FolkWorld #44 03/2011
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Things are always changing. So do we. You have probably noticed that FolkWorld's layout has slightly changed over these 13 years. We took an even bigger step with this issue to make it look more consistent, simplified and perhaps more up to date.

For the experts, we eventually employed css code instead of basic html. If you are using a particular browser and it looks odd, just give us a little bit of time, we're still working on it.

FolkWorld's Myspace Page

We also set up our own myspace page @ (thanks to Karsten who will take care of it). Perhaps we're one the first folk and roots magazines doing such kind of thing and becoming pioneers once again.

LaiQuendi @ Folkus 2010

You have to play music with your
soul and not like a trained bird.

(Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach)

For the time being, you can listen to samples of FolkWorld author's best loved folk and roots music CDs of 2010. What more? We'll see!

Don't worry, this is just the glittering surface, otherwise we anarchos will stay pretty conservative. Though faced with an ever-changing music industry, we certainly still prefer content over packaging.

Yes indeed, the music industry is rapidly changing and facing huge challenges. They say that industry sales are down 50% since its peak a decade ago. The roots music market seems doing slightly better. Garry West of Compass Recordings puts it this way: Our business is built on selling niche music to other specialists. Smaller, specialty retailers - those driven by a passion for the music - have a dedicated consumer base that keeps them going.

Of course, magazines, webzines and reviewers are faced with the changing music business as well. More and more, we are offered to download albums or listen to mpeg files instead of receiving a physical hardcopy. Some reviewers play the game. Others refuse it. We often simply tend to ignore such offers.

The point is not the physicality of a product, we rather regard an album not as an arbitrary collection of some dozen tracks but a gesamtkunstwerk, which includes the artists' creative output at a certain point in time, as well as a package with visual art, photographs, sleeve notes with song lyrics, information about songs, tunes, involved musicians etc.

I can't foresee where we're heading for. Maybe we have to change our attitude, maybe the next technical revolution is just around the corner, maybe art prevails over cash, maybe ... well, I don't know.

Let's hope for the best. Keep on folkin', Walkin' Tom

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P.S.: We are taking the opportunity to clear out the FolkWorld shelves once again; why not get surprised with a nice, little Easter basket. We are looking forward to your reply.

Photo Credits: (1) Myspace Logo (by myspace); (2) LaiQuendi @ Folkus 2010 (by Walkin' Tom).

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