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Across the Western Ocean

Uncut and Unfiltered

Captain Luke

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The Sound of Whiskey: The late Captain Luke, a legendary Music Maker partner artist, appears on the label of a new, limited edition of bourbon whiskey from Jackson, Mississippi's Cathead Distillery. Cathead is a longtime supporter of Music Maker, and the story of our partnership is special.

For 11 years, the co-founders of Jackson, Mississippi’s Cathead Distillery have focused their efforts on two things: making well-crafted potent potables and providing philanthropic support to live music and artisans. But the two have never been as closely linked as they are now, as Cathead releases a special batch of its Old Soul bourbon series bearing the image of longtime Music Maker partner artist Captain Luke on its bottle.

Cathead Old Soul Tin Type Series #1

The photograph on the bottle is a reproduction of a tintype made by Music Maker co-founder Tim Duffy. “We’re super excited about not only this bottle, but all potential releases in the Tintype series,” says Cathead co-founder Richard Patrick. “It’s a culmination of our work within the community, live music and distilling in one bottle. It’s something we’ve been wanting to do for years.”

Duffy has seen Cathead’s dedication to preserving Mississippi blues culture throughout the business’ lifetime. “Cathead really demonstrates its social consciousness by giving back to the blues musicians who keep the music alive, and they’ve done that since they began.” he says. “And by supporting Music Maker, Cathead helps us tend the roots of American music, not only from their home state of Mississippi but across the South. Captain Luke was my best friend, and I know without a doubt that he would be pleased to have his photo on a bottle of bourbon of such high quality.”

Bourbon aficionados will appreciate the Captain Luke run. Cathead says the bourbon is “uncut and unfiltered just like the blues artist it honors.” The proof is 119.2, and drinkers can expect to taste notes of leather, rye, caramel and vanilla. Only 6,600 bottles were produced, and it will soon begin appearing in liquor stores around the South, carrying a price tag of $100 a bottle.


Cathead Old Soul Tin Type Series #1

Quadro Nuevo - Rhabarber Aperitif Organic

P.S.: More on spirits. We highly recommend the Rhubarb Aperitivo by the Dwersteg distillery named after German world music quartet Quadro Nuevo. Quadro Nuevo have been known for their creative take on music for over two decades. The following link will take you to a great offer in combination with the latest Quadro Nuevo album MARE: (Aperitif + CD MARE)

This winter's release ODYSSEE - A JOURNEY INTO THE LIGHT promises something especially epic. The band embarked on a journey across the Aeolian Islands and Sicily with a group of 30 adventurers, looking for the heart and soul of Greek mythology. You'll find hymnal improvisations alongside a driven ska groove, a sea bossa nova in early-season 5/4 time as well as a heartfelt lullaby for the fallen Icarus or an earthy ballad for the waiting Penelope.

Photo Credits: (1) Captain Luke, (2) Cathead Old Soul Bourbon Tin Type Series #1, (3) Dwersteg Quadro Nuevo Rhabarber Aperitif Organic, (4) Qadro Nuevo (unknown/website).

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