FolkWorld #52 11/2013

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  English Reviews

Newpoli "Tempo Antico" Italy / USA
Du Bartas "Tant que vira" France
Le Tre Sorelle "Lampasconi e Cianfrusaglie" Italy
Cruinn "Cruinn" Scotland
Various Artists "Bu Chaoin Leam Bhith 'N Uibhist" Scotland
The Piper and the Puca "Strange Goings On" Ireland / Germany
FullSet "Notes after Dark" Ireland
The West Ocean String Quartet "An Indigo Sky" Ireland
Orchestra Bailam e Compagnia di Canto Trallalero "Galata" Italy/Turkey
Tony McManus "Mysterious Boundaries" Scotland
Tony McManus "Mysterious Boundaries" Scotland
Samantha Robichaud "In the Green Room" Canada
John Spiers & Jon Boden "Through & Through" England
Bags of Rock "The Next Level" Scotland
Blackbeard's Tea Party "Whip Jamboree" England
Enda Seery "Síocháin na Tuaithe" Ireland
Os Cempés "Tentemozo" Spain
Noam Pikelny "Plays Kenny Baker Plays Bill Monroe" USA
Catriona McKay & Olov Johansson "The Auld Harp" Scotland / Sweden
Julien Cartonnet "Cornemuses du Centre" France
Chris Stout & Finlay MacDonald "The Cauld Wind" Scotland
Liz Carroll "On the Offbeat" USA
Tim Edey "Sailing Over the 7th String" England
Slide "Mendicity" Ireland
Blowzabella "Strange News" England
Dàimh "Tuneship" Scotland
Triúr "Arís" Ireland
Éamon McGivney, John Kelly, Peadar Ó Riada "The Drôle" Ireland
Hugh MacDiarmid's Haircut "Airs from your Elbow" Scotland
Trail West "One That Got Away" Scotland
Colm Naughton "The Space Between the Notes" Ireland
Tomás Ó Gealbháin, Caoimhín Ó Fearghaíl, Seán Ó Fearghaíl "Lá ag Ól Uisce" Ireland
Edel Fox & Neill Byrne "The Sunny Banks" Ireland
James Findlay, Bella Hardy, Brian Peters, Lucy Ward "The Liberty to Choose" England
Up in the Air "Moonshine" Scotland
Moragh "Best Case Scenario" Belgium
Childsplay "As the Crow Flies" USA
Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer "Red House" England
Dalla "K5" Britain
Esko Järvelä "Epic Male Band" Finland
Mr Zarko "Electric Gipsy Disco Noise" Serbia / Germany
Trio Dhoore "Modus Operandi" Belgium
Duane Andrews & Craig Young "Charlie's Boogie" Canada
Mediæval Bæbes "Of Kings And Angels" Britain
Si Kahn "Bristol Bay" USA
Dubl Handi "Up like the Clouds" USA
Si Kahn and the Looping Brothers "Aragon Mill" USA / Germany
Covered Grass "Toogaroo" Germany
Hans Theessink "Wishing Well" Netherlands
Kalima "Everything Within" Germany
Edgar Knecht "Dance on Deep Waters" Germany
D'en Haut "D'en Haut" France
Suden Aika "Laiturilla" Finland
Rydvall & Mjelva "Isbrytaren" Norway
Juuri & Juuri "Pelimannit" Finland
Dreamers' Circus "A Little Symphony" Denmark
Zenobia "Fra Fynske Kyster" Denmark
Maja & David "NORD" Denmark / Canada
Yasmine Hamdan "Ya Nass" Lebanon
Guo Gan Trio "Jasmine Flower" China
Zeng Ming "Mu dan ting" China
Tigana Santana "The Invention of Colour" Brazil
Zugluft "Barackenmusik" Switzerland
London Klezmer Quartet "Welcome to Butterfield Green No 16" Britain
Sampo Lassila Narinkka "Suomiklezmer" Finland
