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Zein’s CD Release Arabic Hafleh

Journey to the Middle East

Journey to the Middle East
Yeksad (Northern Cyprus) | Hossam Ramzy (Egypt) | Zohreh Jooya (Iran) | Dastan Trio () | Ahmed Mukhtar (Iraq) | The Burning Bush (Israel) | Andre Hajj & Ensemble (Lebanon) | Zein Al-Jundi (Syria) | Alan Shavarsh Bardezbanian (Armenia) | Zarbang (Iran) | Ensemble Huseyin Turkmenler (Turkey)

Various Artists "Journey to the Middle East", ARC Music, 2019

Ahmed Mukhtar: Visions of Iraq
Here is more Middle Eastern music, namely Iraqi Jazz from Baghdad-born lutist Ahmed Mukhtar. In his latest album, Visions of Iraq, Mukhtar performs Oud (lute) and Qanun (zither) to the accompaniment of flamenco guitar, strings, piano and percussion. All pieces have been composed or improvised by Mukhtar, except three variations and improvisations (taqasim) on traditional Arabic songs.

Ahmed Mukhtar "Visions of Iraq", ARC Music, 2019

A musical journey throughout the Middle East, taking in a variety of musical riches, including both ancient and modern traditions. A gorgeous selection featuring tracks from Cyprus, Egypt, Persia, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. Artists include Hossam Ramzy, Zohreh Jooya, Dastan Trio, Ahmed Mukhtar, The Burning Bush and more.

Photo Credits: (1) Zein Al-Jundi, (2) 'Journey to the Middle East', (3) 'Visions of Iraq', (4) Hossam Ramzy, (5) Ahmed Mukhtar, (6) Zohreh Jooya (unknown/website).

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