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Archie McAllister - fiddle arm
Scotland. The Scottish fiddler Archie McAllister, duo partner of Ross Kennedy and fiddler in the Jura Ceilidh Band, has stopped his international touring, because he has a tennis arm from fiddling. He did not take part on the planned Germany tour of Archie and Ross last March.
Ross' new touring partner is a good replacement of Archie; it is the young fiddler Gavin Pennycook, ex-Deaf Shepherd. Ross and Gavin are doing a great show; check them out when they are coming near you!
We wish Archie all the best for his future!

Half a year old
FolkWorld, your online music magazine has recently celebrated his half a year anniversary. A bit of flash back and outlook you can read in the
editors column.

Grammy for Scandinavian folk music
Sweden/Norway. Several Scandinavian bands were awarded/nominated with a Grammy this spring.
Swedish band Väsen, on the
Xource Label, reviewed in FolkWorld Nr. 2, have been awarded the Swedish Grammy for Best Folk Album 1997 for "Världens Väsen". The band will be performing live in Europe this Spring/Summer; as far afield as Beograd and Finland in May, Portugal in June and Belgium in July.
Meanwhile, folk music releases from the Norwegian Grappa label were nominated for the Norwegian Grammy for Folk Music (Spellemannsprisen. April 3rd 1998): Sinikka Langeland: Strengen var af røde guld (GRCD 4136); Ragnhild Furholt: Segner Syng (HCD 7128), Sven Nyhus Sekstett: Grimen (HCD 7124), Gunnar Stubseid/Ale Møller: Reisaren (HCD 7123).
Congratulations to all!

Sky Walkinstik-man-alone, photo by the Mollis Sky Walkinstik-Man-Alone - the Native American Flute Player on tour
Europe. One of the most fascinating legends around is coming to Europe again: Sky Walkinstik-Man-Alone, Native American Flutist and Story Teller, will be in Europe in summer and autumn. On his tour last summer all audiences he played for were taken away by his stories, his flute playing and just his person. In his shows, Sky tells his audiences a lot about the traditions, but also the life and difficulties today of the Native Americans.
He also does children's concerts and workshops how to build and play the Native American Flute.
Sky is looking for concerts and contacts all over Europe - if you are an interested organiser,
please contact him by e-mail!!

Photo: Sky Walkinstik-man-alone; Photo by the Mollis

German folk music availability
Germany/ For all of you who have always wondered where to get German folk releases through the net, we have good news for you: In very near future, - the site hosting also this magazine - will be hosting a German folk music mail order as well. Planned for this mailorder is also a column with short descriptions of recommended new German releases. We will tell you more in our next issue!

Coope Boyes & Simpson Mailing List
England.Coope Boyes & Simpson, a cappella trio from Northern England, like to announce that they are having a free newsletter. If anyone would like to be on the Mailing List, please ring them on +44 (0) 1709 375 063, or
e-mail them or write to Coope, Boyes & Simpson, 78 Moorgate Road, Rotherham, S60 2AY, South Yorkshire, England.
They will soon begin a Coope, Boyes & Simpson Website; meanwhile their records are already available by Mail Order via the web on

German cultural decline goes on
Germany. In the last editorial we reported about the problems of the German international cultural scene. There are now further sad news about Germany's cultural decline:
Angelique Kidjo, photo by the Mollis The Talklänge Festival in Wuppertal, North Rhine Westfalia, will not happen this year out of missing help of the town council. The well-known festival for World, Jazz and Folk Music has existed for 5 years and has reached with its high profile programme national and international popularity. After last year's success - we had a
(German) live review of it in our first issue - the town council promised to support the festival financially and find new sponsors for them - this spring the festival organisers suddenly had to find out that the council person in charge did not known anything about this... Poor politicians!
At the same time, from Dortmund comes the news that the folk club Dortmund has finished. Reasons were problems with the venue, and problems with too small audiences.
Meanwhile, last issue's editorial has found a lot of response - there is a Critical View 'The Death Knell of international culture' by the American Indian Sky Walkinstik-Man-Alone; and in the German version of The FolkWorld Scene from inside organisers report about their experiences with the foreigners tax. Find out more in our Columns Index.

Photo: Angelique Kidjo on last year's Talklang Festival; Photo by the Mollis

Wolfstone and Green Linnet - Update
Scotland. There has been some discussion about the Wolfstone Compilation album 'Pick of the litter' as well about the repackaging of the DreverMacKenzie album as Wolfstone, both published by Green Linnet.
Wolfstone's agent John Boocock has give an official statement in the Wolfstone mailing list: "Green Linnet are making ALL decisions about this latest release and have ignored any suggestions about the presentation offered by the band. The band also had no say in the disgusting picture on the front of Pick of The Litter. That type of animal is banned here in the UK after a number of very upsetting incidents with children being mauled by dogs."

