FolkWorld #54 07/2014

CD & DVD Rezensionen

  Deutsche Rezensionen

Rüdiger Oppermann "The Brendan Voyage - Reise in die Anderwelt" Germany
"Inside Llewyn Davis / Another Day, Another Time" USA
Peter, Paul and Mary "Peter, Paul and Mary" USA
Dónal Clancy "Songs of a Roving Blade" Ireland
Cosán "New Roads" Germany
We Banjo 3 "Gather the Good" Ireland
Mara Aranda & Solatge "Lo Testament" Spain
Hanna Fearns "Sentimental Bones" Germany
Günter Gall mit Konstantin Vassiliev "Soldaten-Leben" Germany
Robinson Treacher "Porches" USA
Hoyraky "folk'n'roll" Poland
71 Chain "Stories of Life, Love & Loss" Britain
Triakel "Thyra" Sweden
Dagefoer "Like you" Germany
Hanna Meyerholz "How to Swim" Germany
Joseph Parsons "Empire Bridges" USA
Jim Allchin "Q.E.D." USA
Rafael Cortés "Cagiñi" Spain / Germany
Adrianna Marie and her Groovecutters "Double Crossing Blues" USA
Exprompt "Der blaue Ballon" Russia
Skarazula "Samhain" Canada
Habib Koité "Soô" Mali
Kareyce Fotso "Mokte" Cameroon
Dobet Gnahoré "Na Drê" Cote d’Ivore
Mamadou Diabate & Percussion Mania "Masaba Kann" Burkina Faso
Trio Samara "Grandmother' Dance" Norway
Various Artists "Samba Fever" Brazil
Norig "Ionela" France
Gianmaria Testa "Men at Work" Italy
Maria Berasarte "Agua en la boca" Spain
Tango Extremo "Dama de Blanco" Netherlands
Chupacabras "Palante" Germany
Faitissa "Terra Aviatica" Spain
Toumani Diabaté & Sidiki Diabaté "Toumani & Sidiki" Mali
Marinah "El Baile de las Horas" Spain
Stella's Morgenstern "Beautiful Songs" Germany
Kompania "Round Trip" Greece
Budweis-Wunderlich-Jach "Vergnügen" Greece
Daniel Melingo "Linyera" Argentina
Tiruleque "Mu" Spain
SonDeSeu "Danzas Brancas" Spain
Various Artists "Songs of Gastarbeiter Vol. 1" Germany / Turkey
Thomas Rabenschlag & May Lässer "Arr Ju launsam Tuneit" Switzerland
Fee Badenius "Feelosophie" Germany
Jamaram "Almost Hits" Germany
Jah Chango "Sardinas" Germany / France
Carmen Souza "Live at Lagny Jazz Festival" Cape Verdes
Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble "Beaucoup de Piments" Finnland / Benin
Josh Hoyer and the Shadowboxers "Josh Hoyer and the Shadowboxers" USA
"Inka Moods - A Portrait in Music" Germany
Bob Bradshaw "Home" USA
Rasga Rasga "Anhelo" Germany
Rainald Grebe & das Orchester der Versöhnung "Berliner Republik" Germany
The Giora Feidman Jazz-Experience "Klezmer meets Jazz" Argentina
MaCajun "Toujours - Live" Germany
Daniel Puente Encina "Chocolate con Aji" Chile
Liloba "Tango Ekoki" Germany
Raymond Gonzales "One Bright Night" USA
Strom und Wasser "Anticool" Germany
Strom und Wasser "Anticool" Germany
Schandmaul "Unendlich" Germany
Andy Griffiths "Looking at a life…" Canada
Zaubernuss "wir sind da und nichts bewegt sich" Austria
The Perpetrators "Stick 'em up" Canada
Flo Pfeifer "Nei in da Stodt" Germany
Billy Thompson "Friend" USA
An Rinn "20" Germany
Alexander Wolfrum "Da steckt Wolfrum drin!" Germany
Olmar "The True Name" Germany
David Dee Moore "The sun, the moon, the stars… and other moving objects" Northern Ireland
Monty Krah "Besucher" Germany
Celtic Thunder "Mythology" Ireland
Kellerkommando "Dunnerkeil" Germany
Jonny Lang "Fight for my Soul" USA
Shiregreen "The stories I could tell" Germany
Chris Pickering "Circles" Australia
Letzte Instanz "15 Jahre Brachialromantik" Germany
Maurice Tani & 77 el Deora "Blue Line" USA
Mathias Kellner "Hädidadiwari" Germany
Kolonien "Sammanhang" Sweden
