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A Cute Cactus and Creation Songs.

Sometimes review material arrives at FolkWorld that initially surprises. A children’s picture book about a cactus – and a very cute one too with a lovely little story about a cactus dreaming to become one day a tree. Why was this book sent to FolkWorld to be reviewed? Not a reference anywhere about folk music? But wait, there is a little envelope in the back of the book, containing a download voucher for a folk song…

”Cactus on a ledge” is a book and a song written by American singer/songwriter Olivia Millerschin. It is not clear whether there was first the song and then the book or vice versa, but it is clear that the song is as cute and appealing as the picture book, with both using the same verses. Illustrated by Kathrin Honesta, I am sure the book will be a hit with pre-school children. As will be the song – it may be only 1 min 23 seconds long, but it is good fun, beautifully sung and attractively arranged with trombone, ukulele, guitar, bass etc. The 23-year young singer/songwriter has had already several successes – from quarter finalist on America’s Got Talent to winner of the American Song Contest. This children’s book/song combination is a winner which she should build on with future more comprehensive releases.

Ellie Holcomb

Ellie Holcomb’s “Sing – Creation Songs” features Christian Songs for children. Apart from a couple of tracks, Folk this is not; most of the songs are pop songs aimed to be uplifting and catchy. Our favourite is the very first song, „Sing“, which is fun and great to sing along to.
Ellie Holcomb

Ellie Holcomb, Who Sang The First Song? (Book); Sing: Creation Songs (EP), 2018

»I have just launched a new youtube channel for kids/families and will be adding content as we go… Check out this totally fun VIDEO telling you everything you ever wanted to know about Mandolins, but were too afraid to ask!«

- Chris McKhool -

Olivia Millerschin
I'm a cactus on a ledge
A quiet life I've led
But I've got dreams that you would not believe
A prickly little flower
And though I do not tower
Someday I hope to be a tree
Cactus on a Ledge
Olivia Millerschin, Cactus on a Ledge, 2018

Photo Credits: (1) Ellie Holcomb, (2) Chris McKhool, (3) Olivia Millerschin (unknown/from website).

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