FolkWorld Issue 32 12/2006

FolkWorld CD Reviews

CD Reviews in English - Page 1
Airdance "Cloud Nine" USA
Aisleng "Down at Dunbar" Germany
Ambrozijn "Krakalin" Belgium
Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh "Daybreak : Fáinne an Lae" Ireland
Arhai "Mysterion" Serbia
Battlefield Band "The Road of Tears" Scotland
Blue Grass Boogiemen "Who's Afraid of the Boogiemen?" Netherlands
Blyth Power "Fall of Iron" England
Bodega "Bodega" Scotland
Bollywood Brass Band "Movie Masala" England
Boys of the Lough "Twenty" Ireland/Scotland/England
Dale Ann Bradley "Catch Tomorrow" USA
Bùrach "Unstoppable" Scotland
Paul Casey "Songs in Open Tuning" Ireland
Chumbawamba "A Singsong and a Scrap" England
Dónal Clancy "Close to Home" Ireland
Comas "Comas.." Ireland / Britanny / Belgium / USA
Tracy Curtis "Picture Postcards" England
Delta Moon "Howlin'" USA
Dick O' Brass "Disk O' Brass" Czechia
Eoin Dillon "The Third Twin" Ireland
Druzina "Tragare" Slovakia
Dulaman "Four Years In November" England
The Eighteenth Day of May "The Eighteenth Day of May" England
Emma & The Professor with Tom Leary [Demo]" England
Terry Evans "Fire in the feeling" USA
Fanfare Ciocarlia "Gili Garabdi - Ancient Secrets of Gypsy Brass" Romania
Lonesome Brothers "Mono" USA
Foghorn Stringband "Weiser Sunrise" USA
Feed + Seed "McKinley's Ghost" USA

CD Reviews in English - Page 2

Finis Terrae "El canto de la mulata rusa" Spain
Dick Gaughan "Lucky for some" Scotland
The GerMANs "That's Allright" Germany
Give Way "Inspired" Scotland
Griff "Griff" Belgium
Sourdine "Sourdine" Belgium
Gueta na Fonte "Como agua de Mayo” Spain
Härdelin Hallberg Hertzberg Ståby "Love Letters & Russian Satellites ” Sweden
Jack Harrison "Sailing With Dragons” Ireland
Jim Henry "One-horse town” USA
Sam Hinton "Master of the Solo Diatonic Harmonica” USA
Hoven Droven "Turbo” Sweden
Jugopunch "Where are we now?” England
Seth Kauffman "Ting” USA
Gwyneth Keen "Singularity” Wales
Pat Kelleher "Songs of the Sea” Ireland
Kimber's Men "Don't take the hero" Ireland
Tomas Kocko & Orchestr "Poplor" Czechia
Konaboj "Omalovanky" Czechia
Les Chauffeurs a Pieds "Dejeuner canadien" Canada
Les Chauffeurs a Pieds "Au studio des trois lits" Canada
The Loosehounds "Takista" England
Lunasa "Se" Ireland
Brendan P. Lynch "Tunes from the Hearth" Ireland
Brendan P. Lynch "Irish Traditional Fiddle Music from the Heart of Fingal" Ireland
Heather MacLeod "Crossing Tides" Scotland
Kevin MacLeod "Dorney Rock" Scotland
Malinky "The Unseen Hours" Scotland

Maly Princ (Demo CD)

