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Claddagh Ripe for Takeover?
Ireland. David Hamill reported in
CD Ireland's newsletter that now also the great independent Claddagh label might get under the realm of an international major. "Claddagh Records has long since been regarded as one of the most important outlets for Irish traditional and folk music and rumour has it that the label is on the verge of a major international deal. Allegedly the label is about to announce a deal with the giant Atlantic Records label. Whether it will involve Atlantic taking over Claddagh or merely licensing product remains to be seen, but with Irish music gaining ground the world over, it would make sense for a major label to acquire an Irish independent and thus have access to their entire catalogue rather than to have to scout for new talent in the country themselves. Interesting developments seem to be afoot."

Kepa Junkera; photo by The Mollis

Spanish Festival in Scenic village
Spain. The III Festival de la Luna Celta is held on the seventh of August 1999. It is in a "very wonderful little village with scenic views, wildlife en Sierra de San Vicente (Toledo)" (says the organizer). The third edition of the festival features: Dervish, Kepa Junkera, Cristina Pato, LLan de Cubel, Alboka, Brenga Astur and the Winner of National Contest Folk Music. Last year there were about 5.000 people at the festival, and it was transmitted by Radio 3 (national station). Sounds like fun! If you like to join the craic, ask
Agustin Moreno for further infos.

Photo: Kepa Junkera; by The Mollis

New Wing for the Stockton's
Ireland. Stockton's Wing, already some 20 years on the Irish folk scene, showed a good choice with their new fiddler Dezi Donnelly. Last year the departure of Maurice Lennon led to a vacancy in the group, and the decision of the band members to recruit fiddler Dezi Donnelly was firmly vindicated with the Manchester based msuician scooping the title as All Ireland Young Traditional Musician Of The Year. Paul Roche, the last remaining member of the original line up has said "he's been a great find". The groups ninth album should be available in early autumn.
Dezi's All Ireland prize includes a recording contract and he will enter the studio in the summer to put his energetic fiddle playing style on record. And further good news awaited as his footballing idol Eric Cantona, formerly of Manchester United, sent him a special note of congratulations on his winning the IR£5000 prize.
Info from the free
CD Ireland newsletter.

La Bottine Souriante; photo by The Mollis

Saint Chartier summer outlook
France. The big French St. Chartier Festival is this year from 10 to 14 July 1999, and they have announced quite a few great guest that make one wish to go there: Patrick Bouffard, Deaf Shepherd, La Bottine Souriante, La Bazanca, and many more. Check St Chartier out at their

Photo: La Bottine Souriante; by The Mollis

Sherbart in trouble
England. Sherbart (Denny Bartley & Chris & Jane Sherburn) report the following bad news: "A backstage burglary the other night robbed us of a lot of stuff including our filofaxes and complete records of business associates' and friends' addresses etc." They ask now anyone who has had reason to contact them and were on their mailing list, to send them an
email with details of name, address, phone, fax, mobile, email address.
"If the thieves read this - we hope the same never happens to you."

Jacky Molard and Xose Manuel Budino; photo by The Mollis Snaphot and other Competition Results
FolkWorld. The competitions of FolkWorld No. 8 were once again successful: The Ambrozijn CDs went to the United States and Northern Germany, while the Snapshot competition was won by a guy from Madrid. The photo, of course, showed Xosé Manuel Budiño & Jacky Molard; it is from the late night club at Glasgow's Celtic Connection 1999. No wonder, that we had this time mainly Spanish participants in the competition...
This time, we have the snapshot competition as well as a
competition where you can win one of five copies of the 1999 Profolk Sampler "Test the Best" with German folk music - this CD is not on sale, and can only be won!

Snapshot - Fun Photo Competition; photo by The Mollis Snapshot - the Fun Photo Competition
Who are the musicians on this snapshot, taken at Tønder Festival '96?
Name us as many names as you can, and WIN 3 CDS at once (of your choice out of a selection of six folk music (promotional) CDs)!!!!
Answers until 05.06.1999 to FolkWorld.
here to read the conditions of FolkWorld competitions.

