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World's Out of Tune (1)

"Ground Zero" in Song and Poetry

When the twin towers of New York's World Trade Center crumbled on September 11, 2001, the world really fell out of tune. But quiet the minstrels? No, they were not. Great historical events have always been treated in ballads. Thus, hundreds of 911 songs and poems have been written since to get over the atrocities, to honour the victims and rescue workers, to raise money for charity funds, to stir patriotic feelings, to criticize military actions, and to propagate the clash of cultures or mutual understanding. It is presented by means of folk, marching tunes, jazz, pop, rock, hip hop, techno, new age, and weird sound clips. Some are written with the deepest and most honest feelings, but there is also false pathos and the downright silly. If it is true that songs embody the vox populi, display attitudes, opinions, dreams and aspirations of a people, one may uncover much more ambigious facets than the official view and the publicized opinion pretend. But instead of singing ballads in the streets and distributing broadsheets, nowadays folks set up websites and instantly spread the word around the globe.

As the Walls Came Tumbling Down

"I was on my way to the city on the morning of September 11th ... I overheard the gentlemen next to me exclaim `what do you mean a plane hit the twin towers' as he spoke into his cell phone ... I worked at 2 WTC, 87th Floor 2 years ago at this time ... All I could think of is how I could have been there; how I was in the wrong place but at the right time. I would later find out that some of my former coworkers got out in time. I would also learn that a number of people that I knew were still in the building when it collapsed, people still today referred to as `missing' ... I was thrust back in time to being in my old office looking out of the windows at planes, imagining the horror of seeing that plane coming right at me ... I cried that day and a number of days thereafter." (J.P. Lamb) "More died in one day than in any other single battle in American history, and on American soil." (NukleonN)

911 (© Gary R. Harvey) [Full Lyrics & MP3]

We don't know who did it, only that it has been done
Some say it was a wake up call, date & number dialed ... 911
Four planes go down, by no accident
A faceless coward sheds blood of our innocent
Someone's mother, sister, father & son
Gone away forever ... on 911

A Fateful Day - Flight 175 (© Steve F.) [Full Lyrics]

"Mommy, I'm tired, don't feel very well, will we be there very soon, can you tell?"
"Stay in your seat, sweetie, here, by my side, the plane should land shortly, we'll go outside."
The passengers huddled in rear of the plane as part of the crew had been ruthlessly slain.
Another maneuver, and...was this to be feared? Not far in the distance the skyline appeared.
The two tallest towers, like chimneys, were seen. but why is one smoking?...What does all this mean?
Now closer and closer, the towers are growing, we're flying too low!...yet the plane keeps on going!
"Mom, I am scared...why is that lady crying? I want to go home!...I really hate flying!"
"Come to my arms...I will hold you, don't weep, I'll tell you a story as you try to sleep."
The engines grew louder and faster they flew, aiming for the tower not smoking...they knew!
A violent jolt and a terrible blow... the spark that is life was no longer aglow.

The Walls (© Shelley S. Abbott) [Full Lyrics & Real Audio]

(Phone Rings...) Hi, You've reached the home of Jim and Judy. Please leave a message at the tone....(Beeping)
Hi honey, I just called to say, I might not be coming home tonight... tonight... tonight... tonight
Fire filled the air, and the world stood still , as the walls came tumbling down.
Men gave their lives to save just a few, as the walls came tumbling down.
Screams and cries, terror and fear filled their hearts as they ran,
Thousands died without a cause, as the walls came tumbling down.

"I also was moved by the tremendous response of a team made up of hundreds of firefighters, police men and women, and a multitude of other service personell.... many of whom also lost their lives while trying to help others." (G.R. Harvey)

Our Heroes Are Crying (© Mark Cicero) [Full Lyrics & MP3]

It was a day like any other day, he kissed his wife and kids goodbye and he was on his way
He didn't imagine that this day would be the end, when he saw the smoke arise, he was on the road again
He ran into the building while people were rushing out, as he climbed the long stairway, he saw the eyes of doubt
But that didn't matter he had his job to do, he was helping some others out when his life was taken too

"`Let's Roll' was inspired by the words of passenger Todd Beamer, who called a GTE Airfone operator from the plane and told of the passengers' plan to storm the cockpit to overpower the terrorists. As he set the phone down, the 32-year-old Oracle Corp. accounts manager reportedly said, `Let's roll.' Moments later, Flight 93 plummeted into the western Pennsylvania countryside, killing all 45 people aboard but foiling the hijackers' presumed plan to strike a target in Washington, D.C." (LA Times)

