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  Folk for the People

The Ukrainians

Folk for the People - This fundraising project started after a call from Mich Rozek (drummer of the Belgian Tribal Folk band Rastaban, whose ancestors came from Ukraine) in solidarity with the people who were killed and injured in Ukraine while demonstrating for the respect of their basic rights, for a better life, for freedom, for a society without corruption and abuses.

35 bands from the alternative folk scene all over Europe and even Canada answered the call and have donated a song for a compilation available on Bandcamp. Contains songs from Daemonia Nymphe, Faun, Orfeo, Rastaban, Shantalla, The Ukrainians and many more! You can download it for a minimum donation of €10.

There's no political motivation behind our intentions with this project, only a call for tolerance and diversity as basic values against injustice. All the proceeds will go to EuromaidanSOS who are financially helping the victims and their families. You can read more about this organisation and their work here:

Download here:

Joe Hennon, Spokesperson for Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik, European Commission

oOzAkAzOo: Young Folk Rock

"Young Folk Rock"

  oOzAkAzOo: Young Folk Rock

Thank you so much! We are so very pleased with your excellent review and your insights into our sound. We will be thrilled and honoured to share your review with our fans!

We hope to connect again with you soon. Until then, our best wishes, Noah and Josh

  Jim Malcolm: Still

Hello, thank you very much indeed for sending me the link to your review of Jim Malcolm’s new CD, ‘Still’. I’m very pleased you enjoyed it, and thanks for your kind words about Jim.


When I designed the artwork, I made a mistake and forgot to credit the banjo player, Scooter Muse from Alabama, who played on two songs. Would you mind if I were to add his name to the list of musicians you thought made sensitive contributions? I don’t want to change your review (of course!) but I would be sorry if Scooter missed out on a kind compliment because of my mistake.

Warm wishes from bonny Scotland. Yours in music, Susie Malcolm

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