FolkWorld #72 07/2020

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A.K. & the Brotherhood "Oh Sedona!" (CD, Paraply Records, 2020). 2017's Swedish Country Music Champions, founded by Växjö-based singer-songwriter-guitarist Alo Karlsson, plays a particular blend of country and rock music. Watch "For the Long Run"!

Ciaran Algar "#ciaranscoronacollabs" (Video, 2020). "Over the last 40 days of my daily collaboration videos, I’ve seen a lot of comments about how you’ve been discovering new artists that you may not have come across before, but are now fans of. That’s exactly what I hoped for when I started this project - a sort of audience sharing that could benefit everyone involved." (Ciaran Algar)[66] For example, watch "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding" (ft. Findlay Napier), "He Fades Away" (ft. Paul McKenna), "God or Union" (ft. Greg Russell), "Falling Slowly" (ft. David Hunter, Ruth Owens, Giles Deacon).

Nicholas Altobelli (with Karyna Micaela) "Look Out the Window" (Video, 2020). "This is such a strange time and I didn't know exactly what to do or how to respond. The only way I know how to deal with anything is through music. I wrote "Look Out the Window" a few years ago about being isolated while the world fell apart. Well... seems pretty fitting these days." (Nicholas Altobelli)

American Aquarium "Me + Mine (Lamentations)" (Video, 2020). "I wanted to write a song for the forgotten majority here in America. The working middle class was the backbone on which this country was built upon. However, the last thirty years has not been kind to the middle class. Countless broken promises from the left and right have left the middle class desperate for a change. This song, this album is about the things that break us as human beings and the ways we dig deep to find a way to make it to tomorrow, knowing that tomorrow could be worse." (American Aquarium) Watch "Me + Mine (Lamentations)"!

Nels Andrews "Pigeon and the Crow" (CD, Own label, 2020). Now living in California, Nels Andrews is assessing life's mid-game, a time that is less straightforward than youth imagined, where our strategies and gambits are yet unresolved. Produced by Irish flutist Nuala Kennedy,[60] "Pigeon and the Crow" boasts a mix of traditional players from her past along with some guest appearances by Andrews' fellow songsmiths Anaïs Mitchell and Anthony Da Costa. Watch the "Pigeon and The Crow" Trailer!


Kris Angelis "Misplaced Hope" (Video, 2020). This torch I've been holding has all but burned out / The light has been swallowed by the shadow of doubt / Under ash it’s still hot, it melted my soles / Now my shoes are stuck there and my feet have gone cold / Oh my love, don’t be afraid / All hope is not lost, it’s just been misplaced... "Misplaced Hope" is Kris Angelis' entry into the 2020 Tiny Desk Contest, "which I hope brings people some comfort in this unbelievable time we are currently living through."

Annamay "Out Of Reach" (Single, 2020); "Om Hon Hade Vetat" (Single, 2020). Anna-Maria Ejrup, a.k.a. Annamay, is a singer-songwriter and engineer based in Stockholm, Sweden. 2020 sees her transforming from a solo studio act to an artist supported by a full brandnew folk-country-rock band.

Paul Armfield "I'm Not Here", "You" (Single/Video, 2020). Paul Armfield[59] is relieved to be finally announcing the launch of the first single from the forthcoming album "Domestic": "The song 'I'm Not Here' was written just over a year ago at a time that I was yearning for a bit of self isolation having spent a few years in a very public role, at the time the world outside my door was tearing itself apart over Brexit so I was more than happy to turn off social media and hibernate for a while. When lock-down came, I was well practiced!" See also the second single, 'You', filmed and recorded live in 4 locations during lockdown - in Cowes on the Isle of Wight (Paul), from two separate premises in Stuttgart Germany (Johann Polzer and Max Braun), and in the hills or Emilia Romagna in Italy (Giulio Cantore).

The Ashels "Circus Terra" (CD, Appel Rekords, 2020). Flemish folk veterans The Ashels mash up everthing they get a hold of - traditional ditties from all over the place up to Baroque pieces. The instrumentals are ok, the vocals a bit poor though. Check out the Circus Terra Teaser!

Aulaga Folk "Animas" (Video, 2020). "Animas" is a song taken from the 20th anniversary album by Extremadura's folk-rock band Aulaga Folk, entitled "Como siempre lo hemos hecho" (As we have always done it).[71]

The Avett Brothers "We Americans" (Video, 2020). I grew up with reverence for the red white and blue / Spoke of God and liberty reciting the pledge of allegiance / Learned love of country from my own family / Some shivered and prayed approaching the beaches of Normandy / ... / A misnamed people and a kidnapped race / Laws may change but we can't erase the scares of the nation / Of children devalued and disavowed / Displaced by greed and the arrogance of manifest destiny / ... / I am a son of uncle Sam and I struggle to understand the good and evil / But I'm doing the best I can in a place built on stolen land with stolen people / ... / God will you keep us wherever we go / Will you forgive us for where we've been? / ... Watch "We Americans"!

Balsam Range "Richest Man" (Single, Mountain Home Music Company, 2020). Says Buddy Melton, fiddler and vocalist of North Carolina quintet Balsam Range: “Who has not thought about being the Richest Man? The old saying ‘You can’t take it with you’ comes to mind when I hear ‘Richest Man’ and the theme resonates throughout the song as it states ‘we’re all going out the same way that we came in…with nothing. So why in the world are we always worried about nothing, for nothing?’” Watch "Richest Man" Sneak Peek!

The Barefoot Movement "At the End of the Day" (Video, 2020). Nashville-based group The Barefoot Movement has been heralded lately as “one of the most promising bands on the bluegrass scene.” The Barefoot Movement is comprised of fiddler Noah Wall, guitarist Alex Conerly, mandolinist Tommy Norris, double bassist Katie Blomarz. Watch the third single from their EP "Rise & Fly" written by Noah Wall, "At the End of the Day"!

Barnill Brothers "a better place" (CD, Trad Records, 2020). Barnill Brothers is a Brussels-based duo of singer-songwriters, namely math teachers Barnabé Deliens and Ruben Hillewaere letting go of all kinds of rational thoughts to set free their emotional state. Watch "Carry Me Home" (Live Session)!

Luca Bassanese "Passerà (It Will Pass)" (Video, 2020). Broadcasting with an accordion and a guitar from his living room in Padova, the European Capital of Volunteering, Luca Bassanese's message is: stay strong, healthy, creative and positive and stay home. “It will pass… I don’t know when and how, but you’ll see… it will pass!” Watch “Passerà” (It Will Pass)!

Beans on Toast "Chessington World of Adventures", "Glastonbury Weekend" (Video, 2020). Beans On Toast is the stage name of English folk singer Jay McAllister: "I've always written about current events, and with the world now changing so fast I've been writing more than ever. Unfortunately, I found it impossible not to write a song about the political sh**show and the clowns in charge." Watch "Chessington World of Adventures", and “What are we going to do Glastonbury Weekend?”!

Lamia Bedioui & Solis Barki "Fin'amor Live" (Video, 2020). Fin'amor [71] is an expression used by medieval troubadours meaning perfect love and denoting the constant search for the ideal. Vocalist Lamia Bedioui and percussionist Solis Barki carry this concept from the 13th into the 21st century. Watch "Fin'amor" live at the 54th Dimitria Festival 2019, and Live at World Music Day 2020!

Paul Benoit "Lost Days Long Nights" (CD, Zebadiah Records, 2019). Seattle singer-songwriter-guitarist Paul Benoit has created a travelogue in the form of moody folk rock songs. The title track has been written on a rooftop in a small village in Peru reflecting on a troubadour's life on the road and all those missed opportunities. Watch "Lost Days Long Nights"!

Brooke Benson "I am the Sun" (EP, Own label, 2019). Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Brooke Benson began in theatre and later progressed to spoken word poetry. Her debut EP features poetic lyrics and hip hop beats combined with jazz and bluegrass elements. Watch "I am the Sun"!

Dan Bern "Quarantine Me" (CD, Kababa Music, 2020). "The craziness continues. We are all trying to stay creative and connected. Stay calm and breathe. Let's keep singing." (Dan Bern)[58] There’s a new album on Bandcamp, “Quarantine Me”; proceeds will go to various causes, including MusiCares.

Pete Bernhard "Harmony Ascension Division" (CD, Kahn Records, 2020). "One positive aspect of the quarantine is that I finally found the time to pull this project together. It’s a stripped down album dedicated to all my friends both present and those who are no longer with us. In these strange times nothing seems more important to me than friendship." Pete Bernhard's solo album has been released on The Devil Makes Three's[62] own record label, recorded in Vermont, self produced and self released. 100% independent, homegrown music.

Kuljit Bhamra & Davide Giovannini featuring The Villiers Quartet "Spiders Tango" (CD, Keda Records, 2020). "Spiders" Tango is a collaboration between British-Indian tabla player Kuljit Bhamra, a pioneer of the worldwide Bhangra phenomenon, Italian drummer Davide Giovannini and London's Villiers Quartet, creating percussion-led grooves and polyrhythms that will take you on a journey over deserts to lost temples and hidden caves. Watch "Spiders Tango" & "Aerial Roots"!

"Manez eta Kobreak" (CD, Own label, 2018). Thierry Biscary (a.k.a Manez) is a Basque songwriter, who had been part of the Kalakan trio[58] about a decade ago and has released his debut solo album, "Manez eta Kobreak," accompanied by vocals and brass of the Kobreak ensemble. Check it out @ BandCamp! Watch "Zapetagilea" (live Iruña 2018)!

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Joe Bonamassa "A New Day Now - 20th Anniversary Edition" (CD, Mascot Label Group, 2000/2020). Twenty years ago, blues-rocker Joe Bonamassa took the music world by storm when he released his debut solo album "A New Day Yesterday." As time has gone by, Joe's vocal style has changed enormously. He's grown from an adolescent shouter to a mature and soulful singer. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of "A New Day Yesterday," Joe wanted to re-do all vocals without losing the original feel of the record. Watch "Cradle Rock" & "Color and Shape"!

Bonny Light Horseman "Bonny Light Horseman" (CD, Own label, 2020). Individually Anaïs Mitchell, Eric D Johnson and Josh Kaufman are already spectacular, but together as Bonny Light Horseman, they're a force. The trio came together to fly the banner of the timeless qualities of traditional tunes that can carry us across oceans and eons and link us not only to the past but to each other as well. Watch "The Roving", "Deep In Love" & "Jane Jane"!

Ben Bostick "Among the Faceless Crowd" (CD, Simply Fantastic Music, 2020). After a decade in Los Angeles, outsider country songwriter Ben Bostick settled in rural Georgia to raise children in an easier environment. In contrast to his high-energy sophomore release Hellfire (2018), his third album started out as a bedroom record: “This album is the sad cousin of Hellfire. Whereas Hellfire was about pent up rage blowing up into a furious night of drinking, fighting, and bad decisions, Among the Faceless Crowd is the hangover. It’s the daily grind, the repetition and quiet desperation of life among the faceless crowd.”

Boxin' The Vox "Seven White Horses" (CD, Own label, 2020). Dutch folk duo Boxin’ The Vox is comprising of David Plasmeijer (banjo, lute) and Anne-Lotte Paymans (guitar), the box on this album is David Munnelly's.[69] "Seven White Horses" features 10 original songs – from the catchy pub song about "The Whiskey War" between Canada and Denmark to the dead-serious remembrance of the paratroopers jumping into Normandy on the "Day of Days" in 1944. "An Ísiltír", the Irish word for the Netherlands, relates why we love to go to Ireland, but always come back home to the lowlands of Holland. Watch "Mr Alzheimer" (Live)!

Jackson Browne "Peace Divine" (Video, 2020). If I could save but one LP from the fire... it would not be Dylan, or Springsteen, or Baez, or Pavarotti, or Sinatra, or Pink Floyd, or the Hot Club de Paris, or The Watersons, or Bob Marley, or Scott Walker singing the songs of Jacques Brel, or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, or Dire Straits, or Steve Goodman... but it would be Jackson Browne's unforgettable third album... Late For The Sky... And weirdly, 44 years later, he has hardly changed... whereas I... Fascinating that the great Jackson Browne should choose this moment of maximum danger to release this video. “Peace Divine” was almost designed for days like these when we are daily wondering "if Death should call our number"... - TTFN, David "Dai" Woosnam

Guy Buttery & Kanada Narahari "Sonokota" (Video, 2020); Guy Buttery "The Farm Demos" (CD/Download, Own label, 2020). South African musician Guy Buttery[60] and Indian sitar master Kanada Narahari have released the first video from their collaborative album "Nāḍī", "Sonokota". Guy also just released "The Farm Demos," a companion release to his self-titled 2016 record featuring pre-production demos, out-takes, alternate mixes and unreleased tracks. Check out the Bandcamp exclusive release, Bandcamp has been "incredibly supportive of their artists during the wild times that are COVID-19 season."