Let's RollNeil Young) [Full Lyrics, Real Audio]

I know I said I love you, I know you know it's true. I've got to put the phone down and do what we gotta do
One's standing in the aisle way, two more at the door. We've got to get inside there before they kill some more
No one has the answer, but one thing is true, you've gotta turn on evil when it's coming after you
You gotta face it down and when it tries to hide, you gotta go in after it and never be denied
Let's roll for freedom, let's roll for love, goin' after Satan on the wings of a dove
Let's roll for justice, let's roll for truth, let's not let our children grow up fearful in their youth

Quiet the Minstrels at Play

"On September 11, 2001, my mother came in to my bedroom and woke me around 7am, repeatedly saying something about being under attack. I went into the livingroom, where my father and mother had been watching the news - now displaying an airplane crashing into the World Trade Center in New York. Source: the tragedy made me sick to my stomach, and I could not bear to watch anymore, so I went back to bed. A few hours later when I woke back up, the news was still blaring on our television set. I ate my breakfast, watched for a little while, then went into my bedroom and closed the door. I always play guitar when I'm feeling depressed and it always seems to help cheer me up, so I grabbed my guitar and started playing around. Eventually, words starting forming into `1000 Angels,' seeing that angels were the first thing that came to mind, when thinking in a religious aspect that when people die, angels come down to Earth to carry their souls to Heaven. At 1:00 AM, the song was completely recorded." (S.M. Klaren)

"I used to dabble in song writing, but I haven't picked up a guitar in a few years. I got up to take care of my baby girl the night after the horror and couldn't get back to sleep after I returned her to bed. This song kept running through my mind ... I wrote it as an act of catharsis and to offer it as a hope that it will provide solace for those who hear it. [Lead Me Down] is for America and anyone who has been a victim of a terrorist attack throughout the world." (H.A. Jones)

"Taking actual sound clips, screams, vocals, and explosions from the actual WTC scene, dark strings... I created a soul shredding music that does not offer peace... no serenity. [World War 3] was written to place the heart, soul, and mind of every single person into the tears and screams of those inside the building. Dark... evil... yet... a release so everyone knows what it felt like, no matter how far away they were." (motherBored)

All Fall Down (© Stephanie Eden) [Full Lyrics, Real Audio & Windows Media]

I am fixed on the smooth glass and seeping through my reflection
Is a shattered spirit, looking for some hope of resurrection,
I am reaching deep to understand what this has cost us
While across the street is being flooded with injustice
And just when I think I can handle it all
In that moment I blink, I stand up just to fall
And we can't recognize our land cause there are ashes all around
When we lose hold of each other's hand, we all fall down

Lead Me Down (© Howard A. Jones) [Full Lyrics, Real Audio & MP3]

Look up from your table and put down your wine, quiet the minstrels at play.
Ask why I weep, well I bear you the news of innocents fallen today.
The high rising spires that gleamed in the sun lie broken and charred by the shore.
The four shining ships with the clouds in their sails will glide 'neath the heavens no more.
Lead me down, lead me down to the river, wash what I've seen from my eyes.
I would weep by the water for innocence fallen, fallen to nevermore rise.

What the Demons Did (© Kristin Shout) [Full Lyrics & MP3]

One morning the devil won, people were screaming where have the angels gone?
Look what the demons have done, where have the angels gone?
Though the sky was a crystal blue, it was the darkest of days
I thought I was dreaming til I saw people weeping
Embracing their neighbors, bonding with strangers
Frantic with fear and filling the churches to pray
For the demons had had their day, seemed the angels had moved away

1000 Angels (© Sarah Marie Klaren) [Full Lyrics & MP3]

A thousand angels were in New York today, victims of an act of hate they carried away
Thousands of angels cried for us today, they embraced all those who lost their love to hate

"Our emotions, especially in times of trouble, need very much to be expressed. If they're not expressed then they end up building up pressure inside of us until some kind of breaking point is reached. As a musician, I find that the most effective emotional venting for me is through my instruments. There's something poignant about music that allows it to express things that words can never communicate in the same way. I believe the language of music is far more effective for those sorts of things than any spoken language. This song began as emotional venting. There were no thoughts of structure, chords, lyrics, duration, or anything else. After the attacks I was so overwhelmed that I had to let something out. I played guitar in my room by myself for hours that night, until my fingers which are unaccustomed to playing guitar made me stop because they hurt. I'm not a guitarist, I play piano, so necessarily everything I play on guitar is quite simplistic. Very often simple things have something of beauty in them, and everything I played that night, even the oddest of chords, sounded too nice to say what I needed it to say. The only way I could get the guitar to sound as distressed as I felt was to detune it so that no string sounded well with any other. It seemed to me that the world had been turned on its head, and I couldn't relate to music that sounded like everything was in its place. There were some very odd sounds coming out of my room that night." (J. Borum)

