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CD-Rezensionen in Deutsch - Seite 1
Richard Bargel w/ Klaus 'Major' Heuser & Band "Live"Germany
Liederlicher Unfug "Mirst von herzen leide"Germany
Sonerien Du "La Komplét'"France
Billy Clifford "Echoes of Sliabh Luachra"Ireland
Cathal Clohessy & Éamonn Costello "Bosca Ceoil and Fiddle"Ireland
Dán "Moving in Decency"Germany
Jørgen Lang "Twylight"Germany
Beoga "Live at Stockfisch Studio"Ireland
Cara "Long Distance Love"Germany/
Niamh Ní Charra "Súgach Sámh / Happy Out"Ireland
Edel Fox "Chords & Beryls"Ireland
Seán O'Dwyer "Irish Trad Concertina from Beara"Ireland
Club der toten Dichter "Eines Wunders Melodie"Germany
Jürgen Thelen "Lieder und Balladen vom Lumpenhund Schinderhannes und Galgenstrick"Germany
Thelonius Dilldapp & Severin Siebenschlag "Kommt Ihr G'spielen - Lieder von Liebe, Trunk und anderen Übeln"Germany
Jürgen Thelen & Andreas Krall "Gustafs skål! - Lieder von Carl Michael Bellman"Germany
Nathan Rogers "True Stories"Canada
Nathan Rogers "The Gauntlet"Canada
Yellow Moon "Like Fire"Germany
The Outcast Band "The Longest Mile"England
Watermelon Slim and The Workers "Live at the Ground Zero Blues Club"USA
"The Folk Singer - A Tale of Men, Music & America"USA
Lily Dahab "Nomade"Spain
Lila Downs "Y la Misteriosa"Mexico
Les Tireux d'Roches "Ce qu'essé?"Canada
Cristina Pato "The Galician Connection"Spain
Jackson Browne - David Lindley "Love is Strange"USA
Josh Ritter "So Runs the World Away"USA
Okou "SerpentineGermany
Vivid Curls
CD-Rezensionen in Deutsch - Seite 2

Galandum Galundaina "Senhor Galandum"Portugal
Lisa Downing "A Delicate Balance"USA
Pollyanna "On Concrete"France
Divertimento Folk "Nómadas"Spain
Kosmo Koslowski "Krautschuk"Germany
Pankraz "Seiltänze"Germany
A Consommer De Préférence "Doré à Point"Belgium
Jaffa Road "Sun Place"Canada
Tini Trampler und die Dreckige Combo "Eiscréme Raspoutine"Austria
Wortfront "Freilandherz"Germany
Marcel Adam "Hautnah"Germany
Afenginn "Bastard Ethno"Denmark
Contradanza "Tentenelaire"Spain
Bob Lanois "Snake Road"Canada
Kuljit Bharma "Bhanga Latina"England/India
Johannes Kirchberg "Über die Verhältnisse"Germany
Various Artists "Taranta Nights"Italy
Sterzinger "Sterzinger"Austria
Terri Hendrix "Cry till you laugh"USA
Adrienne Hindmarsh "Blue Skies"USA
Orchestra Bailam "Harem Bailam"Italy
Oquestrada "Tasca Beat"Portugal
Carmen Souza "Verdade"Cape Verdes
Gordie Tentrees "Mercy or Sin"Canada
Various Artists "AfroCubism"Cuba / Mali
Corde Oblique "The Stones of Naples"Italy
Arlo Guthrie & Wenzel "Every 100 Years"USA / Germany
Franco Morone & Raffaella Luna "Songs we love"Italy
Irish Spring
CD-Rezensionen in Deutsch - Seite 3

