide" Norway
The Expanders "Hustling Culture" USA
Tod Hughes Project "Changing Gears" Canada
The Hillbenders "Tommy – A Bluegrass Opry" USA
Gerda Stevenson "Night Touches Day" Scotland
Skinny Lister "Down on Deptford Broadway" Britain
From the Deep "From the Deep" Britain
Bobby Long "Ode to Thinking" USA
Khiyo "Bengali Music with a London Sound" India / Britain
Reg Meuross "Leaves and Feathers" Britain
Jack Tempchin "Learning to Dance" USA
Leonard Las Vegas "Jagmoor Cynewulf" Germany
The Whiskey Daredevils "Nashville Surprise" USA
Doran, Stucky, Studer, Tacuma "Call Me Helium" Switzerland
Sea + Air "Evropi" Germany / Greece
Emily Barker "The Toerag Sessions" Britain
Keston Cobblers Club "Wildfire" Britain
The Sexican "Conscription" Denmark
Saor Patrol "XV – Total Reworx Vol. 1" Scotland
Archie Fisher "A Silent Song" Scotland
Nicki Bluhm & the Gramblers "Loved Wild Lost" USA
Los Lobos "Gates of Gold" USA
Freebo "If Not Now When" USA
Valley Maker "When I Was a Child" USA
Huw M "Utica" Wales
Selina Martin "I’ve Been Picking Caruso’s Brain, etc." Canada
Steve Ashley "This Little Game" Britain
Magna Carta "The Fields of Eden" Britain
Filthy Nelly "Tranquilize This!" Netherlands
Ryan Davidson "A Wick Burning High" Canada
Happy Traum "Just for the Love of It" USA
David Roth "So Far, So Good" USA
Reverend Freakchild "Hillbilly Zen-Punk Blues" USA
Liam Merriman & Eoin O’Meachair "The Birds Never Cease" Ireland
Kate Doubleday "Flutter" Britain
Lila Blue "Lucille" USA
Fate the Juggler "Live" Britain
Trailhead "Leave Me to Learn" Germany
Brooksie Wells "North East Rising Sun" USA
Avery Hill "Dreams & Ghosts: A Family Album" USA
Tina Refsnes "No One Knows that You’re Lost" Norway
Lowell Levinger "Banana Recalls Youngbloods Classics" USA
Mike McGuire "Southern Attraction" USA
Anne Haigis "15 Companions" Germany
Michael Graefe "Ode to Whiskey" Germany
Port Royal "Royal Flush" Germany
Rowan Ross "Second Fiddle" Scotland
Theodor Bastard "Oikoumene" Russia
The Beat Daddys "Hoodoo that We Do" USA
Lucie Thorne "Everything Sings Tonight" Australia
Andy Cohen "Road be Kind" USA
Stolen Hearts "Dirty Southern Soul" USA
Les Copeland "To be in Your Company" USA
Echo Bloom "Blue" USA

Short & Sweet:

Paul Armfield, Azadoota, Dan Bern, Greg Blake, Bob Bradshaw, Sigurd Brokke, Bumper Jacksons, Calexico, The Carty Sisters, Dan Chadburn, Liz Chidester, Hans Christian, Sheldon Clark, Debra Clifford & Becca Wintle, Connla, Cordofonic, Cork Gamelan Ensemble, David Corley, Crow and the Canyon, Cupeiro / Yukhnevich, D'Aqui Dub, Deuter, Aurélie Dorzée & Tom Theuns, Dü-Sems Ensemble, Ana Egge, Lindsay Ellyn, Kim Erickson, Béla Fleck & Abigail Washburn, The Grahams, Green Diesel, Jackie Greene, Tim Grimm, Guo Gan & Loup Barrow, Päkkos Gustaf & Ellika Frisell, Harpeth Rising, Fay Hield, The Imaginary Suitcase, Dana Immanuel, Photis Ionatos, Emily Ann Laliotis, Lewis & Leigh, Lowland Hum, Low Lily, Eden MacAdam-Somer, Elizabeth MacInnis, Helen McCreary, Kelley McRae, Mehmet Polat Trio, Michael-Ann, Jenna Moynihan, Musica Folklorica, 'ndiaz, Danni Nicholls, Anne Niepold, Paddy O'Brien, Sinéad O'Connor, Gretchen Peters, David Ramirez, Red Herring, Ben Reel, Alex Roberts, Rodrigo y Gabriela, David Rovics, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Kathy Sanborn, Sinouj, Slocan Ramblers, Emily Smith, Fred Sokolow, Spoil the Dance, Dao Strom, Yale Strom, Talisk, Sofia Talvik, Tara Fuki, Transkapela, Tři hlasy - Three Voices, Dan Trudell, The Waifs, Warsaw Village Band, Doc Watson, Savina Yannatou