Out of Tune (© Jeremy Borum) [Full Lyrics, MP3 & Wave]

How could you? You heartless assholes.
There are better things in life than power. Try relationships, love, and spirituality.
Most folks wouldn't give $10 for politics, but you gave your life for politics, for greedy selfish people.
And you gave hundreds of other lives. Those people never hurt you. They never knew you.
How could you? My folks were gonna fly tomorrow. You assholes. It could have been them.
But more importantly, somebody's loved ones flew yesterday, and today they're all alone.

"If the presence of a single swear word presents a problem to anybody, particularly to radio stations, I'd like to bring something to mind. Millions of people across the world witnessed, as it was happing, the deaths of thousands of people. There was no censorship on the footage of the collapsing buildings or the crashing airplanes, footage that was to me far worse than the most horrific movie I've ever seen. My one swear word is like Sesame Street in comparison. I think the potential this song has to do good far outweighs anything bad that may come from a single swear word, and it would be silly to censor this and not that horrible footage." (Borum)

The Benefits of Freedom

"I was listening to the radio while driving and it struck me that I should do something more than just give money to a charity. I've always felt that music can have a tremendous healing effect on people. www.firemansong.comI thought if I could write a song that people would enjoy and then sell it to raise money for the Red Cross, I could accomplish two things at once." (J. Angell)

"Paul McCartney, Billy Joel and Elton John led music stars honoring the victims and rescue workers of the World Trade Center attack in a concert that celebrated the energy and pride of New York. The night of songs and solidarity -- unseen since the 1985 Live Aid concert for famine relief in Africa -- also included the feuding Mick Jagger and Keith Richards coming together to perform `Salt Of The Earth' and `Miss You' ... The Madison Square Garden crowd included rows of uniformed police, firefighters and their families dancing, singing and screaming at the 5-hour gala. Billy Joel moved the crowd with his 1976 tune `Miami 2017,' which includes the lyrics, `I saw the mighty skyline fall,' and `they held a concert out in Brooklyn, to watch the island bridges blow' ... The Concert for New York started off with David Bowie's eerie techno version of Simon & Garfunkel's `America,' followed by a stirring rendition of his hit, `Heroes.' Bon Jovi sang `Living On A Prayer' and `Wanted Dead or Alive,' which was perhaps a sly reference to the phrase President Bush used about the search for Osama bin Laden, suspected of being behind the Sept. 11 attacks ... The Backstreet Boys dedicated their performance to a road manager who was aboard one of the hijacked planes ... Wearing an American flag pin and T-shirt with `FDNY' printed on the back, ... Paul McCartney introduced a new song, `Freedom,' which he wrote in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attack ... `This is one of the greatest nights for me,' he told the crowd. `I want to thank you guys for everything you've done, on behalf of the British, on behalf of America, on behalf of the world' .. McCartney was moved to do a benefit because his father was a volunteer firefighter when England was under attack during World War II." (

FreedomPaul McCartney) [Full Lyrics]

This is my right, a right given by God, to live a free life, to live in freedom
Anyone tries to take it away, they'll have to answer, 'cause this is my right
Talkin' about freedom, I'm talkin' 'bout freedom, I will fight for the right to live in freedom.

"`The Ballad of Mike Moran' was inspired by the now famous statement made by Mike Moran, a New York City Firefighter who spoke directly to Osama bin Laden during the Concert For New York ... While on stage with fellow firefighters and actor Michael J. Fox, Moran asked to say a few words in remembrance of his brother, John Moran, also a fellow firefighter who lost his life in the tragic attack of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. Mike had this bold message: `Osama bin Laden, you can kiss my royal Irish ass!' The rest is history..." (Press Release Network) "One of 6,000 firefighters and their families to receive free tickets, Moran ... was hailed with a minute-long chant of `USA! USA!'" (

The Fireman Song (The Ballad of Mike Moran) (© Doug Cogan & Christopher Storc) [Full Lyrics & Wave]

I am Irish and was proud to serve with other firemen,
Who gave their lives for us that day, each one of them a friend,
They're the bravest men I've known and I'll miss them everyday,
I will keep them in my heart, so they're never far away,
In remembrance of my brothers, who from earthly bonds did pass,
Osama, step right up and kiss my royal Irish ass.