"Fil and Tom Facebook live 1st June 2020" (Video, 2020). "The regular Monday night Rostrevor Folk Club at Crawfords Bar is something many of us are missing - seeing all the regulars who meet there and gather in the collective experience of an up close and personal live concert with great names from the Irish and UK folk scene. And for those of you who've never been there, as well as the music, there's a lovely supper at the break provided by Seth and his team at the Rostrevor Inn - another something to look forward to. Unfortunately it may be a while before we can gather like that in person so for now the folk club is going digital. And we are delighted to be the first artists on the new online concert programme." Watch Fil Campbell[67] and Tom McFarland[72] playing a short home concert, 1st June 2020.

Caitlin Canty "One Red Rose" (Video, 2020). Caitlin Canty played a few songs for a Vermont COVID-19 relief show, including "One Red Rose" by John Prine: "This is the first Prine song I fell for. He left us a treasure trove of songs and a road map of how to be a good person. My heart goes out to his family and band."[72]

Jo Carley and The Old Dry Skulls "Live in Lockdown May 2020" (Video, 2020). Just in case any Ghouls and Girls missed The Old Dry Skulls' 'Live in Lockdown' video, here's the link to re-watch: Jo and Tim Carley, live in their living room! Five songs from the new album they are working on during lockdown, and a creepy classic from the ‘Them Old Bones’ album.[66]

"Mary Chapin Carpenter on ‘Songs from Home’ and a new album as a tonic for the times" (Video, 2020). Five-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Mary Chapin Carpenter[65] was featured on PBS NewsHour performing new music and speaking about life during quarantine and her “Songs From Home” virtual concert series. The forthcoming album, “The Dirt And The Stars,” will be available in August.

"Katy Carr performs for Merseyside Polonia and Polish Heritage Days during lockdown 16th May 2020" (Video, 2020). Katy Carr was delighted to perform a special concert for Merseyside Polonia. The event was part of the Virtual Polish Heritage Days, an annual festival celebrating the Polish contribution to the cultural, economic and social life of the UK.

Jud Caswell "Live at the Seagull Shop" (CD, Own label, 2020). A live album of the US singer/songwriter Jud Caswell from Maine. Many of the songs are his own, but there are also a few appealing Celtic trad songs. This is a great and entertaining recording, capturing the warm vocals and engaging solo arrangements, the musician’s wit as well as the intimate atmosphere of a live gig. Watch Jud Caswell Live From Home!

The Celtic Social Club "Pauper's Funeral" (Single/Video, Kitchen Disco Records, 2020). I'm not scared and I won't cry because I can't afford to die ... CSC's latest single is dedicated to the likes of Van Gogh, Kafka, Melville, Thoreau, Wilde, Poe, who all kicked the bucket flat-broke and empty-handed. Watch "Pauper's Funeral"!

Ceòl an Aire "Doubles" (EP, Own label, 2020). "Doubles" is a powerful EP from Scottish sextet Ceòl an Aire, based in Oban on the west coast of Scotland. Think of arresting vocals, add an infectious piano accordion, two Highland pipers and a rock-inspired drum and bass section. Watch "Revive"!

Chatham County Line "Strange Fascination" (CD, Yep Roc Records, 2020). Twenty years into Chatham County Line's[61] career, their ninth studio album "Strange Fascination" marks a turning point in their steady evolution, serving as both the final release with co-founding banjo player Chandler Holt and the first to feature drums on every track. Watch "Station to Station" (At A Safe Distance Video), featuring special guest Animal on drums!

Che Apalache "24 de marzo (Día de la Memoria)" (Video, 2020); Joe Troop "Purdy Little Rainbows", "A Plea to the US Government to Fully Fund the Postal Service" (Video, 2020). The Day of Remembrance, March 24, recalls Argentina's US-backed military coup, an important issue for Pau Barjau, banjo player in Che Apalache,[71] whose uncle "disappeared" during this time. Watch "24 de marzo (Día de la Memoria)" and read Pau's Essay! Che Apalache bandleader Joe Troop is pleading to register to vote in order to fight Donald Trump's discriminatory acts against the LGBTQ community; check out "Purdy Little Rainbows" @ BandCamp & YouTube! He is also pleading to support the US Postal Service who is under fire (The Nation ); check out "A Plea to the US Government to Fully Fund the Postal Service" @ BandCamp & YouTube!

Delfina Cheb "Doce milongas de amor y un tango desesperado" (CD, Casa Limón America, 2020). At the prestigious Berklee College Of Music, Delfina Cheb explored folk music from different parts of the world as well as jazz. Watch "La Milonguera"!

Chickenbone Slim "Sleeper" (CD, Lo Fi Mob Records, 2020). Adhering to classic blues norms, Chickenbone's third all-original album "Sleeper" explores various interpretations of modern blues and society, mixing West Coast swing and Chicago and Delta blues. Check out Chickenbone's EPK!

Clara Rose with Special Guest Elizabeth Monahan "Travelling Soul" (EP, Own label, 2020). Clara Rose Monahan is an Irish singer-songwriter. Her latest EP is a departure from her customary gritty blues and a lyric approach to her Irish folk roots, inspired by the landscape and spirit of Achill Island in general and its connection with 16th century pirate queen Gráinne Mhaol in particular. The EP features four original songs and the cowboy song "Red River Valley" (the latter with Clara's mother Elizabeth Monahan on lead vocals). Watch the music video for the title track, "Travelling Soul"!

Greg Copeland "The Tango Bar" (CD, Paraply Records, 2020). The cover photo shows Copeland at the age of 22 with his then-wife and two strangers who happened to be passing by. He is now the same age as those men, namely 74, so for him the photo is like a kind of time travel and the album is a summary of a musical career in the Americana genre reluctantly emerging from the shadow of his longtime friend Jackson Browne.

Corde Oblique "The Moon is a Dry Bone" (CD, The Stones of Naples, 2020). Italian neofolk band Corde Oblique are happy to show videos of songs from their latest album "The Moon is a Dry Bone"! Watch "Temporary Peace" (Anathema cover done Corde Oblique style), "Le torri di Maddaloni" (ft. ex Irfan singer Denitza Seraphim ), "Le Grandi Anime" (using scenes of the 1999 Pushkin picturisation "Onegin").

Nuno Côrte-Real "Cante" (CD, Odradek Records, 2020). "Cante" is a collection of 26 traditional folk songs and dances from the Portuguese city of Serpa in the Alentejo province, arranged by composer and conductor Nuno Côrte-Real, sung by the classical choir Coro Ricercare and accompanied by the Ensemble Darcos. The selection is based on "Cancioneiro de Serpa" (The Songbook of Serpa), songs, poems and stories collected by author Maria Rita Ortigão Pinto Cortez during her life in Serpa. Videos: The Making of "Cante"! Portrait of Nuno Côrte-Real!

Ben de la Cour "Shadow Land" (CD, Flour Sack Cape Records, 2020). “I figured everyone comes to Nashville to make records," says Ben de la Cour, "for better or worse I don't get that excited about doing what everyone else seems to be doing. So I went up to Canada in the middle of winter to make a record with a bunch of people I'd never met in my life. We recorded almost the whole thing live, vocals included. I wanted to have fun. In an evil way." Watch "From Now On" & "Valley of the Moon"!

Coyote Brother "Coyote Brother" (CD, Piasa Recordings & Green Canoe Music, 2019). Two Milwaukee musicians come together to form a band after sharing the stage off and on for 15 years. Watch "Dharma Blues" (Live at the Stoughton Opera House 2019)!

Steve Crawford and Spider MacKenzie "Celticana" (CD, Own label, 2020). After the ceilidh comes the whisky and the blues! Aberdeen's Steve Crawford plays in Ballad of Crows,[59] Le Clou[71] and a duo with fiddler Sabrina Palm.[70] Now he teamed up with harmonica player Spider MacKenzie for lush Celtic Americana. Watch "Socks No Shoes" & "Over The Hill" (Austin City Jam's, September 2018)!

CrossBow "Ascend" (CD, Own label, 2018). Founded in a small music practice room in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2011, CrossBow never expected to showcase their traditional Irish music much beyond campus hallways and local pubs. However, this quirky group generated a following and soon ventured to share their music throughout much of the Midwest. By incorporating pop, rock and folk sounds into their set, CrossBow delivers a distinct, eclectic vibe. Watch Crossbow Winter Retreat!

Darlin’ Brando "Also Too..." (CD, Own label, 2020). Darlin’ Brando is the pseudonym of singer-songwriter and drummer Brandon Goldstein: "I really enjoy two-stepping and wanted an album that people could two-step to and that would play well in any honky-tonk bar." Watch "The Old Man and the Kid" (live and acoustic)!

Darlingside "Hold Your Head Up High" (Video, 2020). Socially distant but emotionally near, Boston based indie folk band Darlingside are convening virtually and plowing forth slowly but surely with the album they were partway through when the lockdown began. Looking very much forward to coming back together, here’s a “live from quarantine” video, "Hold Your Head Up High" (Distantly Social Sessions), made for the Club Passim Emergency Artist Relief Fund.

Dedicated Men of Zion "Can't Turn Me Around" (Video, 2020). When Music Maker[69] met guitar maker Freeman Vines[72] back in 2015 no one could've imagined his hidden musical world of Eastern North Carolina. Freeman introduced his sisters, The Glorifying Vines, performing Sacred Soul since 1952. This legacy lives on through the Dedicated Men of Zion, led by Anthony 'Amp' Daniels who is the son of original Glorifying Vines members Dorothy and Johnny Ray Daniels. Watch a live performance of the title track off of the debut album, "Can't Turn Me Around"! Learn more about the Dedicated Men of Zion @ Music Maker!

The Deep Dark Woods "Broadside Ballads Vol. II" (EP, Own label, 2020). Originally from Saskatchewan and now based on the west coast, The Deep Dark Woods fuse spooky prairie folk with Texas country blues and California psychedelia, even if tackling old Broadside Ballads such as "Geordie", "Rosin the Beau" or "Wondrous Love". Check out "Broadside Ballads Vol. II" @ BandCamp!

John Devine "A Dad's Song" (Single, Own label, 2020). "A Dad's Song" is the first release from the forthcoming "Boy on the Bus" album by singer-songwriter John Devine, featuring fiddler James Patrick Gavin[68] and Seamus O'Rourke's poem "What kind of an Eegit are ya". It is an almost 10 minute roller coaster ride, examining a father-son-relationship, broaching issues such as lack of support and dementia, embracinging traditional Irish and gospel music. Check it out @ John's BandCamp page!

Dreamers' Circus "Blue White Gold" (CD, Vertical Records, 2020). The fourth studio recording marks the tenth anniversary of Danish/Swedish roots trio Dreamers' Circus.[52] Nikolaj Busk (piano, accordion), Rune Tonsgaard Sorensen (fiddle) and Ale Carr (cittern) are defying genre conventions with their particular blend of folk, classical and jazz music. Watch the happy-go-lucky "The World Was Waiting", featuring a cast of fans who responded to the band's call to whistle for us for a better future during the Covid-19 lockdown!

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Bob Dylan "Rough and Rowdy Ways" (CD, Columbia, 2020). I sing songs of experience like William Blake, I drive fast cars but I don't eat fast foods, I'm a man of contradictions... Bob Dylan's[45] 39th studio recording is his first album of original songs in eight years, rough and rowdy and among his best. The album was preceded by the singles "Murder Most Foul", "I Contain Multitudes" and "False Prophet"!

Steve Earle "Times Like These" (Video, 2020). Steve Earle[56] released an acoustic version of a new song, "Times Like These," a full-band rendition is supposed to drop in August: “This is a song I wrote for a moment at the beginning of the Trumpian nightmare that I planned on releasing closer to the election, but I reckon its time has come today.” Read the back-story, stream "Times Like These" (Acoustic Version)!

ElectroBluesSociety feat Karin Roerdink "You Know I'm No Good" (Digital Single, KuvVer Records, 2020); ElectroBluesSociety feat Michel Peters "Hoochie Coochie Man" (Single, KuvVer Records, 2020); ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis "Chicago Blues Covers" (EP, KuvVer Records, 2020). KuvVer Records is a sub label from Black and Tan Records, specially created to release cover versions of well known songs. Dutch experimental electro blues duo ElectroBluesSociety did a cover of a famous Amy Winehouse song, "You Know I'm No Good", and a Muddy Waters classic, "Hoochie Coochie Man". During Boo Boo Davis' 2018 European tour, he went in the studio and recorded 7 Chicago blues classics, afterwards adding a little electro blues. Check out "Chicago Blues Covers".

