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Pressgang stops touring after logistic problems
England. Pressgang have had to stop touring for the foreseeable future due to "insurmountable transport crises" and the resultant financial problems. Subsequently, two band members (George and Miranda) have decided to leave the band. The band had to cancel all booked concerts, and there are now no plans to tour next year. The musicians have made supreme efforts to overcome the logistics of touring Pressgang. Taxes, legislation, distances and the strong pound were only some of the hurdles over the past ten years. The TWAH! records may be deleted (ie trashed) at the end of September.
This all came after a musically successful year of the band. Despite their engine blowing up in the middle of the longest road tunnel in Europe, they still made it to all dates in Italy from Sicily to Clusone in the North.
There are quite a few new projects planned around Pressgang, though acoustic: Damian and Mirinda have some solo gigs, and Damien plans to form an acoustic band; and Myd Wynter Band will happen in December.

The Farlanders' Inna Zhelannaya; photo by The Mollis Two folky days
Belgium. A highly recommended folk festival based on the huge talent of the Flemish New Folk Wave takes place in Bornem near Antwerpen on the 17th and 18th November 2000. "A Folky Day" presents among others the great Flemish bands Kadril, (BUB), coïncidence, Ashels, t'Kliekske, Aedo and Beaux d'Ixchel; plus the Russian Avantgarde Folkrock Band Farlanders. On offer are also workshops which are definitely helpful for any folk music fan: Building music instruments with t'Kliekske; circus, cooking, photographie, pottery. Still, there are also the more "traditional" folk workshops for dancing, singing, recorder/bagpipes, fiddle, guitar, throat singing.
Two folky days not to be missed. Full infos at

Photo: The Farlanders' Inna Zhelannaya; photo by The Mollis

Maurice Lennon at the Harcourt
Ireland. Fiddler Maurice Lennon (former member of legendary Stockton's Wing, and now touring with the Sean Keane) is taking an active part in the rebirth of the folk club at the Harcourt Hotel in Dublin. Weekly sessions and concerts there, the quality is quite good. Maurice himself can be seen performing, and he plays as good as ever. The place is beautiful and confortable too, and deserves a visit.
A news item from
Luigi Fazzo

Morten Alfred Hoirup and Harald Haugaard; photo by The Mollis Haugaard & Høirup in the States
Denmark/ United States. After an exiting summer with concerts at festivals as Rudolstadt Tanz & Folk Fest (Germany), Falun Folk Festival (Sweden), Kaustinen Folk Festival (Finland), Sidmouth International Festival (England) and Tønder Festival (Denmark), the Danish duo Harald Haugaard (fiddle) & Morten Alfred Høirup (guitar & vocal) have performed at Norsk Høstfest, the greatest Scandinavian festival in North America. The huge festival that is located in Minot expected about 60.000 people to visit from October 10th to October 14th and the Danish duo performed eight (8) concerts there. Get more information
about the festival, and about the duo in the last issue of FolkWorld.

EUREGIO folk club
Netherlands. Enschede is the centre of the oldest EUREGIO regions of Europe, carrying the idea of a unifying Europe onto the local level by building a cross-border German-Dutch region. In this European setting, a new Dutch folk club has been formed: The Folkclub Twente, having started off on the 29th September . They plan to organize a folkconcert each month as well as open stage evenings and, when requested, dance workshops. The venue, 'De Roef' is spacy with lots of 'session corners' and "is blessed with an affordable bar".
As Enschede is just across the German border (bordering Gronau), German visitors are also very welcome; all there speak German.
More infos on the programme and location at, in Dutch, English and German language.


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Máire Ní Chéileachair

Irish Spirits
Germany. A new and rather small Irish festival is coming up this December: "Irish Spirits" is a celebration of different kinds of Irish culture and was launched in 1999 presenting step dancing, story-telling and traditional music. This year's line up includes singer Máire Ní Chéileachair from Cork (All-Ireland champion 1996-1999), harpist Harriet Earis from Wales (Harper of All-Britain 2000), the traditional six-piece An Tor from Germany and Ireland as well as bodhrán-player Rolf Wagels from Hanover, Germany, well-known for his guest appearances with Irish and German artists. A provisional website contains further information in German, Irish and English - check
An Tor's website.

