FolkWorld #63 07/2017

Letters to the Editors

  Telynau Teifi Harps

Hello there, I've just been having fun looking through the Folk World website and come across the Wales page here: I have to say it's the most comprehensive and succinct documentation of Welsh Folk music I've come across. Really informative, well done. We've had Ar-Log playing in the workshop this morning!

I was wondering if you might consider adding a link to Telynau Teifi Harps on that page or your links page? We'd be really grateful. Best regards, Allan

  Irish Music Magazine Facebook Page

The team at Irish Music Magazine are pleased to announce the Official Facebook page of Irish Music Magazine is now Live. To receive regular updates on News, Festivals, CD Releases, Tours, Concerts, Competitions and much more during this year you are welcome to Like this page and Share with Friends.

Wishing you a great Summer ahead! Regards, Robert Heuston (Publisher, Irish Music Magazine)

  Folk of Europe

folk of europe is about sharing traditional music from across the continent. We find original and interesting artists from all over Europe, and ask them to film themselves playing music at home. Each artist submits two videos: a folk song from their country, and a song of their own. We aim to let the world explore folk music from across Europe, and the interplay between the traditional and the new.

If you want to get involved, drop us a line here We’re not just for folk musicians, or folk music fans. We try to showcase new interpretations of traditional music, as well as beautiful original songs.

  No Depression

No Depression

HearthPR isn't working PR for No Depression, but I do believe that we need them on the scene today and I wanted to send out a personal plea to subscribe to keep them going. No Depression's current focus on their beautiful quarterly magazine, with full page photos, no ads, and long-form music journalism is incredibly valuable. For the price of a latte a month, you can make sure their dream of making a magazine for real music-lovers will remain sustainable.


On a personal note: I discovered No Depression a little late, right at the point where the magazine ceased publishing. I read the old magazines, devouring anything I could find on folk music in their pages and marveling at the quality of the writing and the depth of the coverage. When I started writing about music myself, I dreamed about writing for No Depression. With the move to an online model, they opened up their digital content to anyone who wanted to submit, so I was able to live out this dream. Their name carried a lot of weight, opened a lot of doors for me, and they basically let me write whatever I wanted. I covered strange outsider folk music from Sam Amidon, wrote about Earl Scruggs as the "OG" of bluegrass, called Kimya Dawson "my generation's Pete Seeger," covered a lot of artists who went on to become close friends, and, with the help of No Depression's editor, Kim Ruehl, started the Gay Traditions series. This was the first time gay artists in folk and traditional music had been given a real voice and I'm incredibly proud to say that the most recent artist I interviewed, bluegrass banjo player Justin Hiltner, had been deeply inspired by the first article I wrote for the series, about dancer Nic Gareiss. And so it comes full circle. I say this not to toot my own horn, but to show that No Depression believed in an unknown and untrained writer like me and gave me the direction and guidance to do something that really changed my own life and may have helped a few folks too.

No Depression took a huge chance starting up a quarterly magazine of this kind of quality. The artwork is gorgeous, the articles are deeply researched and powerful compelling, and there's no ads of any kind. The only way to make it work is for us to come onboard now and support No Depression as No Depression has supported us in the past. I urge you to subscribe to their magazine for the monthly cost of $6, the price of a latte at Starbucks, in order to keep their vision going.

Thank you! Devon Leger @ Hearth Music

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