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FolkWorld. This time the news items need more space - because of this, we have decided to have two news pages. The links to aditional news in German language are on the bottom of the
second news page.

Win with FolkWorld!
Ambrozijn, press photo FolkWorld. the first competitions of FolkWorld have been a success (see below!); so we will continue to offer FolkWorld competitions. Upt to now, the chances to win are relatively high - it is well worth to take part!
This time, in FolkWorld's own competitions you can win CDs with highest quality Belgian and Danish Folk Music and in the 'Snapshot' a special selection of 3 CDs. As a resident of Germany additionaly you can win CDs and concert tickets for the St. Patricks Day Celebration Tour from our sponsor Magnetic Music. Good Luck!
here to find a listing of all current FolkWorld competitions.

Australian Guitar Festival
Australia. The 3rd frankston guitar festival takes place in March. Frankston is just a little south east of Melbourne, capital of Victoria, Australia. The artistic director, Bill Dettmar, would love to hear from guitarists from around the world who plan tours to australia at or about the end of march/early april each year to see whether he can fit them into the programme. It doesn't matter what genre, every style of guitar playing is included. Last year they had 10,000 people at the festival, and a good time was had by all. Interested musicians can contact
the artistic director Bill Dettmar.


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Biniou, Photo by The Mollis Cyber Fest Noz
An Tour Tan, the Breton's diaspora web, organizes the first Cyber fest noz in Quimper (Brittany, France), with Bagad Kemper (world of Brittany), Skolvan (new way), Botuha - Guingo (highlandpipe - bombarde), Lalour - Bizien (kan ha diskan) Bagad Beuzeg, Le Gourierec - Le Roux (biniou kozh - bombarde) and the Goa'tech brothers. It can be seen live on the An Tour tan web on 20 th february 1999 at 21h00 (GMT+1); URL:

Celtic Connections
Scotland. Celtic Connections 99, one of the biggest and best folk festivals in the world, had once again to offer many exciting stuff. FolkWorld's editors were there to find out about news on the scene for their readers. A whole bunch of live reviews and features will be found in this and the next FolkWorld issue.

Scottish line-up changes
Anam; photo by The Mollis Scotland. FolkWorld has already reported about line-up changes of diverse Scottish bands; now we have reports of the first stage appearances of these new-looking bands. The Old Blind Dogs have managed it with their new dog-members (Singer, Piper and Percussionist) to stay true to the typical and unique Old Blind Dog Sound. Anam, the Interceltic band from Edinburgh, has created with their new Scottish-Gaelic singer and fiddler a true dream line-up. Meanwhile, Wolfstone have - without their former lead singer Ivan Drever - given away their ace; their magic is gone.
In this issue you can find Live Reviews of
Anam and Old Blind Dogs and of Wolfstone.

ETNIA projects
Portugal. Some more interesting projects are initiated by ETNIA, a folk music coopertive in Portugal. For example, Apelarte is pilot project on multicultural education conceived by ETNIA for the the neighbourhood of Apelacão, a multiethnic community of Gypsies, Africans and Portuguese people in the surroundings of Lisbon. The project is a partnership between ETNIA and the town council of Loures. Though Initially planned to last for a six-month-period, it is now entering a second phanse, for its results have exceeded by far the most optimistic expectations. Possible extensions to other similar neighbourhoods in the Greater Lisbon district are being negotiated at the moment.
Lusofonias is a three-year project for co-operation with all the Portuguese--speaking countries and regions of the world. Ongoing and scheduled activities include gathering and circulation of information, event production, touring co-ordination for traditional/popular musicians, edition/distribution of materials and campaigning to assist artistic and cultural communities in those countries. Initiatives scheduled for the short term include a pilot-project with the islands of S. Tomé e Príncipe (near Gabon) on the fields of traditional string music, literature and visual arts, and the organisation of an encounter/workshop for choreographers and percussionists from all the lusophone countries (in co--operation with the African traditional dance company kilandukilu - Angola).
Finally, Sólidó (Lusophone Music Circuit) is a new one-year project to promote internationally new or unknown musicians from the lusophone world. Festivals and organisations interested in the bands included in the initiative can get travel support through it. The project is co-ordinated by ETNIA and managed by OCARINA (an independent Portuguese touring agency specialised in traditional/world music).
More infos at
ETNIA's homepage or by e-mail.

Leipzig Folk!
Strassentanz in Leipzig; photo by The Mollis Germany/Leipzig. Traditionally, Leipzig hosts in spring two recommendable festivals. The Straßenmusikfestival Leipzig is a big busking festival. Now ten years old (people say of the first one that it's been the finale rehearsal for the GDR revolution which let to the reunification), it takes place from 25th to 27th June 1999. The festival is known for its friendly atmosphere and spontaneous action. Any musican who likes to join the Leipzig craic is welcome; invitations can be ordered at the
Homepage of the Straßenmusikfestival or by e-mail from Frank Jagusch.
A real institution in the German folk/ceilidh dance scene is the Leipziger Tanzhausfest, a big international ceilidh festival with ceilidh dance evenings, workshops, dance programmes for children etc. The atmosphere is great, young enthuastic dancers come from all over the place. This year, the Tanzhausfest has invited ceilidh bands from Telemark/Norway, Edinburgh/Scotland, Spain, Slovaki and Germany. The festival takes place from 13.-16.05.1999; infos either by e-mail or from the Tanzhausfest website.

Danny Kyle News
Scotland. Danny Kyle, who has passed away last summer, still produces news. Danny Kyle's Open Stage, already a legendary institution, has found a revival on this year's Celtic Connections Festival, and will now be (re-) introduced at several other Scottish festivals. Danny's second album and first CD has come out recently, reports from Tribute concerts were sent. The Danny Kyle Corner, presented by FolkWorld, has quite a few of such new features. Anybody who has known Danny, or like to be introduced to him, is invited to visit
Danny's Corner and smile there in memory of the great wee man.

Danny Banner; photo by The Mollis

Grashalm call it a day
Germany. This spring, the band Grashalm from Palatinate cease. GRASHALM began in the end of the 70s; during the years they have developped their very own folk rock style, much influenced by their own Palatinate roots. Highlights in the band history include appearances at festivals in Dublin and Lorient. After more than 21 years they call it a day.
The last concert of GRASHALM will take place in May in Ludwigshafen. (Infos from
Peter Braun)

World Music Radio in the net
Internet/USA. The St. Louis Community Radio (KDHX FM 88.1) has a very broad and comprehensive world music programme, and announces that it is now available worldwide via the internet at Some of the shows are: "Ireland In America/Celtic", "Folks of the World/various world folk music", "Music from the Hills/Eastern European folk music", "Reggae Zone", "Jam Africana". The mailing address is: 3504 Magnolia Ave., St. Louis, Missouri 63118, U.S.A. E-mail Tony Renner, the music director.

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