FolkWorld #48 07/2012

Letters to the Editors

I Have Travelled This Country - Songs of Cathal McConnell

"I Have Travelled This
Country - Songs of
Cathal McConnell"

  I Have Travelled This Country

Hi. Thanks for the review. I appreciate your comprehensive overview of the book and I think it reflects well of what is intended by the publication of the collection.

On the point of music notation; a decision was taken not to include the notation, as Cathal, in common with many traditional singers would vary the melodic line from verse to verse, depending on the words, phrasing of a line etc . It is also intended that the singer learn the song's from listening to the singer, rather than off the page. I only add this comment, more an explanation as to the best practice in the learning of songs as has been the tradition for generations.

I am delighted that you took the time to review the collection; I hope it will be of benefit to your many readers and I hope they listen to the songs and find a gem or two that suits each and everyone!

Kindest regards, Gerry O'Connor

"Before I write about a few of the latest release by the Belgium Home records label, I really have to assure you that they don’t pay me in any way to write positive reviews over and over again about their releases and I really try to write nasty things about their albums, but somehow they keep surprising me with their innovative quality music..."

  Home Records: Gansan, Tref, Aux âmes etc...

Hi, I may confirm, we don't pay you to write those reviews!

Thanks for your attention and feedback! Best wishes, Michel Van Achter

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