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The Rough Guide To The Music Of Eastern Europe
Various Artists "The Rough Guide To The Music Of Eastern Europe", World Music Network, 2019

The Music of Eastern Europe

From the avant-garde folk/jazz of Poland’s Chłopcy Kontra Basia to Serbia’s ‘King of Apocalyptical Cabaret’ Boris Kovač, the music of Eastern Europe is as diverse as the geography it represents. The Rough Guide To The Music Of Eastern Europe showcases today’s artists who preserve valuable traditions whilst enabling the music to evolve in new and unexpected ways.

Söndörgő | Chłopcy Kontra Basia | Kries | Romano Drom | Faith i Branko | Eugenia Georgieva | Shukar Collective | Don Kipper | Sukke | Boris Kovač & La Campanella | Perunika Trio | Bela Lakatos & The Gypsy Youth Project | She'Koyokh


»The album kicks off in fast and furious fashion with Söndörgő, who are famed for the use of the tambura, a mandolin-like instrument, used by the South Slav communities in Hungary. Söndörgő brilliantly combine their respect for traditions with a desire to innovate and a fizzing virtuosity.«

Artist Video Söndörgő @ FROG

Faith i Branko

»Rooted in the musical traditions of the Balkans, the double act is made up of English circus performer and accordionist Faith and Serbian gypsy violin maestro Branko whose formidable composition ‘Bumbar’ canters from contemporary to classical violin vernacular with dazzling display.«

Artist Video Faith i Branko @ FROG

Eugenia Georgieva

»Although now living in London, Eugenia Georgieva grew up in Bulgaria’s second city Plovdiv, and as a child fell in love with the authentic diaphonic singing of the old Shoppe women. ‘Deno, Sreburno Vreteno/Dena, You Silver Spindle’ is taken from her acclaimed album Po Drum Mome / A Girl on the Road where she explores the joys and sorrows of Bulgarian folk song.«

Artist Video

Perunika Trio

»Eugenia also features as part of the a cappella vocal group Perunika Trio whose traditional song ‘Strati Na Angelaki Dumashe’ is a lament for Angelaki, the chief of the Hayduks (fighters against the Ottoman rule).«

Artist Video Perunika Trio @ FROG


»Kries means bonfire in an old Croatian dialect; an apt name for a band who burn barriers, mixing modern and traditional Balkan instruments to give new life and meaning to age-old songs.«

Artist Video Kries @ FROG

Romano Drom

»Further instrumental brilliance abounds as the band go through the gears into musical overdrive.«

Artist Video Romano Drom @ FROG

Don Kipper

»Don Kipper blend the fiery virtuosity of Eastern Europe with a cosmopolitan energy on the rip-roaring ‘Cassenbaumer Sher’ as they draw on Jewish musical tradition and take it into totally new urban waters.«

Artist Video Don Kipper @ FROG


»Similarly, fellow song collectors She’Koyokh have spent over a decade absorbing the rich folk music of Jewish Eastern Europe and complete this whistle-stop tour of Eastern Europe with an upbeat Albanian folk song.«

Artist Video She’Koyokh @ FROG

Photo Credits: (1) 'The Rough Guide To The Music Of Eastern Europe', (2) Söndörgő, (3) Faith i Branko, (4) Eugenia Georgieva, (5) Perunika Trio, (6) Kries, (7) Romano Drom, (8) Don Kipper, (9) She'Koyokh (unknown/website).

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