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Open and Atmospheric World


Ævestaden "Ingen Mere Gråter", heilo, 2021

Ævestaden with debut album “Ingen Mere Gråter”.


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The Swedish-Norwegian trio Ævestaden will release their debut album "Ingen Mere Gråter" on May 28th. The first single "Stanna Inte" is a song about navigating through the bottomless depths of the soul - both atmospheric, playful and groovy. The listener is driven into an innovative music world where older folk musical instruments and modern electronics meet.  

- “The song is a balance between the pitfalls of life's maturation. With the course towards the sun as a symbol of wholeness and the union of the conscious and the subconscious, a steady pulse of urgent lyre and pizzicato fiddle is supported in line with the content of the text - and then it reaches a spiritual redemption in an ecstatic chorus. " - Ævestaden  

The upcoming debut album consists of both newly composed and traditional music, with old and modern instruments. Lyre, fiddle, mouth harp, kantele, vocals and electronics resonate in a new soundscape. The album is about the conscious and the subconscious - the worldly and the sacred - about life and death. The music is Nordic folk, but in a newer form and with a larger sound space to frolic in.

- “Ævestaden is fearless. We need the fearless in Norwegian folk music, more than ever. We need new voices. Ævestaden is many new voices in one trio. Anchored in eternity - pointing forward - Listen! Just that. Listen. "- Karl Seglem

The trio consists of Eir Vatn Strøm, Levina Storåkern and Kenneth Lien - three musicians who are all multi-instrumentalists. Their varied instrument combinations open up a unique soundscape where timeless harmonies and layers of minimalist motifs creates an open and atmospheric world.

Photo Credits: (1)-(2) Ævestaden (unknown/website).

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