Simon Mayor & Hilary James "Children's Favourites" England
CD Reviews in English - Page 3
Peter McCune "Memories Embrace" N. Ireland
McDermotts 2 Hours "Live at Ferneham Hall" England
Gillie McPherson "Our Street" Ireland
Martin Meehan "Three's Company" Ireland
Mississippi Heat "Glad youre mine" USA
Mick Moloney "McNally's Row of Flats" Ireland
Bruce Molsky "Soon Be Time" USA
The Mountain Firework Company "A Rough Guide to Feeling Rough" USA
Chris Murphy "Juniper" USA
Sarah Naylor "Play Scottish Fiddle" (DVD Video) Scotland
Andie Neate "Paper Animals" Scotland
Lily Neill "Without Words" USA
Tony O'Connell & Andy Morrow "Tony O'Connell & Andy Morrow" Ireland
Brid O Donohue "Tobar an Duchais" Ireland
Gavin Whelan "Another Time" Ireland
Aidan O'Rourke "Sirius" Scotland
U. Utah Phillips "Starlight on the Rails: A Songbook" USA
Pipedreams "Kick out the Ghosts" Scotland
Plantec "Plantec" France
Jenna Reid "With Silver & All" Scotland
Brian Roebuck "A Song for Luke" Ireland
David Rovics "Halliburton Boardroom Massacre" USA
Sagskära "Orm" Sweden
Pauline Scanlon "Hush" Ireland
P.P. Slaggart "The Ramblings of Dangerous McDaid" Ireland
Sliotar "Crew of Three" Ireland
Cora & Breda Smyth Ireland
Solas "Reunion: A Decade of Solas" USA
Strangeworld "Leap of Faith" England
Svanevit "Gryning"


Erik-Ask Upmark & Anna Rynefors "Dram"


CD Reviews in English - Page 4

James Talley "Nashville City Blues" USA
Steve Tallis "Jezebel Spirits" Australia
Teada "Inne Amarach" Ireland
Tempest "The Double Cross" USA
Steve Tilston "Of Many Hands" Scotland
Dave Van Ronk "... and the tin pan bended and the story ended" USA
Carl Weathersby "In The House - Live at Lucerne, Vol. 5" USA
Down Home Super Trio "In The House - Live at Lucerne, Vol. 6" USA
Otis Clay "In the House - Live at Lucerne Vol. 7" USA
Yanka Kozyr's Orchestra (Demo) Ukraine
Zambosi "To se to hraje..." Czechia
Vincenzo Zitello "Solo" Italy
V/A "Scotland - The Music & The Song - 20 Year Profile of Greentrax" Scotland
V/A "Live at the Cedar: Visionaries" USA
V/A "The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill, Volume I" Scotland
V/A "World Music Instruments: Magic Banjo"  
Jim Malcolm "Tam o'Shanter & Other Tales" Scotland
Various Artists - 3 CDs "Beginners Guide to Scotland" Scotland
The Occasionals "Down to the hall" Scotland
Roger Scannura & Ritmo Flamenco "Noche Flamenco" Canada
Ingrid Henderson "The little Beauty" Scotland
Paroplapi "La Finestra dell'utimo piano - canzoni populari dell'arco latino" Italy
Barry Phillips "Trad" USA
Give Way "Inspired" Scotland
Jenna Cumming "Kintulavig" Scotland
Hemallt "Hin hales harvedrag" Sweden
Malinky "the unseen hours" Scotland
RUSK - Unni Lovlid, Frode Haltli, Vegar Vardal "RUSK II " Norway
Haugaard & Hoirup with guests "Gaes" Denmark
CD Reviews in English - Page 5
Auriko "Auriko" Italy
James Ross "James Ross" Scotland
Steve Byrne "songs from home" Scotland
I Viulan "Live" Italy
Donnie Munro "Heart of America - across the great divide" Scotland
Luca di Volo e Claudia Bombardella "Strumenti di Pace - Livel" Italy
Angus Lyon & Ruaridh Campbell "18 months later" Scotland
Various Artists "Ordinary Angel" Scotland
Stömp "I claim my five pounds" England
Tendachent "la Valle dei Saraceni" Italy
Törf "Olipodrigo" Netherlands
Mariachi dos mundos "El nuevo sonido" Germany
K.C. McKanzie "The widow tries to hide" Germany
Zadik Zecharia "Kurdish melodies on zorna"  
Meg Baird, Helena Espvall and Sharron Kraus "Leaves from off the tree" USA
Simon Mayor (with Hilary James) "Music from a small island" England
YGDRASSIL "Easy sunrise" Netherlands
Jacopo Martini "I nuvoli" Italy
Various artists "Polskie tango" Poland
Artur Rosenbauer "Traumzeiten" Germany
Pivari trio with Compagnia del Maggio Frassinoro "La terra che mi porta" Italy
Inner strength "Meltemi" Netherlands
Yara "Stylescapes" Germany
Aquabella "Kykellia" Germany
Peter Oliva "Postcard from the promised land" USA
Madagascar "Forced march" USA
Revista do samba "Outras bossas"  
Daimohk "Chechen tuness"  
Yinon Muallem "Klezmer for the sultan" Middle East
Roksana Vikaluk "Barwy (absolutely live)" Poland
CD Reviews in English - Page 6
Greg Herriges "It plays me" USA
Various artists "Circo inferno cabaret vol. 2" var
Skonrog "Weadke tar" Denmark
Kitaro "sacred journey of ku-kai 2" Japan
Frank London's klezmer brass all stars "carnival conspiracy" USA
ZUR "sale el sol" Spain
Bantu feat. Ayuba "Fuji satisfaction" Germany
Pam Swam "Dance to your shadow" var
Banda inaudita "Dos" Spain
"Roumanie" Romania
Martin Sommer "Wort & tonschlag" Germany
Gunner Friis "Kalejdoskop" Denmark
Donald McPherson & Tetuzi Akiyama "Vinegar & Rum"  
Lao Kouyate "Porquoi tout ça?" Senegal
Various Artists "Kyzyl-Moscow" Russia
Tumat Choduraa "Belek" Russia
Andrey Mongush & Salgal group "v pocheter" Russia
Starostin & Mario Russia
Ivan Smirnov "The land where slumbers" Russia
Mikhail Smirnov & Ivan Smirnov "Crimean holiday" Russia
Various artists Mosaic of ottoman "Ermeni Bestekarlar 1"" Turkey
Various artists Mosaic of ottoman "Yahudi Bestekarlar" Turkey
Various artists Mosaic of ottoman "Kadin Bestekarlar" Turkey
Ahimsa "what is the nature of spirit" Germnay
Joscho Stephan"Acoustic live" Germany
Pauline Cato "New Tyne Bridge" England
Padraig Rynne "Bye a while" Ireland

