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Trapped Black Gypsy

Marcela will unveil her new album « O’Roma » on his release April 1, 2022 on Jamalafak / Music Box Publishing / Socadisc. This new work will be presented live on stage on Thursday April 7, 2022 at Studio de L’Ermitage (Paris).


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Woman, artist, mother and « pack » leader. As a Slovak mad against her country, fighting traditions and bored, she left it. As a trapped black Gypsy, she decided to believe that elsewhere will be freedom. Marcela kept on composing from this new « home » that France became.

The place where she finds her true self is on stage. Marcela expresses there her own History: the expression of an anger from time to time, the story of an orphan, a girl who decided to forgive her mom when she sings to her own kids this lullaby: Ando Suno.

Her « pack » is formed by Benny her guitar player, by Charles her soulmate composer, by Loran the experienced violinist and by Yoann the fearless double bassist. Marcela, happier than ever, shout her love on stage.

Down with traditions and her own contradictions, free to make her very own choices, she carries inside her the insolence of those who knew pain, publicly fighting to transmit her will, strength and freedom values making the note resonate and crying without shame. More intimate, this album dives deep into the band’s musical identity and brings to light Marcela’s very own universe: her rich soundscapes and History, between joy and pain, anger and traditions.

Mixing original compositions, traditional songs and both Romany and French lyrics, this album is an invitation to follow this journey all together. The journey of self-discovering as well as discovering others and the world enlighten by an audacious and festive orchestration.

This album is the perfect occasion for Marcela to invite several musicians such as Nedjim Bouizzoul, leader of Labess, with whom she co-wrote the song « Yallah Mon Frère » mixing Kabyle and Gypsy cultures. In - O’ROMA - there are also Emilio Castiello from Aalma Dili at Mandolin, Thibault Duquesnay and Mihai Pirvan at Saxophone and Percussions from Ersoy Kazimov, Marwan Slimani or Bilal Chenni.


Marcela "O’Roma", 2022

The album - O’ROMA - was recorded in La Boîte à Meuh Studio by Frédéric Mateu and mixed by Yann Teffaine. Produced by Jamalafak Collectif and distributed by Socadisc, it will be out on April 1st 2022.

Marcela Cisarova is a singer and dancer from Kalderash origine (part of the Romany people). She studied during two years in the Romathan School in Slovakia which is the only public theater founded by the Rom Community in Europe.

She settled in France and collaborated with choreographer Petia Ioutchenko and even get part of her dance company. Marcela finally founded her own a few years later and took part of the Terne Roma Company made to promote Gypsy dance.

In 2014, she met Benny, Guitar player in the Aalma Dili band, who widen her horizon and open a new chapter of Marcela’s career. Here’s the beginning of the adventure MARCELA.

She is Gypsy, and they - the band - are « gadjés » (non-Rom in Romany language). Marcela and her band are gathered by their singular paths and their love of the music they compose all together with passion. With this new family, she sings about her exile, her uprooting and makes the misfortunes dance along her powerful voice melted with the Slavic gentleness and melancholia. All together, they offer a percussive reflexion about cultural diversity and the necessity of living united despite differences.

A first album called MURCHALE was out in 2015, 14 tracks that got everyone on the same page. Marcela’s voice and the festive energy from her musicians are the perfect invitation to dance, effervescence and unification.

P.S.: New version of "Mon héroïne" in duet with Marcela Cisarova directed & rearranged by Brian Poquet, mixed by André Baille-Barelle and taken from the Collector Deluxe Edition of Gérard Lanvin's album "Ici-bas".

Photo Credits / Marcela: (1) by Alain Smilo, (2) by Pascal Strigler; (3) Marcela "O’Roma" (unknown/website).

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