Gary Hunn "Breaking blue" Australia
Uwe Gronau "Flight 14" Germany
The High Kings "Friends for life" Ireland
Rüdiger Mund "Kommen und Gehen" Germany
Steve Howell & The Mighty Men "Yes, I believe I will" USA
Duo Kaleidoscope "I" Austria
Bap Kennedy "Let’s start again" Northern Ireland
Clàrsach "Treasure" Germany
Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones "Let Ye All Be Irish Tonight" Ireland
The Acoustics "Erie Long" Canada
Goranie "Wíeczór z Czardaszem, Vol. 1" Poland
Kapelle Kager "12 Tanzmusikstücke für Steirische Harmonika solo" Austria
Kaurna Cronin "Pistol Eyes" Australia
Runrig "Party on the Moor" Scotland
Die Strottern / Peter Ahorner "mea ois gean / Wean du schlofst" Austria
Wardruna "Runaljod - Yggdrasil" Norway
Scott Ramminger "Advice from a Father to a Son" USA
Flowers of the Night "Live" Germany
Germein Sisters "Because you breathe" Australia
Ron Allen, Steve Asplund and The Aesculap Company "Vienna meets Portland" Austria / USA
Paul Filipowicz "Saints and Sinners" USA
Shantel "Anarchy + Romance" Germany
Enter the Haggis "The Modest Revolution" Canada
Olsen Brothers "Brothers to Brothers" Denmark
Aoife "Aoife" Ireland
Jonny Glut "Schmuggelkuss und Pflaumentraum" Germany
Finn Olafsson "Music from North Sealand" Denmark
Steven Halpern "Deep Theta 2.0" USA
Vivid Curls "Jäger der Glückseligkeit" Germany
Thom Moore "Seven things aloom" USA
Liedstöckel "Kohle" Germany
Terry Gillespie "Bluesoul" Canada
Southern Girls "A little bit of this – a little bit of that" Norway
Agricantus "Kuntarimari" Italy / Switzerland
Stephen Harrison "Today Tomorrow" Scotland
Obscuris Orbis "Primus inter pares" Latvia
Das Niveau "rockt!" Germany
Feitel "Aufbruch" Austria
Dan Chadburn "Nocturnes" USA
Róisín O "The Secret Life of Blue" Ireland
Morpheus Hang "Listening in the Dark" Russia
Dimitry Novokolsky & Yury Krivoshein "That job is over" Russia
Genna & Jesse "Give and Take" USA
G.O.D. "Back to the 80s unplugged" Germany
Nadine Fabielle "Es war einmal" Germany
The Final Embrace "Songs for Lovers" Germany
Matt Stone "Northern Lights" USA
Die Band Chapeau "Antipädagogische Hinweise" Germany
Kurz & bündig: Robby Ballhause, Matt Baxter & Jake Sampson, Joe Bonamassa, MG Boulter, Celtica, Chancha Via Circuito, Slaid Cleaves, Georg Clementi, Liz Cooper & The Stampede, Mary Courtney, Danceperados of Ireland, Simone Dinnerstein & Tift Merritt, The Dinosaur Truckers, Dub à la Pub, Martina Eisenreich, Ugo Guizzardi & Angelo Palma, Bucky Halker & Andy Dee, Heinrich von Handzahm, Hitman Blues Band, holstuonarmusigbigbandclub, I am Oak, IMG, Bill Kirchen, Desiree Klaeukens, Stiff La Wolf, Liederjan, Noel McLoughlin, NapoliLatina, Old Crow Medicine Show, Old 97s, Pupkulies + Rebecca, Reinig Braun + Böhm, Hubertus Rösch, Rumtown, SanVentura, SattaTree, Alwin Schönberger, Solid Ground, Pam Taylor, tempi passati, Troitsa, Volga, Hannes Wader, Les Yeux d’la Tête, ZAZ, Various Artists "Mediterranean Voyage", "Meyer Records Vol. 4" Various

  English Reviews

Simon Mayor "The Art of Mandolin" England
Ange Hardy "Bare Foot Folk" England
Lisa Lestander "Sånger från Norr" Sweden
Jacquelyn Hynes "Silver and Wood" England / Ireland
Gitarre & Cello "Reise Nach Norden" Germany
The Gloaming "The Gloaming" Ireland
Hans Fredrik Jacobsen "Trå: dansen" Norway
Show of Hands "Wake the Union" England
Various Artists "The Scottish Diaspora - The Music and the Song" Scotland