D’Harmo "D’Harmo" Canada
Pharis & Jason Romero "Long Gone Out West Blues" Canada
Angus Lyon "3G" Scotland
Martina Quiere Bailar "Vueltas y revueltas" Spain
North Atlantic Trio "Some Part of Something" USA / Scotland / Ireland
Tom Russell and the Norwegian Wind Ensemble "Aztec Jazz" USA/ Norway
SULP "Urban Tour" Switzerland
Embrun "Live" Belgium
Rokiczanka "W moim ogródecku" Poland
Tom Clelland "Next Time" Scotland
Marin/Marin "Skuggspel" Sweden
Anders Thunell & Olav L Mjelva "Uppspelt" Sweden
Stolen Notes "The Loot" Spain
ArHai "Eastern Roads" Serbia / UK
Leddra Chapman "Telling Tales" Britain
Jeff Jensen "road worn and ragged" USA
The Whileaways "The Whileaways" Ireland
"Lúnasa with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra" Ireland
Niamh Dunne "Portraits" Ireland
Emily Maguire "Bird Inside a Cage" Britain
Emily Maguire "Bird Inside a Cage" Britain
Jacqui McShee’s "Take Three" Britain
Philip Boone "A Light and a Line" USA
Paul Downes "The Boatman’s Cure" England
Victoria Vox "Key" USA
Gus McKay "Saltflat Blues" Australia
Lucy Ward "Single Flame" England
David Munyon "Purple Cadillacs" USA
Paul O’Brien "Long May You Sing" Canada
No Snakes in Heaven "(Going Home)" Germany
Somebody’s Darling "Jank City Shakedown" USA
The Rides "Can’t Get Enough" USA
Worldfly "A World Gone Crazy" Australia
Rafe Pearlman + Jonathan Plum "Dust & Gold" USA
Alex DiReto "Love’s No Serious Thing" Italy
Fiddler’s Green "Winners & Boozers" Germany
Gerry Griffin "The Passage of Time" Canada
Pierre Bensusan "Encore" France
Stephen Harrison "Today Tomorrow" Scotland
Sofia Jannok "Wide as Oceans" Sweden
Lisa Knapp "Hidden Seam" Britain
Son of the Velvet Rat "Firedancer" Austria
David Rotheray "Answer Ballads" Britain
Fabian Holland "Fabian Holland" Britain
Steve Cradock "Travel Wild – Travel Free" Britain
Broken Film "Disappear Fear" USA
Jon Zeeman "Down on My Luck" USA
Rod Picott "Hang Your Hopes on a Crooked Nail" USA
Wolverton "Horse Head Dawn" USA
Haymaker "Now Now Now" USA
Parissa Bouas "The Full Force of the Wind" Australia
Achilles Wheel "XIII Hours" USA
Pedaljets "What’s in Between" USA
De Staat "Icon" Netherlands
Carrie Day "Life is Like This" Canada
Sugarman "After the Blackout" USA
Helen Chaya "I am not Thinking of War Today" USA
Dead Flowers "Midnight at the Wheel Club" England
Antun Opic & Band "No Offense" Croatia
Tony Dekker "Prayer of the Woods" Canada
Tony McLoughlin "The Contender" Northern Ireland
Marceese "Young at Heart" Germany
The Legendary Lightness "The Legendary Lightness" Switzerland
Lars Bygden "LB" Sweden
Nick & June "Flavor & Sin" Germany
The Baker Suite "Your Dreaming Self" Australia
Declan O’Rourke "Mag Pai Zai" Ireland
The Roving Crows "Baccanalia" England
