Issue 16 10/2000

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First of all the reason why FolkWorld no.16 is coming out later than planned. FolkWorld has had a lot of trouble due to an unknown person using a FolkWorld-e-mail address for sending out thousands of spam mails via a different provider. The police is contacted, as is the provider via which the mails were sent, yet there are no other possibilities to react. FolkWorld wants to stress at this point that it has absolutely no conncetions to the person who is sending out spam mails under the address; and that we are using all available possibilities to stop this abuse of FolkWorld's name. Anybody who has experience with the fight against this kind of abuse of e-mail addresses is most welcome to contribute advice to us.

Still, finally the new FolkWorld issue is out, and will provide you hopefully a lot of useful and entertaining information. We have a great bunch of features, including flashbacks on two big summer festivals - WOMAD UK and Lorient, and interviews with Malinky, Yungchen Lhama, Susane Seivane, Greentrax Recordings and Garmana. Additionally, we are starting a new series: After the success of the Austrofolk series (in German language), the next couple of issues will feature items on the Scandinavian folk scene, with one of FolkWorld's editors staying in Denmark and Sweden for some time, reporting about the folk scene developments.

Autumn has come with its wet and windy weather, just the right time to sit at home, listen to a nice folk CD or play a bit, or go out to some cosy club to enjoy concerts. Or, of course, sit in front of the computer and read through FolkWorld magazine...
Enjoy it!

Your FolkWorld Editors.

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