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Kadril and the Wildboar Label - a 'History lesson' on the current Flemish Folk scene
Kadril is the longest going innovative Flemish folk rock band, existing already for a quarter of a century. The Wildboar label is much younger - but has a very strong influence on the whole folk music scene of Belgium. Christian Moll talked on the small island of Tatihou in the Normandie with Erwin Libbrecht and Eva De Roovers about these institutions.
Belgium - Flemish folk rock band and innovative Flemish record label

More than one Donegal German: The Frankie Kennedy Winter School
Continental Celts, Part VI. The Winter School was set up to commemorate flute player, teacher and member of Altan Frankie Kennedy who died in September 1994. Sean Laffey attended the first three and a half days of the school from Friday 28 December to Monday 31, neatly avoiding the huge influx of box players on New Year's Eve and a hangover on New Year's Day! And he has met there - plenty of Germans!
Ireland - Winter School for Irish Music Oskorri; photo by The Mollis

Oskorri - Ambassadors of the Basque language
30 years and still going strong. Due to main stream media most people associate the Basque Country with terrorism and violent regionalism. Little is known about the beauty of this region, the wealth of regional culture and tradition and about the Basque language, one of the oldest languages in the world. The band Oskorri has been an ambassador for folk music traditions from the Basque country for 30 years now, and still today their live appearances and CDs are innovative, fresh and recommended. Michael Moll found out more when meeting the band at the Falun Folk Festival in Sweden.
Basque Country - the most important Basque folk band; Basque language etc.

Poland calling: An A to Z of What's happening on the Polish folk scene
Albeit there has been some form of folk scene here in Poland for a long time, in reality it has only really come into existence over the last five to six years. Obviously before, the folk scene was quite widespread, but in comparison to what takes place in the rest of Europe, the last five years has seen a dynamic boom in both bands and people interested in folk. Folk Infos on Agencies - Bands - Competitions - Database - Festivals - Radio - Record Labels - Venues. (Photo: Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa)
Poland - overview over the folk scene

Learning Trad the Contemporary Way: MadforTrad's CD-ROM Tutorials
Playing traditional music has always essentially been a matter of picking up tunes by listening to and watching advanced musicians at "work". Not many of us, however, have the chance of meeting great players at sessions in their local pub, neither in Ireland nor elsewhere. Therefore, buíochas le Dia, for all of those who are left to their own devices in terms of "trad", the Cork-based company MadforTrad have jumped the bandwagon of mediamania and come up with a set of instructional CD-ROMs for no less than 16 instruments. Erik Markgraf and Tom Keller did the test...
Ireland - new way of learning trad

Maire Ni Chathasaigh & Chris Newman, photo by The Mollissuffolk & beyond (Folk in England) part II: Two in a Bar etc.
Plenty of Old Folkies for Christmas and the satire of a licening law prohibiting sessions and sing-alongs. The year 2002 has started, and the good old Pound Sterling is still there. Good Old England is still the same, as some strange laws show - like the Two in a Bar one. Before coming to such serious matters (that serious that they sound like being a bad joke), Michael Moll looks back to Suffolk & beyond's December - Christmas time... with Maddy Prior & Carnival Band, plenty of Christmas cards and Maire Ni Chathasaigh & Chris Newman (Photo)
Series about Folk in England/Suffolk - feat. English & Irish concerts and a strange English law

Dutch Folk Music - Prologue to a new FolkWorld series
Last autumn the Netherlands had the honour of hosting the Womax fair of world music. Many people hoped that finally some attention would be paid to Dutch traditional music. However, this assumption proved to be false... Eelco Schilder on the failure of the Womex to present Dutch music, and his reason to start now a FolkWorld series, presenting Dutch folk music.
Start of a new series about Dutch Folk Music

T:-)M's Night Shift: Klezmorim Going Downtown
Book reviews on Klezmer music. Tom Keller spent another series of nights reading through books to find out about background and stories of folk music. This time he was taken away by books on Klezmer music.
Klezmer book reviews