Bruce & Walker "Born to Rottenrow" Scotland
Lawrence Blatt "Emergence" USA
3 Daft Monkeys "Of Stones and Bones" England
Salsa Celtica "The Tall Islands" Scotland
Seth Lakeman "Word of Mouth" England
Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll "A Handful of Sky" England
California Feetwarmers "California Feetwarmers" USA
Fraser Fifield & Graeme Stephen "Esotero" Scotland
Gavin Pennycook "Octave Fiddle" Scotland
Jaron Freeman-Fox and the Opposite of Everything "%" Canada
Daniel Thorpe "The Curiosity Shop" Scotland
Cherrygrove "No Time Like Now" Scotland
Rue du Canal "1er Etage" Belgium / France / Ireland
Anxo Lorenzo "Confuxon" Spain
Martin Connolly & Maureen Glynn "The Fort of Kincora" Ireland
Troy MacGillivray "Tune Poets" Canada
Au Gre des Vents "Soll Lawa" France
Habadekuk "Kaffepunch" Denmark
Trolska Polska "Moss" Denmark
Gaetane Poitras & Réal Dubois "Imprévu" Canada
We Banjo 3 "Gather the Good" Ireland
Stolen Notes "The Loot" Spain
Brishen "Brishen" Canada
Còig "Five" Canada
Iain Copeland "A Northerly Land" Scotland
Petunia "Inside of You" Canada
Lilt "Little Falls" USA
Peter Carberry & Pádraig McGovern "Forgotten Gems" Ireland
Michael McCague "The Waylaid Man" Ireland
Louise Mulcahy "Tuning the Road" Ireland
Cara Dillon "A Thousand Hearts" Ireland
Simon McDonnell "The Hidden River" Ireland
Poppy Seeds "Close Shaved" France
Julie Fowlis "Gach Sgeul - Every Story" Scotland
Colleen Raney "Here This Is Home" USA
CrossHarbour "CrossHarbour" Ireland
Fiodhna Gardiner "Air Time" Ireland
Sinéad Healy "Shuffle the Deck" Ireland
Rattle on the Stovepipe "Old Virginia" Britain
Triakel "Thyra" Sweden
Phønix "nu" Denmark
Ben Rogers "Lost Stories: Volume One" Canada
Ray Cooper "Palace of Tears" Britain
The Red Dirt Skinners "Sinking the Mary Rose" Britain
C. Daniel Boling "Sleeping Dogs" USA
Jenna "Hitchhiker" England
Cara Luft "Darlingford" Canada
Sara Petite "Circus Comes to Town" USA
Quique Gómez & Luca Giordano "Chicago '3011 Studios' Session" Spain / Italy
Lake Street Dive "Bad Self-portrait" USA
House Jumpers "Jump-Dance-Listen and Have a Ball!" USA
Gabriel Miller Phillips "One for the Crow" USA
Temenik Electric "Ouesh Hada?" France
Various Artists "Dusty Goat Entertainment: New Routes" Denmark
Turid Norlund "Curtains" Denmark
Michael Veitch "Postcards from Vermont Vol. 1" USA
Amos Funk "Black Rose" Israel
Nic Polimeno "The Gioconda Smile" Italy
Blackmore’s Night "Dancer and the Moon" USA
Janet Robin & Band "Live in France" USA
The Dunwells "Follow the Road" Britain
Captain Cougar "Åkerblomrörelsen" Finland
John The Conqueror "The Good Life" USA
The Warp The Weft "Wind of Hours Unwinding" USA
Rebecca Lappa "Avant Garden" Canada
David Berkeley "The Fire in my Head" USA
Samy Danger "Samy Danger" Germany
Dan Krikorian "Bloom" USA
Christopher Bruhn "Weekends on the Frontier" USA
Deer Tick "Negativity" USA
Simon Kempston "A Fine Line" Britain
Sarah Aroeste "Gracia" USA
Karen Jonas "Oklahoma Lottery" USA
Mason Summit "Absentee" USA
Ruth Theodore "Dear Lamp Love Moth" Britain
Andy Griffiths "Mind on Other Things" Canada
The Tatsmiths "Curiosity Shop" Britain
Elephant Revival "These Changing Skies" USA
Tom Mank & Sera Smolen "Swimming in the Dark" USA
Bobok "Bobok" Russia / Scotland
Palko!Muski "Street Desire" Switzerland
John Isaac Watters "Campanas" Canada
Olmar "The True Name" Germany
Familha Artus "Artus" France
Jackson C. Frank "Jackson C. Frank" USA
