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Germany  The Sonnenhof Songs: From the therapy couch …

"From the therapy couch …"

Many thanks indeed for the tip and the kind review. Interesting to learn that our style is "classic folk" and sounds like a 1972 production! But astonishingly astute of David Hinz; I sang semi-pro in Scotland from 1969-74 then stuck my guitar in the attic for twenty+ years. Also, living in Germany hasn't given me a lot of opportunity to be influenced by changing styles in the UK folk scene - unfortunately or fortunately (tick as perceived!).

Until we read, we had no idea that there was such an extensive folk-scene in Germany and we will be contacting a few people as a result and are very grateful to you.

All the best, Jeremy (and Rachel Maria) of the Sonnenhof Songs

Poland  Jarek Adamow: Ethnomalia Project

"Ethnomalia Project"

Thank you very much. I was very nice surprised to see Eelco Schilder's review. I very appreciate his ears and way of understanding tons of music which he hear every month. It's very nice for me to read that he remembers my solo CD issued seven years ago! Time flows ...

The good news is that actually I decided to came back to hurdy-gurdy Polish very old pieces and my second solo CD is almost ready. I think that in my opinion it sounds much better that the first one. I don't know when it will be published.

Best wishes, Jarek Adamow

USA  Rik Barron: Never So Far

"Never So Far"

Thanks for the review. Believe it or not I have never heard of Derroll Adams. I went to look and listen to some of his stuff. You're right I do play the same style. I wish I'd heard of him earlier I would have certainly bought his records. I will now.

Cheers, Rik Barron

FolkWorld's Myspace Page

FolkWorld's Myspace Page  FolkWorld @ MySpace

"A Menos Cuarto"

Gracias por estar aqui apoyando la musica folk y de raiz. Un fuerte abrazo de vuestros amigos de Aulaga Folk.

[Thanks for supporting folk and roots music. A big hug from your friends of Aulaga Folk.]

Juan Carlos (

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