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FolkWorld. Having promised it already for a long time, FolkWorld now offers also download versions of all issues. Easily downloaded as zipp-ed versions, FolkWorld can now be read at home, without high telephone costs. Also, you have now the possibility to compile your own FolkWorld archives at home.
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photo by The Mollis

Session at the end of the world
Scotland. There is a great folk session on wednesday nights in the Comm Bar, Thurso, Caithness, Scotland. All welcome!

Millenium party in the Scottish borders
Scotland. Do you know already where to spend the exciting night into the year 2000? One possibility is to join the John Wright Band on a 5 day celebration with folk music, dancing and walking in the Scottish Borders. There will be ceilidhs, concerts, sessions and many guests from Scotland, Holland, Germany and beyond, with good organisation of public transport etc. Who knows what will happen that special night - maybe we will be sitting all in the dark, with candles being the only light. And why not sitting then in the dark in company of John Wright and other nice guys?!
Infos via
Ros Halley at the Scottish Borders Tourist Board.

Dutch radio
Netherlands. On the 2nd October 99, the "Concertzender" started with a new programme of folk und old music, offering every Saturday from 11 to 12 a.m. European folk music, presented by the best amateur and (semi) professional musicians. Besides music, the programme offers also infos on new CDs, concerts and festivals.
If you are a good musician with stage experience and have a demo tape or CD, Concertzender is interested in hearing from you. Concertzender might also record festivals. Send your material to Jos Maas, De Concertzender, Programma's volksmuziek en oude muziek, via: Stichting Volksmuziek Nederland, Aalberselanen 10, 3445 TB Woerden,


Erbses Bauchladen ...been hunting for strings for a charango or a rubber ended bhodhrán beater? A low whistle or a rosewood flageolet?
"Erbses Bauchladen", running an online-Shop in the internet since June 1998, is dealing in musical instruments and accessories which are sometimes a little hard to come by. At
our online shop you will find:
Traditional and folk instruments: Giutars, mandolins, banjos, bouzoukis, charangos, bandurrias, ukuleles, fiddles, whistles, recorders, flutes, bodhráns, handheld percussion, castanets, concertinas, chalumeaus, bag-pipes, balaleikas, lutes and lots more from major instrument makers around the world.
Sheet Music, song books and tutors: We carry books, sheet music and tutors for almost all our instruments with many titles from England, Scotland or Ireland.
Strings and accessories: We carry strings and spare parts for all our instruments as well as a variety of accessories (reeds for bagpipes, practice chanters and the like, membranes, drum skins, stands for instruments etc.)
If you are looking for something we do not stock - we will try and get it for you. Make sure, you ask.
Have a look in - it may be worthwhile.

Bonn: Folk moves in...
Germany. While most of the politics have moved away from Bonn, Folk music is coming to the lovely place. The music club "Live", Gotenstr.1, Bonn Plittersdorf, has started a folk session once a month (every last Sunday from 7, and the organiser is also looking for bands and musicians to play in concert in the club. Besides Folk, "Live" offers a wide ranged music programme throughout the months.
The cosy cellar club can be contacted at Tel. Nr. 0228-356602, furter infos
at their website.

Bernard of Bleizi Ruz; photo by The Mollis Breton language struggle
France. In a recent FolkWorld issue, we talked with Bleizi Ruz (photo) about the problems the Bretons are still facing with the centralised state system oif France. Now the French government stated that they will not accept the EU directive on minority languages, because "the language of the republic is French". This means that an official acceptance of the Breton langauge is far away from reality. As reported in "The Scotsman" in July, according to an article in the right-wing newspaper "Le Figaro" by member of the Académie Francais (the guardians of French language), "not only was France's language being bastardised by 'the vulgar adoption of Anglo-Saxon' expressions, now it was being 'balkanised... undermined from within by having to compete with local dialects'". With that "local dialects", also Breton was meant, being not at all a dialect of the French, but being its own destinctive language.
Meanwhile, this does not mean that people these days don't learn Breton in Brittany. Still, this is mostly based on the own initiatives of Bretons, and receives only seldom governmental funding. Musically, the Breton scene seems to be very healthy and self-confident - but also without support from Paris.

Copenhagen Irish Festival
Copenhagen. The old established festival takes place from 4.11. to 6.11., and has once again some of the Irish creme there. Watch out for concerts of Sean Keane Band, Danú, Lia Luachra and Dervish, along with Irish Films, poetry, ceilís, sessions and and. Infos from

Dutch festival
Zwolle/NL. On Sat 11.6.1999 the 6th Zwolle Folk Festival takes place, one of the biggest Dutch one-day folk festivals. Featuring this year Jim McCann (Ireland), De Dannan (Ireland), Iron Horse (Schotland), Kadril (Flanders), Ushna (England/Schotland), Tomas Lynch (Ireland), Fling (Nederland, trad. Irish), Lucky Bags (England) and Tarras (Ireland). Schouwburg Odeon, Blijmarkt 25, Zwolle, info: tel.:0527-202891 (organisation)/038-4218500 (theatre).