Willy Astor "The Sounds of Islands"Germany
Dulce Pontes "Momentos"Portugal
ewo2 "... in dieser Zeit - Avantipopolo 2"Germany
Elena Ledda "Cantendi A Deus"Italy
Omar Sosa, Battista Giordano, Tenores di Oniferi "Isolanos"Italy
Hank Woji "There was a time"USA
Zully Goldfarb "De Donde Viene Mi Voz"Argentina
Chet Nichols "Prairie Harvest"USA
Various Artists "The Rough Guide to Desert Blues"Various
Luftmentschn "Liebesrausch"Germany
Various Artists "Ladies of the World"Various
Monaco Bagage "Alles außer gewöhnlich"Germany
Ganz schön Feist "The Yellow from Egg"Germany
Al Andaluz Project "Al-Maraya"Spain/Germany
Dublin Gospel Choir "Doing Their Thing"Ireland
Nora Thiele "Modern Oriental Frame Drums"Germany
Ben Woolman "Many Moods"USA
Radig "Immer weiter"Germany
Schorsch & de Bagasch "Jedn Dog"Germany
Sophie Hunger "1983"Switzerland
Allison Moorer "Crows"USA
Ich und mein Tiger "...und all die andern Leben"Germany
Die Kapellis "Easy & Free"Germany
Aniada a Noar "Holz"Austria
P.P. Slaggert "Down with the Tyrants"Northern Ireland
La Marotte "La Marotte"Germany
Vermaledeyt "Relikt"Germany
Patrick Bloom "Ghosts of Radio"USA
Duivelspack "Dicke Freunde"Germany
CD-Rezensionen in Deutsch - Seite 4

Diarmuid O'Leary "The Finest"Ireland
Diarmuid O'Leary & the Bards "The Comedy Hits Album"Ireland
Diarmuid O'Leary & the Bards "The Railway Train"Ireland
LaBrassBanda "Live im Circus Krone München"Germany
Coast "Coast"England
Frölich Geschray "So spricht das Leben"Germany
Will Hoge "The Wreckage"USA
Konrad Bönig "Alles in Butter"Austria
The DeSotos "Cross your Heart"New Zealand
Spectaculatius "Mit Lust"Germany
Natascha Leonie "Forget Humble"Germany
John Pinamonti "End of Smith"USA
Schrader & Co "Nach vorn"Germany
The Bayou Alligators Project "Why not?"Germany
Blues Himmel "Do fehlt ma was"Germany
Enter The Haggis "Gutter Anthems"Canada
Saor Patrol "Full Throttle"Scotland
Wir Wissen Warum "... oder auch nicht"Germany
Tony Denikos "Already Gone"USA
Brogues "Irish Sheep Hunting"Germany
John Batdorf "Old Man Dreamin'"USA
Mickle A Do "Home Grown"Germany
Emith "13 Seasons"USA
Eva Ignatjeva & Elke Steltner "Von Elfen, Feen und Menschen"Germany
Duo Sonnenschirm "Duolektik"Germany
Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones "On the one Road"Ireland
Rabenschrey "Exzessivus"Germany
Vero Sego "...and the Pursuit of Happiness"France
Alexander Wolfrum "Die Brille in den Stiefeln"Germany
Alexander Wolfrum "Es bleibt dabei"Germany
Auli "Etnotranss"Latvia
Gaelic Storm "Cabbage"USA
The Shin
CD-Rezensionen in Deutsch - Seite 5

