FolkWorld #45: CD Reviews
FolkWorld #45 07/2011

CD & DVD Reviews

  Deutsche Rezensionen

Jarabe de Palo "¿Y ahora qué hacemos?" Spain
Acoustic Eidolon & Thomas Loefke "Friends Across the Ocean" Germany/USA
Clàrsach "The Beginning" Germany
Spinning Wheel "The Maid on the Shore" Austria
Tom Kannmacher & Hubert Arnold "Music of the Gentlemen Pipers" Germany
Adrian McAuliffe & Cathal Flood "Between the Strings" Ireland
Robin Laing "Inspiration" Scotland
Robin Laing "Whisky for Breakfast" Scotland
Raw Bar Collective "Millhouse Measures" Ireland
Ernst Molden "Es Lem" Austria
Brock McGuire Band "Green Grass Blue Grass" Ireland
The Paul McKenna Band "Stem the Tide" Scotland
Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas "Highlander's Farewell" Scotland
Anna Granata & Rocco Giorgi "Avò" Italy
Barbara Dickson "Words Unspoken" Scotland
Catherine Howe & Vo Fletcher "English Tale" England
Various Artists "Steele The Show - The Songs of Davy Steele" Scotland
Eva Cassidy "Simply Eva" USA
Fairport Convention "Festival Bell" England
George Leitenberger "Café Comercial" Switzerland
Jim Causley "Dumnonia" England
Lowri Evans "One Way Ticket" Wales
Mark T. "Folk Songs & Ballads" England
Michael on Fire "Always Yes" USA
Simon & Jan "Simon & Jan" Germany
Sweet Claudette "That Man's Got To Go" USA
June Tabor "Ashore" England
Colin Wilkie "Bangter Rites" England
Damien O'Kane "Summer Hill" Northern Ireland
Freya Abbott Ferguson "Get well soon" England
The Old Swan Band "Swan for the Money" England
Herbert Bartmann "ruusmusik" Germany
Jan Cornelius "Barnsteen" Germany
Johan Meijer "Europeana: Zeit und Raum" Netherlands
Joshua Carson "Auf und davon" Germany
Rosige Zeiten "Poesie" Germany
Schönherz & Fleer Rilke Projekt "Weltenweiter Wanderer" Germany
Big Daddy Wilson "Thumb a Ride" USA
Konstantin Wecker "Stürmische Zeiten, mein Schatz" Germany
The Great Recession Orchestra "Have you ever even heard of Milton Brown?" USA
Trailerpark Idlers "In Praise of Idleness" Sweden
Bob Beeman "Inferno" Germany
Wenzel "Seit ich am Meer bin" Germany
Jude Davison "The Outskirts of Eden" USA
Tillerman's Cat "Next Step" Germany
Nurkurt "10 Years on the Road" Germany
Nurkurt "Plattes Land" Germany
"Jo & Ben play William Butler Yeats" Germany
Ben Dreikandt "In the gold room" Germany
Celarda "Air" Germany
Firkin "Whup!" Hungary
Various Artists "Obacht 2 – Musik aus Bayern" Germany
Los Fabulocos "Dos" USA
Dragana "Vintage Love" Germany
Fiddle Folk Family "ungeschieden, ungekämmt, ungehört" Germany
Depedro "Nubes de papel" Spain
Sherry Spence "Wind of Change" USA
Tomas Michaud "Beauty and Fire" USA
Duivelspack "Ja, Schatz!" Germany
Snutenhobel "Blues in Hamburg op platt" Germany
Chris Ricketts & Mark Willshire "Simple Folk" England
G. Rag + Die Landlergschwister "The Woaz" Germany
Salvatore Mecchio "A passu nicu - live" Italy
Marc Schönberger Band "Walk on Water" Germany
Nina Alverdes "Primary Necessity" Italy
Philadelphia "StraßenMusikSafariOdyssee" Germany
HeartLand "Lean back" Germany
Ritmodelia "It's not batucada!" Poland
Ellen Woloshin "Water into Wine" USA
Ganes "mai guai" Italy
Quetschgeiger "Quetschgeiger" Austria
Quantensprung "Ich habe genug" Germany
Roger Knott "Big News from a Small Town" England