Photo: Máire Ní Chéileachair

Erik Marchand's Kan
France. The great Breton singer Erik Marchand has another exciting project. After having worked on his last CD with the Rumanian gipsy band Taraf de Caransabes, he now works together with diverse polyphonic singers, from Albania, Sardinia, Galicia and Mali. The album will be available this autumn.
Both Erik's project with the Taraf and the Polyphonic singers is represented by a French agency: "Trois Quatre" is an agency for some of the most exciting European, and mainly French music. They represent also the experimental Breton/Gasconian band L'Occidentale de Fanfare, the Gasconian accordionist Michel Macias and more. For interested local organisers they provide a tricky and attractive booklet with a demo CD featuring some of their bands. Exciting stuff.
Infos at the
Toris Quatre Homepage

Xose Manuel Budino and band; photo by The Mollis Tilburg Folk Festival - Second Edition
Netherlands. The Tilburg International Folk Festival celebrates in January its second edition, after the huge success of this January (see
FolkWorld Review. About 40 acts can be see between the 17th and 21st of January 2001. The focal country will be - after Hungary - this time Portugal, with many great bands from there playing, including Quatros Ventos, Frei Fado d'el Rei, Gaiteros de Lisboa. This time they will also have an instrument special, being the bagpipes.
The rest of the programme sounds once again wonderfully European, with superb names like the Galician rock piper Xosé Manuel Budiño, Breton legend Alan Stivell, a high profile Belgian project around Ambrozijn's Wouter Vandenabeele, Kimmo Phjonen from Finland and the young Irish traditional super group Danu, plus once again many Dutch acts. FolkWorld proudly presents once again the festival, and will announce more details later. See also

Photo: Xosé Manuel Budiño with band feat. Mercedes Peón; by The Mollis

Northern Spanish Pipes go Pop
Spain. The most famous of the Northern Spanish pipers have published recently new CDs - José Angel Hevia, the Asturian piper who sold more than 1 million of CDs alone in Spain, has published his new album the 24th September; and as far as our Spanish "spies" say, it appears to be even more "pop-pipes" than before, just like the latest album of Carlos Nuņez, "Mayo Longo".
One of the shining singing stars of Galicia, Mercedes Peón, the usual guest singer in the concerts of Xose Manuel Budiño, is going to publish a CD this autum with the RESISTENCIA label. And that album will surely not have an as commercial sound.

Internet Radio
Internet. The Boston based programme "A Celtic Soujourn" has decided, after the tremendous growth of its listenership over the past 15 years, to put the program on their web site as an on-demand audio file, as RealAudio. Currently, it is one of only three such programs on the web site available on-demand. Programs will be updated weekly. And if you are based in Boston, you can check it out in the traddy way, on WGBH 89.7 FM, Boston every Saturday afternoon between 12 Noon and 2PM. It is produced and presented by Brian O'Donovan.
The Web Site address is: (Click on A Celtic Sojourn).

Folk in Brussels
Belgium. The Centro Gallego de Bruselas is one of the premier venues for folk and world music in Europe, proved once again by this autumn's programme. At their "Cult La Tentation" they present/presented this autumn among many others the Belgian New Folk band(BUB), the Breton-Rumanian project of Erik Marchand & Taraf De Caransebes, Finnish stars Värttinä, the top Galician band Milladoiro and Irish legends Patrick Street.
If you are ever coming to Brussels, this is the first address to look out for. More infos at their website

Dutch Irish Fest
Netherlands. Watch out for the Irish Folk Festival in the Dutch town of Vlaardingen, on 25th and 26th of November. Featuring Liam O'Flynn & The Piper's Call Band, Shantalla, Tommy Flemming and Aoife Ni Ferraigh, and taking place at the Stadsgehoorzaal in Vlaardingen. Infos: Tel. 010 - 4093200 / 0118 - 586130.

Snapshot - Fun Photo Competition; photo by The Mollis

Snapshot results
We wanted to know where this photo of The Mollis was taken. The suggestions of our readers were very global, reaching from Albania and Austria via Japan and Estonia to Scotland and Brittany. But there have been also quite a few correct or nearly correct answers.
The most correct answer would have been: Asturias in Nortern Spain. The costumes are typical Asturian, and the building in the background is a traditional Asturian Horreos (used for corn storage). Additionally, you can see in the background also the mist in the mountains which gives another hint to Asturias...

Snapshot - Fun Photo Competition; photo by The Mollis Snapshot - the Fun Photo Competition
Which band is on this snapshot?
Name us which German band can be seen on this picture, and WIN 3 CDS at once (of your choice out of a selection of six folk music (promotional) CDs)!!!!
Answers until 16.12.2000 to FolkWorld.
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