IRXN "Vogelfrei"Germany
Yana Mangi "Earth Shadow"Sweden
Knut Kiesewetter "Niee Leder vun mien Fresenhof"Germany
Kongo Joe Ochestra "N° 1s"Germany
Liederjan "7/8 oder am Stück"Germany
Tansads "Rough and Ready"England
Die Citoller Tanzgeiger "Lust & Leben"Austria
Eleanor Angel "Face to Face" Australia
Mr. Irish Bastard "A Fistful of Dirt"Germany
The Jones Boys "Like the sun a-glittering"England
Rivenbell "Landmark"Switzerland
Daithi Rua "Black Fox"Ireland
Schmidbauer Kälberer "Momentnsammler"Germany
Kimmie Rhodes "Miracles on Christmas Day"USA
Nirit Sommerfeld & Klezmorim "Jiddische Weihnacht"Germany
Augenblick "Hinaus aufs Land"Germany
Irregang "Golias"Germany
Kadril "Mariage"Belgium
Da Blechhauf'n "BH"Austria
Dan Possumato "Pulling out the Stops"USA
Bartsch & Band "Live im Objekt 5"Germany
Andrea Seki "Through the Passage"Italy
The Children of Lir "This is the story..."Germany
Circle J "Weekend Warriors"Netherlands
Absinto Orkestra "Gadje" Germany
Annie Keating "Water Tower View" USA
Oli Kehrli "We Meitschi Buebe"Switzerland
Brendan Monaghan "Flicker of Hope"Northern Ireland
Mund-Hand-Werk "A g'schenkta Tog"Germany
Marina Zettl & Thomas Mauerhofer "Fikus"Austria
Minnedorn "... für's Folk!"Germany
Trio Klezele "Freylekh from Vladivostok"France
Charley Cruz & The Lost Souls "The Last Warrior"Netherlands
Fur Dixon & Steve Werner "Travelers"USA
Maggie Beth Sand & Serpentyne "Stella Splendens"England
The Road Brothers "Old ’n’ Dusty Road"Germany
Nancy K. Dillon "Roses Guide To Time Travel"USA
Amy Allison "Sheffield Streets"USA
Valkyrien Allstars "Valkyrien All Stars"Norway
Valkyrien Allstars "To Maner"Norway
Sampler, EPs & Demo-CDs: Anouschka, Blue Eyed Blondes, Rock 4 Life International Vol. 19"Various

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CD-Rezensionen in Englisch - Seite 1
Diarmaid and Donncha Moynihan "The Lights of Ranzanico"Ireland
Lissa Schneckenburger "Dance"USA
The London Lasses and Pete Quinn "By Night & By Day"England
Old Blind Dogs "Wherever Yet May Be"Scotland
Niamh Ní Charra "Súgach Sámh / Happy Out"Ireland
Shannon Heaton "The Blue Dress"USA
Faran Flad "Maiden Voyage"Belgium
Various Artists "The Battle of Prestonpans 1745 - Music and Song of the Campaign"Scotland
The Kane Sisters "Side by Side"Ireland
Joy Dunlop "Dùsgadh (Awakening)"Scotland
Colum Sands & Maggie MacInnes "The Seedboat (Bàta an t-Sìl)"Scotland/Ireland
Matt Cranitch & Jackie Daly "The Living Stream"Ireland
Feast of Fiddles "Walk Before You Fly"England
Jules Bitter & Tom Acton "The Hill of Women"Netherlands/Ireland
Kevin Burke & Cal Scott "Suite"Ireland
Stevie Dunne "About Time"Ireland
Bobby Gardiner "The High Level"Ireland
Christy Leahy & Caoimhín Vallely "%"Ireland
Rob Say "O'er Lang at the Fair"England
Electric Céili "Electric Céili"Ireland
Alasdair Roberts & Friends "Too Long In This Condition"Scotland
Euphorica "Genesis"Czech Republic
Peut-être Demain "Peut-être Demain"Belgium
Ceilí Moss "La vie sent quoi?"Belgium
Tony McManus "Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop - Celtic Jigs and Reels"Scotland
Mick Coyne, Nollaig Mac Cárthaigh, Paddy Keenan "Piper's Choice Volume 3"Ireland
Bill Evans & Megan Lynch "Bluegrass Jamming Essentials"USA
Sam Bush "All About Rhythm Mandolin!"USA
"10-Minute Teacher The Pogues feat. Kirsty MacColl: Fairytale of New York"Ireland/Britain
CD-Rezensionen in Englisch - Seite 2
Ophiusa "Paos"Spain
Pradairo "Pateado"Spain
A Banda das Crechas "ABDC"Spain
Tiller's Folly "Stirring up Ghosts" Canada
Mr Love & Justice "Watchword" England
Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls "Catching More Than We Miss"England
Barzin "Notes to an absent Lover"Canada
The Demon Barbers "And the Adventures of ... Captain Ward"England
The QP "Intro"England
Emily Spiers "The Half-Moon Lovers"England
Eliza Carthy & Norma Waterson "Gift"England
Omnia "Wolf Love"Netherlands
Dalla "Cribbar"England
The Jones Boys "Like the sun a-glittering"England
Alex Hodgson "Jeelie Jars 'n' Coalie Backies"Scotland
Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three "River Boat Soul"USA
Gilkyson, Gorka & Kaplansky "Red Horse"USA
Earlybird Stringband "Earlybird Stringband"Norway
The John Hartford Stringband "Memories of John"USA
Roosevelt Dime "Steamboat Soul"USA
Clarence Bucaro "Til Spring"USA
Various Artists "Vrenelis Gärtli - Neue Schweizer Volksmusik"Switzerland
Sean Taylor "Walk with me"England
KV Express "D-Sensation"Belgium
Monoswezi "Monoswezi"Mozambique / Zimbabwe / Norway /Sweden
Fay Hield "Looking Glass"England
Roberto Delira & Company "Zabobon"Poland
Bernard L’hoir "12 Escapades for Piano"Belgium
Thierry Crommen "Diversions"Belgium
Tríona ní Dhomhnaill "The Key’s Within"Ireland
3 Triúr "Sa draighean"Ireland
West Ocean String Quartet "Ae Fond Kiss"Ireland
Janusz Prusinowski Trio "Mazurki"Poland
Janusz Prusinowski Trio "Serce"Poland
William Jackson & Grainne Hambly
CD-Rezensionen in Englisch - Seite 3
Violons Barbares "Violons Barbares"Bulgaria / France / Mongolia
Groef "Des avonds in klein maneschijn"Netherlands
Vilma Timonen Quartet "Forward"Finland
Ruuti "Ruuti"Finland
Tibetrea "Mimirmeidr"Germany
Amira & Merima Ključo "Zumra"Bosnia Herzegovina
Brenna MacCrimmon "Kulak Misafiri"Canada
Mirco Menna & Banda di Avola "E l’italiano ride"Italy
Milagro Acustico "Thermæ Atmospheræ"Italy
Galandum Galundaina "Senhor Galandum"Portugal
Ralf Kleemann "Hugs & Kisses"Germany
Herwig Strobl & Atanas Dinovski "Von Dublin bis Dubai"Austria
Fayvish "Yiddpop"Germany
Shir "Ashk’farad"England
Schmarowotsnik "Lider"Germany
Dectera Lugh "Lumina"Germany
Bordunrot "Zeitblüten"Germany
Dulce Pontes "Momentos"Portugal
Benedicte Maurseth "Alde"Norway
Gstättner, Heckel and Sahmaoui "Lava"Austria
Oliver Schroer & the Stewed Tomatoes "Freedom Row"Canada
Hanggai "Juan zou de ren"China
Fuxan os Ventos "Terra de Soños"Spain
Berrogüetto "Kosmogonias"Spain
Ivan Santos "Grampeado"Brazil
Klapp "Hopp!"Estonia
Hoelderlin "8"Germany
Edgar Knecht "Good Morning Lilofee"Germany
Eyal Maoz & Asaf Sirkis "Elementary Dialogues"USA
CD-Rezensionen in Englisch - Seite 4