"In times of trouble, people often turn to music for comfort. Right now, they can also turn to musicians and the music industry for direct aid, as the industry mobilizes to help victims of Tuesday's terrorist attacks and their families ..." "Whitney Houston decided to do her part to help the country recover by agreeing to have her rendition of `The Star-Spangled Banner' re-released. Houston has waived her royalty rights to the recording and instead the proceeds will be split between the New York Firefighters Disaster Relief Fund and the New York Fraternal Order of Police Fund ... The singer originally performed `The Star-Spangled Banner' right before the start of Super Bowl XXV in 1991; the nation was embroiled in the Persian Gulf War at the time. The patriotic feeling of her stirring cover resonated so strongly with the public that it was released as a single, and earned a gold certification in April 1991. Those profits went to the Gulf War Crisis Fund." (MTV)

"Patriotism rules Billboard Charts with God Bless America at #1. Red-blooded Americans flocked to record stores to spike sales of the patriotic compilation." (MTV) "`God Bless America,' a collection of songs both hopeful and patriotic, features a new studio version of the timeless Irving Berlin anthem as sung by Celine Dion, who performed the song live on the historic `America: A Tribute to Heroes' telethon on Friday, September 21, 2001 ... Portions of the proceeds will be donated to the Twin Towers Fund for families of workers in the New York police and fire departments, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and other agencies who lost their lives or were injured." ( "Although most songs on this CD were first recorded and released by these artists long ago, to hear them in the order on which they appear really stirs up the emotions. The CD begins with the unforgettable version of `God Bless America' as sung by Celine Dion in the way that only she can sing, and continues with the haunting `Land of Hope and Dreams' by Bruce Springsteen. I must say that the tears really started welling up during the listening of `America the Beautiful' by the late great Frank Sinatra, who was (and continues to be) one of our greatest national treasures ... I never sang along to the stirring chorus of `God Bless The U.S.A.' by Lee Greenwood until now. To hear Mahalia Jackson's voice (on `My Country 'Tis Of Thee') alone is probably worth the purchase of this CD ... The wan but quietly inspiring `Lean On Me' by Bill Withers is the right song that ends this collection of American artistry, which pays tribute to the nation from which these artists sprung. Artists who all came from such widely different backgrounds, with such widely differing political views (try to imagine Pete Seeger and Lee Greenwood at the same political event--highly unlikely), but they knew what united them all: each and every artist on this CD was proud to be an American. So am I." (R.J. Schneider)

"From `national tragedy', we turn to `plastic surgery tragedy'" (A. Romano): "Following last Tuesday night's celebration honoring Michael Jackson's 30 years as a solo recording artist, Michael informed the world that he he would soon honor the victims of the World Trade Center tragedy with another tribute to himself ... `This is just wonderful. How many artists could actually pull off a shameless act of self-promotion and honor the victims of 9/11 at the same time?'" (Wired Press) "Philanthropist, recording artist and producer Michael Jackson immediately responded to the terrible September 11th tragedy by producing and assembling a stellar group of artists to participate in `What More Can I Give.' Michael will release the single in both English and Spanish versions of the song ... The song's lyrics seek to help the world's citizens find solace in the wake of the attack on America and to create a sense of global unity ... `We have demonstrated time and again that music can touch our souls. It is time we used that power to help us begin the process of healing immediately,' he concluded." (newmediamusic)

What More Can I Give? (© Michael Jackson) [Full Lyrics]

How many people would have to die before we understand?
How many children have to cry, before we do all we can?
If sending your love is all you can, give that we all live
What have I got that I can give? To love and to teach you, to hold and to need you. What more can I give?

Wave the Red, White and Blue "I was just impressed at the fact that immediately after the attacks, people who normally would have disagreements started working together for the benefit of the United States. The country has always pulled together in times of national crisis and showed a tremendous amount of strength. The same thing is happening now and I just want to encourage it." (J. Angell)

"If there is anything good that came about this tragedy is that it made America stronger, uniting its citizens more, and strengthening this wonderful Nation of ours. History will mark September 11, 2001 as the Day Americans and the World were drawn closer together as one in the fight against terrorism and evil. God Bless America!" (M. Gonzalez)

American Heroes (9-11-01) (© Tony Wechsler) [Full Lyrics]

Now our country's calling upon us all;
To fight an evil we can not forestall.
United, ignited, to fight to keep us free;
Remembering those who gave their lives we go on to victory.
American Heroes, your lives will always be.
Forever Heroes, in our eternity.
You are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, husbands and wives;
We will never forget you and what you sacrificed.

