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Turas - Virtual Ireland in Music

Turas - Virtual Ireland in Music

Artist Video "Turas - Virtual Ireland in Music", DVD, Whinstone, 2021

Fintan Vallely

Artist Video Fintan Vallely @ FROG

Based on the content of the encyclopedia Companion to Irish Traditional Music edited by Fintan Vallely,[27][47] 700 images of people and places on the 2-hours-long audio-visual Turas DVD tell the story of traditional Irish music, exploring the island county by county and linking it to towns and places.[75]

The accompanying music is expressed in solos, duets and ensemble playing, featuring Fintan Vallely (flute), Gerry O'Connor (fiddle), Tiarnán Ó Duinnchinn (pipes), Seamus O'Kane (bodhrán), as well as dancer Sibéal Davitt and singers Máire Ní Choilm, Karan Casey, Róisín White and Róisín Chambers.

The cue is taken from the 1832 painting Snap Apple Night by Daniel Maclise, employing only instruments shown in the painting (the tambourine used is a replica made by Seamus) and performing only tunes being played at the time, in particular collected by Canon James Goodman as Tunes of the Munster Pipers in the 1860s.[75]

From The Belfast Lasses to The Boys of Wexford, performance and photography merge to show that this is a vital music with a strong historical continuity and widespread contemporary practice among all age-groups.

Tiarnán Ó Duinnchinn


Gerry O'Connor

Co. Antrim

Music: 'Molly St. George', 'The Belfast Lasses', 'The Boys of Belfast', 'The Antrim Lasses'

Artists: Edward Bunting, John Rea, James McMahon, Jim McKillop, Sean Maguire, Donal O'Connor,[59] John McSherry,[59] Meabh O'Hare, Kate O'Brien, Deirdre Havlin,[6] Len Graham,[52] ...

Things of Interest: Belfast Harpers' Assembly, 1792, Giant's Causeway, Drumbest Bronze Horns, Dunluce Castle, Glenoe Waterfall, The Dark Hedges, Armoy

Bibliography: O'Dwyer 'Prehistoric Music of Ireland',[31] Fox 'Annals of the Irish Harpers', Hasting 'With Fife & Drum', Holmes 'Here I Am Amongst You', Dowling 'Traditional Music and Irish Society', Carson 'Last Night's Fun', ...

Jim McKillop

Prehistoric Music of Ireland

John McSherry

Co. Armagh

Music: 'Úirchill a' Chreagáin', 'The Sweets of May', 'The Curlews', 'Splendid Isolation'

Artists: Patrick Quin, the Armagh Harper, Brian & Eithne Vallely,[61] Ciaran Carson, Niall Vallely,[31] Brendan McGlinchey,[77] Caoimhin Vallely,[63] Paidraigin Ni Uallachain,[73] Robin Morton,[77] Roisin White, The Armagh Rhymers,[72] ...

Things of Interest: Loughnashade Trumpet, Navan Fort, Armagh Pipers' Club, William Kennedy Piping Festival[68]

Discography: Josephine Keegan 'Lifeswork: The Compositions of Josephine Keegan'

Bibliography: 'By Dobbin's Flowery Vale', Houlahan 'The Irish Drum', Keegan 'A Drop in the Ocean', 'The Keegan Tunes',[32][33] Vallely 'Malfunction Junction',[56] Uallachain 'A Hidden Ulster', ...

Brian & Eithne Vallely

Niall Vallely

Armagh Rhymers

Photo Credits: (1),(4) Turas, (2) Fintan Vallely, (3) Tiarnán Ó Duinnchinn, (5) Gerry O'Connor, (6) Len Graham, (7) Jim McKillop, (8) O'Dwyer 'Prehistoric Music of Ireland', (9) John McSherry, (10) Brendan McGlinchey, (11) Brian & Eithne Vallely, (13) The Armagh Rhymers, (unknown/website); (12) Niall Vallely (by Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup).

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