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FolkWorld's editors, Michael & Christian Moll, have taken here the difficult task to find out - subjectively - about the best 10 CDs of 2003 that have arrived for review at FolkWorld magazine.

  1. The best CD of 2002: Wolfgang Meyering "Malbrook" (Germany)
    Wolfgang Meyering is a musician from northern Germany. He has played/plays in some of the best German folk music bands (Jams, Spillwark, Polkaholix, etc.). His new band / project is called Malbrook - and it is simply great! He combines northern German traditons with the Scandinavian world. A bit of medival feeling and lots of energy. He has gathered a great bunch of musicians (from Germany and Scandinavia) for this album. And what can I say - it is in my opinion the best album of 2003...
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  2. The second best CD of 2002: FromseierRose "Contradiction" (Denmark) FromseierRose "Contradiction"
    Fiddle and piano can be a genius combination - this is definitely the case with the duo Fromseier Rose. Their music is light and relaxed, but at the same time full of passion and emotion. The two musicians have a completely different background. But as soon as they played the first tune together (at the Copenhagen Irish Festival in 2001) they realised, that they have the same musical passion and that their chemistry is working perfectly together - and they were right. "Contradiction" is a breathtaking debut album.
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  3. The third best CD of 2002: Betti Zambruno & Tendachent "al lung de la riviera - ballate piemontesi dalla raccolta Sinigaglia" (Italy)
    This excellent album is the product of a project. Maurizio Martinotti had the task to create a CD with old peasant ballads from Piemont. The Piemont acted always as a filter between western Europe with a stronger ballad traditon and the rest of Italy - so the tradition of this kinds of ballads are strong in Piemont. He has found in Betti Zambruno a perfect singer for this songs, she has a rich and full voice with lots of passion. Her voice is ideal for this slower ballads. A great showcase of old Piemontese ballads presented with todays folk music.
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  4. Alamaailman Vasarat "Käärmelauakunta" (Finland)
    If you are into dark heavy music from the north - you should give Alamaailman Vasarat a listen. Their music is hard, often very dark (with only few sunny spells) and breathtaking.
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  5. Fyglia "Strå" (Denmark/Sweden)
    Fyglia is a Scandinavian band with musicians from Denmark and from Sweden. Their music is somehow light - it is like a sunny summers day in Scandinavia, where your thoughts can wander around and you can relax...
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  6. Birken Tree "3(three)" (Italy/Irish)
    Irish Folk at its very best from this four piece band from Italy, with a beautiful and skilfully played blend of flute, uillean pipes/whistle, fiddle/guitar and piano/sax/keys.
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  7. Kontraburger (Poland)
    Excellent young band from Poland. Great mix of inspirations from Poland and beyond.
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  8. Kruzenshtern & Parohod "the craft of primitive klezmer" (Israel)
    Kruzenshtern & Parohod's music is so wonderfull weird, so unconventional and unique with lots of Klezmer and free Jazz...
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  9. Angus Lyon & Ruaridh Campbell "Simple Tricks" (Scotland)
    This is a highly inspiring CD of Scottish instrumental folk music at its very best.
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  10. eCHo "Pro Helvetia" (Switzerland)
    Great album presenting musical (mostly songs) Swiss German traditions.
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