Star FK Radium "Blue Siberia"USA
Deolinda "Dois selos e um carimbo"Portugal
Irregang "Golias"Germany
Sherry Austin "Love Still Remains"USA
Sanda Weigl "Gypsy Killer"Hungary
Čači Vorba "True speech - Szcera Mowa"Poland
Sedaa "Mongolian meets Oriental"Mongolia/Iran
Gonnagles "CD II ten Bal"Netherlands
Various Artists "Rough Guide to Russian Gypsies"Russia
Tzigani "Budapest"Hungary
Julien Jacob "Sel"Benin
Uusikuu "Babylonia"Finland / Germany
Saimaa "Taika"Finland / Germany
Makigami Koichi "Tokyo Taiga"Japan
Elles s’y Promènent "Comme il m’en souviendra"Belgium
Natacha Atlas "Mounqaliba"Belgium
The Taal Tantra Experience "Sixth Sense"Germany/India
Karl Seglem "Ossicles"Norway
Luc Pilartz & Arnaud Degimbe "Le sac et la corde"Belgium
Boréale "Golem"France
Diamik "A fet noz"France
La Bouline "Mad atao"France
Quadro Nuevo "Grand Voyage"Germany
Bassa "Medialuna"Germany
Hendrik Meurkens Quartet "A night in Jakarta"Germany
Walter Lang meets Takuya Taniguchi "Yuujou"Germany / Japan
Michael Sagmeister "True to the Moment"Germany
The Ethel Caffie-Austin Singers "Live in Europe"USA
Amparo Sanchez
CD-Rezensionen in Englisch - Seite 5

