Cybertraddies - check out the suberb Internet Magazine FolkWorld!
Irish Music Magazine, Dublin

I am curious as to when the next issue of the ' Folk' Magazine will be out, having it on the NET is a great idea.
Sky Walkinstik Man Alone, Native American Flute player, USA

Well done on getting No.4 launched successfully into cyber space, it makes very good reading.
Colum Sands, Sands Family; Ireland

It looks like I must learn to read German, since there are always several articles in the German section that I want to read....
Cindy Funk, USA

Your web site is very interesting and very well produced.
Sean Laffey, editor of Irish Music mag, Ireland

Like your website. Good to know whats happening elsewhere.
Barry Miller, Chesterfield, England

Bin gerade ueber eure hervorragende Zeitschrift im WWW gestolpert - bei weitem das Beste, was es ueber Folk im Internet gibt - und kostet nichts! Nur weiter so!
Alistair Russell, Sound out, Ex-Battlefield Band; Scotland

Please keep me informed - I love the web site.
Harry J. Warner, Salt Spring Island, Canada

Congratulations with your magazine. It must be a hell of a job.
Eltjo Toorn, Celtic Music in Nederland; Netherlands

FolkWorld finde ich interessant und man kann es entspannt lesen, weil es keine Konkurrenz zum Folker! ist.
Mike Kamp, 1/3 editor of Folker!

I look forward to receiving the mag. Being blind, I don't get a chance to read the hard copy mags, so an online one is "absolutely ausgehtzeichnet" fur mich. Sorry about the spelling.
Jim Fidler, Singer/Songwriter, Canada

The folkprogram of Belgian Radio (Flemish) is always interested in all possible information... Please do continue, and if you need some help, you can contact me.
Marc Vandemoortele, Belgium

Good to see you getting the project off the ground, you too can have sleepless nights working to deadlines now!!
Pete Heywood, editor of Living Tradition mag, Scotland

Very efficient and easy access to info. You're doing a great job!
Desi Wilkinson, Cran, Ireland.

Good work on this fine website!
William Pint & Felicia Dale, musicians from the US

Bin grad auf Eure Folkzeitung online gestoßen; bärenstark. Zuhaus werde ich eure Artikel lustvoll durchlesen. Folk ist ja nicht mehr gerade mainstream, deshalb ist es für mich umso wichtiger "in touch" zu bleiben. Macht weiter so!
Wolfgang Renftle, Germany

Lots of joyful reading. I hope you can develop and become a complement to other folk music magazines.
Ann-Marie Beckman-Forsberg, Xource Records; Sweden

Greetings from Australia. It was good to hear about "FolkWorld", and to have a quick browse. It looks an exciting project. I would be interested in contributing reviews and an occasional article or interview.
Peter Grant, The Mercury (Tasmania's newspaper); Australia

Thank you for putting a world music magazine on the net - it's great.
Georgina Boyes, NO MASTERS CO-OPERATIVE, England

This is much more than simply a magazine - it is a forum for discussion in the widest sense.
Mike Stannett, The Folk Tradition in the Sheffield Area website, England

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