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CD-Rezensionen in Deutsch - Seite 1
An Rinn "Coal" Germany
Apparatschik "Aurora" Russia
Ballycotton "Eyla" Austria
Bilwesz "Spring" Germany
Wolfgang Buck "Flusszigeuner" Germany
Liz Carroll & John Doyle "In Play" USA
The Cheeks "Raw Countryside" Germany
Collective Soul "Youth" USA
Paul F. Cowlan "Whispers on the Turning Ground" England
Cruachan "The Morrigan's Call" Ireland
Georg Danzer "Persönlich" Austria
Dragseth Duo "The Promised Shore" Germany
Dreher Bügel "Jadeboob Gump - Can Garriga" Germany
Tommy Emmanuel "Live at Her Majesty's Theatre" (DVD) Australia
Tommy Emmanuel "The Mystery" Australia
Faschings Kuchlradio "Live - Der König von Amstetten" Austria
Fraunhofer Saitenmusik "Klangräume" Germany
Gigi "Gold & Wax" Ethiopia
Die Grenzgänger & Frank Baier "März 1920" Germany
Arlo Guthrie "Live in Sydney" USA
Hiss "10 Jahre Hiss - Live in der Scala" (DVD ) Germany
Heike Kellermann & Wolfgang Rieck "Was solln wir noch beginnen..." Germany
Klaus der Geiger & Salossi "Wer sich nicht wehrt..." Germany
Christine Lavin & Friends "One Meat Ball" USA
Liederjan "Spielen Sie auch Gitarre?" Germany
Liederlicher Unfug "Schlenkerschläuz" Germany
Lou Dalfin "L'oste del diau" Italy
Eleanor McEvoy "Out There" Ireland
Eleanor McEvoy "Non Smoking Single Female" Ireland
Martin Moro "Hambrug" Austria