Gil Sharone "Wicked Beats" USA
Dieselknecht "Unrasiert und fern ihrer Heimat" Germany
Roland Baisch "Countryboy" Germany
Savana Lee "Redbird" USA
"The Year Dolly Parton was my Mom" Canada
Guido Plüschke & Rolf Wagels "Bodhrán Insight" Germany
Michael Coyne "You're the World" England
Attwenger "Flux" Austria
Scharlatöne "Hals über Kopf" Austria
Fresch "Vision" Austria
Cécile Corbel "Songbook Vol 3 - Rennaissance" France
Stefan Johansson "Finding Home" Germany
Jim Malcolm "Sparkling Flash" Scotland
Lily Neill "The Habit of a Foreign Sky" USA
Velha Gaiteira "Velha Gaiteira" Portugal
Hotel Palindrone "Jodulator" Austria
Triangle "The Long Way" Germany
Gerald Ross "Mistletoe Mazel Tov" USA
Gerald Ross "Ukulele Hit Parade" USA
Forty Thieves Orkestar "Last Band Standing" England
Tamikrest "Toumastin" Mali
Ialma "Simbiose" Belgium
Sabor de Gracia "Sabor pa' rato" Spain
Martina Eisenreich "Violin Tales" Germany
Maria Kalaniemi "Vilda Rosor" Finland
Iness Mezel "Beyond the Trance" France / Algeria
Future Trad Collective "Future Trad Collective" England
Nikola Materne & Bossanoire "Wunderbar Allein" Germany
Artaica "Nits Cosides" Spain
Makis Ablianitis "Bahar - Live under the Sky" Greece
Blick Bassy "Hongo Calling" Cameroon
BaBa ZuLa "Gecekondu" Turkey
Blind Boys Of Alabama "Take The High Road" USA
Farm County Jubilee "Bluegrass Tribute" USA
Mino Carvallo "Sertao" Italy
Sedaa "Letter from Mongolia" Mongolia / Iran
Sidiki Camara Band "Tolerance" Mali
Mo' Horizons "Mo' Horizons and the Banana Soundsystem" Germany
Flor d'Luna "Caminhos do vento" Netherlands
Anabel Santiago "Agora" Spain
Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino "Focu d'amore" Italy
Russkaja "Russian Voodoo" Russia
Jim Stubblefield "Inspiratión" USA
Joana Amadoeira "Sétimo Fado" Portugal
Cyminology "Saburi" Germany / Iran
Banda Inaudita "Canciones inauditas" Spain
Aulaga Folk "A Menos Cuarto" Spain
Bollywood Brass Band "Chaiyya Chaiyya" England
Laway "Brood un Rosen" Germany
Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra "I Lumia Mo Kher" Belgium
José Manuel Budiño "Volta" Spain
Downloads, Sampler, EPs & Demo-CDs: Klapa Maslina, Vino Rosso, Tango An Anthology Various
Robin Laing
Old Swan Band
Johan Meijer
Hotel Palindrone
Gerald Ross
Maria Kalaniemi
Mino Carvallo
Banda Inaudita
Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra

  English Reviews

Jim Malcolm "Sparkling Flash" Scotland
Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas "Highlander's Farewell" Scotland
Paul McKenna Band "Stem the Tide" Scotland
Robin Laing "Whisky for Breakfast" Scotland
Various Artists "Songs and Ballads from Perthshire" Scotland
Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino "Focu d'Amore" Italy
Riccardo Tesi & Banditaliana "Madreperla" Italy
Brian McNeill "The Road Never Questions" Scotland
Lily Neill "The Habit of a Foreign Sky" USA
Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi "Absolutely Klezmer 2" USA
Devine Waters "Devine Waters" Ireland
The Moonzie Allstars "Hypnagogic" Scotland
Caladh Nua "Next Stop" Ireland
Session A9 "One for the Road" Scotland
Spontus "Spontus" France
India Alba "High Beyond" Scotland / India
Brock McGuire Band "Green Grass Blue Grass" Ireland
