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Musical Vaccination on the Way!



Music in the Key of C-19

David Rovics Zirp Alasdair Fraser Resistance Revival Chorus Geza Frank Corollage by Alex Monaghan Weiherer String Revolution Club Weltenklang Robb Johnson ?? Cyber Summer Corollage by Alex Monaghan Bluegrass Jamboree iyatra.quartet Schrammel.Klangerl David Rovics: Viral Solidarity Corollage by Alex Monaghan Shannon Heaton Noam Pikelny Chris Kramer Global Music Match Corollage by Alex Monaghan Nathan ?? ?? ?? The Weight Rachael Sage Corollage by Alex Monaghan Sang & Klang The Weight Sunny War John McCutcheon Folk on Foot Mary Gauthier James McMurtry Digital Decameron Sean Taylor Brooks Dave Ferra Findlay Napier #AktionTicketBehalten

Der Doctor Schnabel von Rom

Ben Sands

Artist Video Ben Sands @ FROG

Hello again from Newry, Co Down, Ireland.

I hope you all are happy and healthy? I have recently been given Dose no. 1 of “The Vaccine”. A strange feeling.

Various combinations of unknown (to me!) chemical substances - forced into my poor arm at needle-point - are now coursing through my veins, hopefully helping to ward off the very real danger of being infected with the Covid-19 Virus. Probably better to not think too much about it!

But good to know that other wonderful things also course through all of our veins, including faith and hope, love and friendship, happiness and MUSIC – and, hopefully - the occasional drop of blood! So, another “vaccination” of Songs, Music and Craic is coming your way...

More and more signs of Spring arrive each day - and also some hope that Covid restrictions might soon be easing. For sure, all of us are looking forward eagerly to being able to get “out and about” again, to meeting friends and - especially! - to giving as many Hugs as possible to as many people as possible, as soon as possible! I’m in training!

A big longing too, among Artists and Audiences, for a return to “LIVE” theatre, concerts and “nights out”! It is hard to believe that we have survived almost exactly a full year without those pleasures! And it is also hard to believe that exactly one year ago, I launched the CD "Chocolate and Other Stories" in Berlin. Lockdown came the following day!

In hopes of better times ahead, several venues have kindly invited me to perform, with dates “pencilled in” for later in the year, beginning in June. Who knows?

See you soon! All the best, Ben

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