FolkWorld #74 03/2021

Where Many Rivers Meet

Where Many Rivers Meet is the 8th self-produced album by tireless singer-songwriter Steve Tallis. It’s also the most personal.

Steve Tallis

Steve is an Australian Griot, a Blues Shaman. His love of blues, gospel and a cappella field hollers shows both in his live shows and recordings.

Artist Video Steve Tallis @ FROG

He has wanted to do a solo album for a long time. Steve expresses himself accompanied by his Gibson SG guitar and 12 string Guild acoustic or a cappella field hollers. 16 of the 25 tracks are original creations that alternate with songs he has arranged, the whole giving way to a voice full of conviction. Words that speak of the spirit, earthy, unadorned music that comes from somewhere under the skin, this is as real as it gets.

Steve Tallis

A deeply personal album also thanks to the accompanying booklet with the lyrics of certain songs and a selection of portraits, milestones in the career of a musician who has travelled the world for more than 40 years.

He wanted a mono recording and co-produced it with internationally acclaimed engineer and producer Rob Grant of Poons Head Studio to get a very raw sound: it’s about getting to the point!

The result is a particularly rich and dense 79mm disc conceived as always by this singular artist with generosity and sincerity. His music goes straight to the heart because it is the expression of his soul and it fully exercises its healing power in a kind of communion for those who know how to let themselves be carried by its tribal rhythms.

The album cover, with this shell like a fossil, undoubtedly refers to the origins of his music which has its roots in the Blues to which Steve brings his personal touch, the fruit of the legacy of his influences from Leadbelly to Bob Dylan. It also symbolizes fertility, rebirth and love. Don’t we say that the Greek goddess Aphrodite materializes in the ocean carried to the shore in a seashell?

Steve Tallis is a passionate, driven and proudly independent musician who in his own way evokes the universal values of life, death, love, sex, transmission, filiation, sharing, energy, faith, beliefs, revolt.

Uncompromising in his artistic integrity, he is one of the few artists brave enough to stand naked and imperfect in an industry that encourages compliance.

      Steve Tallis and Bob Gordon chat about Steve's new album; "Where Many Rivers Meet"

      Steve Tallis chats with Musician Phil Bradley and Audio Engineer Rob Grant regarding the production

Photo Credits: (1ff) Steve Tallis (unknown/website).

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