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»We have left the European Union. Cultural workers like me probably won’t be able to work in the EU again, but at least Our Fish are – I believe – safeguarded. & of course, it is Our Fish for which We As A Nation, are internationally known, as opposed to our traditional goodfornothing cultural workers, who after all are only good for retraining in cyber. Meanwhile, the Bodgerment & most of its tame media do their best not to notice the rising tidal wave of COVID infection & consequent deaths. The plague ship sails on….« (Robb Johnson)

»Remember LPs? We know they seem like some forgotten remnant of Paleolithic times and that most musicians are writing condensed masterworks for platforms like TikTok and Instagram these days, but as a self-described rock-and-roll outfit, we feel there’s still ground to be tread in this ancient discipline. That’s all to say we have a new LP out today called See You Again with lots of songs you probably heard us play live the last few years and wondered why they hadn’t been recorded. Since our humble beginnings as a college bar band, we have a long history of playing music far in advance of recording it, a practice that has confused many fans but everyone mostly finds charming (...right?). Anyhow, in this post-touring world we’re living in now, the music we were touring last year has finally caught up to us in the form of See You Again. We hope you have as much fun with it as we had making it and above all, we hope the day will be soon when we can hit the road and play a whole set of frustratingly not-yet-recorded songs for you once again. If you want it please buy it right from us...« (The Rad Trads)

»I have lots of new music to release this year. Since the COVID pandemic, I wrote a whole new album. I can't believe that just over a year ago I released my first full-length album Break Free and was playing at the Hotel Cafe! Seems like yesterday. I haven't been streaming as much because I decided that I just want to focus on the recording and release strategy while live shows are on hold. When live music comes back, I will tour to promote all the songs I've recorded. I think there is a lot of pressure for artists to constantly be playing online with the popularity of live streaming apps like Happs, Twitch and Clubhouse. At the moment, musicians are being told that venues won't be able to open until 2022 so that leaves a lot of us wondering where we fit in and how to make an income. While I enjoy streaming from time to time, I just don't enjoy streaming online for 4-5 hours a day. I like being in the real world and having a balance between my online music life, personal life and in person life. I'm using my time to be creative, take on more private, curated gigs, work on my physical and mental health, and become grounded in many ways. I think now is the time to shift gears in music from self promotion and expansion to reflection and rebooting. For me, this means turning inward and listening to my intuition, writing and channeling my feelings into art.« (Katie Ferrara)

  English Reviews

ZiRP "Circle Divine" Germany
David Rovics "Rebel Songs" USA
Raske Drenge "Raske Drenge" Faroe Islands
Andy Irvine "Old Dog Long Road Vol. 2" Ireland
The Byrne Brothers "Living the Dream" Ireland
Tapestry "Once Upon A String" England
Tapestry "Watercolour Clouds" England
Tapestry "John O' Dreams" England
Martin Murray - Frankie Gavin - Emma Corbett - Carl Hession "By Heck: A Toast to the 1920s" Ireland
Frankie Gavin & Alec Finn "Traditional Irish Music on Fiddle and Bouzouki, Volume II" Ireland
Katie McNally Trio "Now More Than Ever" USA
Ross & Ryan Couper "An Den Dey Made Tae" Scotland
Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin & Ultan O’Brien "Solas an Lae - The Light of the Day" Ireland
Laura Flanagan "The Great Southern Ocean" USA
Cli Donnellan "Beneath the Hedgerow" Ireland
Pat Walsh "Simply Whistle" England
Edgelarks "Henry Martin" England
Graham Lindsey "Tradhead" Canada
Graham Lindsey "The Next Best Thing" Canada
Pat Broaders "Pat Broaders" Ireland
Rachel Walker "Gaol" Scotland
Anakronos "The Red Book of Ossory" Ireland
Steve Tallis "Where Many Rivers Meet" Australia
Burgos Buschini Trio "Tierra que arde" Argentina
Bellanöva "Bellanöva" Italy
Cocanha "Puput" France
Gallo Pinto y Vicky González "Amor y Revolución" Austria / Mexico
Norrie MacIver & the Glasgow Barons "Songs of Govan old" Scotland
Wör "About Towers" Belgium
Yann Honore "Autoportrait" France
The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc "Bonfrost" Sweden / Norway / Scotland 
Davie Anderson "Love so strong" Scotland
Cynefin "Dilyn Afon" Wales
Kate Rusby "Hand me down" England
Staritsa "Klyukva" Russia
Vedan Kolod "Goridische" Russia
Mossy Christian "Come nobles and heroes" England
Vaev "Vaev" Denmark
Kjell Braaten "Ferd" Norway
Jan Cornelius "So wied weg" Germany
Lena Jonsson Trio "Stories from the Outside" Sweden
Screaming Orphans "Sunshine and Moss" Ireland
Spilar "Stormweere" Belgium
Ilkka Heinonen Trio "Lohtu" Finland
Gájanas "Čihkkojuvvon - Hidden" Finland
Mari Kalkun "Ounaaia Album" Estonia
Dowally "Early Bird / Night Owl" Scotland
Dowally "Early Bird / Night Owl" Scotland
Brian Finnegan "Hunger of the Skin" Northern Ireland
Brian Finnegan "Hunger of the Skin" Northern Ireland
Gillian Boucher & Bob McNeill "Race for the Sun" Canada / New Zealand
Flairck "Back Alive" Netherlands
Naragonia "Silentski" Belgium
Sväng "In Trad We Trust" Finland
Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas "SYZYGY" Scotland
Full Tilt "Live" Scotland
Hillary Klug "Howdy Y'All" USA
Niamh Ní Charra "Donnelly's Arm" Ireland
Various Artists "Rogha Raelach 1" Ireland
Silja "Tradfusion" Germany
Summers & Silvola "The Smoky Smirr o' Rain" Scotland
Trolska Polska "Eufori" Denmark
Korrontzi "Koplariak" Spain
Susana Seivane "Dende o Meu Balcón" Spain
Ship in the Clouds "Ship in the Clouds" USA
Corner House "Caribou Party" USA
Britt Pernille Frøholm "Fokhaugen" Norway
Glenfinnan Ceilidh Band "Road to Glenfinnan" Scotland
Duo Rivaud Lachouchie "Zo!" France
Grégory Jolivet "Musique Traditionnelle du Berry" France
Jean-Marc Delaunay "Musique Traditionnelle d'Auvergne" France
Duo Meunier Buteau "Evidence" France
Chris Flegg "Twenty's Plenty" England
Gráinne Brady "Newcomer" Ireland
Mec Lir "Livewire" Isle of Man
Roberto Cassani "Ansema (We Stand)" Italy
Various Artists "Between Islands" Scotland