Luke Elliot "The Big Wind" (Video, 2020). “Oddly enough, I wrote "The Big Wind" about a catastrophe. The Night of the Big Wind, as it’s referred to, was a European storm that killed hundreds in Ireland. It occurred on the Feast of the Epiphany, which naturally adds to the mythology. Many believed that the end of the world was near - judgement day had arrived. The storm, for many, was a religious symbol of God´s wrath. If you look at what's happening now with COVID-19, the parallels are uncanny. The fear that this is the "end of times" is becoming part of our social fabric. I think that the video also paints a picture of beauty. In disaster, we also find hope. The environment needed a break, many of us are spending more time with our families, we are seeing the unnecessary importance placed on money, neighbors are lending helping hands; we are looking out for one another. This crisis is affording us all the ability to spend some time reflecting on our choices, and on how we want to proceed. I hope we hold on to that.” - Luke Elliot

Scott Ellison "Skyline Drive" (CD, Red Parlor Record, 2020). Oklahoma native and singer-songwriter-guitarist Scott Ellison has been on the blues-rock scene for over 30 years, known for his raspy voice and top-notch guitar playing. Check out Scott Ellison Making a Scene!

Erodoto Project & Mirò String trio "Mythos - Metamorphosis" (CD, Cultural Bridge, 2020). This is the third chapter of an epic musical journey dedicated to the myths of the Mediterranean, turning ancient Roman poet Ovid's narrative poem chronicling the history of the world, "Metamorphoses", into both sophisticated and touching jazz pieses with a Mediterranean feeling. Check out YouTube playlist!

Kent Finlay "I've Written Some Life" (CD, Eight 30 Records/Aimless Records, 1995/2020. Legendary Texas music figure Kent Finlay[59] recorded his long, lost debut album "I've Written Some Life" in 1995 with Todd Snider and his Nervous Wrecks in Memphis, Tennessee. “We're so excited to to finally release Dad's masterpiece,” says Kent's daughter Jenni Finlay. “Dad's dying wish was to put this record out. He would be so proud to know it's finally being released.” Todd Snider says, “In my opinion these songs rank with Guy and Townes, Prine and Kristofferson, Billy Joe Shaver and Shel Silverstein, anyone else we call poet.” Check it out @ BandCamp!

Fireside Collective "Bring It On Home" (Video, 2020). While the world stays home in an effort to slow the pandemic, progressive bluegrass group Fireside Collective from Asheville, North Carolina, is giving listeners music to lift them up in this trying time. The latest single from Fireside Collective's album, Elements, "Bring It On Home" is a funky demonstration of what can be done with bluegrass instrumentation outside the genre’s conventions.

Dom Flemons "Prospect Hill: The American Songster Omnibus" (CD, Omnivore Recordings, 2014/2020). Since co-founding the Carolina Chocolate Drops in 2005,[35] Dom Flemons[66] has conducted a scholarly exploration of American roots music, earning himself the nickname The American Songster. Now, his seminal album "Prospect Hill" has been repackaged and reissued in a deluxe edition, including the original 14 tracks and rare and unreleased material. All along, Flemons re-released the song "Too Long (I've Been Gone)", a gentle acoustic lament from the perspective of a road-weary musician.

John Fogerty + Family "Tiny Desk (Home) Concert" (Video, 2020). Welcome to Fogerty's Factory, the tricked-out basement where the Fogerty Family (John, his sons Tyler and Shane, and his daughter Kelsy) make music in these quarantined times. He plays CCR classics surrounded by family and sending out words of encouragement. Watch John Fogerty + Family: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert!

For Lua "Bruises" (Single/Video, 2020). "Bruises" is a breathy elegy to love lost from a Stockholm based indie folk trio comprised of Malin Wiklund, Gustav Sverin and Johannes Hörngren.

Dori Freeman "Heavenly Sunlight" (EP, Own label, 2020). "People like me who work in any sort of gig economy are going to take a hard hit. The music industry has been pummeled. We’ve got savings and will make it through, but it’s going to be challenging for us all. I very strongly urge those of you who can afford it to support your favorite artists and creatives right now by buying their music, merchandise, artwork, etc. Share the love, not the germs." (Dori Freeman) Purchase Dori's gospel EP, "Heavenly Sunlight", performed by The Blue Hens, the duo she formed with her husband Nicholas Falk.

The Furious Seasons "La Fonda" (CD, Stonegarden, 2020). The Furious Seasons are a folk-pop trio trying to create complex soundscapes with their finite possibilities of guitar, bass and percussion. "La Fonda" is a song cycle inspired by singer-songwriter David Steinhart having lost a best friend to the ravages of drink: “This album feels a lot more traditional to me. The subject matter made me want to write more folky and roots sounding chord structures.” Watch "As a Matter of Fact"! Listen @ BandCamp!

Iona Fyfe "The Internationale", "Mill o' Tifty's Annie"; The Auldeners "Rain & Snow", "Dark Turn of Mind" (Video, 2020). Iona Fyfe[67] had 80+ shows cancelled and moved her work online. Some online streams are still avalaible on her Facebook page for rewatching on demand. She also wrote an article in Scots offering her observations about lockdown from a musical perspective. Watch her performing a version of "The Internationale" and "Mill o' Tifty's Annie" (Child #233). Iona's new trio The Auldeners (ft. Ellen Gira and Callum-Morton Teng) offers interpretations from folk to jazz and back. Watch "Rain & Snow" and Gillian Welch's "Dark Turn of Mind"!

Abbie Gardner "I'd Rather Be", "The Weight" (Video, 2020). Dobro player and singer Abbie Gardner feels great doing online concerts, and tips have kept her afloat. Shows are available on her Facebook page under "videos". Watch "I'd Rather Be" and her part in "The Weight". Abbie also managed to make a Grief & Healing Playlist of songs that might help with whatever one may be going through, including some that have helped her in hard times.

Thomas Aaron Garlow "Waterfalls" (CD, Windsong, 2020). It's the waterfalls in life, love, family, nature and history that shape Garlow's musical output, whether chronicling the 2006 Sago Mine disaster in West Virginia or lamenting his brother and others suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Watch "Waterfalls": "It speaks to the idea that everyone needs some higher power to be whole."

Mary Gauthier "Live Passim Stream" (Video, 2020). Tour dates have been postponed, however, Mary Gauthier[49] and Jaimee Harris have been performing a live streaming show to benefit Club Passim, a great folk music venue that's been around for over 60 years in Harvard Sq in Cambridge (Massachusetts). See also Long Haul Paul below!

German CD Review

Pete Gavin "Stay In and Stay Alive" (Video, 2020). In April, slide-guitarist Pete Gavin gave a balcony concert in his place of residence Berlin. One of the songs is relating to the Corona pandemic, "Stay In and Stay Alive"!

Eliza Gilkyson "6 - 5 - 2020", "Peace in Our Hearts" (Video, 2020). "It has been disappointing to not be able to tour my new record 2020 when it was designed to motivate and inspire during a critical election year. But the Coronavirus puts things in a whole other perspective. And while I remain focused on making sure we can and will be able to vote come November, I also want to perform music for my friends as a way of reaching out and staying connected in a more communal way. We need to stay sane, grounded and hopeful, aware of each other and our vulnerabilities as well as our strengths. With that in mind I will be performing a weekly Facebook show with various themes drawing from my 50 years of making music, my 20+ record catalog and beyond." (Eliza Gilkyson)[67] For example, check out some favorite songs that have never really seen the light-of-day in her touring sets. Watch also her most recent video for "Peace in Our Hearts", a new singalong in the folk tradition.

Ben Glover "The Shelter Sessions" (Video, 2020). "We are in the midst of a great storm, the waves will hit hard and knock us off our feet for an unknown time, but every storm moves on eventually. As well as good health here is my wish and hope for you: May you know kindness, may kindness know you..." Ben Glover[49] started "The Shelter Sessions" twice a week live on his Facebook page.

ThE Golden Age "Weirdo" (Video, 2020). "Well of course we had to get in skin tight green screen suits with our mandos and banjos in hand to make the Official music video for Weirdo It simply had to be done. We're all so busy trying to fit in with this flat-lined mundane mediocrity that people call "beauty" or "cool" or the worst of em all "normal" that we sometimes forget the fact that all that stuff is really so isolating and divisive. It's high time we celebrate our obscurities and nuances. What a world it would be if no one had to spend another day weighed down by the shame of a side-eyed glance because they see the world through a slightly different turn of the kaleidoscope." (Bryan Simpson & Matt Menefee) Watch "Weirdo" from their brand new debut album "I'm Sure It'll Be Fine"!

Tomislav Goluban "Memphis Light" (CD, Spona, 2020). Croatian harmonica player Tomislav Goluban's forthcoming studio album, "Memphis Light," is a sequel of sorts to his previous album "Chicago Rambler." As suggested by the album title, he took a trip to the Home of the Blues to record in Memphis, Tennessee. Watch album trailer! Read about Tomislav Making a Scene!

Kristen Grainger & True North "Ghost Tattoo" (CD, Own label, 2020). “You can't really sing until you've had your heart good and broken,” Kristen says Grainger. “The same goes for writing -- until you've been humbled, taken down by life, you don't have much to say. I think that's why I didn't start writing songs until my 30s -- I didn't have anything to say.” She has a lot to say now, dressed in contemporary folk and bluegrass labelled Pacific Northwest Americana. Watch "Tattooed Love Song"!

Gravel & Grace "Bringing The Blues" (CD, Own label, 2020). Seven-piece outfit Gravel & Grace, fronted by seventeen-year-old Ava Grace Merchant and blues veteran Big Earl Matthews, have already taken California's Central Valley by storm with their cutting-edge Blues and R&B.

Gunther Brown "Heartache & Roses" (CD, Own label, 2020). Gunther Brown is an Americana roots rock quintet comprised of veterans of Portland/Maine's active roots music scene. Their third album's opening line, "Ain't Been A Good Year", sets the tone for 11 songs born of failures and disappointment and only the occasional hint of optimism. Watch "Unlearned" & "New Man"!

Guo Gan, Zoumana Tereta, Richard Bourreau "Saba Sounds" (CD, Felmay, 2020). Saba means number three in the Bamana language; three string players from three different cultures - violin, erhu and sokou - are united on a modal and pentatonic journey from the sub-Saharan desert to the Chinese mountains. Watch Guo Gan, Zoumana Tereta & Richard Bourreau!

Rachel Hair "Harp at Home" (Video, 2020). Rachel Hair[70] is pleased to report that some things are going ahead, in a new form, and that several festivals are taking their courses and concerts online. Covid meant that she won’t be able to teach workshops this summer, but she set up an online harp workshop series - Harp at Home. Rachel has also been invited to be part of CLUB 18 (guess where the name comes from), a truly exclusive club for only a select few trad musicians, current members include Ron Jappy, Ruaridh Macmillan, Ryan Murphy, Ross Couper, Ryan Young and Ross Miller...

Kieran Halpin "The Looking Back Concerts" (Video, 2020). "As we’re all aware at the moment we live in very difficult and dangerous times. Nobody seems to really know what the future holds. Many people are short of money with jobs lost and businesses closing. Musicians have also been hit very hard by the spread of this Corona Virus. All venues, clubs and pubs are now closed and will remain so for some undefined time so musicians have limited avenues available in which to earn a living. As most of you will be aware many have taken to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to broadcast live concerts from their homes. To this end we will also be broadcasting three concerts..." (Kieran Halpin)[64] Watch the Looking Back Concert Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

German CD Review

Hansan "Nattflykt" (CD, Makaki Music, 2020). Hansan is a Swedish/German duo (vocals and cello) with roots in folk, jazz and chamber music. Their self-composed songs Hansan draw inspiration from Nordic nature and mystic, but also cover more difficult subjects such as the me-too movement ("Hej Då") and immigration ("Sjung Min Lilla Näktergal"). Watch the official videos: "Sjung min lilla näktergal", "Du Du Du", "Sommarland"!

John Wesley Harding "Community Coronation Covers" (Stream, 2020). What started with Facebook friends and fans listing artists they would like to cover Wesley Stace[49] a.k.a. John Wesley Harding’s vast catalog of songs, became a reality with the creation of the Community Coronation Covers Project. These are “bespoke covers: requested by a single person, and hand delivered, as it were, to that person. The object of was first to blow the mind of whoever made the suggestion, and then to blow the minds of any fans of the performing artists whom they never thought they would hear sing this song or perhaps any other of my songs: handmade custom-built quarantainment.” Listen to Community Coronation Covers, ft. Gary Louris (Jayhawks), Josh Ritter, Rosanne Cash, Eric Bazilian (Hooters), and many more! This fall will see the release of John Wesley Harding's “lost" album, The Man With No Shadow, which Disney-owned Mammoth Records pulled the plug on just weeks before its release in 2002.

Stephanie Hatfield "Out This Fell" (CD, Free Box Music, 2002). Stephanie Hatfield's fourth studio album is an indie folk pop offering that spins an assortment of almost epic tales. Watch "Gone Gone Gone" & "Never Go Away"!

Andrew Hawkey "Long Story Short" (CD, Mole Lodge Records, 2020). 77 year old British singer-songwriter Andrew Hawkey is reflecting his concerns in a small-band Americana vein. As Andrew reflects, “For me, age brings with it the urgent imperative to create something lasting and meaningful while there’s still time; and with the evidence of climate change all around, the ever-growing shared sense of potential finality is palpable … hence the deliberate double meaning of the album’s title.”