The Faint "Doom Abuse" USA
The Farewell Drifters "Tomorrow Forever" USA
Jacques Caramac & The Sweet Generation "The Highs and Lows of ..." Britain
Tom Brosseau "Grass Punks" USA
Eat Lights Become Lights "Intro Forever" Britain
The Bluesmasters "Volume 3" USA
Soledad Velez "Run with Wolves" Chile
John Lyons "Sing Me Another Song" USA
Angela Perley & the Howlin’ Moons "Hey Kid" USA
Carrie Tree "Home to the Invisible" Britain
House of Hats "This Love" Britain
Emily Barker & the Red Clay Halo "Dear River" Britain
Milagro Saints "Chance Circumstance" USA
Hat Check Girl "Goodbye Butterfield" USA
Grand Old Grizzly "Grand Old Grizzly" USA
OY "No Problem Saloon" Ghana / Switzerland
Gordie Tentrees "North Country Heart" Canada
Wyatt Easterling "Goodbye Hello" USA
Kaurna Cronin "Feathers" Australia
The Weathervanes "Long Way Down" USA
Simone Felice "Strangers" USA
Carl Cleves & Parissa Bouas "Halos ‘Round the Moon" Australia
Joyce the Librarian "They May put Land Between us" Britain
Rivers of England "Of Trivial and Gargantuan" Britain
Roland Digh "Dance if You Can" Canada
Robby Hecht "Robby Hecht" USA
zBug "Splitting Glass, Twilight Sunrise" USA
Väärt "Det Kommer ett Skalv" Sweden
JJ Thames "Tell You What I Know" USA
Eddie Cotton "Here I Come" USA
Quartiere Coffee "Italian Reggae Familia" Italy
Ulrik Arturen "Watch my Show" Sweden
Jeanette Akerlund "En Egen Plats" Sweden
Martin Lorentzson "Together" Sweden
Stoney Spring "Right on Heliotrope!" USA
Nancy Cassidy "Memphis" USA
Famara "Karibu" Switzerland
Well Informed Citizens "Leaders of the Revolution" USA
Omnia "Earth Warrior" Netherlands
Jennifer Evans "The Last Cheap Hotel" USA
Bohemian Betyars "Stone Soup" Hungary
La Pegatina "Eureka!" Spain
Paul Stephenson "Girl with a Mirror" Britain
Sisyphos "Travel Wide" Italy
LQ Bucket "The Long Loneliness" USA
Peter Simon "Who I Am" Germany
Brandy Zdan "Lone Hunter" Canada
Trailhead "Bodies in the Basement" Germany
Sam Brookes "Kairos" Britain
Stille Volk "La Peira Negra" France
Ultan Conlon "Songs of Love so Cruel" Ireland
The Slambovian Circus of Dreams "A Box of Everything" Britain
Steve Dawson "Rattlesnake Cage" Canada
Moulettes "Constellations" Britain
Short & Sweet: The Ballina Whalers, BandAdriatica, David Benedict, Gearóidín Breathnach, Bumper Jackson, Hanneke Cassel, Mark Chadwick, Chatham County Line, The Civil Wars, Jack Clement, Nate Currin, Peter Doran, Drakeford, Blair Dunlop, Luke Elliot, Bradford Lee Folk, Sam Green, Green Rock River Band, Glen Hartmann, The Henry Girls, The Howlin' Brothers, Hradišťan, Joseph Huber, David Huebner, Jimi the Piper, Juliette Jules, Kathy Kallick, Mamy Kanouté, Jodee Lewis, Locust Honey String Band, Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys, Anna Lynch, Beverley Martyn, Mascarimirì, The Milk Carton Kids, Modern Grass, Moon Brother, Marissa Nadler, Carrie Newcomer, Nickel Creek, OakTree, The Quiet American, Bruce Robinson & Kelly Willis, Rodrigo y Gabriela, David Rovics, Sassparilla, Sophie ter Schure, Sleeping At Last, Soaked Lamb, Star Anna, Jen Starsinic, Nora Jane Struthers, Anna Tivel, True North, T Sisters, Vandaveer, Paul Vens, The Warren G. Hardings, Missy Werner, Wisdom and Folly, 9Bach, Various Artists "Alligator Records: 21st Century Blues & Roots", "The Rough Guide To Celtic Music", "The Voice of the People" Various

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