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Issue 21 3/2002

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Oskorri, photo by The Mollis Editorial - this time: The BBC Folk Awards, or: What is Folk Music?
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: Oskorri (photo) -
Kadril and Wildboar Label - An A to Z to the Polish folk scene - Frankie Kennedy Winter School - MadForTrad CDRom Tutorials - sufFolk series: Two in a Bar; laws and live music - Scanfolk: What is Danish Folk Music? - Tom's Book Reviews: Klezmer - New Dutch Folk Series - "Ground Zero" in song and poetry (1) - Tilburg International Folk Festival
in German: Plommon - Tom's Nachtwache: Schpil, Klezmer, Schpil - Folksommer 2001 bei Rudolstadt - Pärimus Muusika Festival in Estland

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