FolkWorld Issue 43 11/2010

Letters to the Editors

Shannon Heaton
Matt and Shannon Heaton: Irish Heartbeat Festival

Hi. I'm so glad the show came off well. We really enjoyed the lineup, especially with Paul and the lads. In fact, we just had a reunion with the McKenna band at a festival in upstate New York last weekend and had a couple of big sessions together. Good times! So glad to know them.

I am putting the finishing touches on a solo flute album, and I'l be sure to send you a copy when it's ready. Thanks and best wishes, Shannon Heaton

The Hut People: Home Is Where the Hut Is

Thanks for the reviews. You might point out to Eelco Schilder that "Princess Royal" is probably the most famous English Morris Dance tune and not Irish at all!

Best wishes, Paul (

Christine Lavin

Christine Lavin: Cold Pizza for Breakfast

This is a very thoughtful review and I will be sure to share it with Christine Lavin and the publishers and distributor. It was a pleasure to work with you.

With best wishes, Gail Parenteau (

Leon Rosselson: The Last Chance

Thanks. A small correction - "Song of the Olive Tree" is sung by Janet Russell, but it is my song. Leon

Blowzabella, Rudolstadt 2003
Blowzabella: Octomento

In the interest of historical accuracy - I formed Blowzabella with Jon. I found the tune, the name and introduced Jon to bagpipes and ethnic (French, Irish, Macedonian etc) music. Jon and I also reinvented the English bagpipe - which Jon then took to great heights. I left after two years when the UK government discovered me and asked me politely to leave England.

Regards, Bill (William J. O'Toole -

Enda Scahill

Enda Scahill: Irish Banjo Tutor

Hi Folks, I've just sold out my first print run of banjo tutors and am well into my second edition print run now so a big thank you to everyone for your support of the book. I'm currently writing a second, more advanced tutor and I would warmly welcome any feedback or suggestions that you may have having used the first book.

Thanks and keep on pickin' (or plucking if you live in Ireland !!), Enda

David Rovics: People's History in Song Audiobook

As I was writing the booklet that accompanies my latest CD it occurred to me that this really would work well read aloud. Stories mixed in with the songs – oral history. So I recorded me reading the stories that go with the songs. It's close to 2 hours long, 18 songs and stories, and you can download it for FREE here: Just click on “podcast” and then click on the second link, that says “MP3 Format Sound, 156 MB” after it...

I think the thing is pretty darn cool, and I hope you agree. I have other ideas for more ambitious projects mixing stories with songs. My plan with this one is to see whether people are into it. If this project is well-received, my next project is a musical history of the first decade of the 21st century. My measure for whether people like this audiobook will be the two D's: downloads and donations. David (

German Letters

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