FolkWorld's best CDs 2001
The Readers' Choice

FolkWorld asked its readers for their favourite three CDs of 2001. The result of FolkWorld's Readers Poll is that it is not that clear which CDs have been the definite best of 2001 - hundreds of different CDs from all over Europe and beyond were named. To some surprise, plenty of the entries named a Belgian CD released on an own label - Gunter Bauweraerts' "Midwinter"-CD made No. 2! It seems that FolkWorld has really very much a specialist readership!
Below you find the 10 most voted CDs, plus the five follow-ups. There seems to be still a trend towards Belgian folk music...

  1. Lunasa album coverLunasa "The Merry Sisters of Fate" (Ireland)
    FolkWorld Review planned...

  2. Gunter Bauweraerts "Midwinter" (Belgium)
    FolkWorld Review planned...

  3. John Doyle "Evening comes early" (USA/Ireland)
    Read the FolkWorld review (in German)

  4. Gjallarhorn "Sjofn" (Finland)
    Read the FolkWorld review

  5. Lais "Dorothea" (Belgium)
    (Apparently, the international release has been in 2001, while the Belgian one is already from 2000...)
    Read the FolkWorld review

  6. John Doyle CoverKaran Casey "When the winds begin to sing" (USA/Ireland)
    Read the FolkWorld review (in German)

  7. Ricardo Tesi and Banditaliana "Thapsos" (Italy)
    Read the FolkWorld interview

  8. /9. Tref "Accordeon Diatonique" (Belgium)
    Read the FolkWorld review

  9. /8. Garmarna "Hildegard von Bingen" (Sweden)
    Read the FolkWorld review

  10. Kadril "All the best" (Belgium)
    FolkWorld Review planned...

The five follow-ups:

Runrig "The Stamping Ground" - Karen Tweed "May Monday" - Battlefield Band "Happy Daze" - Dick Gaughan "Outlaws & Dreamers" - Draupner "Draupner"

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