Short & Sweet: Ana Alcaide, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, The Band of Heathens, The Bittersweets, Branches, David Bromberg, Guy Buttery, Carbon Leaf, Charlie and the Foxtrots, Mary Coughlan, Dan Coyle, Ani DiFranco, Antje Duvekot, Marla Fibish & Bruce Victor, Finnders & Youngberg, The Ghent Folk Violin Project, Andrew Greer, Kent Gustavson,, The Henry Girls, The Howlin' Brothers, Sarah Jarosz, Jenny & Tyler, Jimi the Piper, Joshua & Heather, Johanna Juhola, Ken & Brad Kolodner, Jasmine Kyle, Héctor Lavoe, The Littlest Bird, Nick Lowe, Sarah MacIntosh, McDermott's 2 Hours, Katie McNally, Me You & Her, The Moor Rose, Old Buck, The Paperboys, Josh Rouse, David Rovics, The Show Ponies, Sleeping At Last, The Tillers, Will Varley, Melody Walker & Jacob Groopman, Daniel Willem, Various Artists "The Best of the Americana Music Festival 2013", "Classic Banjo from Smithsonian Folkways", "High Cotton: A Tribute to Alabama" Various

  Deutsche Rezensionen

FullSet "Notes After Dark" Ireland
Téada "Ainneoin na stoirme - In spite of the storm" Ireland
Die Hayner "Sonntag" Germany
Impius Mundi "Diese Nacht..." Germany
Christian Haase "Alles was gut ist" Germany
Tony McManus "Mysterious Boundaries" Scotland
Daniel Puente Encina "Disparo" Chile
L'ham de Foc "Cançó de Dona i Home" Spain
Al Andaluz Project "Salam" Germany / Spain / Morocco
In Extremo "Kunstraub" Germany
Rainbirds "25th Anniversary Edition" Germany
Too Slim and the Taildraggers "Blue Heart" USA
The Stanfields "For King and Country" Canada
New York Voices "Let It Snow" USA
Sinatra Tribute Band & Max Neissendorfer "Winter Wonderland" Germany
Patricia Salas "Latin Christmas" Chile
Karamelo Santo "Karamelo Santo" Argentina
?Shmaltz! "Welcome to Malwonia - Reloaded" Germany
Tom Kell & Emiko Woods "Glory Bound" USA
La Caravane Passe "Gipsy for one Day" France
Souad Massi "The Definitive Collection" Algeria
Little Mike & The Tornados "Forgive Me" USA
Pi Jacobs "Urbanicana" USA
Wendy Flower "New" USA
Cocos Lovers "Gold or Dust" England
Capercaillie "At the Heart of it All" Scotland
Roberto Santamaria & his Latin Jazz Stars "Fiesta al Jazz" Cuba
Trebunie Tutki & Twinkle Brothers "Songs of Glory" Poland
Sharp, Routh, Bays, Sharp "Dreams of the San Joaquim" USA
Vasco Hernandez "Luz de Otra Manera" Spain
Mayito Rivera "Alma de Sonero" Cuba
Dota "Wo soll ich suchen" Germany
Juan Carmona "Alchemya" Spain
Forshpil "For Shpil" Latvia
Yxalag "Klezmer Tales - Fargint Zikh" Germany
Natiruts "Acústico no Rio de Janeiro" Brazil
Scott Cook "One More Time Around" Canada
Kai Olaf "Wenn ich groß bin ... live" Germany
Danny Santos "This Old World" USA
Badi Assad "Badi Assad" Brazil
Matt Stone "Northern Lights" USA
Sting "The Last Ship" England
Rodrigo Costa Félix "Fados de Amor" Portugal
Dudu Tucci "Morena do Sol" Brazil
Orkestar Bordurka "Jogurt" Finland
Scala & Kolacny Brothers "December" Belgium
Jarzebina/Drewutnia "Od Kocudzy do Betlejem" Poland
Oh My Darling "Venez Danser" Canada
Various Artists "The Ultimate Guide to Spanish Folk" Spain
Fromseier & Hockings "Flot Gevir" Denmark
Blagresi "Hvad Ef Himininn Brotnar" Iceland
Helmut Eisel "Klezmer in the Air" Germany
Mr Zarko "Electric Gipsy Disco Noise" Serbia / Germany
