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FolkWorld CD-Besprechungen

Bei der Suche nach bestimmten Musikern/Bands helfen die FolkWorld Suchmaschine und FROG!

CD Rezensionen in Englisch - Seite 1

Jim Malcolm "Home"


"Musiche Tradizional Furlane - Traditional Music from Friuli-Venezia Region - Italy"


Richard Thompson "The Old Kit Bag"


Simon Barron & Rosalind Brady "Somewhen"


BOOK REVIEW: Cor van Sliedregt "Nederlandse en Vlaamse volksmuziek op oude en nieuwe geluidsdragers/Dutch and Flemish traditional music on old and new recordings"


Dick Gaughan "Prentice Piece"


Levellers "Green Blade Rising"


Levellers "The Wild As Angels EP, Part2"


Jesse Smith "Jigs and Reels"


Feast of Fiddles "live '01"


Feast of Fiddles "live '01 Bonus CD"


Richard Koechli "Blue Celtic Mystery"


Melanie O'Reilly "Aisling Ghéar/Bitter Vision"


Steeleye Span "Present - The Very Best Of..."


Railroad Earth "Bird in a House"


Paul Moran & Fergal Scahill "A Flying Start"


Martin Donnelly "Earthbound"


Glendalough "Along The Shore"


Jeff Talmadge "Gravity, Grace And The Moon"


Claire Mann


Gordan Duncan "Thunderstruck"


Barachois "naturel"

CD Rezensionen in Englisch - Seite 2
The Duhks "Your Daughters & Your Sons" USA
D. Rangers "D. Rangers" USA
John MacLean Allan "Stand Easy" Canada
Brian Kelly "Brian Kelly" Ireland
Pól Mac Adaim "If We Don't Help Them" Ireland
The Paperboys "Tenure" Canada
Kroke "Ten Pieces to Save the World" Poland/Jewish
Harry Bradley "As I Carelessly Did Stray..." Ireland
Ian Smith "Restless Heart" Scotland/Ireland
Bill Jones Band "Live at the Live" England
Tinkers With Talent "Tinkers With Talent" England/New Zealand
From The Waterside "Old Mine Road" Canada
V/A "Songs of Irish Labour" Ireland
V/A "Doolin Point" Ireland
V/A "Legends of the Incredible Lap Steel Guitar" various
Bareley Works "The Big Beat" England
E II "Let's Polkasteady" England
Mike Silver "Solid Silver" England
Máirtín Pheaits Ó Cualáin "Traditional Songs from Connemara" Ireland
Christopher Delaney "Christopher Delaney" Ireland
CD Rezensionen in Englisch - Seite 3
Andrew White "Pray For Rain" Scotland
Robb Johnson: "The Triumph of Hope over Experience" England
Dhalia "Celtic Dreams and Dances" Germany/Celtic
Snakes In Exile: "Merrily Polluted" Belgium/Celtic
Stevie Lawrence: "Standing Alone" Scotland
Vincenzo Zitello: "Et Vice Versa" Italy
Gary Tipping: "Gary Tipping" England
Paddy goes to Holyhead "Red letter days" Germany/Celtic
We nun Henk "RUM" Netherlands
Maxwell street klezmer band " Old roots new world" USA/Klezmer
Bunt " Es echte" Germany
STS " The best of" Germany
Folkcorn "Ghy sotten" - "Jan de Mulder" - "Laet ons den landtman loven" Netherlands
Sois belle " same" Belgium
Aquabella " Nani Dschann" Germany
Various "A Woman's Heart" Ireland
Máire Breatnach "Máire Breatnach" Ireland
Shooglenifty - "The Arms Dealer's Daughter" Scotland
Blackthorn "swift and sloe" Sweden/Irish
Ialma "marmuladas" Belgium/Galicia
CD Rezensionen in Englisch - Seite 4
Diane Zeigler " Paintbrush" USA
Aufwind " Inejem" Germany/Yiddish
Pamela Wyn Shannon " Nature's bride" USA
Various artists " Malunde" Germany/Africa
One riot one ranger " Flat city nights" USA
David Lamotte " Corners " USA
David Lamotte " Good tar; double live" USA
Kieran Goss " Out of my head" Ireland
Steinbacker " Best of" Germany
Vermicelli orchestra " demo" Russia
Dagored " acoustic blues'n roots" Italy
Big city indians " uncle peyote" Germany
Jienat " Daja" Norway/Sami
Ffynnon " Celtic music from Wales" Wales
Elaine Morgan " Shine on" Wales
Dòchas Scotland
Kimmo Pohjonen "Kalmuk" Finland
Broceliande "Broceliande" USA
Lindisfarne "Promenade" England
Various Artists ''The world of Lusafrica'' Africa
CD Rezensionen in Englisch - Seite 5
Alison Brown quartet " Replay" USA
Martin Stephenson " Collectiveforce" England
Cynthia MacLeod "Head Over Heels" Canada
Bohola Ireland
Paul McGrattan "Keelwest" Ireland
Chris Norman Ensemble "The Caledonian Flute" USA/Scotland
The Reel and Soul Association England
Dédale "Face Cachée" France
Jesse Smith "Jigs and Reels" USA/Ireland
Harem Scarem "Let Them Eat Fishcake" Scotland
Andy May "The Yellow Haired Laddie" England
Tommy Peoples "Waiting for a Call" Ireland
Paul Mounsey "City of Walls" Scotland
Josephine Keegan "The Keegan Tunes" (Tune book + CD) Ireland
Oysterband "Rise Above" England
Barahúnda "Al sol de la hierba" Spain
Sari Kaasinen & otawa "reissunainen" Finland
Donal Hinely "We Built A Fire" England
Tarneybackle "Distant Dreams" Scotland
Wendy Weatherby "Two Loves" Scotland
Review Specials in Englisch
T:-)m's Nightshift - Book Reviews: Focus this time on Blues various
Article about the CD: James Scott Skinner "The Strathspey King" Scotland


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