FolkWorld #69 07/2019

Letters to the Editors

  Irish Music in Germany

Hi. Niall is my name and I live in Doolin, Co. Clare. I've been playing music there since the early 80s. I have gone back to studying and I'm doing a songwriting masters degree in UL at the moment. I am writing a paper on the connection between Irish music and song and Germany and I can't find much documentation on why the music is so popular there or how it is promoted there. I liked your article A Decade of Folk from 2007 and wondered if you could point me towards other documents like that. I know the scene in Germany well, I played there many times but I need some documentation on the origins of the connection.

If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them. Thanks, Niall Sheedy, Doolin


»A Decade of Folk: Irish Music in Germany«

Hi Niall. My feature about Irish Music in Germany is made up of many things I've heard and read about over the years. Part of it has been published back then in the Irish Music magazine, namely

You may find longer versions of it or its sources on the following FolkWorld pages (in German): FolkWorld's Folk & Roots Online Guide (FROG, /frog/index.html) might direct you to more articles and CD reviews about Irish music (/frog/ireland.html), books about Celtic music (/frog/book.html) and German artists (/frog/germany.html). Immediately jumps to my mind: I wrote the entry on Irish music in Germany for the 2nd edition of The Companion to Irish Traditional Music (Cork University Press, 2011). You can read it online HERE!

As I said, I gathered many small bits of information. Unfortunatly I often cannot tell where from exactly. T:-)M

  Dutch Folk

  • Music of the Netherlands
  • A Decade of Folk: Dutch Folk
  • Golden Years of Dutch Folk
  • Hi. I am new to Folkworld. I have heard a couple of very nice compilations of Dutch folk music. The music is mostly from the 1970s/80s. I wonder if some of the musicians still might be around. Even maybe singing somewhere to someone. Would you have any suggestions who might know?

    I hear people say that folk music is dead here. I wonder if it can't be revived now and then? That's what I am interested in doing. Now and then.

    Thank you, John Coffman (

      Thank You ...

    Sarah-Jane Summers: Owerset

    Sarah-Jane Summers "Owerset"

    Wonderful! Thank you :-) The linguistic comparisons to German are really interesting too. Best wishes, Sarah-Jane Summers (

    McDermott's 2 Hours Vs Levellers & Oysterband "Besieged"

    Many thanks! I think there’s some mileage in the old guitar yet, in one direction or another... Take care, Nick Burbridge (

    Brian McAlpine "Mutual Imagination Society"

    Thank you so much for the review. It is very much appreciated. Kind regards from a pro-europe and positively European Scotland, Brian Mcalpine (

    Joel Andersson "The Irish Harmonica"

    Lovely review! I hope you enjoyed the CD. Would you have any suggestions for gigs in Germany? We are heading to the Irish folk club in München in October and we are trying to search for more potential places. Kindest Regards, Joel Andersson ( )

    "Breakfast with the Craic Addicts"

    Thanks, that’s an energetic and fun review! Regards, Peter from The Craic Addicts (

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