Hugh Marwick & Stuart Mackintosh "The Grit that Makes the Pearl" Scotland
Habadekuk "Hopsadaddy" Denmark
Anna-Wendy Stevenson "My Edinburgh" Scotland
Anna-Wendy Stevenson "My Edinburgh" Scotland
The MacDonald Sisters "Sòlas Clann Dhòmhnaill" Scotland
Sattuma "Kinofilmi" Russia
77 El Deora "The Crown & the Crow's Confession" USA
Janet Dowd "300 Miles" Northern Ireland
Blues Dragon "Blues Dragon" USA
Chris MacLean "Feet Be Still" Canada
Emily Smith "Traveller's Joy" Scotland
Brian Ó hEadhra "An t-Allt" Ireland
Adrian McAuliffe & Cathal Flood "Between the Strings" Ireland
Susan James "Highways, Ghosts, Hearts & Home" USA
Susan James "Highways, Ghosts, Hearts & Homes" USA
Freak Owls "Taxidermy" USA
The Riverbreaks "Get You Right" USA
The Minnows "Leonard Cohen’s Happy Compared to Me" Northern Ireland
Brendan Murphy "Walk with Me" Ireland
Waldner "Found & Lost" Canada
Jude Davison "Outskirts of Eden" USA
Gandalf "Erdenklang und Sternentanz" Austria
Bob Pressner "Honor Among Thieves" USA
Chaz DePaolo "Bluestopia" USA
Terry Davidson & the Gears "Damnation Blues" USA
Kevin Selfe and the Tornadoes "Playing the Game" USA
Skuffle "Skuffle" England
Stevie J "The Diversity Project" USA
Lick and a Promise "Come Together in the Morning" Germany
Susan Werner "The Gospel Truth" USA
Babylove & the Van Dangos "The Money & the Time" Denmark
Signe Tollefsen "Baggage" Netherlands
John-Alex Mason "Jook Joint Thunderclap" USA
Yacouba Dembele "Djeli-Kan" Burkina Faso
Carus Thompson "Caravan" Australia
Twilight Hotel "When the Wolves Go Blind" Canada
Hat Check Girl "Tenderness" USA
The Suitcase Brothers "Getting’ Outta Town" Spain
Bert Jansch Conundrum "Thirteen Down" Scotland
Davy Cowan "The Journey" Scotland
Cinzi Lavin & Jennifer Love "Dreamer – The Music of Stephen Foster" USA
Marion James "Essence" USA
Folklaw "Nation’s Pride" England
Rob Longstaff "Boogaloo" Australia
Iain Morrison and Daibhidh Martin "Haunted Bird" Scotland
Kaye Bohler "Like a Flower" USA
The Ukrainians "20 Years – The Best of the Ukrainians 1991-2011" Ukrainia
Marc Schönberger Band "Walk on Water" Germany
Mario Percudani "New Day" Italy
Bill Bachmann "Folk-n-Roller" USA
Pierre Bensusan "Vividly" France
McKinley Black "Beggars, Fools and Thieves" USA
Red Sammy "A Cheaper Kind of Love Song" USA
Kelly and the Ruths "Hang onto the Good" USA
Presto Bando "Broad Ditch" USA
Awkward I "I Really Should Whisper" Netherlands
Phyllis Sinclair "Dreams of the Washerwomen" Canada
Lindsay & the Storm "Behind Us is Water" Scotland
Andreas Kümmert "smilin’ in circles" Germany
Rod MacDonald "Songs of Freedom" USA
Brad Vickers & his Vestapolitans "Traveling Fool" USA
Split Tongue Crow "Split Tongue Crow" USA
Cock Robin "Songs from a Bell Tower" USA
Tweed Funk "Bringin It" USA
Katie Armiger "Confessions of a Nice Girl" USA
The Webb Sisters "Savages" England
Hion Martell "Will Cure Any Disease" Sweden
The Adventure Spirit "Grand Standard" Australia
Eric Andersen "The Cologne Concert" USA
Bonedome "Thinktankubator" USA
Guthrie Kennard "Unmade Beds" USA
Little Green "Innocent Again" Sweden
Terry Garland & Li’l Ronnie "Live at the Canal Club" USA
Nick Howard "When the Lights Go Up" Britain
Crow vs Lion "Rest Your Bones" USA
Ian McFeron "Summer Nights" USA