Scanfolk Part VI: What is Danish Folk Music?
Haugaard & Høirup on the folk mysteries of that small country. Officially, last issue finished the Scanfolk series - but hey there we are with a sixth part of the series, going back to Denmark, just to find some more out about the mysteries of folk music and recent developments of this most Southern Scandinavian country. And the word goes to Morten Alfred Høirup and Harald Haugaard, one of the best music acts from Denmark, to talk about historical cultural links of Denmark, folk music education, state sponsoring for folk and more.
Folk in Denmark - insight into the folk scene

3rd International Folk Festival Tilburg - great start for the festival season 2002
In 2002 Christian Moll has had already for the third time the pleasure to start his festival season already in january with the excellent festival of Tilburg in the Netherlands. He saw in three of the 5 festival days plenty of innovative folk music from all over Europe, experiencing plenty of new and old favourites. The festival always has a focus on an instrument and a country, this year it was the accordion and France. (Photo: Sarah Allen of Flook)
The Netherlands - Live Review of a Festival of European folk music

World's Out of Tune (1): "Ground Zero" in Song and Poetry
When the twin towers of New York's World Trade Center crumbled on September 11, 2001, the world really fell out of tune. But quiet the minstrels? No, they were not. Great historical events have always been treated in ballads. Thus, hundreds of 911 songs and poems have been written since. If it is true that songs embody the vox populi, display attitudes, opinions, dreams and aspirations of a people, one may uncover much more ambigious facets than the official view and the publicized opinion pretend. But instead of singing ballads in the streets and distributing broadsheets, nowadays folks set up websites and instantly spread the word around the globe... Tom Keller collected some songs and memories from the wide world of the web.
USA - Reactions to September 11 in songs and poetry

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Plommon - 5 schwedische Pflaumen
Die Erfolgsgeschichte der geigenden Mädchen der Gruppe Plommon. Plommon, die fünf jungen Frauen aus dem Süden Schwedens, haben sich insbesondere in der Deutschen Folkszene in den letzten Jahren einen sehr guten Ruf erspielt, und sind zu Recht inzwischen nicht mehr aus den deutschen Clubs wegzudenken. Wenn man Plommon sieht, kann man es fast nicht glauben: Diese junge Band hat schon die ersten 10 Jahre ihrer Bandgeschichte hinter sich, und seit 5 Jahren gehen sie regelmäßig in Deutschland auf Tournee... Chrisitan Moll traf die fünf Schwedinnen.
Schweden - junge traditionelle Band

T:-)M's Nachtwache Schpil, Klezmer, schpil!
Buchrezensionen von Büchern über Klezmer. Tom Keller hat sich mal wieder ein paar Nächte um die Ohren geschlagen, um sich weiterzubilden über die Hintergründe von Folkmusik. Dieses Mal geht die unterhaltsame Kolumne um Bücher zu Klezmermusik.
Buchrezensionen zu Klezmer-Musik

In Estland ist eben alles Folk: Das 9. Pärimus Muusika Festival in Viljanid, Estland
Diesmal ohne Schmelztiegel und nur als Tourist, hat Erhard Ohlhoff viel Zeit für Konzerte und Zwischenprogramm gehabt. 50 Gruppen und Einzelkünstler sollten auf acht verschiedenen Bühnen und in zwei Kirchen spielen, meist Open Air, und das Wetter spielte mit. Das Programm lief täglich von 14 Uhr bis 1 Uhr, dann im Nachtklubzelt Tanz bis in den Morgen.
Estland - großes europäisches Folkfestival

Folksommer 2001 bei Rudolstadt: Workshopwochende für Folkmusiker
Rubrik "Folkszene von innen". Als studierte Geigerin - auch gerne "Klassikfuzzi" genannt - hatte Ruth-Maria Kosov bislang nur nebenbei Kontakt zur Folkmusikszene. Dieses Pilotprojekt war also ein willkommener Anlass, diesen Zustand zu ändern. Sie berichtet begeistert von einer gelungenenWorkshop-Woche.
Deutschland - Workshop-Woche



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