Baghdaddies "Dancylvania"England
Kyrie Kristmanson "Origin of Stars"Canada
Pørtners Komplot "Oldefar på tour"Denmark
Falgren Busk Duo "Duet"Denmark
Abild "Methea"Denmark
Baltic Crossing "Firetour"Denmark / Finland / Britain
Various Artists "Højbystævnet 2009"Denmark
Jensen & Bugge "Projekt Dialekt"Denmark
Rannok "Rannok"Denmark
Baltic Crossing "Firetour"Denmark / Finland / Britain
Rannok "Rannok"Denmark
Carol Anderson & Martin MacDonald "Single Track Road Trip"Scotland
Dartry Ceili Band "The Killavil Post"Ireland
Donald Grant "The Way Home"Scotland
Saltfishforty "Netherbow"Scotland
Catriona McKay & Chris Stout "White Nights"Scotland
Billy Clifford "Echoes of Sliabh Luachra"Ireland
Eoin Dillon "The Golden Mean"Ireland
Sean O'Dwyer "Irish Trad Concertina from Beara"Ireland
Cathal Clohessy & Éamonn Costello "Bosca Ceoil and Fiddle"Ireland
Edel Fox "Chords & Beryls"Ireland
Hanneke Cassel "For Reasons Unseen"USA
Shane Hayes "Small Towns in Built-Up Areas" Ireland
Nathan Rogers "The Gauntlet"Canada
Various Artists "Ceolta Éireann Music of Ireland"Ireland
Cara "Long Distance Love"Germany
CD-Rezensionen in Englisch - Seite 6

Micah P. Hinson "All Dressed Up and Smelling of Strangers"USA
Micah P. Hinson "And the Pioneer Saboteurs"USA
All Over Everywhere "Inner Firmaments Decay"USA
Dennis Kolen "Northeim|Goldmine"Netherlands
Praying for the Rain "Civilized World"England
Paul Garry "Love & Sin"England
Gar Francis "Love & Protest"USA
Sheila Mac Donald "This Way"USA
Josh Ritter "So Runs the World Away"USA
Windsor for the Derby "Against Love"USA
Florian Horwath "Speak to me Now"Austria
Jane Fallon "Gemini Rising in a Patchwork Sky"USA
The Calling Sirens "The Calling Sirens"Switzerland
Tony McLoughlin "Ride the Wind"Northern Ireland
The Neighborhood Bullys "What?"USA
Tokyo Rosenthal "Ghosts"USA
Steven L. Smith "Outside of Tupelo"USA
Tim Woods "The Blues Sessions"USA
John Jackson "Rappahannock Blues"USA
Rowland Salley "Killing the Blues"USA
Tim Bragg "Stranger through the Window"England
Fantastic People "Fantastic Music"Sweden
Jerad Finck "Jerad Finck"USA
Paul McKenna Band
CD-Rezensionen in Englisch - Seite 7

Ruth Minnikin and her Bandwagon "Depend on This"Canada
Stefano Frollano "Sense of You"Italy
Reza "Moonless"France
Chet Nichols "Walking in Circles"USA
Jaimi Faulkner "All I Can"Australia
Mary MacGowan "Morning Glory"USA
Greg Wollan and New Command "Damascus Journey"USA
J. Shogren "Bird Bones & Muscle"USA
Famara "The Sound of …"Switzerland
Peter Mayer and Friends "Goodbye Hello"USA
The Seer "Heading for the Sun"Germany
Chris Simmance "Moving Roots"England
Travelling People "New Roads"England
Marc Benno and the Nightcrawlers "Crawlin"USA
Blabbermouth (aka Steve Thompson) "Me and the Metronome"England
Matt Millecchia "Silhouette of a Season"USA
Chris James & Patrick Rynn "Gonna Boogie Anyway"USA
Simphiwe Dana "Kulture Noir"South Africa
Carl Cleves & Parissa Bouas "Out of Australia"Australia
Vero Sego "… and the pursuit of happiness"France
Andy Cohen "Built Right on the Ground"USA
Kieran Wade "Across the Western Ocean"Ireland
Alejandro Escovedo "Street Songs of Love"USA
Dwayne Côté & Duane Andrews "Dwayne Côté & Duane Andrews"Canada
Grady Champion "Back in Mississippi – Live at the 930 Blues Club"USA
Rob Stone "Back Around Here"USA
Les Copeland "Don’t Let the Devil in"Canada
Michael Langer/Sabine Ramusch "Guitar & Passion"Austria
CD-Rezensionen in Englisch - Seite 8

