FolkWorld's best CDs 2001
Contributors' choices

FolkWorld's regular contributors name here their personal five CD favourites of the year 2001, so that regular readers can find out about the recommendations of their favourite reviewers and writers.

Some of our contributors had a bit different ideas of what the Top 5 shall be like, some of the listed CDs are also not published in 2001. Nevertheless, all CDs are recommended by the contributor. Find out about the favourite five CDs of:

Anja Beinroth - Colin Jones - Sean Laffey - Dorthe Lübbert - Tom Kamphans - Tom Keller alias Walkin' T:-)m - Søren Lund - Karsten Rube - Eelco Schilder - Axel Schuldes - Dai Woosnam
Michael Moll & Christian Moll: See Editors' Top 10

Anja Beinroth (Germany - FolkWorld reviewer & author, DJ of regional folk programme)

  1. Gillian Welch "Time (The Revelator)" (Acony)
  2. Samba Mapangala & Orchestre Virunga "Ujumbe" (Stern's / Earthworks)
  3. Ar Log "Ar Log I-III (1976-1981)" (Sain) (FolkWorld review: English - German)
  4. Martin Carthy "The Carthy Chronicles" (Free Reed) (FolkWorld review: English - German)
  5. Jake Walton & Jez Lowe "Two a Roue" (Tantobie) (FolkWorld review)

Colin Jones (England - FolkWorld reviewer & author, contributor of diverse magazines)

"I don't think I've heard enough to vote a definitive top 5, but I'd like to put a word in for an album that has given me a lot of pleasure in 2001:

  1. Eliza Gilkyson "Hard Times In Babylon" (on Red House label)

Sean Laffey (Ireland - FolkWorld author, editor of the Irish Music Magazine)

New Releases: Old Blind Dogs, photo by The Mollis

  1. Martin Simpson "Bramble Briar"
  2. Frank Harte "My Name is Napoleon Bonaparte"
  3. Old Blind Dogs "Fit" (photo)
  4. Davy Spillane & Kevin Glackin "Forgotten Days"
  5. James Keane "Live in Dublin"


  1. Paul Brady "The Missing Liberty Bells Tapes"
  2. Kadril "All the Best"

Dorthe Lübbert (Germany - FolkWorld reviewer)

(Not ordered).

Tom Kamphans (Germany - FolkWorld reviewer)

Tom has written a short explanatory text for his choice (German language only) - click here.

  1. Götz Widmann "Götz Widmann"
  2. H.E. Wenzel "Grünes Licht"
  3. Bierfiedler "Unter'm böhmischen Wind"
  4. Taj Mahal "Hanapepe Dream"
  5. Julian Dawson "Live, Cologne again"

Haugaard & Hoirup, photo by The MollisTom Keller alias Walkin' T:-) (Germany - FolkWorld author & reviewer)

  1. Haugaard & Høirup "Let's Dansk" (FolkWorld review) (photo)
  2. Hiss "Tränen, Tabak und Tequila" (FolkWorld review)
  3. Larry Kirwan "Kilroy Was Here" (FolkWorld review)
  4. Lunasa "The Merry Sisters of Fate"
  5. McDermott's 2 Hours "World Turned Upside Down" (FolkWorld review)

Søren Lund (Denmark - FolkWorld author & reviewer, member of the Danish Folk Council FMS)

  1. Ani DiFranco "Revelling/Reckoning"
  2. Emily Slade "Shire Boy"
  3. Runrig "Stamping Ground"
  4. Fluxus "N.O.E" (FolkWorld review)
  5. Various "O Brother where art thou?" (soundtrack)

Sharon Shannon, photo by The MollisKarsten Rube (Germany - FolkWorld author & reviewer)

The 5 best CDs discovered this year (some are from 2000):
  1. Sharon Shannon "Diamond Mountain Session" (FolkWorld review: German - English)
  2. Mariza "Fado em mim" (Portugal/Fado)
  3. Xosé Manuel Budiño "Arredor" (FolkWorld review: German - English)
  4. Mercedes Peón "Isué" (FolkWorld review: German - English)
  5. Laís "Dorothea" (FolkWorld review: English)

Garmarna, photo by The MollisEelco Schilder (The Netherlands - FolkWorld author & reviewer, writer of NewFolkSounds mag)

  1. Garmarna "Hildegard von Bingen" (FolkWorld review)
  2. Olla Vogala "Fantoom" (FolkWorld review)
  3. Rufus Wainwright "Poses"
  4. Hughes de Courson and others "O'stravaganza"
  5. Tumult "Wallegnav"

Axel Schuldes (Germany - FolkWorld "Irish CD" columnist, co-organiser of Irish Spring Festival Tour in Germany)

New Releases:

  1. Eleanor Shanley, photo by The MollisCara Dillon "Cara Dillon"
  2. Paddy Glackin & Mícheál Ó Domhnaill "Reprise / Athchuairt"
  3. Eddie Reader "Simple Soul"
  4. Eleanor Shanley "Eleanor Shanley & Friends" (photo)
  5. Allan Taylor "Colour to the Moon"

Back Catalogue/Re-issues:

  1. Paul Brady "The (Missing) Liberty Tapes" (1978)
  2. Jackson C. Frank "Jackson C. Frank" (1965, remastered / deluxe booklet / bonus tracks)
  3. Bert Jansch "Bert Jansch" (1965, remastered / deluxe booklet / bonus tracks)
  4. Pentangle "Basket of Light" (1969, remastered / deluxe booklet / bonus tracks)
  5. Linda Thompson "Give Me a Sad Song" (1970-1986)

Dai Woosnam (England - FolkWorld reviewer, writer of diverse folk magazines)

Denny Bartley, photo by The MollisDai has written a text justifying and explaining his choice of these five CDs - click here to read it!

  1. The Copper Family "Come write me down - Early Recordings of The Copper Family of Rottingdean"
  2. Martin Simpson "The Bramble Briar"
  3. Denny Bartley "Midnight Feast" (photo when he still had more hair...)
  4. Dave Evardson "Crosby Road"
  5. Lynn Morrison "Cave of Gold" (FolkWorld review)

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