FolkWorld #59 03/2016

Letters to the Editors

  Stetson x Langhorne

Langhorne Slim

Artist Video Langhorne Slim @ FolkWorld:
FW#40, #48, #54

»Dear friends,

It's with great pleasure that I reveal to you a wild dream come true. About a year ago this time, I met up with the legendary Stetson hat company and expressed to them a deep and somewhat giddy desire to design a hat someday. To my surprise, they replied, ‘Cool, tell us more.’ I told them about a magical hat that I once owned. I found it in a second hand shop in Oregon and wore it almost every day for about two years - I loved that hat. Upon leaving for a tour one morning, I decided to leave it behind in Nashville. While gone, a flood hit Tennessee and took with it what it wanted, including my hat. I imagined the beautiful black brim floating down a river somewhere, or perhaps finding its way to the bottom. I wanted in part to bring that hat back to life. I also told them that I'd dreamt of a hat that was part Charlie Chaplin, part Buster Keaton, part Huck Finn, and part Oliver Twist - and that if you added all those delicious ingredients together, you'd wind up with the perfect hat. When I stopped talking, they looked at me for a few moments and said, incredibly, ‘Let's do it.’ Sometimes you just have to ask. I'm so glad I did because we made that hat and now we've got 300 limited edition brims to offer you.

It's the hat of my dreams, and I'm truly honored to present it to you here. Ladies and gents, the Stetson x Langhorne!«

Langhorne Slim

Available now @!

For years, Langhorne Slim has fantasized about singing with a gospel group. Eventually, he made a video for the song "Changes" with Topsy Chapman & Solid Harmony at the First Presbyterian Church in New Orleans. Watch it @ Team Coco!

na mara

"Navajos & Pirates"

  na-mara: Navajos & Pirates

Our sincere thanks for the uplifting comments about our new CD, Navajos & Pirates. We could not be more delighted.

Thanks also for the service you and your colleagues provide for all of us with a passion for folk music. The scale of your endeavour with FolkWorld is breathtaking and serves not only as a commentary on the folk music scene at a given time but also as a research resource for explorers of the genre today and for historians of the genre in years to come. Bravo!

All best wishes, Paul McNamara

  Jackie Oates: The Spyglass and the Herringbone

Thanks. Lovely to see. Do try to list artists as England where relevant. We’re trying to draw attention to English folk music as a separate form and this would really help.

Cheers, Terry O'Brien (Playpen Management and Agency/ English Folk Expo)

"The spyglass and
the herringbone"

Representing for live bookings: Sam Carter, Faustus, The Copper Family/Young Coppers, Spiro, Belshazzar's Feast, Jackie Oates, James Yorkston, Rua Macmillan Trio, Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings, Rua Macmillan Big Band, Sam Sweeney’s Fiddle:‘Made In The Great War’, Gordie MacKeeman & His Rhythm Boys, Jim Moray, Leveret, Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker, John Spiers, The East Pointers, The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc (for England/Wales), Will Pound & Eddy Jay, Basco (for UK & Ireland), False Lights, and Daoiri Farrell

English Folk Expo is the annual showcase event for English folk, roots and acoustic music open to the UK and international industry providing a packed showcase programme across one weekend each October.

  Battlefield Band: Beg & Borrow

"Beg & Borrow"

Thank you for your review of the new CD and your kind comments in it. I agree that there is a lot of great music in it, and the production is also first class. I also agree that 'Ellen's Dreams' is a lovely tune - thank you for crediting me with it! But in fact it was composed by Robin Morton, not by me, and he should be mentioned as the composer, any time the tune is described. If you get the chance to correct this, I would be grateful, because it is a bit embarrassing to be credited with something that I didn't do!

You'll have noticed that Robin was the producer of the album as well, and, as always, producers don't often get the credit for their input anyway - so it would be good to have his name linked with his lovely tune.

Best wishes, Alison Kinnaird

  Gerda Stevenson: Night Touches Day

"Night Touches Day"

Many thanks. Nice review, though a bit generalised. Old fashioned? Oh dear - that's a first, but I'll take it as a compliment!

Maybe some old-fashioned folks will take an interest!!

Best wishes, Gerda Stevenson

  Selina Martin: I’ve Been Picking Caruso’s Brain, etc.

"I’ve Been Picking
Caruso’s Brain, etc."

Hello! Thank you for reviewing my new album in FolkWorld.

You’re right, it’s not “folk” music unless you take the broadest definition. I do come from a ‘songwriter’ tradition, and still consider myself primarily a songwriter, but I think traditional sounds and songs don’t accurately represent how it feels to live in the world these days.

Thank you again. I’m very glad you liked it, & fyi I just released “Wish List” as a Christmas single here in Canada. Woop!

I hope all is excellent in your world. Selina Martin

  Mike McGuire: Southern Attraction

"Southern Attraction"

Thanks for reviewing my album, ”Southern Attraction”. Bob Ramsey on Hammond B3!...

Mike McGuire

  Stolen Hearts: Dirty Southern Soul

"Dirty Southern Soul"

Not so kind of a review, can't win them all I guess.

Regards, Frank Roszak (

Further new releases promoted by Frank Roszak Promotions:

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