Krista Detor "Chocolate Paper Suites"USA
Larkin Poe "Spring"USA
Keith Little "Take it Off and Get Loose with It"USA
The Don Darlings "The Shortest Straw"USA
Cee Cee James "Low Down Where the Snakes Crawl"USA
Early Autumn Break "Swimming with Children"Germany
Solomon King "Under the Sun"USA
Paul Thorn "Pimps and Preachers"USA
Dave Delarre "Blue Beginnings"England
Jimmie Vaughan "Plays Blues, Ballads & Favorites"USA
Seth Lakeman "Hearts & Minds"England
S. Carey "All We Grow"USA
Fataka "Tomboarivo"Madagascar
Derek Warfield "The Bonnie Blue Flag"Ireland
Dr. John and the Lower 911 "Tribal"USA
Surfchixxx "Craic Addicts"Ireland
Cyndi Lauper "Memphis Blues"USA
Jackson-Hewitt "Dugdale’s Flowers"England
Richard Thompson "Dream Attic"England
Rev Hammer "Down the Alley"England
Feloche "La Vie Cajun"France
Los Lobos "Tin Can Trust"USA
Kat Frankie "The Dance of a Stranger Heart"Australia
Mary Gauthier "The Foundling"USA
Old Crow Medicine Show "Live at the Orange Peel and Tennessee Theatre"USA
The Bonesmen "Deuce"USA
Bruce Brittain "Blue Sunday"USA
The Kenn Morr Band "Higher Ground"USA
Chris Ricketts & Mark Willshire "Simple Folk"England
CD-Rezensionen in Englisch - Seite 9

Nadine Maria Schmidt "Nylonsaiten & Saitenstrümpfe"Germany
Fiery Blue "Fiery Blue"USA
John Carrillo "Von Karma"USA
Marc Cohn "Listening Booth: 1970"USA
Dafni "Sweet Time"USA
Charming Hostess "The Bowls Project"USA
Justin Rutledge "The Early Widows"Canada
Amelia Curran "Hunter Hunter"Canada
The Tansads "Rough and Ready – The Early Tapes"England
The Duke & the King "Long Live"England
Two Chix & a Beer "Friends of Dolores"Germany
Timber Timbre "Timber Timbre"Canada
Johnny Duhan "The Burning Word"Ireland
Yann Tiersen "Dust Lane"France
Mick Ryan & Paul Downes "Away in the West"England
Tim Robbins and the Rogues Gallery Band "Tim Robbins and the Rogues Gallery Band"USA
Lizzie Nunnery "Company of Ghosts"England
Eric Heatherly "2 High 2 Cry"USA
Kirsty McGee & the Hobopop Collective "No 5"England
Les Babacools "Son Maldito"Germany
Justin Townes Earle "Harlem River Blues"USA
Murder by Death "Good Morning, Magpie"USA
Becki Sue & her Big Rockin’ Daddies "Big Rockin’ Boogie"USA
Audiofolk "Saggie ‘u mare"Italy
Groove Eddy "Overload"Australia
Bill Parker "Texas Tales, Vol. 1"USA
Steve Mednick "What Remains"USA
Ace Elijah "The Lonely Nights are all that’s Left"USA
Samplers, EPs & Demo CDs: Sandy Denny, Gregory Jolivet, Le Grand Barbichon Prod, Tønder Festival 2010Various

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