The Hedgerow Folk "Never A Day" (Single/Video, 2020). "We're so pumped to share a new video with you for our upcoming single "Never A Day". The Lord's timing in bringing this song to life feels so intentional. There is much fear in our world right now, and rightly so. But what a sweet assurance to know that Jesus' blood covers even our fears. We pray that "Never A Day" reminds you during this season of uncertainty that you are never alone, and fear doesn't get the final word." (The Hedgerow Folk) Watch "Never A Day": Lyric Video, Acoustic!

Deborah Henriksson "Breakers' Roar" (EP, Own label, 2020). Deborah Henriksson[55] likes her pop music flavoured with Celtic folk and world music. "Breakers' Roar" was inspired by the rocky shores of the Oregon coast, the fantastic shapes worn into the rocks became the lyrics. It's a song about memories, they mold you, but you can leave those that no longer serve behind. The EP includes the original 2017 version, an acoustic and an instrumental version. Watch "Breakers' Roar" (Lyric Video)!

John and Lilly Hiatt "Through Your Hands", "Walking Proof" (Video, 2020). Who better to celebrate Father's Day than father-daughter duo, John and Lilly Hiatt,[70] in the Ryman Auditorium for CBS This Morning. Watch "Through Your Hands" & "Walking Proof"! John Hiatt has released more than 20 studio albums and his songs have been covered by such artists as Bob Dylan, B.B. King and Bonnie Raitt. His daughter Lilly has gone on to record four albums of her own.

Highway Women "Shake The Dust" (Single/Video, 2020). "The inspiration for Shake The Dust is a phrase mentioned many times in the bible, speaking on leaving the negative behind and going on to something better. I want people to be inspired by the song and know that no matter what happens in life, if you pick yourself up and carry on forward it will all be alright." All-female country group The Highway Women (Amanda Pruitt, Kristen Kae, Drew Haley and Heather Harper) get ready to shake the dust...

Anya Hinkle "Road Of The Winds" (Single/Video, Organic Records, 2020). A founding member of Dehlia Low and Tellico,[69] "Road Of The Winds" is Anya Hinkle's first single under her own name, and alternating moody verses with a singable chorus capture the raw honesty of her personal songwriting. “It takes tremendous courage and faith to believe that we can grow to become the person we were meant to be, doing the work we are meant to be doing. We are embarking on a great journey with each sunrise, with each day we are alive. This song helps me feel free to move ahead in new directions with boldness and conviction even though I don’t exactly know where it will all lead.” Watch "Road Of The Winds"!

Steve Howell, Dan Sumner & Jason Weinheimer "Long Ago" (CD, Out of the Past Music, 2020). “I am a lover of American music from the first half of the 20th century. I like it rural, urban, country blues, traditional jazz, Appalachian music, R&B and rock ‘n’ roll. I love it all.“ East Texas fingerstyle guitarist and vocalist Steve Howell[59] continues his creative run on his ninth album, “Long Ago,” collaborating with songwriter-bassist Jason Weinheimer and jazz guitarist Dan Sumner to produce a trio recording that includes both timeless jazz standards and hidden gems from the past. Check out Steve Howell's YouTube Channel & !

Martin Hrbáč & Musica Folklorica "Majstr" (CD, Indies Scope, 2019). Martin Hrbáč, still an active singer and prime violinist of the Horňácko region, is an outstanding folk song performer even at the age of eighty. The proof of this is the album "Majstr" (i.e. Master), which was recorded in cooperation with Musica Folklorica.[47] Watch "V tom velickém širém poli"!

Eric Hughes Band "Postcard from Beale Street" (CD, Endless Blues Records, 2020). Greetings from Memphis, Tennessee! Eric Hughes has played more than 4,000 shows on its famous Beale Street. He lets you hear what Memphis Blues sounded like yesterday and sounds like today. Watch "He's Just An Alley Cat" & "Ain't Whipped Yet"!

The Irish Rovers "Saints and Sinners" (CD, Rover Records, 2020). According to the folk rock group's name, they are Irish and they are roving around. Indeed, they are, though their Farewell Tour started more than two years ago but gets renewed on a regular basis. Their latest album features songs about saints and sinners, sailors and lovers. There even is an Irish reggae, so the album may be consumed either with a pint of Guinness or a glass of Jamaica Sunrise. Check out the "Saints and Sinners" sing-a-long with lyrics, listen to the "Saints and Sinners" album @ BandCamp!

Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires "Only Children" (Video, 2020). Jason Isbell dropped by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (temporarily known as the Daily Social Distancing Show), and Noah inquired how Isbell's life personally has changed and how the impact of COVID-19 is being felt in the music industry. Watch Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires performing “Only Children” off of his latest album "Reunions" from their barn in Tennessee!

iyatraQuartet "Break the Dawn" (CD, Own label, 2020). London-based iyatraQuartet take their name from a Hindi word meaning travel or pilgrimage, with their latest album being inspired by English poetry, Indian ragas and Arabic love songs. Check out iyatra's East West fusion @ BandCamp Watch "Break the Dawn" live premiere, "Black Seas", inspired by Poet Laureate John Masefield's "Sea-Fever", "Bhairav", based on an early morning raga from North India exploring the gradual first light and break of dawn.

Sarah Jarosz "World On The Ground" (CD, Rounder Records, 2020). »I recognize what a truly difficult time these past weeks and months have been for so many, and I haven’t been sure if releasing this record right now was the right thing to do. But ultimately, I think we all need music now more than ever, and I hope that these songs can bring a glimmer of comfort and light to your day.« (Sarah Jarosz) Watch an "at-home" performance of "Orange and Blue" (ft. John Leventhal)!

The Jimmys "Write a Hit" (Video, 2020). "I don't know what I can say that hasn't already been said about this crazy time we are living through, except: stay sane, help one another, be well and support artists when you are able." The Jimmys are excited to share their brand new video for. Check out "Write a Hit" ft. Marcia Ball on vocals. Available on the Jimmys' CD "Gotta Have It".[71]

Michael Johnathon "Legacy" (CD, Poet Man Records, 2020). The nine-minute title track Legacy" is an original song, with original lyrics and original music, but an obvious reminder of another famous song; Michael Johnathon calls it the American Pie of the 21st century: Bill Monroe, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Hip Hop, and thecollapse of the record industry as we knew it. Check out "Legacy" (Lyric Video)!

Robb Johnson "Ordinary Giants" (Video, 2020). "I find all this screenwork fries my eyeballs & gives me a headache, so looking forward to talking to real people again – but obviously, this is nothing to grumble about compared with our brothers & sisters in the hospitals. Obviously, gigs are cancelled for the foreseeable, & meanwhile I will bung stuff up on Fartbook & YouTube. I don't like downloads at the best of times - but as these are the worst of times, I suppose you have to make compromises." (Robb)[71] There are some new songs, usually on Facebook and in the “Pandemic Songs” section on YouTube, and a lovely solo performance of "Ordinary Giants". He also contributed an essay to the PM Press “We Only Have Each Other” blog.

Judah & the Lion "Beautiful Anyway" (Single/Video, 2020). Nashville based alternative folk band Judah & the Lion, comprised of Judah Akers (vocals, guitar), Brian Macdonald (mandolin) and Nate Zuercher (banjo), hope that their new non-album single can encourage you and lift your spirits. Check out "Beautiful Anyway" (Official Lyric Video, Acoustic)!

Si Kahn "Best of the Rest" (CD, Strictly Country Records, 2019). To celebrate the 75th birthday of the Americana / country singer-songwriter Si Kahn,[69] his record label issued a five CD Box consisting of his five albums recorded in Europe over the last 25 years. This is a companion album to the box set, for which Si Khan picked his favourite 20 songs from those five albums. A fitting tribute to this famed singer songwriter.  Watch WoodSongs Live Stream 972: Celebrating folk icon Si Kahn!

Ruston Kelly "Brave", "Rubber" (Video, 2020). "Brave is a sword song. Writing it made me feel armed to face my lesser self. Because becoming a better version of myself requires taking account of the painful missteps along the way and fighting the anguish of facing them. And to ultimately (and hopefully) come out better than who I was before. Taller and stronger. This is the highest achievement a human being can hope for, everything else is secondary." (Ruston Kelly) Watch "Brave" as well as "Rubber" (from the forthcoming album "Shape & Destroy")!

"Snafu by Alias Wayne" (EP, Own label, 2020); Freestyle "Legacy Collection 1" (EP, Own label, 2020). Ranzel X Kendrick is a singer/songwriter offering a particular pop rock folk groove in his three-part "Texas Trilogy".[71] "Snafu by Alias Wayne" introduces his alter ego persona embracing his enjoyment of jazz rock and blues. "Freestyle" is the first of three EP’s of formerly unreleased songs.

Seth Kibel "Mi Shebeirach", "Daydream" (Video, 2020). "These are undoubtedly trying times for all of us. Yes, we're fine. In fact, we're probably better than most. I'm fortunate enough to have a spouse with a steady job (and health insurance!) and my kids are dealing with this crisis with a level of maturity that far exceeds that of my own. Fortunately, folks in the creative industries are nothing if not creative... Now, go wash your hands and don't come near me!" (Seth Kibel) Watch "Mi Shebeirach" by Cantor Ben Ellerin with Becky Mann & Seth Kibel, and "Daydream" by Seth & Will Kibel with underwater photography by Robert E. Miller.

German CD Review

Angélique Kidjo "Pata Pata" (Video, 2020). The official music video of UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Angélique Kidjo’s[64] Pata Pata is a fresh take on Miriam Makeba’s[38] 1967 hit song. Once called the “world’s most defiantly joyful song”, Pata Pata has been re-recorded by Kidjo to spread information about COVID-19, with a focus on hundreds of millions of people in remote communities around the world. Watch "Pata Pata"!

Kíla "Lock Up Live Show" (Video, 2020). The Lock-Up Live stage in a warehouse in Wicklow is the brain-child of Tom Skerritt, Noel and John Vickers and many others providing the best sound and best light at many shows around Ireland. Kíla [67] started the "Lock Up Live Show". It is hoped to have concerts running all summer (see The High Kings).[54]

Greg Klyma "Coffee and Weed" (Video, 2020). The latest Greg Klyma video has been made entirely during social distancing, featuring Greg (in Boston on guitar and vocals), Melanie Brulee (in Toronto on backing vocals), Guy Forsyth (in Austin on the saw), and Ed Croft (on upright bass in Buffalo, NY). Watch the country waltz "Coffee and Weed", track #1 on "C&W".[71]

Peter Knight's Gigspanner Big Band "Natural Invention" (CD, Own label, 2020). For forty years, Peter Knight had been the fiddle player with Steeleye Span;[70] since 2009 he fronts his own Gigspanner outfit with the Big Band being the expanded version featuring Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin (Edgelarks) and John Spiers (Bellowhead). Best known live, their debut studio album is blending traditional British folk songs and tunes with eclectic folk and jazz arrangements. Watch "Awake Awake"!

Korjen "Sabur" (CD, Indies Scope, 2019). Sparkling, both gentle and wild female vocals intertwine in unconventional melodies driven ahead by disturbing, throbbing rhythms. Three singers from Bosnia, Poland and Slovakia cooperate with musicians from different parts of the Czech Republic and create fresh modern arrangements for traditional Slavic and other European songs. Check out "Sabur"!

German CD Review

Chris Kramer "Corona Roads" (Video, 2020). "When we lack the words to express what touches us deeply, music is the only way to try to do just that. Being a musician I am sitting at home at the moment and follow the news. One tries to adjust to the new situation and I am deeply saddend when I see all these images. Anyone who has already had to bury a loved one knows how great such a loss can be. To see now how many people die every day in Italy shocks me. The fact that relatives can no longer even say good-bye to their loved ones in person is so infinitely sad that I am at a loss for words. Where words are missing the music begins to speak. Here is my attempt to express my commiseration for this situation through music. All income that I generate through Corona Roads goes to the worldwide operating organization Doctors Without Borders. Be save and stay well. Your, Chris Kramer"[66]

KyoShinDo "Taiko Do - Echo of the Soul" (CD, ARC Music, 2020). Italian taiko percussionists KyoShinDo, taught by masters Kurumaya Masaaki and Joji Hirota, bring a unique approach to the Japanese drumming tradition. They are also experts in karate, which they incorporate into this already spectacular performance art. Watch the KyoShinDo Live Demo Reel!

La Banda Morisca "Gitana Mora" (CD, Producciones Monfíes, 2020). La Banda Morisca[60] is made up of musicians of different backgrounds evoking the cultural heritage of Al Andalus in the contemporary music of Spain, the Maghreb and the Middle East. Watch "Gitana Mora", "Rumba Morisca"/a>, "Romance de la Amada"!

La Llamas "Bread and Jam" (CD, Own label, 2020). La Llamas are two Scottish musicians and singer/songwriters: Paddy Buchanan and the former Old Blind Dogs percussionist Davy Cattanach. La Llamas’ debut features newly composed songs in an Americana and Country style, featuring guitars, banjo and percussion - sometimes philosophical, sometimes cynical and sometime humorous. Watch La Llama (Official Video)!