HARLEKIN RECORDS - Your source for FOLK MUSIC (North America, Ireland, Great Britain), COUNTRY, BLUEGRASS and related music. Always more than 10.000 different compact discs, LP-records and video tapes in stock!
Ask for our catalog (please indicate what you collect).
E-mail:; Jürgen Feuß, Postfach 110142-FW, 28081 Bremen / GERMANY. Phone: +49 421 7 49 10, FAX: +49 421 70 0051

Christmas is approaching...
FolkWorld. We have thought this year of you - you do not need to make last minute christmas shopping! We provide this issue a huge selection of CD reviews - alone more then fifty in English language - more than ever! Without doubt, you will get some advice for your X-mas shopping list. (Unfortunately we cannot give much advice for your bad mother-in-law or your unfriendly neighbours - the average quality of the CDs sent in for review is simply too high!).

Scottish cooperation
Scotland. Two of the best Scottish folk music labels, Culburnie Records and Greentrax Recordings, are trying to share some of their ressources of experience. One of the results is that Culburnie's long time Operations Manager, Brenda McCulloch, known from her most professional marketing concept, has transfered her employment to Greentrax and will be based at the Greentrax office in Cockenzie, East Lothian, widening the professionalism of Greentrax rcordings even more. Meanwhile, Culburnie UK will relocate all office functions to a new office near Jedburgh.
Culburnie's new contact address is IAIN FRASER, Culburnie Records Ltd.,PO Box 13350, Jedburgh TD8 6YA.
For Greentrax, there are new e-mail- and www-addresses: Contact Brenda at, Ian Green at; an their website is now at

Carlos Nunez with Natalie MacMaster; photo by The Mollis Celtic Music and Spanish music
Spain/Germany/Ireland. Carlos Nuñez (photo, with Natalie McMaster, by The Mollis) explores on his newest album "Os Amores Libres" the relationships of Galician Celtic Music with Southern Spanish music styles like Flamenco. It is an amazing album, being a strong proof that there is some relationship between both styles. You can
read more in the FolkWorld interview with Carlos.
Meanwhile, we have another news item about a Celtic Music record label that wants to have a "neat devide" between Celtic and Spanish music. Magnetic Music has therefore started a sublabel "Aviva" for music from Spain and South America. Magnetic Music is based in Germany and Ireland.

Produit en Bretagne
Brittany. In the most western part of France, 112 firms of diverse branches have joined forces as initiative "Produit en Bretagne" to raise the awareness of Brittany. One of their projects is the yearly "Grand Prix du Disque", a competition for the three best Breton CDs of the year. A promo CD with one title of each CD is sent to a huge number of journalists and to the Festival Interceltique in Lorient. Also, the "Produit en Bretagne" firms receive good offers to buy the three CDs and do some promotion in their firms.
This year's winner of "Le Grand Prix" was the CD of Anny Ebrel and Riccardo del Fra, "Voulouz Louar" (
reviewed in FolkWorld No. 7) The "Price of encouragement for the best debut CD" went to Añjel I.K. with their "Attitude Trad et Grooves Explosifs" (reviewed in FolkWorld No. 10)). The "Special Price of traditional music" was gained by Loened Dall and their album "An Deiziou Zo Berr". Definitely, all three are worth the merits.

Model Denmark
Denmark. Denmark is in some ways a model for a good promotion of folk music. With the
"Danish Folk Council", they have an agency funded by governemt to support the folk music scene, bringing out the Danish folk magazine "Folk&Musik" and also puts together the annual CD sampler "Folk Music From Denmark". The 99 version of this album offers once again a huge range of Native Danish music as well as Irish Music and folk with diverse influences. to name but a few highlights: Per & Lars Lilholt with a piece from their album of 16th century Danish music, the "Jubel Hopsa" from Phoenix or the beautiful song from Bente Kure with Leif Ernsten. A lot to discover...
But not enough with that - Denmark has also a (government funded) "Danish World Music Association" to promote Denmark's world music. Its CD sampler "World Music in Denmark" presents the whole range of world music Denmark has on offer - from Spanish Flamenco via African Dance Music to Macedonian gipsies.
The CD samplers are promotional-only and are in particular thought for organisers to book acts from the CD (there are always full contact details along with infos on the acts) as well as for journalists to be able to give an overview of Danish folk and world music. Contact addresses can be found at the given Homepages of the two associations.

Snapshot - Fun Photo Competition; photo by The Mollis

Solution of last issue's Snapshots
The question was: To which musician/which band belongs the motive shown on the photo? FolkWorld received a huge number of correct answers, and while some people guessed the Whisky Priests, Sandy Brechin or The Pogues, the right answer is: Yves Lambert of the band La Bottine Souriante from Canada...
The photo was taken at Celtic Connections 99, by The Mollis.

Snapshot - Fun Photo Competition; photo by The Mollis Snapshot - the Fun Photo Competition
Last issue's competition seemed to be too easy - maybe this one is more difficult! You need to tell us who (or what?!) Cathy Jordan has here by her side. (Fun answers are also welcome and remain in the draw of the winner!!)
You can WIN 3 CDS at once (of your choice out of a selection of six folk music (promotional) CDs)!!!!
Answers until 01.12.99 to FolkWorld.
here to read the conditions of FolkWorld competitions

Competition completed!

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