Be Strong (© Aliens Among Us) [Full Lyrics & MP3]

Adversity brings us closer, they think they knock us down
But we emerge stronger. Hand in hand we will prevail
You and I are survivors. My friends, let's show the world what we are.
Be strong, we will work together to carry on. Be strong, we will rebuild.

Stand By You (© Jim Angell) [Full Lyrics, MP3 & Wave]

Someone tried to make us all a prisoner of our fears
But they don't know we see the light shinin' through our tears
We've had differences in the past, let's put aside our hates
Let's show the world just what we mean by these United States
I'll stand by you, you stand by me. We'll stand together for the land of liberty.
We will be strong, we will survive. We'll fight the darkness now to keep the light alive.

This is our Place (© Sonia & Sarala Nagala) [Full Lyrics & Real Audio]

And now we must all stand tall, one for one and one for all
America the Beautiful, our flag it will endure
In our hearts we know the truth of our country and its youth
The home of the free and the brave
A place for hope, a place for love, a place where people can be free
When doubt is high, we must stand true to our crimson, white, and blue

Together We Will Stand (© Kelly Mowrer & Jennifer LaMountain) [Full Lyrics & MP3]

In this darkest hour, freedom's light still shines.
And in our hearts we find a hope to carry on.
Together still we dream our dreams through every trial still it seems
Our tears give brighter vision of a better day to come.
America is still the Promised Land.
With one heart and voice together we will stand.
Our flag still waves, reminding us again
That God will guide our way.
Take my hand, together we will stand.

United For A Day (© Lovatt/Cochran) [Full Lyrics & MP3]

For the first time in so many years,
I've seen unity through blood and tears.
We've brought hope from fear, our flags fly high.
Beneath the skin we are the same,
We're patriots against acts of hate and shame.
For freedom now and always shall remain.
Your prayers won't go unanswered, if it's hope for which you pray.
The sleeper has awoken, united for a day.
Let's continue every day this way, united now we pray

We are one, America (© Stuart Gregory) [Full Lyrics]

And now our hearts, they may be broken, but our spirits, are still strong
We shall overcome these troubles and unite to right such wrongs
We will stand now for our children to pursue their own life's dreams
We will fight the fight for freedom, so that liberty may ring
We are one, America, the land of the free
We are one, America, from sea to shining sea
We will not forget our heroes, nor a single life we've lost
We will pay the price for freedom, no matter what the cost
So let us join the fight together and let the world hear us say
We are one, America, God bless the U.S.A

"The government's choice of `The Battle Hymn of the Republic' to close the National Prayer Service, the first Friday after the WTC attack, shocked me. I was more shocked when it closed the peace-mongers' mass we attended that Sunday. Could I have been the only one who heard that stirring melody and sang in my heart, `John Brown's body lies a-molderin' in the grave. But his soul goes marching on?' `Don't they know who John Brown was?' I asked a friend. `He was a terrorist--maybe our first terrorist.' John Brown took rich slaveowners as hostages, he planned a military action solely to disrupt civilian business-as-usual practices in the slave society, many people including his own children dying as a result. In Kansas, he committed brazen acts of murder--he'd have said war--against slavers ... So, 130 years later, the most powerful people in our nation proclaim: `He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat. He is sifting out the hearts of men before His judgment-seat.' This after having spent the previous week condemning religious fanatics. (John Brown was a religious fanatic who believed slavery was a sin worse than murder.)" (D. Marsh)

(To be continued.)

The Concert for New York City ("America", "Heroes", "Livin' On A Prayer", "Wanted Dead Or Alive", "It's My Life", "Izzo", "American Girl", "Miami 2017", "New York State Of Mind", "Emotion", "Gospel Medley" ("Walk With Me"/"Jesus Loves Me"/"Total Praise"), "I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man", "Operaman", "Quit Playing Games, "Miss You", "Salt Of The Earth", Mike Moran FDNY, "Who Are You", "Baba O'Riley", "Won't Get Fooled Again", "Come To My Window", "Born To Run", "Fire and Rain", "Up On The Roof", "Peaceful World", "Pink Houses", "Superman (It's Not Easy)", "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters", "I'm Down", "Yesterday", "Let It Be", "Freedom")