Roman Miroshnichenko "Quasipsychedelic" Russia
Dan Krikorian "Windsor Blue" USA
Alexander McKenzie & the Underpaid "Ribcage versus Unguided Missile" Canada
David Munyon "Pretty Blue" USA
Giulia Millanta "Dropping Down" Italy
The Disappearing Act "The Disappearing Act" USA
Brian Lee "Moth" USA
Andy Laking "Here by the Fire" New Zealand
Kip Boardman "The Long Weight" USA
The Lamplights "The Lamplights" Australia
Kimmie Rhodes "Dreams of Flying" USA
Red Hot Chilli Pipers "Music for the Kilted Generation" Scotland
Shawn Pittman "Edge of the World" USA
Rusties "Wild Dogs" Italy
Claudia Rudek "Claudia Rudek" Germany
Too Slim and the Taildraggers "Shiver" USA
David Lynch "I Can See Sound" USA
Elvin Bishop "Raisin’ Hell Revue" USA
Declan de Barra "Fragments, Footprints & the Forgotten" Ireland
The Middle East "I Want that You are Always Happy" Australia
Hadden Sayers "Hard Dollar" USA
Biber Herrmann "Love & Good Reasons" Germany
Viva Voce "The Future Will Destroy You" USA
Pete Sinjin "Better Angels Radio" USA
Rachael Sage "Delancey St" USA
The Beautiful South "Live at the BBC" Britain
The Stone Hill All-Stars "The Stone Hill All-Stars"USA
Felonious Bosch "Toy Box" USA
Boiled in Lead "Silver" USA
Dazkarieh "Ruído do Silêncio" Portugal
Cynthia MacLeod "Riddle" Canada
Les Hurlements d'Leo "Bordel de Luxe" France
Ciara Sidine "Shadow Road Shining" Ireland
Lazik "Far Fetched" Ireland
Julie Fowlis "Live at Perthshire Amber" Scotland
Doolin "Angels Are Free" France
Colin Farrell "On the Move" England
na-mara "The Bite" England
Bob Wayne "Outlaw Carnie" USA
Avelaíña "Ciclo" Spain
Rose Laughlin "House of Memory" USA
Martin Carthy "Essential" England
Jubal's Kin "Jubal's Kin" USA
Qristina & Quinn Bachand "Family" Canada
Runa "Stretched on Your Grave" USA
Angus Nicolson Trio "Lasses that Baffle Us" Scotland
De Temps Antan "Les habits de papier" Canada
Fil Campbell "Songbirds Part Two - Farewell to Cold Winter" Ireland
John Mitchell & Sofie Jonsson "Western Highways" Scotland/Sweden
Liguriani "Suoni dai mondi liguri" Italy
Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer "Stones on the Ground" England
Seán Tyrrell, Kevin Glackin, Ronan Browne "and so the story goes ..." Ireland
Dartz "Proxima Parada" Russia
Hotel Palindrone "Jodulator" Austria
Tom Kannmacher & Hubert Arnold "Music of the Gentlemen Pipers" Germany
Korrontzi & Oinkari Dantza Taldea "Infernuko Hauspoa" Spain
Ialma "Simbiose" Belgium
Shane Murphy "Open Hearth" USA
Aljibe "Enea – 25 Años" Spain
Doa "A Fronda dos Cervos" Spain
Roi Casal "Maxicamente Vello" Spain
Uxía "Meu Canto" Spain
Dáfnia "La Ruta Olvidada" Portugal
Tabadoul Orchestra "World Wide Wahab" Germany
Va fan Fahre "Al wa’debt" Belgium
17 Hippies "Phantom Songs" Germany
Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra "I lumia mo Kher" Belgium
Kari Tauring "Völva" USA
Jarek Adamów & Paweł Brzozowski "Contemporary Polish Village Music" Poland
Jarek Adamów & Sami Swoi "Expedition to the Lost World - Winter" Poland
Sanda Weigl "Gypsy in a Tree" Hungary
Huun-huur-tu "Ancestors Call" Tuva
Ustad Shujaat Husain Khan "Dil" India
Lalgudi GJR Krishnan & Anil Srinivasan "Eternal Light" India
Milagro Acustico "Sangu ru poeta" Italy
Notorious "The Road to Damascus" USA
Sokoun "Zanneh" Canada
