FolkWorld #75 07/2021
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Musical Vaccination on the Way

Ben Sands

Artist Video Ben Sands @ FROG

Hello again from Newry, Co Down, Ireland. A year of Home Concerts!

Almost exactly one year ago, I “broadcast” my first “Home Concert” from my home in Newry, County Down, Ireland! Apart from a few wonderful “LIVE” concerts in Germany last Autumn, these Home Concerts have been my only way to say and sing “Hello” to the outside world since the arrival of Covid-19.

Regular “viewers” will be well aware of my occasional moments of stress (and total confusion!) from Internet and equipment challenges! In fact, I sometimes think that some people look in just to see what might go wrong technically: and they are rarely disappointed! Anyway, I very much enjoy performing these concerts! With all their drawbacks, they are a great way for me to keep in touch with music friends all over the world – and, in the current Corona situation, they are the ONLY way!

We look forward with enthusiasm to a time when travel, concerts and festivals are once again “normal” activities – hopefully sooner rather than later! I have recently been given Dose no. 1 of “The Vaccine”. A strange feeling. Various combinations of unknown (to me!) chemical substances - forced into my poor arm at needle-point - are now coursing through my veins, hopefully helping to ward off the very real danger of being infected with the Covid-19 Virus. Probably better to not think too much about it!

But good to know that other wonderful things also course through all of our veins, including faith and hope, love and friendship, happiness and MUSIC – and, hopefully - the occasional drop of blood! So, another “vaccination” of Songs, Music and Craic is coming your way...

Stay healthy and strong! See you soon! All the best, Ben

Photo Credits: (1) Ben Sands (unknown/website).

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