Alex Campbell Tribute Concert album now widely available
Scotland/Denmark. This CD is now available by mailorder from The Living Tradition magazine, Scotland. The album is on Allan Taylor's record label T Records, but owing to Allan Taylor's workload with live dates and future projects, The Living Tradition felt that the album was not as freely available as it should be and offered to help Allan with its promotion. Living Tradition is pleased to be able to help in any way they can to enable more people to enjoy the album. The album, a DOUBLE CD, is available by post from the Living Tradition on special offer for £15 plus £2 postage. Copies of The Living Tradition magazine with an Alex Campbell article are still available for £3.50 including postage. A copy will be sent FREE on request with an order for the album.
The album is also available from Millstream Records, Denmark.
Contact the Living Tradition at
FolkWorld has featured in its first issue an article by Allan Taylor on the tribute concert; in this issue, there is a FolkWorld Scene from Inside on Alex; all who have met Alex once should read it as the Author is looking for further information and help for compiling a book on Alex Campbell.

Northern Irish Spring news
Northern Ireland. The Northern Irish Spring Records label, owned by Colum Sands, announces for the near future (before end of May) the release of new CDs by three of Northern Ireland's best: Col's brother Ben Sands as well as Rosemary Woods and Mickey MacConnell will soon have their new albums.

News from Tony McManus - the man with 36 fingers
Tony McManus in Tonder 1996, photo by the MollisScotland. Some of you might have asked yourself what Tony McManus, Scotland's best guitarist, being called by Mr. Folkmusic of Scotland (Tony's words..) Danny Kyle 'a man with 36 fingers', does these days after he has finished working with his duo partner Brian McNeill. Actually he has been quite busy - besides doing solo gigs and tours, he is having two new projects, both available on CD during this spring.
'Pourquoi Québec' you might ask when you hear that Tony has recorded over there his new album with the same title. Why - that is another question; fact is that on this album he is working with a Breton and a Candian musician - the Breton one being Gwerz' bassist Alain Genty, the Canadian one La Bottine Souriante's Denis Frechette on Piano. They are backed in some tunes by 'les pieds magiques' of André Marchand. This great album with great adaptions of traditional tunes like strathspeys, jigs and reels is availabel on
At about the same time, Tony has recorded an album with Scottish fiddler extraordinaire Alasdair Fraser; the duo is touring quite a lot these days as well. The album will soon be available from Culburnie Records - we are looking forward to it!

Photo: Tony McManus & Iain MacDonald at Tønder Festival 1996; Credit: The Mollis.

German bagpipes
Germany. Many people from all over Europe have already asked us about the music of German bagpipes. Maybe one of you is interested in buying one -
Klaus Guhl wants to sell his 'Hümmelchen', a small, not very loud German bagpipe (sounding a bit like Northumbrian Pipes). Easy to learn, also good for playing in your flat; in F-/ Bb - major. Price around 900 DM, or on application... e-mail Klaus Guhl

Christy Moore to retire?
Gerry Callan of CDIreland reports that after first announcements about Christy Moore (photo by the Mollis) having been told to take a year off for health reasons, it now appears that Christy has performed live for the last time.
Christy Moore; photo by The MollisIn an open letter to his fans Christy states. "Please let me start by saying Thank You to all the people who have supported my work these past 32 years. Last December I became ill which forced me to cancel my Irish tour. I was advised to take time out and subsequently withdrew from the Vicar Street project. At this time, thankfully, my health is recovering. However I'm taking a year out from playing music publicly. If and when I return to the public arena, God willing, it will be at a different pace. With your support I have enjoyed a success that was far beyond my wildest dreams. I thank you for all the memories and all the curtain calls. Let the music keep your spirits high." Christy's manager Mattie Fox added "While we understand entirely the genuine interest and indeed concern of many well-wishers and supporters, we do respectfully ask them to now exercise the most unselfish support of all by extending to Christy the non-public status he deserves and needs from here on." It would appear from the wording of the statement that Christy was in a much more unhealthy state than was at first believed. Perhaps he will now take a greater role in developing Irish talent. The Newberry record label which he owns with manager Mattie Fox have just released the CD Wild Dancer by flautist Conor Byrne, a nephew of Christy.
CDIreland, FolkWorld and fans of Irish music around the world wish Christy a full recovery, good health and the time to consider his musical future from here on!

Photo: Christy Moore at Tønder Festival 1996; Credit: The Mollis.

