FolkWorld's best Live Acts 2001
The editors' choice

Having seen plenty of folk music concerts, FolkWorld's editors, Michael & Christian Moll, give here a selection of their favourite live acts of 2001, once again purely subjectively and aimed as an inspiration for FolkWorld's readers. Due to geographical distance (Michael having been in Sweden and England all of the year, while Christian was based in Germany and travelled all over Europe to Festivals), both have their own choices.
Zoe, photo by The Mollis

1. Christian's Choice: Zoé (Italy) at Tatihou festival, northern France
Zoé's concert on the great Tatihou festival was maybe the most moving moment of the last year for me. This band from Southern Italy has such an energy it simply blows you away. Great!
See live review. Interview will be soon published.

1. Michael's Choice: Riccardo Tesi & Banditaliana (Italy) at Falun Folk Festival Sweden.
Riccardo Tesi, one of the best accordeonist around, creates with his innovative Folk Jazz band, featuring guitar/song, saxophone and percussion, a happy and relaxed atmosphere. Tremendous music, high quality entertainment.
See interview and live review.

Riccardo Tesi, photo by The Mollis2. Christian's Choice: Danças Ocultas (Portugal) at Tilburg International Folk Festival, the Netherlands.
This Portuguese band is very special - four diatonic accordions and no other instruments - not even the voice. Their shows are breathtaking.
See interview and live review.

2. Michael's Choice: Ranarim (Sweden) at the Stallet, Stockholm.
Young 4-piece band feat. 2 singers, a nyckelharpa player and a guitarist, staying close to Swedish tradition, yet breathing a fresh new life into the old music. Their life performance is exceptionally good, very powerful with a lot of communication with the audience.
See interview.

3. Christian's Choice: Fluxus (Belgium) at Folkwoods Festival, Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Dancas Ocultas, photo by The Mollis
One of the young stars of the Flemish folk music scene - their instrumental talent is tremendous and the addition of songs brings in a new dimension. A very energetic and exciting stage performance complete it.
See live review.

3. Michael's Choice: Kathryn Tickell & Ensemble Mystical (England) at the Snape Proms, England.
A rather superb concert. The Ensemble Mystical (cello, harp, melodeon, brass instruments) is the perfect surrounding for Kathryn Tickells Northumbrian Small Pipes and Fiddle, and it is great fun to watch, especially the Scottish Carnyx...
See live review.

Ranarim, photo by The Mollis4.. Christian's Choice: Flairck (Netherlands) at Labadoux festival, Belgium.
Legendary Dutch band - the project at that time was a musical journey through Europe
See interview.

4. Michael's Choice: Oskorri (Basque Country) at Falun Folk Festival.
The old established band with their happy music and great, fresh performance.
See live review / interview in the next issue.

5. Christian's Choice: Wenzel (Germany) at his CD release party in Berlin.
German singer/songwriter with excellent band.

5. Michael's Choice: Kimmo Pohjonen (Finland) at the Nalen, Stockholm.
Without doubt the craziest accordionist in the world.
See live review.

Photos: (1) Zoé, (2) Riccardo Tesi, (3) Danças Ocultas, (4) Ranarim - All photos by The Mollis.

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The Mollis - Editors of FolkWorld; Published 01/2001

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