Various Artists: "Appel Folk", "Discover Fado", "Discover Music from Africa", "Discover Music from Greece", "Discover Music from Hungary", "Discover Music from Russia", "Discover Music from Scandinavia", "Discover Music from Turkey", "Temple Records Sampler", "True North Essentials", "The Ultimate Guide to Scottish Folk"

  Deutsche Rezensionen

Steffen Gabriel & Cornelius Bode "The Land’s End Sessions" Germany
WUCAN "Sow the Wind" Germany
Louisa Baïleche "Terra Mia" France
Weiherer und die Dobrindts "Best of greatest Hits" Germany
Triskilian "bell'amata" Germany
Solid Ground "Dance!" Germany
Rudi Zapf Trio "Grenzenlos Vol III" Germany
Fleadh "The Peacock’s Feather" Germany
Fleadh "The Peacock's Feather" Germany
John McCutcheon "Joe Hill's Last Will" USA
Das Großmütterchen Hatz Salon Orkestar "Terry Goes Around" Austria
Glenfiddle "Put an egg on it!" Germany
Johanna Börjeson "Bara Är" Sweden
Leinöl "Drei Tog" Austria
Rosapaeda "Inn a differrent stylee" Italy
Tango-Orkesteri Unto "Yön tummat siivet" Finland
Louisa Lyne & di Yiddishe Kapelye "A Farblondzhete Blondinke" Sweden
Kerstin Blodig "Out of the woods" Germany
Baraka "Shams" Latvia
Root Doctor "New Attitude" USA
Various Artists "Nordic Notes Vol. 2" Iceland / Faroe ...
Seiva "Seiva" Portugal
Ceumar "Silencia" Brazil
SIR "... statt Hollywood schaukeln" Germany
The Knickebocker Allstars "Open Mic at the Knick" USA
Markey Blue "Hey Hey" USA
Tas Cru "You keep the money" USA
Tristan Le Govic & Lise Enochsson "Elva" France / Sweden
Various Artists "The Falkirk Musik Pot" Scotland
Short Trail Snails "Dunkle Wolken" Germany
El Naán "Código de Barros" Spain
La Banda Morisca "La Banda Morisca" Spain
Mozuluart "Township Serenade" Austria
Souad Massi "El Mutakallimûm" Algeria
Zoobazar "Dos" Spain
Low Society "You can't keep a good woman down" USA
Riccarda Vedana "Quai Sun Jau!" Switzerland
Spafudla "Hörbarium" Austria
BartolomeyBittmann "Meridian" Austria
Kel Amrun "Sol" Switzerland
René Lacaille "Fanfaroné" Réunion
Nathan James "Hear me Calling" USA
Nathan James "Natural Born that way" USA
Die Wallener "... und nun bordun ..." Germany
Ricardo Dias Ensemble "Coimbra Fado" Portugal
Rosa Morena Russa "Está ficando Russo!" Russia
Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra "Imbarca" Spain
Port Royal "Royal Flush" Germany
Mississippi Heat "Warning shot" USA
The Waifs "Beautiful You" Australia
Siian "Un Tour Ailleurs" France
Klara "Alles wird Klara" Germany
No Refund Band "Current State of Blue" USA
Fo'Reel "Heavy Water" USA
Jamaram & The Acoustic Night Allstars "Heavy Heavy" Germany
Isaiah B Brunt "Just The Way That It Goes" USA / Australia
Lamia Bèdioui & The Desert Fish "Athamra" Tunisia
Graf Itty "Überwachungskamerad" Germany
Tumult "Den Bagvente" Denmark
Peter Novelli "St. Amant Sessions" USA
Jeff Chaz "Chronicles" USA