Lisa Lambe "Juniper" (CD, Blue Élan Records, 2020). Ex-Celtic Woman Lisa Lambe describes the eleven songs as “a love letter to nature”, written in Connemara and recorded in Donegal but vocalised in a universal and contemporary language. Watch "Juniper" & "Holding Back The Tide" (Isolation Videos ft. Steve Wickham, Éamonn DeBarra, ...), "Dust and Sand", "Hunter's Moon", "Tiny Devotions" & "Vision in Grey"!

Lankum "NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert" (Video, 2020). Paste Magazine listed Dublin folk group Lankum[67] among the 13 Irish Acts You Need to Know in 2020. Cormac MacDiarmada, Radie Peat and brothers Ian and Daragh Lynch combine elements of traditional Irish sounds and their own sonic ideas. Their ethereal four-part harmonies are best experienced live, but thankfully we have the next best thing: their NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert!

The Lasses "The Tide (Live at Studio Trad)" (Video, 2020). "The first online concert was very different from the real thing, but it was great to see so many people from all over the world at the same time! So we are going to do it again... " Meanwhile watch The Lasses[71] playing an intimate concert at Studio Trad in Belgium. Hosts Jeroen Geerinck and Ward Dhoore made this video of "The Tide" (Live at Studio Trad).

Matt Lazenby "Sweet Dreams of Life" (EP, Sweet Death Records, 2020). "The songs are currently making sense in new and unanticipated ways. Their preoccupations with death, mourning and feelings of isolation are resonating more than ever in the current climate, while the ancient tradition of passing down songs is acting as a reminder that the humanity finds ways to traverse the difficult moments of life." Montreal based, English born singer-songwriter Matt Lazenby offers four newly recorded traditional British songs about love, violence and death ("In short, these songs are about life."), interpreted in Matt's peculiar sparse and minimalistic style. Watch "Sweet England" @ YouTube! Check out more @ BandCamp!

The Legendary Ingramettes "Grandma's Hands" (Video, 2020). So sad to see the news of Bill Withers' untimely passing. African-American gospel quartet The Legendary Ingramettes just put out a powerful cover of his classic "Grandma's Hands." The song deeply reminded bandleader Almeta Ingram-Miller of her own grandmother, who worked in the cotton and tobacco fields of Georgia, and she actually wrote a new final verse. Watch "Grandma's Hands"! Hear The Legendary Ingramettes speak about the meaning of "Grandma's Hands" (Richmond Folk Festival 2018)!

The Lil Smokies "Tornillo" (CD, United Interests, 2020). The Lil Smokies come from the Hub of Five Valleys, i.e. Missoula in western Montana. Their third studio album, "Tornillo," comprises pure bluegrass at its centre but draws influences from blues and pop music as well. Watch "The City", "Might As Well", "Wheel On The Water" (Live)!

Michael Logen "When You Can't Hold Someone" (Video, 2020). "It's so strange to be separated from each other at a time like this. I've been deeply moved by images of people holding up signs outside hospital windows to let their loved ones know they're still with them. There will be many wonderful reunions when this is all over." (Michael Logen) Watch a song from lockdown, "When You Can't Hold Someone"!

Louisiana's LeRoux "One of Those Days" (CD, Own label, 2020). Their 1978 press release read, "LeRoux takes its name from the Cajun French term for the thick and hearty gravy base that's used to make a gumbo." Their musical gumbo blends Bourbon Street and the Bayou into a spicy Southern rock and blues sound. Watch the title track, "One Of Those Days"! Check out Jim Odom of Louisiana's LeRoux Making a Scene!

Ruby Lovett "It's A Hard Life" (CD, Puff Bunny Records, 2019). Ruby Lovett is pure country music from the cotton and magnolia fields of Mississippi. Her music is as real as she is, full of honest emotion and real life situations, sung with unaffected grace and power.

Ľudová hudba Pokošovci "2" (CD, Tradana, 2019). The music of the Romani band Ľudová hudba Pokošovci represents the commingling of the Roma and Slovak communities in the Horehronie region (i.e. the upper Hron River valley and the surrounding Low Tatra mountain ranges). There are joyful dance songs to accompany the čardaš or koleso, and doleful ballads about soldiers and lumberjacks sung at wakes and weddings for generations. Watch Ľudová hudba Pokošovci @ World Music Festival Bratislava 2019!

Susanne Lundeng "Hold dæ på vingan" (CD, Heilo/Grappa, 2020). "Hold dæ på vingan" displays fiddler Susanne Lundeng's[46] desire to set aside the limitations of traditional music from Northern Norway. Though her strings are still in the main focus, she showcases a tight trio performance substantiated by Nils-Olav Johansen's jazz guitar and Erik Nylander's ethnic percussion.

Carrington MacDuffie "I'm the One" (EP, Pointy Head Records, 2020). Indie singer/songwriter Carrington MacDuffie is an explorer inspired by her dad's record collection including Alpert, Beethoven and Dylan. Watch "I'm the One" (Official Lyric Video, Lockdown, Unplugged)!

Mandolin Orange "Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theater" (Download, 2020). "The upending of the touring world solidified to us just what a vital art form the live show is for us personally," say North Carolina duo Mandolin Orange[61] "the interaction with the crowd, the improvisation, the eye contact, the luck of catching a performance of a tune that outdoes its album version. The night we loaded this show into protools and started listening, we were maybe three weeks into stay-at-home orders. Spirits weren’t exactly high, but we found ourselves suddenly grinning and dancing around the basement, transported to a time of purpose and connection and inspiration. Thank you for creating a world in which we could play this show. Now close your eyes, grab a beverage and take a trip back (or forward?) in time with us." Check out "Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theater" @ BandCamp!

Tom Mank & Sera Smolen "We Still Know How to Love" (CD, Own label, 2020). Singer/songwriter Tom Mank and cellist Sera Smolen have been performing and writing music together since 1994, contrasting eloquent cello improvisation with poetic lyrics. Watch "We Still Know How to Love" (Live)!

Federico Marchesano "Atalante" (CD, Felmay, 2020). The new musical project of Italian double bass player Federico Marchesano and bass clarinetist Louis Sclavis is embracing minimalistic and psychedelic jazz and drawing desolate and intimate soundscapes. Just as Jean Vigo’s surrealistic movie did, in which The Atalante shipped along the French river network. Watch "Atalante" live at Albenga Jazz Festival 2019!

Long Haul Paul "Mercy Now" (Video, 2020). Many of you know Michele Gazich, my violin player who lives in Bergamo, Italy. Michele lives in the red zone of the COVID-19 virus in Northern Italy. His stories are factual, heart wrenching and necessary: Long Haul truck drivers are still working. They are out there on the highways right now hauling emergency medical supplies like masks, ventilators, soap, and raw materials that help manufactures build those things -- paper, plastic, alcohol. Grocery shelves must be restocked. Folks everywhere need more toilet paper. (March 21st) My friend "Long Haul Paul" Marhoefer is one of those truck drivers. Paul recorded this cover of "Mercy Now" after reading Michele's Facebook post about Father Giuseppe Beradelli, the 72 year old priest who gave a respirator (that his parishioners had purchased for him) to a younger patient and passed away. May God Bless Father Beradelli and have Mercy on us all. ~ Mary Gauthier (See above!)

Cash McCall "One Who's Got A Lot" (Digital Single/Video, Nola Blue Records, 2020). Inspired by his guitar work, Jim Koeppel wrote "One Who's Got A Lot" specifically for Cash McCall.[69] Unearthed from studio work in 2014/2015, the single has been released in celebration of what would have been the late McCall's 79th birthday, Watch "One Who's Got A Lot" {Official Lyric Video}!

Ed McGinley "Tangled Roots & Twisted Tales" (CD, Sonic Justice, 2019). Ed McGinley, one-time singer-songwriter-guitarist with late 80s/early 90s The Dixons, steps out into the limelight again on his own with a new collection, seven original songs and interpretations of songs by Tim Hardin, Hank Williams and Bill Fay, giving it an urban treatment. Check it out @ BandCamp!

"Legendary Tips and Guitar Tricks with Don McLean" (Video, 2020). Don McLean [58] continues to be creative, even in times of quarantine. He took to his iPhone and made a 30 minute video showcasing unique tips and techniques on playing the guitar, songwriting and live performances. Watch Legendary Tips and Guitar Tricks with Don McLean!

Ciarán McLoughlin "Close to the Arms of the Sun" (EP, Own label, 2020). Singer-guitarist Ciarán McLoughlin from the Irish Co. Westmeath is introducing himself with four original tracks, showcasing soulful songwriting and highly skilled guitar picking. He is seemingly deeply rooted in the Irish tradition, but embraces influences from bluegrass, blues and rock, citing himself trailblazers as different as John Doyle and Mark Knopfler. Watch Ciarán McLoughlin @ The Virtual Purple Sessions!

Luc McNally "Night Off" (CD, Own label, 2020). Luc's debut solo album is a celebration of a complete lack of Nights Off since reaching twice the finals of the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year Award in 2018 and 2019, respectively.[67][71] It showcases an open mind and a particular flatpicking style promising to have a stake in Scotland's musical future. Watch Luc McNally @ BBC Radio Scotland 2019 ("Aye?/Mother's Delight/The Inspection Platform")! Check out "Night Off" @ BandCamp!

Kirsty Merryn "Our Bright Night" (CD, Own label, 2020). Singer-songwriter Kirsty Merryn arrived on the scene with an arresting folk album relating to inspirational women through history.[64] She afterwards supported Show of Hands on their Cathedrals & Churches tour and opened for Richard Thompson at the Sidmouth Festival. Kirsty's sophomore release is an intimate affair placing vocals and piano in the centre. Check out YouTube trailer & BandCamp!

Micke & Lefty feat Chef "Let The Fire Lead" (CD, Hokahey Records, 2020). Finnish bluesmen Micke Bjorklif and Lefty Leppänen are celebrating the 20 years anniversary of their acoustic power blues and roots music. Watch their cover of Willie Dixon's "Tell That Woman"!

Mile Twelve "Roll The Tapes All Night Long" (EP, Own label, 2020). Boston-based quintet Mile Twelve combines a modern indie aesthetic with bluegrass instrumental skills. They have been busy last winter working on some special collaborations. Check out "Bad Debt" (ft. Rachel Baiman) & "Long Done Gone" (ft. Tony Trischka, Michael Daves & Jacob Jolliff)! With their new 6 song EP of covers, “Roll The Tapes All Night Long”, they are also putting emphasis on collaborative storytelling, with the help of guest artists Billy Strings, Bruce Molsky, Chris Eldridge and Brittany Haas. Watch Roll the Tapes All Night Long: Track by Track with David Benedict!

The Milk Carton Kids "Sad Songs Quarantine Hour" (Video, 2020). Episode 8 of The Milk Carton Kids' "Sad Songs Quarantine Hour" sees the two chatting with Rosanne Cash[57] about the global pandemic, life on the road (remember?) and balancing parenthood and music, before adding harmonies and guitar to her song, "Western Wall," previously recorded by Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt. All episodes benefit the National Independent Venue Association. Catch up on past episodes (e.g. Sarah Jarosz and John Smith) here!

Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald "Club Weltenklang", "ECMA 2019" (Video, 2020). »We all need a little joy in the world right now, so we figured that we would touch base with you all to bring you some music to help lift your spirits! While cooped up in the house, we were still able to release some music "on-the-line," as they say in Cape Breton! We were so excited to be part of the brand new YouTube series created by our Austria Booking Agency (Weltenklang) called Club Weltenklang. We were so thrilled to also be featured artists in the CBMIC (Cape Breton Music Industry Cooperative) Backstage TV Series that was filmed at the East Coast Music Awards 2019 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.« (Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald)[67]

Mishra "The Loft Tapes" (CD, Own label, 2018). A peculiar blend of English / UK folk, Indian classical music and Americana, with jazz improvisations, Mishra is certainly pretty unique. Featuring tabla, banjo, bass and guitar/whistle/calabash, the focus on the album is on original material and songs. Whilst the songs sound rooted in English folk styles, there's an unusual Indian touch to them. Certainly different. Watch "Road Dust and Honey"!

Moonfruits "Les Marins" (Video, 2020). Moonfruits’ imaginary village Ste Quequepart (i.e. Saint Somewhere)[71] comes to life in an animated music video for their song "Les Marins". This is marking the third year anniversary of the concept album of Ottawa’s bilingual art folk duo, Alex Millaire and Kaitlin Milroy.

Todd Warner Moore "Overnight Flight" (CD, Own label, 2020). Singer-songwriter Todd Warner Moore really is on a restless "Overnight Flight", rushing out his sixth album in two years. While all of his work is some kind of acoustic folk music, each record has its particular theme. This here is digging deep in human passions with a keen eye at the present time we're dealing with. Music videos: "Gift", "Noodles", "In the Water".

