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Power and Resonance

Laura Warshauer |

Laura Warshauer @ Birchmere, Washington DC - May 2, 2012.

I was certainly looking forward to this set after my chance to chat with Ms. Warshauer the other day. Laura Warshauer is a name that you will be hearing a lot about, if you have not already. She is a young singer-songwriter who is on tour in support of Bob Schneider. She has got a killer voice and songs to match.

She came out with two other musicians on viola (electric and traditional) and acoustic guitar. She played guitar on most songs and had plenty of harmony vocal assistance from both musicians. The guitars sounded great together as there was both finger style and picked rhythms employed. And a viola is always a great choice for a small line-up as it is able to reach down into some rich lower notes, while still able to handle higher lead runs like a violin.

This was complex enough to offer instrumental flourish, but still allowed acres of space for Laura Warshauer's powerful voice. She does remind one of Cyndi Lauper with her power and resonance (not to mention the Jersey accent when she speaks, yes it's not Brooklyn but it's in the ballpark).

Warshauer's songs are not pure folk, but have more of a rock ballad feel in the classic singer-songwriter style. She has a great feel for the flow of her songs and can build the intensity with subtle volume shifts. The 30 minute set breezed by and made a good connection with the crowd, a few of which have heard her previously in Annapolis and a recent show in Baltimore.

All was well enough, but she blew me away with a solo voice and guitar performance of "Rockstar" a song of hers that has some crazy cool vocal lines that I have not ever really heard before. Great finish for a fine set.

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