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Various Artists: The Black History of the Banjo | Down Home Blues: Blues In The Alley | Music From The Faroe Islands | Somebody Has To Sing It | Three Women & The Truth | Tiny Desk Meets globalFEST | 70 cumpleaños de Tom Petty

  Deutsche Rezensionen

Patatras "Schneewittchen und..." Germany
Adabei "Papilio" Germany
Fred Ape "Bedingungslos" Germany
Delva "Spuren" Germany
Duo Lautensang "farbenfroh" Germany
Die Feuersteins "Sing!" Germany
Fiddlers Green "3 Cheers for 30 Years" Germany
Jan Cornelius "So wied weg" Germany
Lena Jonsson Trio "Stories from the Outside" Sweden
Screaming Orphans "Sunshine and Moss" Ireland
Dowally "Early Bird/Night Owl" Scotland
Spilar "Stormweere" Belgium
Ilkka Heinonen Trio "Lohtu" Finland
Gájanas "Čihkkojuvvon - Hidden" Finland
Mari Kalkun "Ounaaia Album" Estonia
The Ashley Davis Band "when the stars went out" USA
The Crannua Collective "The Crannua Collective" Ireland / USA
Hotel Palindrone "Alpestan" Austria
Scythian "Roots and Stones" USA
Becky Buller "Distance and Time" USA
Emma Swift "Blonde on the Tracks" USA
Steve Tallis "Where Many Rivers Meet" Australia
Shooglenifty "Acid Croft Vol 9" Scotland
Hillary Klug "Hillary Klug" USA
Hillary Klug "Howdy Y'all" USA
Altin Gün "Yol" Netherlands
Babylon Orchestra "Babylon Orchestra" Germany
Beth Wimmer "Chemical Reaction" USA
Fierce Flowers "Mirador" France
GoraSon "Yiddish Cabaret" Germany
Groupa "Kind of Folk Vol. 3 - Iceland" Sweden
Hazar "Reincarnated" Germany
JEMM "Hive" Italy
Karen Matheson "Still Time" Scotland
Krazy "Seifenblasenmaschine" Germany
La Bricole "Jour de Malheur" France
Radio Europa "Mit Allen und Scharf" Germany
Ronja Maltzahn "Worldpop" Germany
Rupert Wates "Lamentations" USA
Trio Bacana "Transatlantiker" France
Ulrich Zehfuß "Erntezeit" Germany
Vindotale "Tan" France
Andrea Motis "Emotional Dance" Spain
Andrea Motis "Outrou Lado do Azul" Spain
Bossarenova Trio (Paula Morelenbaum, Joo Kraus & Ralf Schmid) "Atlantico" Brazil / Germany
"Joan Chamorro presenta Alba Armengou" Spain
Jamie Cullum "The Pianoman at Christmas" England
JoJo Effect "True Sky Heros" Germany
Keiko Matsui "Echo" Japan
Melody Gardot "Sunset in the Blue" USA
Sharon Shannon "The Reckoning" Ireland

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