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I Like It Better Here - Music from Home

"Music from Home"

USA  CD Raffle: Music from Home

Hello! I would like to thank you, and all at Hemifran for the nice CDs that have come my way. I’ve listened to them a few times now and they’re both nice to drive car by. This is the way I listen to most music, not distracted to other things.

Thanks again, I’m already looking out for the new issue! Paul Verdonk

Greece  9/8 - Greek Folk Sheet Music

Dear Folkworld's editors, my name is Dimitris Chatzilias, I am 28 years old, I am from Greece and I've been studying and playing Greek folk music for over 15 years. The purpose I contact you is that I would like to inform you about a project me and my team are starting a fund raising site where everyone can support any project they like with any amount of money they want and receive respective prices.

"Music from Greece"

In my view, Greek folk music is a very interesting, genuine and compound musical genre of great harmonic and rhythmic value. However it’s not a widespread genre, so there is very few sheet music available. We refer to musicians who like such kind of music or are interested in exploring new musical genres. Our project, called “Nine Eight”, is to make a compilation of some classic Greek folk songs based on bouzouki, transcribe them into music scores and write them down on a book. Through our project, we would like to contribute to the preservation of world's cultural diversity. By supporting financially our project, you obtain a copy of our book, a very detailed work in Greek folk music that has not been done before.

For more details here is our project’s page on indiegogo and the project’s website If you feel that this project is worth of some attention, I would greatly appreciate, apart from any financial support, if you forwarded it through your site. Even a simple mention or hosting our links at your site, would be a huge assistance for us.

Thank you in advance, “9/8” Team

USA  Star FK Radium: Blue Siberia

"Blue Siberia"

That is super, thanks. I read the review and agree with the reviewer's comments.

Take care and thanks again! Bill Martien

Ireland  Electric Céili

"Electric Céili"

Hi. Thanks for that… very much appreciated. I should have mentioned to you that the Electric stands for Energy as opposed to the Electric instruments…

Anyhow… very nice and many thanks. Regards, Tim Murray

Ireland  Diarmaid & Donncha Moynihan: The Lights of Ranzanico

"The Lights of Ranzanico""

Hello, thanks very much for sending on the review. I am really glad you liked it and great research done as well!

Best wishes, Diarmaid Moynihan

Scotland  Joy Dunlop: Dùsgadh

"Dùsgadh (Awakening)"

Thanks, I'm off to have a nosey now!

Lèis gach deagh dhùrachd / Yours Sincerely, Joy Dunlop

USA  Sheila MacDonald: This Way

"This Way"

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you very much for including the review of my CD "This Way" in the 11/1/10 issue of FolkWorld. It was a thrill to scroll down the pages and see that it had been included. Thanks to the reviewer David Hintz too for taking the time to listen to the CD and for writing so perceptively about it.

I'm working on a second album now that should be out this spring or summer - hopefully I can send that one in too. Thanks again for including the CD and for keeping such a great music publication going.

Sincerely, Sheila MacDonald

Spain  Lily Dahab: Nomade


Thank you so much for your beautiful words. One thing is right... we really put in this CD a lot of love and passion!! And that you can feel this through our music, makes me very happy:-)

Send you all the best, and hope to see you soon maybe in another concert!! Besos, Lily Dahab

Switzerland  The Calling Sirens

"The Calling Sirens"

Hello. Thanks a lot for the interesting review. It's a pleasure to see, that you really listened carefully to the songs. Please send our regards to David, who wrote this vivid review.

Let's stay in touch! Regards, The Calling Sirens

USA  David Rovics: Song for Bradley Manning

I wrote a song for Bradley Manning, the brave soldier who allegedly made off with all those files that Wikileaks has done such a brilliant job of publicizing. Here's a video of me singing the song I just made on my iPhone: Free Bradley Manning! Lyrics below. And please visit the website of the Bradley Manning Support Network:

David Rovics

David Rovics

"Radical Ideas..."

Song for Bradley Manning

Private Manning was an analyst if what they say is true
He was paid to read reports and find the patterns sifting through
As he read the data the patterns did emerge
Patterns that were clear  both before and since the Surge
Patterns of abuse of the most horrific kind
Gunning down civilians out of view and out of mind
Gunning down the opposition in the middle of the night
Sending off the scholars to be tortured out of sight
Sometimes you need desperate measures when you live in desperate times
And Private Manning saw he was looking at war crimes
He wondered what to do to allow the dead to speak
He finally decided to contact Wikileaks
Now it's all out on the table and everybody knows
The emperor is naked, he's not wearing any clothes

Now Adrian Lamo has to live within his skin
He stabbed Bradley in the back, called the cops and turned him in
But not before the soldier took half a million files
If you printed all the pages they'd stretch on for miles
Evidence against the state right from the horse's mouth
Machinations in the west, bombings in the south
A treasure trove of details for all the globe to see
How much they need to lie and kill for democracy
How many drone strikes have hit villages leaving everyone to die
They blamed on someone else  the official line, Not I
How many coups have been plotted by ambassadors who say
That free and fair elections be the order of the day
Now it's all out on the table and everybody knows
The emperor is naked, he's not wearing any clothes

Now the Genie's out of the bottle and they're trying to stuff it back
And stop it from illuminating everything we lack
Such as the rule of law or playing by the book
Look you can read it, it's right here, the ship of state is run by crooks
And they vilify the messengers, call them every name
For daring to blow the whistle on the nature of their game
The game of taking lives and endangering the rest
In order for the wealthy few to do what they do best
Dominate the world for the corporate elite
But now their cover's blown from their head down to their feet
And now the stars and stripes is looking much more like a rag
The lid is off the box, the cat's out of the bag
Now it's all out on the table and everybody knows
The emperor is naked, he's not wearing any clothes
P.S.: David Rovics spent February at the Big Red Studio, Portland. This happened because of the response to his call-out for funds to make a professional recording of "Song for Bradley Manning" with a band. David ended up with a 13-song recording, and he decided to make it available as a web-only release through his website - by donation or for free.

Netherlands  Dutch Folk Song

Dutch Folksong (FW#39)
Dutch Song (FW#40)

Can you please give this link to Mary Boerebach?

Best regards, Aimée Jansen

FolkWorld's Myspace Page  FolkWorld @ MySpace

FolkWorld's Myspace Page

Welcome to myspace - great to have you here :)

Morten Alfred Høirup (

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