CD-Rezensionen in Deutsch - Seite 2

David Munnelly "Swing..." Ireland
Munnelly Flaherty Masure "Whenever" Ireland
Minotaurus "Myth or Reality" Germany
NEU2 (Demo) England
Rüdiger Oppermann "Klangwelten - 20 Jahre Dialog der Kulturen" (Buch und CD Set) Germany
Rüdiger Oppermann "Klangwelten World Music Festival 2006" Germany
Ougenweide "Ougenweide / All die weil ich mag" Germany
Ougenweide "Ohrenschmaus / Eulenspiegel" Germany
Rada Synergica "Ajde Ajde!" Germany
Titi Robin "Ces vagues que l'amour soul" France
Schäl Sick Brass Band "Prasti Music" Germany
Schöneweile "Volume 1" Germany
Selamat Jalan "spielt!" Germany
The Brian Setzer Orchestra "Dig That Crazy Christmas" USA
Ilka Siedenburg "Die Bremer Stadtmusikantenr" Germany
Southern Culture on the Skids "Doublewide and Live" USA
Andy Timmons Band "Resolution" US
Vernon Reid & Masque "Other True Self" USA
Urs Karpatz "Tsighindia - Oiseaux de pasage" Romania
Urs Karpatz "Best of" Romania
Hannes Wader "Jahr für Jahr" Germany
Weiherer "Wia Nix - solo/live" Germany
Zartgesottene Melodealer "Gerecht Gelinkt" Germany
Zinnober "An Rathad Ard - The High Road" Germany
V/A "Classic Railroad Songs" USA
V/A "Classic African-American Songs" USA
V/A "Masters of the Old-time Country Autoharp" USA
V/A "Classic Canadian Songs" USA
V/A "Country Music Pioneers on Edison" USA
V/A "Live In Hope: The Wildlife Album 2" var

CD-Rezensionen in Deutsch - Seite 3

V/A "Kinder einer Welt" Germany
V/A "Strange Coincidences in Speciality Tea Trading, Volume II" England/Scotland/Ireland
Emma Härdelin - Katarina Hallberg - Johanna Bölja Hertzberg - Kersti Stabi "Love Letters & Russian Satellites - Songs from Hälsingland" Sweden
Yo-Yo Ma & Silk Road Ensemble "Beyond the Horizon"  
Thomas Fersen "Piece monte des grands jours" France
Johnny Clegg "One life" South Africa
Deux accords diront "Gardadvergur" Belgium

Donna Maria "Tudo e para sempre ..."

Diverse "Amalia revisited" Portugal
Suzanne Ciani "Silver Chip" USA
Draam - Schwedische Bordunmusik Sweden
Svanevit "Gryning" Sweden
Maria Kalaniemi "Bellow Poetry" Finland
Accordeon Tribe "Lunghorn Twist"  
Trio Mio "Pigeon Folk Pieces" Denmark
Poul Lendal "Ynskebarn " Denmark
Diverse "11 Jahre Humba" Germany
Fred Ape und Rudi Mika " Cowboys dürfen das" Germany
Notker Homburger "Nur in Konstanz - Eingeborenenmusik vom Westlichen Bodensee" Germany
Iain Mackay "Ereag an Fhraoic" Scotland
Tantra Belgium
Robbie Overson "Overdue" Ireland
Tre Martelli "Tra Cel e Terra" Italy
Carmelo Salemi "A sud dell'anima" Italy
Ariondassa "In cerca di grane" Sweden
2Raumwohnung "Melancholisch Schön" Germany
Paula Morelenbaum "Berimbaum" Brasil
Sergio Mendes "Timeless" Brasil
Solid Ground "First Flush" Germany
Jim Wilson "A Place In My Heart" USA
Happy Traum "I Walk the Road Again" USA
Donal Hinely "Giants" USA
Smithfield Fair "...swept away" USA
Cora Smyth Breda Smyth" Ireland
Dom Duff "Lagan" France
Kim Sanders with Peter Kennard "Trance'n'Dancin" Australia

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