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Loads of Rootsy Hooks

Elliott Brood @ DC9, Washington DC - March 15, 2012.

The Toronto trio is back touring its third album. I have been a fan since the outset and saw nothing to lower my appreciation for them tonight. They channel a few of my favorite bands, 16 Horsepower, the Sadies and even the Pogues, but don't have the doom of the first, the moodiness of the second or craziness of the third.

Elliott Brood @ FolkWorld:
FW#47 |

But they do have some of the catchiest songwriting this side of those great bands. They deliver loads of rootsy hooks that really rock out with a tempo that starts the toes tapping, but ends with more swaying and dancing.

The cuts off the new LP sound very good, but old favorites like "Chuckwagon" still rocked the house thoroughly. And "Write it All Down for You" cannot fail to work live with its infectious 'hey hey hey's to shout along with.

The drummer holds it all together while the guitars, banjos, and ukuleles strum powerfully along with some psyche coloring at times. They pull in all the elements and of great music and push forward rather than go out on limbs. This works when you are good and the size of the crowd and the enthusiasm generated proved that tonight.

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