Celebrating Canada's unique Celtic culture - Needfire
Canada. David & Ed Mirvish will unveil a brand new creation this summer at their Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto. NEEDFIRE: Passion of the Heart is a theatrical evening of story, music, song and dance celebrating Canada’s unique Celtic culture. Bringing together an all-Canadian company of over 60 performers from coast-to-coast, NEEDFIRE begins performances on June 12, 1998 (opening night is set for June 16th) for a limited engagement until July 12th.
Two years in development, NEEDFIRE is a $3 million production. “NEEDFIRE grew out of the tremendous talent pool in the Celtic arts this country has produced,” says David Mirvish. “In the last decade, these Canadians have gone on to revolutionize the music industry. This production takes this significant cultural movement into the legitimate theatre on one of the country’s major stages. This is quite a gamble, but our hope is that we will produce a spectacular and moving show that will showcase established and emerging Canadian talent.”
NEEDFIRE will feature thrilling performances by such leading artists as John McDermott (the man who began the new Celtic revolution in Canadian music), Gaelic songstress Mary Jane Lamond, the legendary John Allan Cameron and the Juno Award-winning Irish Descendants. NEEDFIRE will also introduce exciting new performers like the Ennis Sisters, charismatic composer/singer Jim Fidler, ingenious pipers Sandy & Rob Campbell, twelve-year-old fiddling sensation Jeffrey Gosse and others. Sensational Ottawa Valley and Cape Breton step dancing, soaring Scottish and precision Irish dance routines will be showcased as well.
Tickets from $27 to $77.
June 12 - July 12, 1998; The Princess of Wales Theatre, 300 King St. West, Toronto. For Tickets Call Ticketking (416) 872-1212 or 1-800-461-3333

Stonehaven Folk Festival - Jubilee
Scotland. One of those friendly festivals in Scotland, the Stonehaven Folk Festival, celebrates this summer its tenth anniversary. They have invited for the birthday party among many others The Vast Majority, Norma Waterson & Martin Carthy, Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham. As special events, they have their famous Aqua Ceilidh taking place in the Stonehaven Swimming Pool with the Keith Hancock Band playing, the Arthur Argo Memorial Concert with five well known trad solo singers singing a capella, then sessions, ceilidhs and good craic.
Stonehaven is set on the East Coast of Scotland, South of Aberdeen; it is a beautiful place on the seaside, with the famous Dunottar Castle in walking distance.
Go and party with them - you will enjoy the very warm welcome! Stonehaven Folk Festival takes place from 10th to 12th July 1998; for further information and tickets contact
Pat & Michael Cruse.

USA. The 1998 USA Songwriting Competition, the internationally largest competition of this kind, has just kicked off. Entries are currently accepted, all entries must be postmarked no later than May 31st, 1998.
As the largest International Songwriting Competition around, it offers fourteen song categories such as: Pop, Rock/Alternative, Country, R&B, Gospel/Inspirational , Folk, Latin/Spanish, Instrumental, Jazz, Hip-Hop/Rap, Children, World, Dance/Club and Novelty/Comedy. Never before has any songwriting competition introduced so many categories.
Winners will be selected by a Blue Ribbon judging committee consisting of music industry judges such as record labels ,publishers, producers, performing rights organizations and voting members of NARAS (Grammy Awards). Diverse cash and merchandise prices can be won.
For more information of the current competition rules, regulations and entry forms, visit
their homepage, or e-mail them

Shantalla from Belgium
Belgium/Ireland/Scotland. After Sean Talamh's last CD release from 1995, they have not only changed their name to
Shantalla, but also changed their line-up. Now in the band are the Irish lads from Belgium Gerry Murray (accordeon, bouzouki), Kieran Fahy (fiddle), Joe Hennon (guitar) and Michael Horgan (uillean pipes, whistles). Also the Scottish singer Helen Flaherty with her light and lovely voice has joined the boys.
Their new demo tape sounds very promising, with four very well played tunes and the songs 'The Blantyre Explosion' and 'Fine Flowers in the Valley'. They are about to release their first CD with the new name and line-up; it's definitely an act to watch out for here at the continent...
Here is also their e-mail address.

Germany. Our contributor Susanne Kalweit needs your help: For the LP 'The Bold Navigators' (1975) by John Kirkpatrick and Jon Raven - who could send her a photocopy of the sleevenotes and lyrics (if there are any) or at least tell her who wrote the songs? Plus: Any suggestions for a helpful book on the canals? I´ve only got 'Race Against Time' by David Bolton. Susanne Kalweit, Kolonnenweg 1, D-24113 Kiel - or
e-mail the editors.
Please note that normally we do not publish small ads - that is not what our news part is thought for! In near future, our host will be up and running, and having also an offer for small ads!

In the German news you can find as additional news:

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