Ensemble Noisten "Klezmer trifft Derwisch" Germany
Ensemble FisFüz "Ashuré" Germany
Avishai Cohen "Seven Seas" Israel
Potsch Potschka "Varieties of Truth" Germany
Cambi "Ne more mi bit" Croatia
Cambi "Prava Karta" Croatia
Klapa Šufit "Ponoć, mila moja majko" Croatia
Luftmentschn "Grosses Kino" Germany
Griff "The False Fly" Belgium
Fakutya "Egyéb veszély" Hungary
Fakutya "Kutyafa" Hungary
Mark McMillen "Keenyo" USA
Alison Brown Quartet "Live at Blair" USA
Banda Inaudita "A la luna venidera" Spain
Turlu Tursu "The All Weathers Country" Belgium
Osvaldo Hernandéz-Napoles "Tierra" Mexico
Ralf Novak-Rosengren "Semno palla mander" Norway
Andreas Bjørkås "Veiskille" Norway
Oluf Dimitri Røe "Meltemi - Wind of Mykonos"Greece / Norway
Peter Bryngelsson "Wunderbaum" Sweden
Gretli & Heidi "Gretli & Heidi" Sweden
Hazmat Modine "Cicada" USA
Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha "Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha" Finland
Colouring the Mind "Colouring the Mind" India / Germany
Trobairitz d’oc "La mau d’amor" Italy
Emin Yağci "Tulum" Turkey
Pitom "Blasphemy and Other Serious Crimes" USA
Zapatango "Tan Sensible" Argentina
Rick Cutler "First melancholy, then the night stretch" USA
Tracy Nelson "Victim of the Blues" USA
Wendy McNeill "For the wolf, a good meal" Canada
Grinberg, Danilov, Laszakovits & Grinberg "In the Klezmood" Austria
Pili Pili "Ukuba noma unkungabi" Netherlands
Danças Ocultas "Tarab" Portugal
Plöckinger "The War of the Peasants" Austria
Shaun Davey "Voices from the Merry Cemetery" Ireland
Katell Keineg "At the Mermaid Parade" Britanny / Wales
Epiphany Project "Live in Germany" USA
Svavar Knútur "Amma (Songs for my Grandmother)" Iceland
Igriczek "Magyarok Fenye" Hungary
La Talvera "Cançons Pebradas" France
No Crows "On the Moon" Ireland
Gabby Young & Other Animals "We’re all in this together" Britain
Toques do Caramulo "Retoques" Portugal
Velha Gaiteira "Velha Gaiteira" Portugal
Various Artists "Swing Diskoteka" Various
Rotfront "Visafree" Germany
Kasha Nasha "Ministry of Carnival" Netherlands
Anders Larsson "Trallaren" Sweden
Siri Karlsson "Gran Fuego" Sweden
Terry Hanck "Look Out!" USA
Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers "Almighty Dollar" USA
JP Soars "More Bees with Honey" USA
Victor Wainwright & the Wild Roots "Lit Up!" USA
Aulaga Folk "A menos cuarto" Spain
Kate & Anna McGarrigle "Tell My Sister" Canada
Baba Zula "Gecekondu" Turkey
Gabriel Fliflet "Åresong" Norway
Bluesin’ the Groove "Let’s Get High" Germany
Ochsenbauer meets Sokal "Bass Player’s Delight" Germany
Leo Konitz & Walter Lang Trio "Someone to watch over me" USA / Germany
Alex Jung Quartet & Johannes Enders "Love and the Inception" Germany
Downloads, Samplers, EP's & Demo CD's: The BeerMats, Eliza Gilkyson, Jay Menon, Pressgang, David Rovics, George Stevens, Hayla Weisz Various
Jim Malcolm
Riccardo Tesi
Anna-Wendy Stevenson
Janet Dowd
Terry Davidson
Susan Werner
Twillight Hotel
Pierre Bensusan
Lindsay Storm
The Disappearing Act
Kimmie Rhodes
Shawn Pittman
Claudia Rudek
Too Slim & The Taildraggers
17 Hippies
Hazmat Modine
Pili Pili
Svavar Knutur
Velha Gaiteira
Gabriel Fliflet
A Nod to Bob 2

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