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New MMR CDs: Barachois - Jennifer Roland - Rawlins Cross
In Germany on tour: Barachois - Midnight Court
Profile: What is Magnetic Music? - Preview: St Patrick's Day Celebration Festival

What is Magnetic Music?
Magnetic Music stands for the fascination and appeal that music has on us. In the case of our company, it is especially World Music. We understand this expression in a global way, even if it seems to be from our past, that our world picture was limited to Celtic countries. When a child begins to walk, the first steps are only the beginnings of a worldly voyage, and as Magnetic Music was learning how to walk we happened to go in the direction of Ireland then further afield to Scotland and Brittany. We were so well received in these three countries that now, twenty years later, Magnetic Music is recognized in Germany's Celtic music scene as the market leader and adding to this, an important impulse giver and think tank internationally. Magnetic Music can be termed as an embassy for culture where the door has opened for artists, record companies, media people and music lovers alike.
The "Embassy" has two offices. One in Germany ( Reutlingen ) and one in Ireland ( Dublin ). Each office has four divisions: Tours, Label, Publishing and Local Promoter .

Magnetic Music records Banner After many years of planning we have reached that point: On August 1st 1998 we have opened an office in Ireland's capital which will mean that our agency and label is not only a company active on an international scale but will also be present in the heart of one of the most important musical capital centres in the world. This step was the obvious conclusion in intensifying our contact to the green island and its culture, which we have been nurturing for the last 15 years.
In taking this step, we hope to improve our export chances to the USA, Australia, Canada and the Far East. Up to now, distributors and record companies overseas were surprised and even suspicious of a German label with a catalogue representing "Celtic music".
We also hope to stabilize the framework and structures we have with our artists who we can look after more closely in Ireland. It will also be much easier being local, to keep tabs on the avantgarde of the Irish Music scene and to be able to clinch a deal with some of the up and coming acts. Who could blame a firm for not wanting to be around when the country is experiencing economic and political awakening ? Peace is gaining ground though and in a musical sense - the "Celtic Tiger" is getting into gear.
The address of Magnetic Music Ltd in Dublin is:
1 Castlebrook, Dundrum, Dublin 16, Ireland, tel. and fax: 00353/1/2962094 .

Barachois - Acadian stepdance and music sensation
Barachois, press photo Barachois CD sub-published on MMR; on German tour in January! Barachois plays Acadian traditional music - a rhythmic, high-voltage style born in the heart of aculture kept alive through two and a half centuries on tiny Prince Edward Island, Canada. The songs were brought over from France with some of the first settlers in North America, and have been infused with other influences - most recognizably, the Scottish and Irish fiddling styles. Throw in some driving foot rhythms, piano, a plethora of homemade percussion instruments, close harmonies and the occasinal brass instrument and you have the spicy Acadian stew that Barachois puts on the boil for every performance.
It's a stew well-seasoned with laughter. Acadian parties are known for their warmth and humour - a welcome reward and a much-needed respite from the daily business of raising a large family. The wit, charm, and even the antics that Barachois brings onstage is as much a part of their heritage as the songs they sing and the tunes they play. And for the most part, it was learned in the same place - a raucous house party on a Saturday night.
On stage, Barachois' music is dished up with equal portions of comedy, dance, and innovation, all delivered with a sincerity and confidence that comes from knowing the recipe for having a heck of a good time.

Barachois CD sub-published on MMR: "Barachois" MMR CD 1022. Tour in Germany in January 1999!
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Jennifer Roland - Fiddle Fairy from Cape Breton
Jennifer Roland, press photo New CD! In Cape Breton, Jennifer Roland is seen as one of the hottest fiddler acts; she has won already the respected "Tic Butler Memorial Awards". And in Cape Breton it is not easy to be one of the best just on fiddle, as Cape Breton has maybe more fiddlers per sqare mile than any other place on the world.
Just having returned from an autumn tour in England and Ireland with Jean Pierre Cormier and Jerry Holland called "Cape Breton Connections", she will be back in Europe already in March 1999, as part of the 10th St. Patrick´s Day Celebration Festival Tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is well worth to go to see her there, as she offers a bonus on stage: She knows to play fiddle and step dance at the same time!

New Jennifer Roland CD on MMR: "Dedication" MMR CD 1023.
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Rawlins Cross - Folk Rock from Nova Scotia
New CD sub-published for Europe on MMR! Nova Scotia, that is the home of Rawlins Cross, currently one of the best Celtic Folk Rock bands in the world. Is that spread on too thickly? Let the facts speak for themselves.
Rawlins Cross, press photo 100.000 CDs sold, nomination for the "Juno" (the Canadian equivalent of a Grammy) in the category "Best Roots/Traditional Group", five times "East Coast Music Award" as the best live band, best album, best artwork, best video of the year and for "Entertainer of the Year". For years now, clubs and venues in Canada and the USA are sold out. The New York Times praised them with - "the group could become a fixture on the neo-folk circuit", and the New York Village Voice went one further - "the freshest party band we have seen this season!"
This is exactly why Rawlins Cross is the ideal band, in the last round, to heat up the festival properly. The six musicians all have a splendid understanding of how to fertilize their Celtic roots with the spirit of the present. In the wilds of Nova Scotia, they let their musical hardwoods grow, from which great songs of long lasting value are carved. Snappy E guitars, pounding drum and bass beats make the shavings fly and free the path for a Celtic core of pipes, whistles and accordion.

New Rawlins Cross CD sub-published for Europe on MMR: "Make it on Time" MMR CD 1024.
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Midnight Court - Irish Folk
In Germany on tour! The three musicians of Midnight Court can certainly tickle the elements that make Irish Folk exciting and thoroughly enjoyable. Noel Minogue on accordian and Bernd Lüdtke on fiddle, bodhran and bouzouki are absolute specialists in jigs, reels and polkas. Noel is from County Tipperary and was already junior "All Ireland Champion" at the age of 14. He doubled up on it later and went on to win the senior title. One of the few foreigners, ranking in the league of Irish Folk is Bernd Lüdtke. As arranger and multi instrumentalist with Midnight Court, he has been directing the band since its formation in 1993. Aaron Shirlow from Belfast is responsible for the guitar and vocal department. Aaron has a voice like velvet and with a lot of feeling, he knows how to put a soft ribbon of wistful melancholy around a ballad. In few words, Aaron is a talented songwriter whose songs have a good chance of one day finding their way to the Hall of Fame in Irish music.
Midnight Court has done some intensive European touring, particularly in Poland, where they are now ranked as one of the market leaders in Irish Folk.

In Germany on tour! Latest CD on MMR: "Half Moon", MMR CD 1014.
Midnight Court's German tour dates and further infos at the Magnetic Music Homepage!

Preview: St. Patrick's Day Celebration Festival
In next FolkWorld you can expect a big preview on the 10th St. Patrick's Day Celebration Tour in March 1999, on tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. There will be several Canadians on this tour - among them Jennifer Roland, Rawlins Cross and Spirit of the West.

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