Bernadette Morris "The Legion Of Marys" (Digital Single, 2020). Following the success of two widely acclaimed albums, County Tyrone born singer Bernadette Mary Morris[51] is reflecting about growing up with a "The Legion Of Marys". Her father and his two brothers each married a Mary, and then subsequent Mary’s were added to the family line.

Cashavelly Morrison "Metamorphosis" (Video, 2020). "It’s been a crazy transformative year. We’ll be heading into the studio soon. In the meantime, you can watch one of the songs here to see a live recording with my stellar band, Ryan MacLeod, Luke Payne, John Daniel Ray, Chaisaray, and Kevin Beck." (Cashavelly Morrison) Watch "Metamorphosis" (Tiny Desk Contest Entry 2020)!

Mrs. Henry "Mrs. Henry Presents: The Last Waltz" (Video, 2020). Mrs. Henry's[70] upcoming tour took a hit like everyone else's, but you can catch their live show/documentary Mrs. Henry Presents: The Last Waltz. It honors the legacy of The Band's classic while portraying a San Diego brotherhood of storytellers and community organizers. True to the Scorsese form, it traces the group's history, reveals the process of arranging the performance and marks the impact that the concert had on each band member.

Findlay Napier and Ciaran Algar "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding", Findlay Napier and Jenn Butterworth "Can I Have My Money Back" (Video, 2020). Findlay Napier has taken part in two collaborations which are available online, "What's So Funny 'Bout Peace Love and Understanding" with Ciaran Algar and "Can I Have My Money Back" with Jenn Butterworth.

Neil Nathan "Sweet Quarantine" (Video, 2020). I've been recording some Quarantine Covers as a kind of therapy and I hope they may in some small way serve to boost your spirits. I've never delved into Weird Al parody territory, but I woke up with this one in my head and just went for it. So if you thought I was a serious artist, oh well. I blame the self isolation ;) (Neil Nathan) Watch "Sweet Quarantine" (Neil Diamond Sweet Caroline CoronaVirus Parody)!

Eliza Neals "Black Crow Moan" (CD, E-H Records, 2020). Detroit's Eliza Neals has been hailed as "the voice of the new blues", while a tight studio crew ensures hard-hitting blues, soul and rock. Watch "The Devil Don't Love You" (ft. Joe Louis Walker)!

Nell & Jim Band "Western Sun" (CD, Whippoorwill Arts, 2020). »We have a visceral response to the backlash about immigrants in this country and we proudly represent them as our family are immigrants. We believe so strongly in the beauty of diversity and culture: language, food, music. You'll hear the diverse heritage of America and the ever-changing world in which our music in created highlighted in this album.« (Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally) Watch "Winnemucca" (Live at The Barn)!

Lukas Nelson & Family "Just Outside of Austin", Lukas Nelson "Lonesome Friends of Science" (Video, 2020). Members of the Nelson family continue to release Quarantunes Evening Session videos. Watch Lukas Nelson, ft. Willie and Logan, perform "Just Outside of Austin", and Lukas Nelson solo, "Lonesome Friends of Science" (John Prine Cover)!

Claudia Nygaard "Lucky Girl" (CD, Bet The Ranch Records, 2020). Claudia Nygaard wrote the title track which had won the Tumbleweed Music Festival Songwriting Competition for her ancestors and the hardships they had endured. "The chorus is basically a thank you letter to those who struggled so that I could make my life playing music. I am so grateful and I do not take it for granted." Watch "Lucky Girl" (TeXchromasome showcase at South By Southwest 2019 in Austin, Texas)!

Taylor Ashton & Aoife O'Donovan "Loretta" (Video, 2020); Aoife O'Donovan "An Evening of Songs Performed at Home" (Stream/Download, 2020). Taylor Ashton was set to tour with Aoife O'Donovan in March 2020. After soundcheck on the first night, they worked up a rendition of the Townes Van Zandt tune "Loretta" as an idea to end the show each night. They never ended up playing that song live as that ended up being the only show of the tour. Aoife also streamed a live concert on April 25th to raise over $10,000 for CHiPS, a soup kitchen and young mother shelter in Brooklyn. She uploaded the performance to Bandcamp, donating 100% of proceeds to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Old Crow Medicine Show "Quarantined" (Video, 2020). I’d like to kiss ya but I'm quarantined. / I love to take ya out dancing / Where the rowdy people go / But I can’t take no chances / One little cough could kill us all. / I’d like to kiss you but I’m quarantined / I’d like to love ya but I’m quarantined / I’d like to hug ya but I’m quarantined / I’d like Fff—friend ya but I’m quarantined. -- Old Crow Medicine Show[62]

One for the Foxes "Take a Look Around" (CD, Own label, 2020). One for the Foxes is a new promising trio, featuring husband-wife duo Tadhg Ó Meachair (piano, accordion)[66] of Goitse fame[70] and Joanna Hyde (fiddle)[63] plus guitarist Dave Curley (already having made waves with Slide[42] and Runa).[51] OFTF are creating cool sounds drawn from their eclectic Irish and American folk music backgrounds. Watch "Ghosts & Dreams", "Lost Pints & Shiny Shoes", "Toby's Fancy".

Judith Owen "Second Hand Sexbot" (Single, Twanky Records, 2019). Singer-songwriter and pianist Judith Owen has released a new single, “Second-Hand Sexbot” ft. Richard Thompson, relating a tale about loneliness and isolation and the growth in the demand for startlingly lifelike AI-enhanced love dolls. Watch "Second Hand Sexbot" (Live) ft. bassist Leland Sklar and percussionist Pedro Segundo!

Parker Gray "Luminous Darkness" (CD, Gallway Bay Music, 2019). Parker Gray is the collaboration between singer-songwriter Peter Gallway[59] and keyboardist-synthesist Harvey Jones, originating from Gallway's wish to create more emotional soundscapes. Watch "Poetry"!

Grace Pettis "Landon" (Single/Video, MPress Records, 2020). Grace Pettis is a member (along with Rebecca Loebe and BettySoo) of folk-pop trio Nobody’s Girl. Her debut single for MPress Records, "Landon", is a true story written as an unabashed apology from the artist to her gay best friend for not being there when he came out. In lieu of tour dates, Pettis is performing a series of livestream concerts on her Facebook page.

David Philips "Demos and Ideas 2015 - 2007" (Download, 2020). As all live music has been stopped for the foreseeable future, David Philips has released a collection of demos of songs that made it on to records and a few demos of unreleased song ideas that never made the cut as a way to make some income until he can get out gigging again. The music is released digital and available exclusively through David's Bandcamp page.

"Noam Pikelny: Banjoist. Teacher. Pitchman." (Video, 2020). There are "no tours, festivals or new t-shirt designs" to announce, but the launch of Noam Pikelny's (Punch Brothers)[49] new Artistworks online banjo course. This endeavor has been years in the making, and he created hundreds of in-depth video lessons for banjo players of all levels. To celebrate the launch of the course, he made the quarentine video, "Noam Pikelny: Banjoist. Teacher. Pitchman."

Grace Potter "Eachother" (Single, Fantasy Records, 2020). “It was about five days into the quarantine, and I had just gotten off the phone with a friend who was having a really tough time with the isolation. I was in our living room, watching my son and husband fixing our broken train set and found myself flooded with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and contentment.” Watch Lyric Video & "Eachother" live!

César Prata & Vânia Couto "Rezas, Benzeduras e outras Cantigas" (CD, Sons Vadios, 2020). Portuguese vocalists and multi-instrumentalists César Prata and Vânia Couto put new life into old Prayers, Blessings and Other Songs, utilizing both multiple acoustic instruments (adufe, mandolin, bouzouki, caxixis, cymbals, bowls, dulcimer, flute, guitalele, guitar, kalimba, melodic, accordion, sea drum, shruti box, tongue drum, ukulele) and synthesizer samples. Watch "Primavera"! Live Teaser!

Kory Quinn "The Blueroom" (CD, Own label, 2020). Kory Quinn's "The Blueroom" documents the end of an era and the big move from rural Oregon to Houston, Texas. He accumulated some studio time, chose some Anthemic Americana songs on the spot and recorded them in one or two takes. Watch "Dead Man's Son" & "Bound For Glory"!

Maya Rae "Can You See Me?" (CD, Black Hen Music, 2020). 18 year old Canadian roots singer-songwriter Maya Rae has recorded timeless songs beyond musical genre and temporary fashion, featuring Steve Dawson, Nero & Russell (of Birds of Chicago), and some of Nashville’s finest session musicians. Watch "New For Me" & "Freedom Fighter" (recorded live @ The Warehouse Studios, Vancouver in October 2019)!

Bill Randen (feat. Thannos) "If You Want" (Single/Video, 2020). Bill Randen tends to a distinctive darkness in his songwriting, while embracing classic folk rock from the 1960s/1970s. 2020 sees the release of the single "If you want" featuring fellow singer-songwriter Thannos, both being longtime residents of Athens, Greece. Listen to "If You Want"!

Hayley Reardon "If I Fall" (Single, 2020). "My plans to move to Germany for that artist residency program have been delayed and I’m hunkered down with my family for the foreseeable future. I have a new single out today that I’m so happy to be able to share with you. It’s called “If I Fall” and was inspired by a Baal Shem Tov quote that reads “let me fall if I must fall. The one I will become will catch me.” Just think of all the becoming that is happening in the world right now. It feels like falling (it is falling) but while we’re falling we’re also becoming. I’m putting my faith in that for now." (Hayley Reardon) Download @ Bandcamp, watch live @ Video Day 2018!

Knut Reiersrud "Ballads and Blues from the 20s Vol 1" (EP, Kirkelig Kulturverksted, 2020). The 1920s were the start of mass production of recorded music; the music recording industry was a symbol of optimism and cultural flourishing. A century later, the world gone mad, Norwegian blues guitarist Knut Reiersrud tried to record some consoling songs. "Ballads and Blues from the 20s" features five new ballads and a blues piece with traditional (albeit relevant) lyrics. Watch "Wicked Flood" & "Looking For Religion"!

Resistance Revival Chorus "Ella's Song" (Video, 2020). “Until the killing of black men, black mothers’ sons, is as important as the killing of white men, white mothers’ sons, we who believe in freedom cannot rest.” "Ella's Song" is available through Righteous Babe Records; 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Movement For Black Lives. Listen to "Ella's Song" by Bernice Johnson Reagon, originally recorded by Sweet Honey In The Rock!

Reverend Freakchild "The Bodhisattva Blues" (CD, Treated and Released Records, 2020). “I play the blues and practice and study the Dharma. There’s so much about the sources of sorrow and human suffering in both.” The Reverend Freakchild[60] is one of those musicians trying to emulate the psychedelic Blues, Folk, Jazz & Rock N Roll mix of the Grateful Dead. The Colorado musician performs what he calls “Psychedelic Country Blues,” resurrecting classic blues and rock tunes. The Reverend begins his sermon by mashing the Buddhist mantra meditation ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ with Muddy Waters’ ‘I Can’t Be Satisfied,’ and concludes with the blessing, ‘And We Bid You Goodnight,’ that was sung a cappella by the Grateful Dead to close their concerts. Check out the Reverend's YouTueb channel!

Kim Richey "A Long Way Back: The Songs of Glimmer" (CD, Yep Roc Records, 2020). “Somebody gave me Kim Richey’s album Glimmer as a teenager, and I absolutely lived inside of every single one of those songs.” (Brandi Carlile) Nashville-based singer/songwriter Kim Richey’s new album celebrates the 20th anniversary of her critically lauded 1999 album, 'Glimmer', featuring newly recorded, stripped-down reinterpretations. Watch "Hello Old Friend" & "Can't Lose Them All" (Folk Alley Sessions at the 30A Songwriters Festival)!

Rising Appalachia "Stand like an Oak" (Video, 2020). Rising Appalachia,[71] led by sisters Chloe Smith and Leah Song, blend various musical influences into their own Southern American roots. Watch them sing an original folk song for the times: Stand like an Oak, an aspen, an alder / It's in you, don't falter / Push em up, put away your cares / Fold them, fold up your fears!

Josh Ritter "The Silo Sessions", "Our Father's War" (Video, 2020). "I wanted the Silo Sessions to be a weekly refuge for everyone. They certainly were a magical moment for my family and I. I also got to play lots of music and have some amazing special guests. But I am most proud of you. Over the course of the nine sessions, you donated more than $125,000 to communities impacted by the pandemic. The money raised for food banks alone helped provide almost 750,000 meals to people experiencing food insecurity. Your generosity has been profound and inspiring. THANK YOU." (Josh Ritter)[449 Watch "Our Father's War" [Caffè Lena Late Night Sessions], a tribute to each gig of his Book of Gold Thrown Open tour that didn't happen due to COVID-19.

Rodrigo y Gabriela "Tiny Desk (Home) Concert", "Lumbini Sessions" (Video, 2020). The Tiny Desk is working from home for the foreseeable future, but: it's the same spirit — stripped-down sets, an intimate setting — just a different space. Mexican duo Rodrigo y Gabriela present their home studio in the Pacific beach town of Zihuatanejo. They are also posting daily videos - the Lumbini Sessions (a mix of older songs, covers, fan favourites and tutorials) - to Youtube and Facebook.