Strom und Wasser featuring The Refugees "Freiheit ist ein Paradies" Germany
Äl Jawala "Live" Germany
Claire Lynch "Dear Sister" USA
Various Artists "40 Hamburger Küchensessions #2" Germany
Jaune Toujours "Routes" Belgium
The Roving Crows "Baccanalia" England
Alma "Nativa" Austria
Sam Lee "Ground of ist Own" England
Jessica Rydén "My Little Heart" Sweden
Corvus Corax "Gimlie" Germany
Cantunovu "Lamenti e nuveni" Italy
Talking Horns & St.Ankowski "Verwirrte Hirten" Germany
Quadro Nuevo "Bethlehem" Germany
Picotage "Noël Nouveau Est Venu" France
Nathalie et Olivier Daviau "La terre est froide" France
The Black Lillies "Runaway Freeway Blues" USA
Jude Johnstone "Shatter" USA
Zingaros "Gitango" Argentina
La Pegatina "Eureka!" Spain
New American Farmers "Brand New Day" USA
Klezmic Zirkus "Klezming Pool" Belgium
Ummananda "Dream is Destiny" Germany
Serkan Özkan "Unsterbliche Blumen" Turkey / Germany
Bê Ignacio "India Urbana" Brazil
Bê Ignazio "India Urbana" Brazil
Heidi Marie Vestrheim "I want to go" Norway
Elvira "19 Mundart Lieder aus Vorarlberg" Austria
Mandoo "Sweet bitter love" France
Oberpichler "Kleine Kreise" Germany
Ron Dziubla's "Nasty Habit" USA
Eva Hillered "Heaven & Hill" Sweden
Eric Bannan "Wild Places" USA
rummtskbaa "Groovebrantze" Germany
Faschings Kuchlradio "Grobn" Austria
The Blims "Love Letters" Wales
Fatum "1795" Germany
Oria Aspen "Yellow Paint" USA
Ulf Hartmann "Schokolade" Germany
Elin Kaven "Máizan" Norway
Robin Dean Salmon "Blackbird" USA
Darden Smith "Love Calling" USA
Cecile Corbel "Roses - Songbook Vol. 4" France
Gwibdaith Hen Frân "Yn ôl ar y ffordd" Wales
Mikuskovics Baum "Mondnacht" Austria
Mikuskovics Baum "Lux natus est" Austria
SULP "Urban Tour" Switzerland
Bajuwah "Da Somma ko kemma" Germany
The Shanes "Road Worrior" Germany
Landstreichmusik "Heiteri Schiibe" Switzerland
Marceese "Young at Heart" Germany
Permanente Bluesmaschin "Permanente Bluesmaschin" Germany
Dominik Plangger "hoffnungsstur" Germany
Chastity Brown "Back-Road Highways" USA
Corin Curschellas "Origins" Switzerland
Roger Stein "Lieder ohne mich" Germany
Nobody Knows "Morgen, Kinder, und übermorgen auch" Germany
Cara "Horizon" Germany
Clannad "Nádúr" Ireland
Tom & Jenny "Chamäleon" Germany
Ashleigh Flynn "A Million Stars" USA
Kurz & bündig: Kiran Ahluwalia, Çiğdem Aslan, Big City Indians, Blackmore's Night, Paz de Castillo, Manu Chao, Che Sudaka, Oana Catalina Chitu, The Civil Wars, Heinrich von Handzahm,, Chris Kramer, Stephan Krawczyk, La Zikabilo, Little Hurricane, RJ Mischo, Mumford & Sons, Finn Olafsson, John Olday, Paradicso, Joseph Parsons, Radical Face, Sven Ratzke & Claron McFadden, Tao Ravao, Kimmie Rhodes, Karl M. Riedel, Saltatio Mortis, Schandmaul, Reiner Schöne, Schwarz un Schmitz, Star Anna, Stoppok, Tanzwut, Nessi Tausendschön, Tempi Passati, Dana Tupinamba, Valravn, Wedding, The Wichita, Various Artists "Red Hot + Fela", "Stimmen Bayerns - Die Freiheit" Various

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