Various Artists "Strange & Dangerous Times" USA
Rotfront "17 Deutsche Tänze" Germany
Toots Lorraine "Make it Easy" USA
Eliseo Parra "El Man Sur" Spain
La Brass Banda "Kiah Royal" Germany
Nikolaj Efendi "The Red Wine Conspiracy" Austria
Simon und Jan "Ach Mensch" Germany
Pangea "Roving in Dublin" Germany
The Neatpickers "Feverish Hearts" Austria
Otava Yo "What are those for songs!" Russia
Artem Uzunov "Let’s do it - Darbuka Stories" Russia
IRXN "Irgendwo und irgendwann" Germany
Acoustic Revolution "Finally Folk" Germany
Duo Hodina Havlicek "Impressionen am Schafberg" Austria
Banda Senderos "Mobulu" Germany
Tonefish "… on the hook" Germany
Mr. Hurley & Die Pulveraffen "Voodoo" Germany
Schorsch Hampel "Sog gscheid" Germany
Nachtcafé "Uomini e no" Italy
Blockflöte des Todes "Fifty shades of Earl Grey" Germany
The Children of Lir "now hit me with the piano, please!" Germany
Jürgen Thelen "Wir ziehen nach Amerika" Germany
The Magical Moonband "Back in time" Germany
Tramper "Grün" Germany
Christina Lux "embrace" Germany
Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space "Mörder Blues 2" Austria
Wagenbreth Uhlmann "einsam heut nacht" Germany
Klanggespinst "Zankapfel" Germany
Rudi Tuesday Band "Tales from somewhere on the road" Germany
Landstreichmusik "Langstrass" Switzerland
Faun "Luna & Live und Acoustic in Berlin" Germany
Bobby Long "Ode to Thinking" Britain
Die Tanzgeiger "Drei" Austria
Echo Bloom "Blue" USA
Daisy O’Hara "Home" Austria
Tir Nan Og "Jack of Folk" Germany
The Aberlour's "Dayoodlo!" Germany
Tritonus "Urbanus, alte Volksmusik aus Schweizer Städten" Switzerland
Omar Souleyman "Badheni nami" Syria
Skolka "daunzboa" Austria
Trionettli "Rostlos" Switzerland
De Vliering "Fietsen in de polder" Netherlands
Kellerkommando "Belzebub"" Germany
Dan Kennedy "Bloom Road" USA
D Edward "Love is" USA
Matthias Siegrist "Im Schrebergarten" Switzerland
Skip & Die "Cosmic Serpents" South Africa

Kurz & bündig:

ah voix bass, Aritmija, Ayrad, Pierre Bensusan, Eva Cassidy, C’est si B.O.N., Chango Leon, Megan Chaskey, Chłopcy Kontra Basia, Corvus Corax, Cpt. Nepomuk's friendly Heart Choir Club, Cultus Ferox, Dota, Dunkelschön, Eivør, Ensemble nu:n, Ganes, Gasparazzo, Guro von Germeten, Die Grenzgänger, Uwe Gronau, Servais Haanen, Harpyie, In Extremo, Didier Ithursarry, Waylon Jennings, David Krakauer, Andre Krikula, Kroke, Loyko, Lucero, Bachar Mar-Khalifé, Netnakisum, Peaches and Crime, Bill Phillippe, Michel Pinheiro, David Roth, Carmen Rubino, Russkaja, Songhoy Blues, Trio Mio, Timothy Wenzel, Why Didn't They Ask Evans?

Various Artists: "Beyond Edelweiss", "Discover Klezmer", "Discover Music from Scotland", "La Fleur Orientale", "Heimatlieder aus Deutschland Volume Two Berlin/Augsburg", "Herbstmond", "Tamburi Mundi - Rituals", "10 Years Eastblok Music"

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