Pharis & Jason Romero "Bet On Love" (CD, Free Dirt, 2020). Recorded in their banjo shop outside the small town of Horsefly, British Columbia, the songs on the fifth record from Juno Award winners, Pharis and Jason Romero,[52] are inspired by place land they live and the lifestyle they have chosen, a bustling boutique banjo business and the raising of two young children with the busy life of active musicians. Check out the videos they have out: "Bet On Love", "New Day", "We All Fall"!

Eileen Rose "Muscle Shoals" (CD, Continental Song City, 2020). Recorded at the historic Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, Alabama, the album features an "A-side" of new songs and a bonus "B-side" of re-recorded most beloved tracks from a prolific twenty-years career. Check out an eclectic ride through all Americana styles @ BandCamp!

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Rosemary & Garlic "Frames" (Video, 2020). Mary Oliver's poem "Wild Geese" with the lines You don't have to be good, you just have to stay true inspired Dutch dream-folk singer Anne van den Hoogen's[70], new song. "Frames" (the video shot in her own home and around the marble quarries in Tabernas, Spain) is about letting go of fixed expectations and let curiosity take the lead.

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David Rovics "Viral Solidarity" (Digital CD, 2020); "Notes From A Failed State" (Digital CD, 2020). Canada's National Union of General and Public Employees invited David Rovics to do livestreamed "Viral Solidarity" concert on the web. Whether or not you caught it live, check it out in much higher-quality @ BandCamp! David also released a new solo acoustic album featuring some of the songs he's written over the past few months since the pandemic hit ("Notes From A Failed State"). He is having a one-man album release party, just himself and his guitar in his living room.

Brent Ryan "Cinnamon Pass Feature Performance" (Video, 2020). "Will it all go back to normal? Time will tell. I expect it will go back to some form of normal with a few weird additions thrown into the mix. One prediction that I might have is that live-streaming performances might be here to stay for a little while. We weren't really very interested in them pre-quarantine. But with simpler life at home imposed upon us, new interests have emerged. Many have grown to enjoy the intimate and simple interactions with their favorite musicians that the "live-at-home" performances have provided. For me, I resisted the trend for a while, hoping in my denial that this quarantine time would be more short-lived. But then I became bored. And then I was bursting with the desire to play music again, even if just for one person!" (Brent Ryan) Watch Cinnamon Pass Feature Performance!

Phillip Sandifer "Someone Else" (Single/Video, 2020). “Two of our daughters are in the medical field. “One is in Houston in primary care but moonlights at the busiest emergency room in the county. The other sells medical supplies to hospitals in the region that includes Austin. So, we cheer on the medical professionals and cry at their stories of exhaustion and those who have died saving others. The song and video 'Someone Else' is for them.” (Phillip Sandifer)

Danny Schmidt "A Prayer For The Sane" (Single/Video, 2020); "2020 Vision" (Video, 2020). “I’ve rarely injected calls-to-action into my songs. I've more typically preferred to simply describe the world as I see it, and leave agency up to the listener. These times and circumstances are unique and, in my opinion, urgent. I believe that our agency itself, in the form of free and open Democracy is at risk and at stake.” (Danny Schmidt)[70] Watch "A Prayer For The Sane" & "2020 Vision"!

Karl Seglem "Heilbrunn Oxofon" (Single, NORCD, 2020). Karl Seglem[61] composed a new tune while staying at Stiftung Nantesbuch at Bad Heilbrunn, Germany. The Oxofon[69] is an instrument invented by Seglem and Magnar Storbækken (, a horn from an aurochs with a tenorsax mouthpiece. Watch "Heilbrunn Oxofon" (ArtsForSpring, Stiftung Nantesbuch)! Seglem also curated a Spotify playlist, Nordic Vibrations: PreFolk - ProFolk, mainly electric sounds from the Nordic created the last 30 years!

Sen Svaja "Kraitis iš pelkės" (CD, CPL Music, 2018. Post-Folk and World Music is the musical label this Lithuanian Band gives themselves. On their new album, the band around a trio of female singers gather traditional songs from Lithuania, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Norway and England. The music is focussed on three-way vocal harmonies. The release notes refer to the musicians being in touch with shamans of many cultures, and their music certainly sounds shamanic and other worldly. Watch Sen Svaja, 4th July 2019, Sejny, Poland!

Serious Child "Time in the Trees" (CD, Four Left Feet, 2020). After years of living in cities, indie folk singer-songwriter Alan Young (a.k.a. Serious Child) escaped to his native woodlands in West Sussex. "Time in the Trees" heralds an ancient and ethereal vibe. Watch "The Oak" (ft. John McCusker) & "Brambles"!

Jake Shimabukuro "Paste Studio NYC" (Video, 2020). The ukulele legend Jake Shimabukuro thrills with solo versions of four songs, including stirring covers of “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Wish You Were Here.” Stream it @ Paste Magazine!

Show of Hands "Bristol Slaver 2020" (Video, 2020). English folk roots act Show of Hands[61] have released a 2020 version of their classic, thought-provoking song, "Bristol Slaver," a driving, savvy song about the transatlantic slave trade and the part the city of Bristol played in it from the late 16th to the early 19th century. Recognising the recent Black Lives Matter protests where the statue of Bristol slave trader Edward Colston was toppled and thrown into the harbour, Steve Knightley[69] has added apt closing words to the song: "I will drown your cold-stone heart in the ocean." Watch the new video, "Bristol Slaver 2020"!

Joel Siegel & The Pocket Band "Pink Hotel" (CD, Starcrossed Media, 2019). Joel Siegel was the founder of early 1970's acoustic guitar band RJ Fox, discovered by David Crosby and signed by Ahmet Ertegun to Atlantic Records, though they never achieved the commercial success they deserved. After the band's demise in 2008, he spent the next years writing new songs to record in a more hard edged rock and jazz idiom.

Sarah Siskind "Modern Appalachia" (CD, Own label, 2020). North Carolina-based singer/songwriter Sarah Siskind has released her first full-length album in nine years, featuring 12 original compositions. "Modern Appalachia" explores Siskind's relationship with her home state to reveal the earthiness and spiritual depth of the region that built her foundation. Watch "In The Mountains" & "A Little Bit Troubled"!

G.E. Smith & LeRoy Bell "Black Is The Color" (Video, 2020). G.E. Smith and LeRoy Bell paint a blues-rock coat onto the traditional ballad "Black Is the Color" (Roud 3103), collected by Cecil Sharp and Maud Karpeles in 1916 in the Appalachian Mountains but obviously originating from Scotland, and turn it into a chugging, guitar-crunching number. Watch "Black Is The Color" from their forthcoming album "Stony Hill"!

Society of Broken Souls "Mutineer" (Video, 2020). "Well, what strange times we are living in. While we are all experiencing a hopefully temporary new reality, it truly is the time to remember our motto of We're all in this together. Like so many musicians (and others) around the globe, it kind of feels like the bottom just dropped out; we're a little rattled but doing okay. We want to keep the music flowing to our friends and family across the globe. We plan to record some of our favorite songs of other artists, affectionately calling them our Corona Covers. To kick things off, we started with a Warren Zevon song. Give yourself a short break and let us sing away your worries for a few moments." (Lauryn & Dennis) Watch "Mutineer" (Warren Zevon Vover)!

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Spontus "[L.A.B.]" (CD, Klam Records, 2019). This French quintet has set out to reinvent French dance music, creating new rhythms which may sound at times familiar, at times unknown, and sometimes more, sometimes less harmonious. Full of energy and improvisation more akin to Jazz, this is new folk rock, inviting to wild and furious dancing beyond BalFolk. The Breton band play violin, electric guitar, drums, bass and accordion.

John Cee Stannard "Folk Roots Revisited" (CD, Castleiron Recordings, 2020); John Cee Stannard "When the Time Is Right" (CD, Castleiron Recordings, 2020). Whereas "When the Time Is Right" is another of John Cee Stannard's blues-based albums, he returns to his roots as a folk singer with a collection of original songs, some going back to the early 70s when he played in the folk group Tudor Lodge.

Stripmall Ballads "Distant" (CD, Freeloader Free Press, 2020). Maryland-based folk singer-songwriter and clawhammer-banjoist Phillips Saylor Wisor (a.k.a. Stripmall Ballads, a nod to Woody Guthrie's Dust Bowl Ballads) continues to create original outsider folk music that owes as much to Neil Young as it does to Maybelle Carter. His folk-rock/alt-country is celebrating wanderlust and serendipity. Check out Stripmall Ballads @ BandCamp!

Nora Jane Struthers (Video, 2020). "We've had such a wonderful time with our weekly streaming concerts. It's so nice to be able to connect with you and play music. However, we feel like it is time for us to hit pause for a moment. We don't want these to feel stale, and so we are going to take the month of July off. Thank you to everyone who has tuned for the Tuesday concerts. You've made such an impact on my little family - both financially and spiritually. Joe and I look forward to resuming our concerts in a few weeks." (Nora Jane Struthers)[58] Check out Patreon & YouTube!

Sugar Lime Blue "Narcoluptuous" (CD, Narcoluptuous Records, 2019). Sugar Lime Blue is drawing from the three main American stylings of jazz, blues and country to create a peculiar Americana sound. Watch Behind the Scenes of Narcoluptuous!

Sultans of String "Hurricane" (Single, 2020). "Hurricane" is the latest single off of Sultans of String's upcoming album "Refuge".[70] "My family name would have been pronounced Makhoul back in Lebanon but when my grandfather was processed upon arrival in 1903 he probably had a Scottish border guard that thought it would be nice to give the spelling a Scottish flair," explains violinist Chris McKhool. "This song is an ode to the many who came to the New World planning to work hard, and save up enough to bring their loved ones over. This is a journey that has repeated many times, right up to the present day."

Surrender Hill "A Whole Lot of Freedom" (CD, Blue Betty Records, 2020). Husband and wife duo, Robin Dean Salmon and Afton Seekins, once again showcase rock with catchy melodies, tight harmonies and powerful lyrics. Watch Tunes From The Tack Room: “A Whole Lot Of Freedom”!

Sam Sweeney "Unearth Repeat" (CD, Hudson Records, 2020). The former fiddler of Bellowhead and Leveret has heralded a seminal solo career, who successfully toured his debut album "The Unfinished Violin" in 2019.[69] Sam Sweeney's sophomore album, "Unearth Repeat," introduces the new and solid soundscape of acoustic and electric guitars, double bass and keyboards. Watch the graphic video for "Red"!

Sofia Talvik "Meanwhile in Winnsboro", "Broken (Steelguitars in Heaven)" (Video, 2020); "Paws of a Bear - Unplugged" (Digital CD, Makaki Music, 2020). Sofia Talvik wrote "Meanwhile in Winnsboro" (ft. pedal steel guitarrist Tim Fleming): "My concert at The Winnsboro Center For The Arts was one of the last ones I did before the corona virus shut everything down - including my tour. It all seemed so peaceful compared to the headlines that was shouting at me everytime I opened my phone. In Winnsboro the birds were singing and the trees were full of blossoms. The air was sweet and you would never know what was going on in the rest of the world. I wrote the song without predjudice or judgement. It is mearly a reflection of the situation I have found myself in, being on tour in a different country, far away from my family, watching news about people hoarding toilet paper and food like there is no tomorrow." When Sofia got off the plane in Europe, she was greeted by the news of her dear friend Tim Fleming's passing from a heart attack that he had mistaken for corona symptoms. Devastated by the news Sofia wrote "Broken (Steelguitars in Heaven)". When Sofia started doing online concerts and her fans started asking if there would be any recordings of them, she released an unplugged version of her latest album, "Paws of a Bear - Unplugged".

Texicana Mamas "Esperanza" (Single/Video, Own label, 2020). The newly-formed Latina supergroup Texicana Mamas includes San Antonio natives Tish Hinojosa, Stephanie Urbina Jones and Patricia Vonne, melding and bridge building Americana, country, Tex-Mex, mariachi, conjunto, corrido and norteño. Watch "Esperanza" (Hope) tells the story of a young mother’s desire to provide for her children as she makes the journey across the southern border of the United States and the Rio Grande River.

Teyr "Estren Thank You!" (Video, 2020). North London's folk trio Teyr[61] (3 in the Cornish language) has been blown away by all the support during their Kickstarter campaign. They went into collective quarantine working hard from sunrise to sunset to bring the new album to you. So here's a little musical thank you! Watch "Estren Thank You!"!

Trampled by Turtles "We All Get Lonely" (Video, 2020). "First thing to make me genuinely smile in a very long time..." (Traci Hall) Socially distanced version of "We All Get Lonely" from the latest Duluth/Minnesota-based bluegrass/folk-rock band Trampled by Turtles, "Life Is Good on the Open Road" (2018).