God Bless America ("God Bless America", "Land of Hope and Dreams", "Hero", "Amazing Grace", "Blowin' In The Wind", "Bridge Over Troubled Water", "Peaceful World", "There's A Hero", "America The Beautiful", "God Bless The U.S.A.", "This Land Is Your Land", "Coming Out Of The Dark", "We Shall Overcome", "The Star Spangled Banner", "Lean On Me")

United Synthpop Artists: A Tribute to America ("September 11th Lament", "Infidel", "America At War", "Criminal Ballad", "Anywhere (2001 Mix)", "Far Away", "United For A Day", "Wishing 2001", "These Strange Times", "Proclamation (Funk-it-up-Bush mix)")

MP3 Artists World Trade Center Relief Fund ("Eyewitness Report", "Archbishop of Canterbury Homily", "One Congressperson Votes for Peace", "President Bush National Memorial Service", "The Lord's Prayer", "Bush Announces Military Response", ...)

Songs and tributes: "All Fall Down", "America At War", "American Heroes (9-11-01)", "American Hero's (Eye of the Storm)", "Americans Loved & Lost", "An American Vigil", "Americas Resolve", "Anti-War Song", "Attention Taliban!", "Banan a Boat Song", "Battle Hymn", "Beat - Osama Bin Laden", "Be Proud", "Be Strong", "The Bin Laden Boat Song", "Can't Cry Hard Enough", "The City", "Desert Man - Taliban Osama Bin Laden", "Dreaming In Color", "Drop Bombs On The Taliban", "E arthquake 911", "The Fireman Song (The Ballad of Mike Moran)", "Fixin' to Die in Afghanistan", "For the Rest of My Life", "Free dom", "Freedom Will Survive", "Gary Owen Y2K2", "Give Him Up Taliban", "God Bless America (9-11-2001 Tragedy)", "Have Hope", "Hear Osama Die, Yelping Like a Coyote", "A Heartbeat Away", "How Will I Get Home", "Infidel", "In Memorium, September 11th 2001", "In Memory", "Judgement Day (Message for Bin Laden)", "Knockin On Heaven's Door", "Lead Me Down", "Let's Roll", "Let's Roll America", "Let's Try Again", "Little Did She Know", "Miss You", "Only God Knows Why", "Open Invitation", "Osama Die ... So We Can All Go Home", "Our Heroes Are Crying", "Out of Tune", "Prayer for the Children", "Save the World", "September Elegy", "September 11, 2001", "The Severe Beating of Osama bin Laden", "Side by Side", "Snapshots", "Spirit of America", "Stand By You", "Taliban", "The Taliban Can", "Taliban Slam", "Taliban Two-Step", "This is our Place", "Together We Will Stand", "Twin Towers (Song For America)", "The Walls", "Uncle Sam", "United For A Day", "Universal Love", "We are one, America", "We're Americans", "What More Can I Give?", "Wha t's Going On", "What the Demons Did", "When Freedom Reigns", "When Johnny comes Marching Home", "When the Sun Comes Around", "World of Hate", World War 3" "WTC", "WTC Attack - Hope Conquers Terror", "WTC Attack - Who Will Rescue the Rescuers?", "WTC Attack - Justice", "WTC Tribute", "WTC 911", "911", "911", "911", "911 for Peace", "1000 Angels".

Poems: "A Fateful Day - Flight 175", "America", "America", "America Cries", "America Let's Roll", "Attack", "The Binch", "Clouded Sky", "The Day America Cried", "The Day the Eagle Died", "Down They Came", "Fire in the Sky", "Flight 93", "Freedom's Cost", "Heavy Heart", "Heroes of Flight 93", "A Heroes Tragedy", "I am the Flag", "Innocence Lost", "In the Telling", "Irony", "The Lady", "The Lady Cried", "Lady Liberty", "May the Light Shine", "My Daddy's Flag", "On Monday", "Overcome", "September", "September 11, 2001", "A Solitary Candle", "Spirit of a Nation", "Thank You", "Towers of Angels", "A Tribute to the New York City Firefighters", "Tuesday Eagle", "Twas the Night Before Ramadan" "Untitled", "Vengeance or Justice", "We the People", "We the People", "Why".

There is even comedy (if you like it): "Dirty Joke Man"

The Lady Cried - Tribute to September 11 Songs of Memory Webring - Songs in honor of WTC
victims MP3 Artists WTC Relief Fund

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