Three Thirds of Cordelia's Dad
United States. The band formerly known as "io" had to swap its name. The "rock 'n' roll alter ego" of Cordelia's Dad, one of the crop of American folk bands, is currently nameless following a legal settlement with another band called io. Anyway, they still play shows; and until they get a new name, they are calling themselves "three thirds of Cordelia's Dad".
Tour dates at their homepage.

Fureys hit the dancefloor
Finbar Furey; press pic Ireland. It's the most unlikely dance hit of the year, but the dance tune Sweet 19 is already threatening to become one of the dance smashes of 1999. It's the work of French born English based DJ and Producer Shadow Blacque and the dance track samples the 1985 Paul Hardcastle Number 1 hit 19 and the 1981 Furey Brothers and Davey Arthur Irish hit When You Were Sweet Sixteen. Combining the two provides a unique contrast between two songs looking at war from totally different perspectives. The French DJ claims he has been inspired by Celtic music since his girlfriend brought him to see Riverdance and since then he's been listening to and experimenting with tracks from The Fureys, The Dubliners and The Wolfe Tones. (Info from
CD Ireland's newsletter)
Meanwhile, FolkWorld's contributor and Irish Music's editor Sean Laffey went to the launch of Finbar Furey's club-backed new EP "The lonesome boatsman" - you can read the review in this issue!

St. Patrick's Day
United States. Finn MacCool, the American Irish Rock band, have released for St. Patrick's Day a CD single The St. Patrick's Day Song. The last line of the song is what it's all about - "we're more than just a bunch of green-beer chugging leprechauns". This CD single is the highlight of a tradition of Peter and Kathleen McGowan to participate in some type of project "that empasizes the accomplishments of Irish People while battling the all too familiar stereotypes that prevail on March 17th". Over the years, it has been articles and letters "reminding that the Irish are the only ethnic group left in this country (USA) who publicly endure ridicilous stereotyping as a national holiday."
This year's single has the same message, and Finn MacCool hopes to reach as many of the over 50 million American people who caim Irish heritage as possible. You will find more infos on the
Finn MacCool homepage. .

Arctic Paradise
Ursula Laensman of Angelit 1995; photo by The Mollis Finland. Several countries in Europe publish regularly a promotional sampler to attract bigger attention to their folk music culture and bands. The Finnish one is called "Arctic Paradise - Contemporary Finnish Music 1999", and is published by the
Finnish Music Information Centre. 18 titles convince the listener quickly that there is a lot of brill music on offer in Finland. Personal highlights on this sampler are: Maria Kalaniemi, Sari Kaasinen, JPP, Girls of Angeli, Troka, Gjallarhorn and and and. The information on the bands are not found in the CD booklet itself, but in a catalogue "Arctic Paradise", along with whole discographies etc.
Another great promo Sampler, where festivals, press people and other involved parties can make lots of discoveries to find out more about.

Photo: Ursula of the Girls of Angeli/Angelit; by The Mollis

Paper kills off musician by mistake
England. The obituary of Dave Swarbrick had the rest of the media scratching their heads. The obituary of the folk violinist was published in the Daily Telegraph as he recovered in hospital in Coventry after a serious illness. His wife Jill said he had been transferred to a normal ward from an intensive care unit at Walsgrave Hospital after battling with a chest infection.
But she said he saw the funny side after reading his own obituary, quipping: "It's not the first time I have died in Coventry." She added: "He read the obituary and didn't quarrel with any of the spellings or the facts - apart from the obvious. He's trying to see the funny side but it's very upsetting. The phone has been red hot this morning with all the musicians who know him ringing up to find out how he died and to offer their support."
A spokesman for the Telegraph said: "I have spoken to Mrs Swarbrick this morning and apologised to her, and we will be publishing a full apology tomorrow."
The obituary paid tribute to 'Swarb', "a small, dynamic, charismatic figure" who could "electrify an audience with a single frenzied sweep of his bow". Former Fairport Convention colleague Dave Pegg was also inundated with calls. He said: "It is a glowing obituary and Dave will be very pleased with what they have said. But it is unbelievable it has been published now."
BBC; further infos: here.

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