Troubadour 77 "Revolution & Redemption" (CD, Transfer Records, 2020). "Hope and love hangin’ tough just for survival…" The current single American Revival is “a call to action for hope and redemption in the ever changing times we find ourselves in,” Monty Powell of Americana duo Troubadour 77. “We need more love. We want more truth. I would like to think that is something we can all agree on,” adds Anna Wilson, “At the end of the day I believe that most people want the same thing, peace, hope and love.” Husband-and-wife team's sophomore effort is a collection of songs that touch on all these themes that seem to be very relevant in these times. Watch "American Revival" (Live) & Song Stories with T77, Episode 1!

Benny Turner "Who Sang It First" (Digital Single/Video, Nola Blue Records, 2020). "In the churches, in the cotton fields a seed was planted that forever yields... You might sing it better or you might sing it worse, just remember who sang it first..." Benny Turner’s[69] adaptation of Jim George’s original song, ‘Black Is Beautiful,’ pays homage to the black blues musicians who have strongly influenced today’s music. Watch "Who Sang It First"!

Rebecca Turner "The New Wrong Way" (CD, Own label, 2019). Country and folk singer-songwriter Rebecca Turner made two albums in 2005 and 2009. Writing for a third began immediately after, then she was swept away by family and work. Years passed, eventually "The New Wrong Way" is about getting older and attempting to do things better, sometimes succeeding and sometimes not, but always trying, Watch "Water Shoes"!

German CD Review

Uncle Bard & The Dirty Bastards "The Men Beyond The Glass" (CD, CarefulNow! Records, 2020). Too rock for the folkies and too folk for the rockies many say about Uncle Bard & The Dirty Bastards,[55] formed in 2007 in northern Italy, who play a unique blend of folkrock and traditional Irish music. The new album subvert the expected drinking song clichés and welcome you to meet the men beyond the glass... Coming from the epicenter of the Corona crisis in Italy, the Bastards want to encourage everyone not to give up: „We'll make it through all this and we'll be back on our feet soon!“

Mahsa Vahdat "Enlighten the Night" (CD, Kirkelig Kulturverksted, 2020). "The home of my voice is my safest zone in the world where the reign of everything is in my hand, and here I have no fear to reveal my deepest emotional intensity." Celebrated Iranian artist Mahsa Vahdat[71] has released her 10th album called "Enlighten the night". The melodies are composed to classical and contemporary Persian poems, reflecting the hope all human beings share in times when darkness is growing in our world.

Letitia VanSant "Circadian" (CD, Own label, 2020). Paste Magazine named Baltimore based singer-songwriter Letitia VanSant one of 10 country artists to watch in 2020 and she is a winner of the Kerrville New Folk Songwriting Competition. The title track was inspired by light pollution; how fireflies are having trouble finding mates, and migrating birds can’t find their way. “The solution is to turn out some of the lights,” she says. “The challenges of the world feel big and complicated, but I take solace in the idea that some of the answers are to make things simpler.” Stream/download "Circadian"!

Helena Vedralová & Muziga "Zežali zvázali" (CD, Indies Scope, 2019). “I think the tone of the violin, like the human voice, can express the deepest human emotions,” says Helena Vedralová. Folk songs, hundreds of years old, still impress with their depth and truth. On "Zežali zvázali" you will find songs from Wallachia and other corners of Moravia.

The Vignatis "Red, White & Blue: Gypsybilly Vol. 4" (CD, GB Music, 2020). Fabrice and Tracy Vignati comprise the backbone of The Vignatis,[71] a Franco-American duo based in Los Angeles, who created their own distinctive sound called Gypsybilly. Hard to classify, it is a lively and diverting gumbo of Rockabilly, Country and Gypsy Jazz. Watch "Silent Heroes"!

The Wallens "So Right, So Wrong" (Video, 2020). "Sunday night, I was feeling kind of down, and I ended up in a conversation with our dear friend Jane. She said something that immediately jumped out to me as a possible song lyric, so I grabbed a guitar. Her comment ended up being the chorus to the song, and the other lyrics+melody came to me very quickly." (Brian Keith Wallen)[63] Watch "So Right, So Wrong"!

Sunny War "Can I Sit With You" (EP, 2020). Friday once a month, Bandcamp is waiving their fees for 24 hours, good day to make a one-off donation to a musician. Like most touring musicians, Sunny War (Sydney Lyndella Ward) was forced to cancel nearly all of her performances due to COVID19. As an independent musician, she relies on touring and playing live shows to pay rent, eat, and live. This EP, featuring four brand new songs, is a fundraiser of sorts: "Please pay what you want, pay what you can, and know that you’re supporting an artist in need."

Wardruna "Grá" (Video, 2020). "It is with heavy hearts and great disappointment that we announce that our upcoming album “Kvitravn” will be moved to January 22nd, 2021. Closed down production factories and heavily reduced logistic services due to the COVID-19 situation makes it impossible to go forth with the release as planned. On a more positive note, we plan to release a good handful of songs in the time to come before the full album comes out so stay tuned!" (Einar Selvik, Wardruna)[63] Meanwhile, watch Wardruna's ode to the wolf, "Grá"/a>!

Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones "The Fields Of Athenry" (Single/Video, 2020). "It's a tough time for everyone but in particular its a tough time for entertainers and it looks like entertainers will be the last to get on the road again safely! In the mean time lots of bands have been doing great work with all the live streams and its great to see so many talented new faces! Today we're delighted to announce the release of our very first music video and single, a great rendition of the mighty ballad composed by Pete St John!" Watch "The Fields Of Athenry"! Download from BandCamp!

Wu Fei & Abigail Washburn "The Roving Cowboy / Avarguli (阿瓦尔古丽)", Béla Fleck & Abigail Washburn "Weary Blues From Waiting (Coronavirus Version)", Béla Fleck, Abigail Washburn and Family "Molly Malone" (Video, 2020). Abigail Washburn & Wu Fei released debut collaborative album, merging American old-time music and Chinese folksong, a testament to the connective power of music across seemingly disparate cultures: "When we made the record, we never could have imagined it would be released during a pandemic. Every smart thing we thought we'd say now feels weightless. If our music can help you go through a hard day wherever you are, that would be our honor. Be safe and we can't wait for the day when we can perform these songs in front of you in the same room again." Watch their "The Roving Cowboy / Avarguli (阿瓦尔古丽)", as well as a take on the Hank Williams classic "Weary Blues From Waiting" and a Happy St. Patty's Day with "Molly Malone"! Life without other people is fine, but life without banjos would be intolerable!

Sean Watkins and The Bee Eaters "Suzy Lighting" (Video, 2020). Sean Watkins has been known for his work with Grammy Award-winning Nickel Creek and for helming the Watkins Family Hour ensemble with his sister Sara. Currently, Watkins is stepping into the spotlight again, teaming up with West-coast bluegrass band The Bee Eaters with an acoustic/folk/bluegrass album, "This Is Who We Are." Watch "Suzy Lighting" (Live @ Richmond Congregational Church!

Minna Weurlander & Pomona String Quartet "Glow" (CD, Vallemusic/MWmusica, 2020). Finnish accordion-virtuoso Minna Weurlander's current album features music by Argentinian tango composer Saúl Cosentino as well as Astor Piazzolla and Kurt Weill (Dreigroschenoper). Listen @ Sound Cloud! Check out Philip Glass' forthcoming Opera "Circus Days and Nights" (2021) with Minna appearing as accordionist and bandleader.

The While and Matthews Collaborative "Embrace" (Video, 2020). "The thing I miss the most in lockdown is not being able to hug my 91-year-old Dad so I wanted to translate that yearning into song." (Julie Matthews) All proceeds of the charity single "Embrace" are going to ‘Mind’, dealing with people suffering from poor mental health. While & Matthews[59] are supported by Kellie While (Albion Christmas Band), Johnny Heyes, Neil Fairclough (Queen), Tom Chapman (UFQ) and Marion Fleetwood (Trad Arr). Download @!

Whiskey Myers "Bury My Bones" (Video, 2020). Whiskey Myers is a rock/country group from Palestine, Texas. In 2018, the band was featured in the neo-western TV series "Yellowstone" (starring Kevin Costner) and the band's previous albums afterwards moved into the country charts. Watch "Bury My Bones" (Official Video) from their altogether fifth, self-titled album (2019)!

White Owl Red "Afterglow" (CD, Hush Mouse Records, 2020). Singer-songwriter Josef McManus’s fourth album continues to explore the complexity of contemporary society, blending country, folk and rock influences with indie vibes. Watch "Working Class Heroes"!

David Wilcox "Liberty Bell", "This Is What Democracy Looks Like" (Video, 2020). "Luckily when times get tough, music gets good." David Wilcox[66] is learning about video streaming, perfecting the technology and doing regular Facebook live mini-concerts. He is working on new songs, as he works to make sense of the current situation and figure out what we can do to try to make things better: "Liberty Bell", "This Is What Democracy Looks Like". Here's a link to David's Musical Medicine Spotify Playlist!

German CD Review

James Yorkston, Jon Thorne & Suhail Yusuf Khan "Navarasa – Nine Emotions" (CD, Domino Records, 2020). "Navarasa" is a bricolage of diverse cross-cultural elements. James Yorkston weaves in Scottish folk; Jon Thorne is grounded in jazz and electro; Suhail Yusuf Khan brings northern Indian classical and Sufi devotional music. Navarasa translates as the nine (nava) emotions or sentiments (rasa), a centuries-old organising principle of which anything artistic will be based on. Listen to "Westlin’ Winds"!

Various Artists

Various Artists "Club Weltenklang" (Video, 2020). Starting at the beginning of the Corona crisis, Austrian agency Weltenklang had been online with their "Club Weltenklang" and short performances of their artists. Ft. Ray Cooper, Hans Theessink, Iona Fyfe, John Doyle, Kevin Burke, Tim Edey, Tannara, Aoife Scott, Vishten, Leana Vapper & Hartwin Dhoore, Steph Geremia & Alan Kelly, Rachel Hair, Jenn Butterworth & Will Pound, The Henry Girls, Paul McKenna, Anita MacDonald & Ben Miller, Caoimhin & Niall Vallely, April Verch, Siobhan Miller, etc.

Various Artists "Continental Record Services: Free Single Downloads" (Video, 2020). »So far so good in terms of (no) Corona infections at the CRS offices. We hope the same goes for you and your loved ones. And since we care for our fans and because we are pretty sure that music can be a relief and make a difference, we thought we'd share some music with all of you. Fortunately our artists whole heartedly agree and so here is a first bunch of singles we now make available as free downloads to you all. If nothing else: we hope that at least you will enjoy the music.« (CRS) Ft. Michael McDermott, The Weight Band, The Reverend Shawn Amos and the Brotherhood, Eileen Rose, Dan Tuffy, Shawn Pittman, BJ Baartmans & Dick van Altena.

German CD Review

Various Artists "Missy Sippy All Stars Vol. I" (CD, Sing My Title, 2020). Since its inception, the Missy Sippy Blues & Roots Club in Ghent, Belgium has gone from strength to strength with international and local heroes concerts, monthly blues jams, and a genuine Blues and Roots festival during the ‘Gentse Feesten’. Last winter, Belgian blues musician Tiny Legs Tim went into the studio with about 20 resident musicians to capture the wealth of talent, diversity and collegiality that are so characteristic for the Ghent blues scene. Watch Missy Sippy All Stars ft. Tiny Legs Tim "Cold Turkey"!

Various Artists "Whiskey Sour Happy Hour featuring Ed Helms" (Video, 2020). The four episodes of the livestream variety show "Whiskey Sour Happy Hour presented by Ed Helms and the Bluegrass Situation" benefits MusiCares’ COVID-19 Relief Fund and Direct Relief. Watch Whiskey Sour Happy Hour Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, ft. Watkins Family Hour, Yola, Billy Strings, Sierra Hull, Rodney Crowell, Ben Harper, Caitlin Canty, Noam Pikelny, Shakey Graves, Sarah Jarosz, Aoife O’Donovan, Jerry Douglas, Rhiannon Giddens, Chris Eldridge, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Molly Tuttle, Langhorne Slim, Béla Fleck & Abigail Washburn, Indigo Girls, Rosanne Cash, and many more. See also an all-star cast of pickers cover "The Weight"!

Various Artists "Whiskey Sour Happy Hour Superjam: The Weight" (Video, 2020); "The Weight (Quarantine Edition)" (Video, 2020). "The Weight" is a classic song written by The Band's Robbie Robertson in 1969. All the parts of "The Weight" (Quarantine Edition) were recorded by quarantined musicians and sent to Neale Eckstein for mixing and video production. Ft. Eliza Gilkyson, Betty Soo, Eric Schwartz, Abbie Gardner, and many others. The superjam finale of Whiskey Sour Happy Hour, presented by Ed Helms and the Bluegrass Situation, has beenn featuring an incredible cast of musicians as well: Chris Eldridge, Sean Watkins, Sierra Hull, Jerry Douglas, Noam Pikelny, Sarah Jarosz, Sara Watkins, Aoife O'Donovan, Caitlin Canty, Molly Tuttle, I'm With Her, etc.

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